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March Angel Dates 


March Angel Days

March 1  Rodney Duran, son of Robin and John Moore, 
Jefferson, GA  USA 

March 1   Terrence T. Martin, son of Gayle and Terrance Martin, 
brother of Clinton Martin, 
Canadensis, PA  USA 

March 2   Christopher Caleb Bradley, son of Lynette Hendrix and Gary Bardley, 
brother of Keith Dixon, Adam and Amy Bradley, 
Newport, AR  USA

March 2   Gordon Thomas Rush, son of Sharon Ann Primrose and Arnold Frederick Rush, 
brother of Jennifer Lynn Rush, 
Kamloops, BC, Canada 

March 2   Melissa Wallace, daughter of Peggy and Larry Waugh, 
McDonough, GA  USA

March 2   Siobhan Julia Kelly, daughter of Angela West and Michael Kelly, 
San Ramon, CA  USA 

March 2      William Trey Price, III, son of Peggy Adcox Miller, 
brother of Michael Price (deceased), and Penny Fedrick, 

March 2      Jim Reese, Jr., son of Jim Reese, Sr., 
brother of Wendy, Laura, Katie, Lance 
and Stephan Reese and Natalie Lancaster, 
Columbia, SC USA 

March 3      Mackenzi Kayla Pool, daughter of AmyMarie & Ryan Wayne Pool, 
Lansing, IL USA

March 3      Alexander Tread, son of Judy Nichols and Frank Tread,
brother of Chris Schrader,
Richmond, VA USA

March 3      Mingo Bingo Cramer, son of Terri and John Cramer, 
brother of Jacob Litwaitis and Courney Cramer, 
Fair Haven, MI  USA 

March 3  Nicholas Edward Williams, son of Lisa and Rudy Williams, 
brother of Benjamin and Kelli Williams, 
Decatur, GA USA 

March 3      James McAtamney, son of Kathy and Hugh McAtamney, 
brother of Kelly and Michael McAtamney, 
Lowell, MA  USA

May 4      Tyler Gay, son of Tracey and Ron Gay, 
brother of Connor Gay, Ashley and Lauren Traynham, 
Seffner, FL USA

March 4    Brian Lee Stevens, son of Anna and Jack Boose, 
brother of Tom Stevens, IV, & RoRy Montgomery, 
Altoona, PA  USA 

March 5      Adam Craig Hill, son of Melody and Craig Hill, 
father of Madilyn Marie Hill,
brother of Jared Edwin Hill,
Philo, OH USA

March 5      Kenneth Akins, son of Sheila and Lanier Akins, 
brother of Kalya Akins, 
Cumming, GA  USA

March 5        Brade Lindsay, son of Kathy and Randy Lindsay, 
brother of Brett, Brandon and Brooks Lindsay, 
Manhattan, KS  USA 

March 5       Brandon Marquis Williams, son of Selena Randolph and Anthony Williams, 
brother of Geidi Bashir, 
Norcross, GA  USA 

March 5    Tiffany Hallsworth, daughter of Tina Hallsworth, 
sister of Josh, Jake, Heather (deceased) and Brittany (deceased) Hallsworth, 
Sun City, CA  USA 

March 5      Kegan Meyer, son of Kevin and Jody Meyer, 
brother of Kaitlin and Jordanne Meyer, 
Anita, IA USA

March 6      Andre Lemons, son of Veronica Lemons, 
Lithonia, GA USA

March 6      Brandi Lynch, daughter of Amy Lynch, 
sister of Brittany Lynch, 
Macon, GA USA

March 6           Angela Dee Frescaz, daughter of Lydia Z. and Luis Frescaz, 
sister of Corey Frescaz, Christopher Frescaz, Tony Frescaz, Librado (Lee)Frescaz and Becky Frescaz Sotelo,
Levelland, TX, USA

March 6    Duane Earl Turner, son of Tina and Earl C. Turner, Jr.,
brother of Jamie, Daniel and Cameron Turner,
Meansville, GA  USA 

March 7      Rebecca Lynn Long, daughter of Teresa D. and David R. Long,
sister of Timothy L. Long, 
New Port Richey, FL USA

March 7      Rhonda Estelle Elliott Gray, daughter of Linda Elliott,
sister of Duncan W. and Kara E. Elliott, 
Houston, TX USA

   March 7  Joshua Kyle Beeman, son of Drew and Laura Lynn Beeman,
Lubbock, TX  USA

March 8      Jill Nakawatase, daughter of Eileen and Ken Nakawatase, 
sister of Denise Nakawatase, 
Lodi, CA  USA 

