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On Memory

When you remember me, it means that you 
have carried something of who I am with you,
that I have left some mark on who I am on who you are.
It means that you can summon me back to your mind
even though countless years and miles may stand between us.
It means that if we meet again, you will know me,
and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart.
For as long as you remember me, I am never entirely lost.
~Frederick Buechner


The Heart hath its own memory, like the mind.
And in it are enshrined the precious keepsakes,
into which is wrought the giver's loving thought.

~H.W. Longfellow

On this Angel Anniversary, may the spirit of the child
who lives so deep within your heart help you through this month
and through every moment of the re-establishing of your life.

November Angel Dates

November 1 Amanda Almeida Button, daughter of Daisy and Conald Button, 
Suwanee, GA  USA 

November 1  Bradley Miller, son of Stephanie and Russell Barnes, 
Norfolk, VA USA 

November 1      Misty Dawn Croushore, daughter of Cathy Croushore, 
Waretown, NJ  USA 

November 1  Quindee Engelbrecht, daughter of Sharon Engelbrecht, 
sister of Wernae Janse Van Rensburg, 
Durban, South Africa 

November 1      Mark Anthony, son of Tina Owens, 
Maidstone, Kent UK 

November 1      Amy Thorn Harris, daughter of Joyce Gunter Thorn, 
Poplar Bluff, MO USA 

November 2        Matthew Luke Davis, son of Lena Price, 
brother of Jordan B. Price, 
Norcross, GA  USA 

November 2       Glenn Price, son of Jodi Price, brother of James Price, 
Newnan, GA  USA 

November 2   James Huerter, son of Barbara and Mike Huerter, 
brother of Kim and Michelle Huerter, 
Seneca, KS USA 

November 2       Jennifer Kempston Franzen, daughter of Karen Kempston Tegtmeier and James E. Franzen, 
sister of Jimmy and Amber Franzen, 
Beatrice, NE  USA 

November 2   Amanda Leah Butcher, daughter of Stephanie and Loyd Butcher, 
sister of Loyd and Leah (deceased) Butcher, Richard Robert, Scott Turner and Katie Robert, 
Westerly, RI USA 

November 2        Daniel Phillips, son of Peggy and Jeffrey Phillips, 
Mt. Blanchard, NY  USA 

November 2    Mark A. Noffsinger, son of Ursula E. Williamson and Melvin A. Noffsinger, 
brother of Angela Schmidtgall, Diana Jackson and Judy Reser, 
Kennewick, WA  USA 

November 2   Daniel Brocato, son of Sally and Frank Brocato, 
brother of Keith and Jeremy Brocato, 
Epping, NH  USA 

November 3      Timothy Lanier, son of Diane and Lance Lanier, 
brother of Robert Lanier, 
Norcross, GA USA

November 3      Kaitlyn Jenkins, daughter of Sharon Wikstrom and Alan Jenkins,
sister of Jolie Jeurissen, 
Marietta, GA  USA

November 3      Brayden Eanes, son of Kelly and Thomas Eanes, 
Grayson, GA USA

November 3       Lori Brown, daughter of Linda nnd Wayne Brown, Sr., 
sister of Tiffany and Wayne Brown, Jr., 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

November 3  Kylie Jo Emerson, daughter of Vicki and Bill Emerson,
sister of Krista Wilson, Sean,  Ashley and Alexandra (deceased) Emerson, 
Port Allegany, PA  USA 

November 3  Jakob Richards, son of Kim Richards, brother of Nyky Arnold, 
Houston, TX  USA

November 4      Brenna Jane McKinney Garrison, daughter of Ginger and Ervan Garrison, 
sister of Ian Garrison, 
Athens, GA USA

November 4      Brenna Garrison, daughter of Ginger and Ervan Garrison, 
Athens, GA USA

November 4      Timothy Webster, son of Darlene and Timothy Webster,
brother of Eric Webster and DeeLynn Ratliff, 
Carleton, MI USA

November 4  Eli Baez Bigio, son of Yolanda Bigio and Eliud Baez, 
brother of Rafael Marcano, Jr., 
Caguas, PR 

November 4  Brian Roney, son of Judy and Bill Roney, brother of Jeni Austin, 
Plant City, FL  USA 

November 4   Pierce Robert VanDerMeer, son of Jamie and 
Paul VanDerMeer, brother of  PJ VanDerMeer, 
Minneapolis, MN USA 

November 4    Mya Williams, daughter of Jennifer Williams, sister of Shyla Williams, 
Ottawa, Canada 

November 5  Ryan Fry, son of Wanda Fry, brother of Patrick and Megan Fry, 
Tucson, AZ   USA 

November 5    Michelle Marie Greever, daughter of David and 
Cindy Jo Greever, 
Colbert, WA USA 

November 5      Romana Alice Hale, daughter of Charles and ruth Hale, 
sister of Irene Remines, Letha Hale and Heidi Turpin, 
Roanoke, VA USA

November 6      Thomas Holmes, son of Carolyn and Phil Holmes,
brother of Randy Holmes and Pam Smith, 
Stockton, CA USA

November 6      Jared Christian Stayton, son of Cheryl and Robert Stayton, 
brother of Julie Grace Stayton, 
Tracy, CA USA

November 6       Michael Coon, son of Becky and Lee Coon, brother of Stacy Conner, 
Redfield, AR  USA 

November 6  Elisa Ariana Etheredge, daughter of Corina and Robert Etheredge, 
Houston, TX  USA 

November 6   Ernest Izquierdo, III, son of Crystal and Ernest Izquierdo, 
McDonough, GA  USA

November 6  Jaymi Lynn Wietsma, daughter of Melody Kennedy, 
sister of Charlie and Jimmy Dickens; Gary, 
Jannelle and Tarrey Wietsma; Darrin and Sheila Kennedy, 
Fenwick, MI  USA 

November 6      Karen Kjetsaa, daughter of Kathy and Walt Kjetsaa, 
sister of Justin Kjetsaa, 
Red Hook, NY USA 

November 6    Tom Grove, son of Norma Grove, brother of Maribeth,
Steve, Theresa and Barbara,
Tucson, AZ USA 

November 6   Tom Holmes, son of Carolyn Holmes, brother of Pam
and Randy Holmes, 
Stockton, CA  USA 

November 7       Trinity M. McLeod, son of Tonita and Marshall McLeod, 
Benton, KY  USA 

November 7       Joshua Hughes, son of Cynthia and Samuel Hughes,
brother of Angela Ingram, 
Sykesville, MD  USA 

November 7  Chris McCaleb, son of Cindy and Charles McCaleb,
brother of Joe Robinson, 
Bellville, TX  USA 

November 7      Corrie Jill Dean, daughter of Gary and Shirley Dean, 
sister of Amanda D. Jenkins,
Jasper, GA USA 

November 7      Carmen Giselle Coulon, daughter of Carlor Marie & Michael L. Beard, 
sister of Cornell Coulon, Michael Beard, II and James Beard, 
McDonough, GA USA

November 8      Kerri Ruth Purvis Howell, daughter of Eva Mercer and Ralph Purvis (deceased), mother of Hunter and Dakota, 
sister of Michael Purvis, 
Dry Branch, GA USA

November 8       Kyle Cheek, son of Veronica and Neal Cheek,
Iron City, TN  USA 

November 8  Molly Faith Johnson, daughter of Juli and Sam Johnson, 
sister of David and Daniel Johnson, 
Rome, GA  USA

November 8      Julie Chilton, daughter of Donna and Clyde Chilton, 
sister of Clyde, Jr., Christopher and Shelley Chilton, 
Oliverhurst, CA USA

November 9      Jared Perrell, son of Christie and Jeff Perrell, 
brother of Jackson Perrell, 
Lexington, NC USA

November 9      Brooke Knapp, daughter of Dianna and Ron Knapp, 
sister of Braden Knapp, 
Villa Rica, GA USA

November 9        Zach Willis, son of Stephanie and Mike Willis,
brother of Kate Willis, 
Pittsburg, KS  USA 