March 8      Kathryn Stauffer, daughter of Linda and Carl Stauffer, 
sister of Christine Stauffer, 
Quakertown, PA  USA 

March 8      Alan Stone, son of Sue Delgado and Dale Stone,
brother of Steve Stone and Brenda Harwell, 
Marietta, OK  USA 

March 8   Jason Dale Sanders, son of Tina Sanders Tew and Mike Sanders, 
brother of Khara Marie Sanders, Madison Danielle and Forrest Gabrielle Tew,
Dothan AL  USA

March 8      Theron Keoki Nicodemus, son of Eydie Muromoto, 
brother of Nicolas and Timmy Abaro, 
Aiea, HI  USA 

March 9      Keith Blanks, son of Donata and the late Richard Blanks, 
brother of Kevin & Kasey, 
Riverdale, GA, USA

March 9      Katie Bug Marlow, daughter of Paula Page and Mike Herrera, 
sister of Michael and Mindy Marlow, 
Madera, CA  USA 

March 9  Makinzie Murphy, daughter of Jennifer Murphy, 
sister of Justin Cecil, 
McKinney, TX  USA 

March 9   Collin Johnson, son of Kimberly and Michael Johnson, 
brother of Ariel Hagelund, 
Kenosha, WI  USA 

March 9    Steven Greaux, son of Phyllis Dohmyer and George Greaux, 
brother of Frank and Danielle Pirrone,
Iverness, FL  USA 

March 9   Gilly Caro, son of Irma and Gilberto Caro,
brother of Jason and Christina Caro, 
Dover, NJ  USA 

March 9  Makinzie Murphy, daughter of Jennifer Murphy-Thurn, 
sister of Justin Cecil, 
McKinney, TX  USA 

March 9    Jennifer English, daughter of Brenda and Don English, 
sister of Daniel English, 
Vulcan, Alberta, Canada 

March 9   Dustin Eric McDine, son of Debbie Freeman and Dennis McDine, 
brother of Blain Freeman and Devin McDine, 
Birlington, KY  USA

March 10      Tylar Dee Brown, son of Angela and Kory Brown, 
brother of Ryan Scott Brown, 
Eureka, KS  USA 

March 10     Joseph Thomas, son of Meredith and Jimi Thomas, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

March 10     Matthew Malo Massaro, son of Rose Massaro and Mike Malo,
brother of Shaun Roberson, 
Phoenix, AZ  USA 

March 10   Tyler Andrew Cline, son of Alayne and Kendall Cline, 
brother of Makaylah Sharp, Alyson and Ashley Cline, 
Ames, IA  USA

March 10     Dusty Cody, son of Brenda and Richard Cody, 
brother of Shane Cody, 
Augusta, GA  USA 

March 10      Jennifer Danelutt, daughter of Debbie and Rick Danelutt, 
sister of Ashleigh and Justin Danelutt, 
Sylacauga, AL  USA 

March 10    Chip Whitley, son of Marie White,
Knoxville, TN USA

March 10    Joseph Michael Ryan, son of Jerry and Donnie Ryan, 
brother of Scott Ryan, 
Beavercreek, OH USA

March 11      Matt Halloran, son of Marti P. Goldring, brother of Danny Halloran, 
Atlanta, GA USA

March 11     Alyssa Herrera-Bretz, daughter of Molly Herrera and Jeremy Bretz, 
sister of Dominic Herrera-Bretz, 
Orlando, FL  USA 

March 11     David Hobson, son of Anne Shattuck,
brother of Lindsay Hobson, 
Palmyra, VA  USA 

March 11 Christine Nicole Ricketts, daughter of Nicole and Greg Ricketts,
brother of Joshua Ricketts, 
Norcross, GA USA

March 11     Steel Matos, son of Rosie and Sandy Matos,
Spring, TX  USA 

March 11      Travis Munn, son of Jean and Stewart Munn, 
brother of Todd Munn, 
Vero Beach, FL  USA 

March 11     Timothy Eugene Rigney, son of Beulah and John Herman Rigney,
brother of Johnny, Roger, Tommy Rigney, Carolyn Gammon (deceased),
Margaret Smith, Linda Echols and Angie Wilkerson, Danville, VA  USA 

March 11     Michael Pattillo, son of Janice and Wayne Pattillo, 
brother of Jason Pattillo,
Lawrenceville, GA  USA