November 9       Andrew Volke, son of Jacquelyn and Urmas Volke, 
brother of Erik and Dana Volke, 
Shrewsbury, MA  USA 

November 9        Zachery James Ferguson, son of Marilyn and Michael Ferguson, 
brother of Jacob and Emmy Ferguson,
Hiram, GA  USA 

November 9   Haka Hetherington-Husband, son of Christine Hetherington, 
Sydney Australia, NSW

November 9  Raeyn Jolie Leepier-Freeman, daughter of Kenny Marie Leepier and Jermaine Freeman, 
sister of Ahren Leepier, Ta'Keya and Germain Freeman, 
San Diego, CA  USA

November 9  James Shay Porter, son of Ronda Carrick, brother of Janette Porter, 
Pine Canyon, UT  USA 

November 9    Jacob Davis, son of Karen and Bill Davis, 
brother of Bert, Sherilyn, Kaitlyn and Carmen Davis, 
Leesburg, GA  USA 

November 9      Dedra Jo Clark, daughter of Eddie and Belinda Yates, 
sister of Allyson Clark and Sam Yates, 
Lexington, NC  USA 

November 9   Roger E. Martin, son of Annette Martin "Monette", 
brother of Cynthia, Bonnie, Ed and Fred 
Martin, TX USA 

November 9      Zachary Hostetler, son of Norman and Sue Hostetler, 
brother of Heidi, Shayne, Lisa, Tyler, Jon and Brook Hostetler, 
Glendive, MT USA 

November 10      Wayne Cox, son of Eden Ann Gay,
brother of Robert and Lauren Gay, 
Greenville, NC USA

November 10     Robert Schoff, Jr., son of Patricia Schoff Moore and Robert Schoff, Sr., 
brother of Sarah Schoff,
Baltimore, MD  USA 

November 10     Katherine Hooton, daughter of Janis and Lane Hooton, 
sister of Craig and Matt Hooton, 
Mansfield, TX  USA 

November 10      Joseph Goins, son of Sandy and Ronnie Wormsley, 
brother of Michelle Goins, 
Griffin, GA  USA 

November 10      Edward J. Shelby, son of Belinda S. White and Charles E. Tatum, Jr., 
brother of Remonica Whitefield, Bruce and Nathaniel Shelby,
Jackson, MS  USA 

November 10  David Fox, son of Jerry and Sue Fox,
Wausau, WI  USA 

November 11      Hannah Leigh Boyd, daughter of Lisa and Scott Martin, 
sister of Dylan Boyd, Derek Boyd, Collin Boyd, Kyle Martin, Tyler Martin, 
Buford, GA USA

November 11      Kevin Kelly II, son of Carol and Kevin Kelly Sr.,
brother of Ryan and Tiffany Kelly,
Worcester, MA USA

November 11      Gracie Marie Parrish, daughter of Jessica and Joshua Parrish, 
Perry GA USA

November 11      Audrey Canady, daughter of Amy and Allen Canady, 
sister of Anna Smith, 
Nakina, NC  USA 

November 11    Stacy Austin, son of Larrie Ann Austin, 
brother of Hollie Mills and Trace Austin, 
Levelland, TX USA 

November 11    John Schockemoehl, son of Susan Schockemoehl, 
brother of Jennifer Schockemoehl, 
Northfield, MN USA 

November 11    Peter Moroe, son of Dolores Tucker, 
Lee, MA  USA

November 12   Steven Alexander Branda, son of Angel and John Dadabo, 
brother of Vanessa and Gloria Branda, 
Jacksonville, FL USA 

November 12      Stephen Christopher Shane Smith, son of Peggy Schnurr, 
Vogler's Cove, NS, Canada 

November 12  Wendy Lynn Sunderlin, daughter of Sharon Throop, 
Geneva, OH  USA 

November 12    Shannon Gilbert, daughter of Colgate and Darlene Gilbert, 
sister of Fred and Nelson Gilbert, 
Keene, NH USA

November 13     Shane Kokaly, son of Gail and Bill Kokaly, 
brother of Phillip Kokaly and Valerie Linebaugh, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

November 13      Christopher J. Lynch, son of Susan L. Johnson and Jerry L. Johnson, 
brother of Marty Johnson, Jason McMillan and Karen Hackerson, 
Kennesaw, GA USA

November 13  Christian David Lane, son of Madonna Lane and 
Davy Collins,brother of Tyler John and 
J'sun Orion Lane and Brenden and Holly Collins, 
Clinton, LA  USA 

November 14      Andrew Ayo, son of Maxine Ayo, father of Ellis Ayo,
brother of Laura Ayo and Jazz-min Oke,
Leeds England

November 14     Rachel Anna Campbell, daughter of Debbie and Michael Campbell, 
sister of Elizabeth Campbell, 
New Castle, PA USA

November 14   Ricky Otter, son of Ingrid and Rick Otter,
brother of Chris Otter, 
Woodville, Ontario, Canada 

November 14     Jeremy Abercrombie, son of Linda and Jerry Abercrombie, 
brother of Daniel (deceased), Gina (deceased) and Angela Abercrombie-Eaton, 
Southwest City, MO  USA 

November 14      Courtney Leigh Chacho, daughter of Peter and Ann Bonewicz, 
sister of Amber Bonewicz, Stephen and Kyle Chacho, 
West Haven, CT  USA

November 14      Kimberly Ann Moore, daughter of Yolanda and Rodney Moore, 
sister of Tavia Lyn Moore Hatfield, 
Lubbock, TX  USA

November 15     Alisa Moya, daughter of Erin Moya and Miguel Reyes, 
sister of Ana Marie Ortega Delany and Danyelle Reyes, 
Clewiston, FL  USA 

November 15      Christopher Worth Martin, son of Terri and Marty Miller, 
brother of Tamara Leigh Martin, 
Holly Springs, NC  USA 

November 15      Kyle Albanese, son of Carol Albanese, 
Fond du Lac, WI  USA 

November 15      Victor Moore, son of Furman Moore and Karen Cooper Linen, 
brother of Nicole Linen, Veronica and Valerie Moore,
El Paso, TX  USA 

November 16      Scott McCaughn, son of Kathy and Larry McCaughn, 
brother of Wayne and Barry McCaughn, 
Sayner, WI, USA

November 16      Amare Rashad Tucker, son of Zsanna Whittaker and Antwan Tucker, 
Stone Mountain, GA USA

November 16        Emily Eriksen, daughter of Karen Eriksen, 
sister of Charles and Gail Eriksen, 
Bradenton, FL  USA 

November 16   Tracy Vreeland, daughter of Pat and Bernie Vreeland, 
sister of Brian Vreeland and Kim Pisel,
Hudson, FL  USA 

November 16  Cory Lee Shcolnik, son of Jana Baxley,
Columbia, SC USA 

November 17      Spencer Trousdale, son of Lesa and Bill Trousdale, 
brother of Ashley Boothe (Trousdale), 
North Little Rock, AR USA

November 17      Azariah Suvari Anderson, daughter of Michelle and Devon Anderson, 
sister of Antoine and Shaquille, 
Loganville, GA USA

November 17      Nicholas Werhofnik, son of Ann Sidwa and Frank Werhofnik, 
brother of Frank Werhofnik and Britany Sidwa, 
Cartersville, GA USA

November 17     G. Bailey Holt, son of Georgia McKenna and Robert Holt,
brother of Rob Holt, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

November 17     George Douglas Crellin, son of Florence Betty and Chett C. Crellin, 
brother of Corinne Adrienne DePatie, 
Abbotsford, BC, Canada 

November 17      Austin Michael Bullington, son of Nadine Morgan, 
brother of Kathleen Morgan, 
Sugar Hill, GA  USA 

November 17      Derek Lee Jones, son of Gretchen L. Jones, 
brother of Steven D. Jones,
Huntsville, AL  USA 

November 17    Kim Gatti, son of Denese and Denny Kjargaard,
brother of Kyle Gatti and Trevor Kjargaard,
Oak Harbor, WA  USA 

November 17  Jonathan Marshall Burns, son of Deb and John Martens, 
brother of Shauna, 
Carl Junction, MO  USA 