March 12    Jonathan Matthew McCombs, son of Christie Nicometo and Jonathan McCombs, 
brother of Avery, Chase and Hannah Lynn (deceased) McCombs, 
Anderson, SC USA

March 12     Hannah Lynn McCombs, daughter of Christie Nicometo and Jonathan McCombs, 
sister of Avery, Chase and Jonathan Matthew (deceased) McCombs, 
Anderson, SC  USA

March 12     Lee Templar, son of Jane Whittard and Stephen Templar,
brother of Jake Whittard, Michael and Shelley Templer, 
Bristol, England 

March 12    Jaryn Halley Harrison, daughter of Nina and Fritz Harrison, 
Oak Island, NC  USA 

March 12     Dustin Allen Meece, son of Terri DeBell Weeks, 
brother of Nicky and John Meece,
Cartersville, GA USA 

March 13      Travis Axley, son of Diana Stafford and Phillip Axley,
brother of Jeff Axley and Dee Stafford, 
Madisonville, TN, USA

March 13     Brandon Jenkins, son of Sylvia and Gene Jenkins, 
brother of Chris and Jason Jenkins, Sharon Snider, 
Matthews, VA  USA 

March 13      Joshua Simon Perez, son of Esmeralda Garza and Carlos Perez, 
brother of Carlos Perez Jr., Lydia Marines, Mary Rodriguez, Sara Rangel and Julie Perez, 
Corpus Christi, TX USA

March 13     Jessica Erin Davidson, daughter of Deborah and Gregg Davidson, 
sister of Colin and Emily Davidson, 
Rome, GA  USA 

March 13     Whitney Chevalier, daughter of Sharon and Charles Chevalier, 
sister of Jeremy and Brittani Ketcham, Lacie and Abbie Chevalier, 
Brooksville, OH  USA

March 13     Susan Jones, daughter of Kristi Valis and David Jones, 
sister of Dwight Valis, II, Curtis Rhodes, Matthew and Amanda Jones, 
Summerville, SC  USA 

March 13     Randy Mas, son of Karla Hillman, 
brother of Sara and Darcy Mas, 
Lake Worth, FL  USA 

March 13     Emily Stokes-Pace, daughter of Amber Stokes, 
Chesnee, SC  USA

March 13    Kenny Plouff, son of Pattie and Ted Plouff, 
brother of Ryan Plouff, 
Cumming, GA  USA 

March 13    Stuart Todd, son of Taffy Todd, 
brother of Jennifer Todd Taylor and Jill Riley, 
Greensboro, VT USA

March 13    Julie Duncan, daughter of Tony Duncan, 
sister of Dana Brummell, 
Snellville, GA USA 

March 13     Jennifer Causey, daughter of Deborah and Mike Causey, 
sister of Stefani Causey, 
Acworth, GA  USA 

March 13     Tyler Powell, son of Lois Powell, 
McKee, KY  USA

March 14      Robert "Adam" Brigman, son of Jayne Brigman Wright and Harry L. Brigman Jr., 
brother of Lee and Ashlea Brigman,
Blountsville, AL, USA

March 14   Jessica Stubbs, daughter of Sannon and Kelly Stubbs, 
sister of Brandon, Christofer and Ryan Stubbs, 
St. George, UT   USA 

March 14  Elizabeth O'Keefe, daughter of Dianne and Charlie Brissey, 
sister of Susan Brown,
Kennesaw, GA  USA 

March 15      Kevin Michael Bahns, son of Kathy and Steve Bahns, 
brother of Chris Bahns and Melissa Stinchcomb, 
Centerville, OH USA

March 15      Melissa Wagley, daughter of Melissa Brown and John Wagley, 
Muskegon, MI  USA 

March 15     Ian Speidell, son of Gail and Bill Speidell, 
brother of Jay Speidell, 
Lynchburg, VA  USA 

March 15     Madison Elaine McInerney, daughter of Krista and Brian McInerney, 
sister of Elliott McInerney, 
Seattle, WA  USA 

March 15     Hobert Jadey Dunn, Jr., son of Jean Davis and Hobert Dunn, Sr., 
brother of Charlie Brown, Susan Trivett, Heather Maze, Robin Eillison, Mack and Alicia Dunn, 
Mountain City, TN  USA 

March 15     Logan Alexander Lehmann, son of Tonya Bannister,
Kirbyville, MO  USA 