November 17    Jesse Lockamy, son of Janet Elliott, 
brother of Kelly and Karissa Lockamy,
Southport, NC USA

November 18      Christopher Bourdin, son of Karren Ewing,
Natchez, MS USA

November 18      Frank Herring, son of George (deceased) and Lorraine (deceased) Herring, 
brother of Dianne Herring, 
Garnerville, NY  USA 

November 18  Nicole Estes, daughter of Linda and David Estes, sister of David Estes, II, 
Danville, IL  USA

November 19      Christopher Thomas, son of Patsy and Clifton Thomas, 
Okolona, MS USA

November 19      Brandon Moss, son of Pam and Jerry Moss, 
Acworth, GA, USA

November 19     Nigel Wentworth, son of Joann and Hal Wentworth, 
brother of Yancey Wentworth, 
Meadville, MS  USA 

November 19     Stephanie Ferraro Ingenito, daughter of Barbara and Anthony Ferraro,
Lake Grove, NY  USA 

November 19    Christopher Weisgerber, son of Gloria and Thomas Sessoms, 
brother of Dakota Sessoms, 
Norfolk, VA  USA 

November 19      Franklyn Keniry, son of Marty and Ella Keniry, 
brother of David, Dana, Martella, Michael and Patrick Keniry,
Lake Elsinore, CA  USA 

November 19      Allison Murphy, daughter of Carol Murphy, 
Naples, FL  USA

November 19      James T. Kieley, brother of Tom and Terry Kieley and Ann Sechrist, 
Snellville, GA USA

November 19      Stephen Joseph Perez, Jr., son of Arelis Perez,
brother of Eric, Janet and Roger Perez,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  USA 

November 19      David Aldan Harmon, son of Joyanne Matthes and Donald Wesley Harmon,
brother of Jana Jones, Jasen and Janna Harmon, 
Allenspark, CO  USA 

November 19      Alexa Noel G., daughter of Janine A., 
Boston, MA USA 

November 19      Michelle Tassara, daughter of Elaine Tassara, 
sister of Michael, Mellissa and Matthew Tassara, 
LaPlace, LA  USA 

November 20      Nicholas Posey, son of Diana and William Posey, 
brother of Bryan,
Lilburn, GA USA

November 20       Caden Haber, son of Kathleen Haber, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

November 20      Christopher Joseph Lorenz, son of Bill and Barb Lorenz, 
brother of Brian, Jill, Teresa and Mark Lorenz, 
Crete, NE USA 

November 20    Kristina Masiarczyk Schreiber,daughter of Lillian V. Smith, 
sister of Mary Ann Waters, Steven Masiarczyk and Shayne Smith, 
Marietta, GA USA 

November 21     Charlie Nash, son of Beverly and John Nash, 
brother of Heather Hill,  Gregory Michael, Sharon and Katy Nash, 
Winder, GA  USA 

November 21     Shawne Rich Phillips, daughter of Debra and Lonnie Rich, 
sister of Carrie Rich,
Flint, MI  USA 

November 21     Mikki Everett, daughter of Heidi Everett and Brent Chorneyko, 
sister of Rob Everett (deceased), 
Sioux Falls, SD  USA 

November 21    Joey Strino, son of Maria Strino, 
brother of Frankie, Jake and Mia Strino,
Crown Point, In USA 

November 22     Sarah Moore, daughter of Chandra and Jerry Moore, 
sister of Noah, Jonah and Hannah Moore, 
Coweta, OK  USA 

November 22       Ryan Kulig, son of Karen and Gary Kulig, 
Cudahy, WI  USA 

November 22   Becky Mikes Griffith, daughter of Jackie and Rick Mikes, Sr., 
sister of Rick Mikes, Jr., 
Dalton, OH USA 

November 22       Matthew Lee Harwell, son of Brenda Harwell, 
brother of Chris and Tawnya Sue (deceased) Harwell, 
Marietta, OK  USA

November 22        Randy Maycock, son of Nancy Kunes and Jim Maycock, 
Seneca Castle, NY  USA

November 22      Lisa Rippy Rubek, daughter of Deborah Sievers, sister of Jim Rippy, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

November 22   Jolene Dawn McKenna, daughter of Charlene Kvech, 
Glen Burnie, MA  USA

November 22      Gary Gore, son of Jack and Betty Gore, 
brother of Teresa and Rickey Gore, 
Rockmart, GA USA 

November 22      Kyle Poe, son of Joeann Poe, brother of Sherri Lynn (deceased)
John (deceased) and Chris Poe,
Lima, OH USA 

November 23      Andrew Hayden Bradley, son of Leah Michelle Bradley Meaux and Nathan Shane Meaux, 
brother of Robert Cole Bradley (deceased), 
Dalton, GA USA

November 23     Jeffrey Herzog, son of Kathi and Dave Herzog, 
brother of  Katie Herzog-Gross and Mollie Herzog, 
Union, Ohio  USA 

November 23    Susan Luttrell, daughter of Carrie J. Luttrell, 
sister of Mellissa Young, Judy Wenckowski and Cynthia Becker, 
Franklin Park, IL  USA 

November 23    Kevin Ghelli, son of Cheryl Ghelli,
Holliston, MA USA

November 23      Ami Sue Higginbotham, daughter of Paula White and James Higginbotham, Sr., 
sister of James Higginbotham, Jr., and Jami Johnson, 
South Charleston, WV  USA

November 23      Sarah Louise Farrel daughter of Franklin Andy and Susan Farrel, 
sister of Franklin and Courtney Farrel,
Locust Grove, VA  USA

November 24      David A McDaniel, son of Patty and David McDaniel, 
brother of Joshua Rogers and Rachel McDaniel, 
Sharpsburg, GA USA

November 24      Alex Thiele, son of Julia and Ray Thiele, 
brother of John Thiele and Alysa Pope-Thiele, 
Omaha, NE USA

November 24      Julie Jobe, daughter of Joy and Jerry Jobe, sister of Jenni Jobe, 
Riverdale, GA USA

November 24     Seth Goodling, son of Jessie and Kenneth Goodling, 
brother of Kenneth Edward, Kent Eugene and Anthony James Goodling, 
Millerstown, PA  USA 

November 24     Dalton Lynn Harris, son of Beth and Travis Harris, 
brother of Gregory, Kaitlyn and Sarah Harris, 
Erwin, TN  USA 

November 24     Amy Martin, daughter of Rita and Jeff Martin, 
sister of Zack and Martin Martin, 
Dawsonville, GA  USA 

November 24      Brittany Hallsworth, daughter of Tina Hallsworth, 
sister of Josh, Jake, Tiffany (deceased) and Heather (deceased) Hallsworth, 
Sun City, CA  USA 

November 24      Matt Renfro, son of Ralph and Carol Renfro, brother of Mike Renfro, 
Knightstown, IN  USA 

November 24      Robert D. Parsons, son of Barbara and Doug Parsons, 
brother of Kevin D. Parsons, 
Sugar Hill, GA USA 

November 25       John Frank Badding Jr., son of Susan and John Frank Badding Sr.,
brother of Joshua Barlow, Sheila Badding and Jessica Barlow, 
Fort Lupton, CO USA

November 25     John Frank Badding, Jr., son of Cindy Gropp, brother of Sheila Badding, 
Okmulgee, OK  USA 

November 25      David Ridley, son of Ginny Stenoien, brother of Michael Ridley, 
Ramsey, MN  USA 

November 25      Amanda Quick, daughter of Pam Terry and Travis Pattillo, 
sister of Krystal Quick, 
Buford, GA  USA 

November 24    William Walter Beckett, Jr., son of William and Carol Beckett,
brother of Michelle Holland, Noah, Rock, Alvin, Mouse and Hazel Beckett 
Groveland, FL  USA 

November 25      Jason Cole, son of Donna Paugh, brother of Tonay Hamil, 
Odessa, TX USA

November 26      Justin D. Mason, son of Joanne Mason Altizer, 
brother of Jackie Brigman and Jon Altizer, 
Memphis, TN  USA 

November 26   Trevor Speed, son of Tucker and Burkett Mikell, 
brother of Chandler Speed, 
Hattiesburg, MS  USA 

November 27      Jerami Willard, son of Wanda Hyleman, 
brother of Hunter Hyleman and Amy Willard, 
Cordele GA USA

November 27     Michael Carico, II, son of Carol and Michael Carico, Sr.,
brother of Timothy Carico, 
Bradenton, FL  USA 

November 27  Andrea Lynn Allen, daughter of Susan Allen, 
sister of Matthew and Justin Allen, 
Rochester, NY USA 

November 27      Michael D. Carico, II, son of Carol and Michael Carico, Sr., 
brother of Pamela Apple, Timothy Carico and Shannon Worley, 
Bradenton, FL  USA 

November 27      Zarah Hicks, daughter of Christina Fabas-Pirie, 
sister of Kassandra (deceased), Gabrielle (deceased) 
and Alexander (deceased) Hicks, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

November 28     Adam Encarnacion, son of Lisa Encarnacion, brother of Noah-John Encarnacion, 
Tracy, CA  USA 

November 28     Ben Annandale, son of Caroline and Garry Annandale, 
Stratford, Ontario, Canada 

November 28     Sarah Elizabeth Schildroth, daughter of Mindy and Jason Schildroth, 
sister of Logan Schildroth, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

November 28     Tawnya Sue Harwell, daughter of Brenda Harwell, 
sister of Chris and Matthew Lee (deceased) Harwell, 
Marietta, OK  USA 

November 28        Darrell Cook, son of Mary and Gene Cook,
brother of Michael Parker and Michelle Campbell, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

November 28      Kristi Parks, daughter of Lori and David Parks, 
sister of Grant and Derek Parks, 
Moore, OK  USA 

November 28      Michael H. Columbus, Jr., son of Lynne Columbus-Wright, 
brother of Karen Nelson and Tammy Copes, 
Eugene, OR  USA 

November 29      Robert Joseph Hunley, son of Shirley and Charles Hunley, 
brother of Johnathan, Bubba and Kelly Henley, 
Griffin, GA USA

November 29      Jonathan Brogdon, son of Sherry Landrum and Frank Brogdon, 
brother of Richard and Kevin Brogdon, 
Phenix City AL, USA

November 29     Sharon Theresa Saxby, daughter of Jenny Longmuir, 
sister of Luke, Lisa and Angela Saxby, Hayle, 
Cornwall, UK 

November 29     Michael Brogdon, son of Sherry Landrum and Frank Brogdon, 
brother of Richard and Kevin Brogdon, 
Smiths, AL  USA 

November 29     Theresa Hanna, daughter of Dane Justice Proud, 
Ft, Lauderdale, FL  USA 

November 29      Jamie Grubb, son of Sandy Grubb and Frank Chisholm, brother of Ruthie Grubb,
Summerville, SC  USA 

November 29      Gabrielle Hicks, daughter of Christina Fabas-Pirie, 
sister of Kassandra (deceased), Zarah (deceased), 
and Alexander (deceased) Hicks, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

November 29    Avril Fiona Dixon, daughter of Rose Dixon,
sister of Penny Dixon,
Liverpool, UK 

November 30      Miguel Espinoza, son of Maria G. Chavarria and Ricardo Chavarria,
brother of Roman David Espinoza, Anna Maria, Diana Laura and Irene Pena, 
Laredo, TX USA

November 30      Shane Mohney, son of Connie and Robin Mohney,
brother of Ryan Mohney,
Lawton, MI USA

November 30  Jennifer Hoffman, daughter of Jane and Ray Hoffman, 
Bloomsburg, PA USA

November 30      Carrie Ann Fensel, daughter of Donna and Bill Tazelaar, 
Statesville, NC  USA 

November 30   Cheyenne Autumn Smith, daughter of Chad 
and Miranda Smith, sister of Sierriah, 
East Liverpool, OH USA 

November 30    Lance Porter Hopkins, son of Harold and Beverly Hopkins,
brother of Lisa, Lana, Lon and Larry Hopkins, 
Midwest City, OK USA

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