March 15    Alaura Jensen, daughter of Allison Sprague, 
sister of Michelle and Benjamin Jensen, 
Salt Lake City, UT  USA

March 15    Robbie Smith, son of Hamp and Saralyn Smith, 
brother of Laura Smith, 
Dodge City, KS  USA 

March 15    Tyler Boonstra, son of Wendy Bowcott, 
brother of Natasha Boonstra,
Winnipeg, MB  Canada 

March 15     Kristina Schell, daughter of Cindy Schell, 
sister of Sheena Schell, 
Thorton, CO  USA 

March 16      Lucinda Allen, daughter of Linda and Ronald Powell Sr., 
sister of Jeremy Wiggins, Ronald Powell Jr. and Kenneth Powell, 
Roseburg, OR USA

March 16      Joshua Eugene Hedglin, son of Monika and Clinton (doc) Hedglin, 
Sedalia MO USA

March 16      Ryan Dominic DeAndrea, son of Linda Lou DeAndrea, 
brother of James, 
Hazleton, PA USA

March 16      Christie L. Johnston, daughter of Angelynn Johnston,
sister of Samantha Fox, 
Austin, TX  USA 

March 16   Robert Burton, son of Jaynee Motes, 
brother of Shelby (deceased) and Billy Motes and Tina Motes Brown, 
Trafford, AL USA 

March 16    Randy Lee Davis, son of Dorothy and Jack Davis, 
Cumberland, MD  USA 

March 16     Jason Brady, son of Samantha Eden and Tom Brady, 
brother of Joshua and Elizabeth Brady,
Vinings, GA  USA 

March 16    April Peterson, daughter of Cathy Peterson,
sister of Justin Peterson, 
Westboro, WI  USA 

March 16    Raymond Ketelsen-Grube, son of Mary Ketelsen, 
brother of Ryan Potts, 
Lynnwood, WA USA 

March 17     Brett Alan Mims, son of Sharon Gladden and Amiel Mims, Sr., 
brother of Amiel Mims, Jr., 
Marietta, GA  USA 

March 17     Nicholas A. Piscitelli, son of Linda and Anthony Piscitelli, 
brother of Anthony, Paul, Michael, Christopher and Elissa Piscitelli, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

March 17     Michael Andrew Ballejos, son of Angela Ballejos and Frank Reyes,
brother of Marilena and Jiselle Romero-Ballejos, 
Windslow, AZ  USA

March 17    Trent Harris, son of Marci Harris, 
brother of Shae Harris, 
Dickson, TN  USA

March 17    Cayla Brooke McAllister, daughter of Rhonda Butler, 
sister of Brandi Blalock and Julianna Butler, 
Locust Grove, GA USA 

March 17     Rachael Chan, daughter of Gary and Susan Chan, 
sister of Jeffrey Chan,
Topeka, KS  USA 

March 17    Dustin Ellis, son of Melanie Woolum, 
brother of Natasha Ellis, 
Man, WV  USA

March 18       Jeffrey Ciongoli, son of Emily Kephart and Dennis Logue,
brother of Dawn Parsons, 
Black Diamond, WA  USA

March 18     David White, son of Lynda and George White, 
brother of Kevin White, 
Lexington, SC  USA 

March 18     Jessica Smyth, daughter of Vicki Smyth, 
sister of Nicole and Joe Smyth, 
Texarkana, TX USA 

March 18    David Zabawa, son of Vicki Zabawa, 
brother of Paul and Kevin Zabawa, 
Sharyn Mission and Diane Sutherland,
Southampton, MA USA 

March 19      Fred Burdette, Jr. son of Sharon Kolodzej, 
brother of the late Sherry Burdette and Sarah Burdette, 
Rome, GA USA

March 19      Justin Spurgeon, son of Lynn and Paul Spurgeon, 
brother of Steven and Joni Spurgeon, 
St. James, MO USA

March 19     Scott Kimsey, son of Chen Menter, 
brother of Trisha Peterson, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

March 19     Matthew Lee Harwell, son of Brenda Harwell, 
brother of Chris and Tawnya Sue (deceased) Harwell, 
Marietta, OK  USA 

March 19     Raul Cardenas, Jr., son of Maria and Raul Cardenas, Sr., 
El Porte, TX  USA 

March 19    Keith Jones, son of Diane Marion, 
brother of Michael and Greg Marion, 
Van Buren, AR USA 

March 19    Ryan Duffner, son of Rorry and Lisa Duffner, 
brother of Erica and Kyle Duffner,
Lawrenceville, GA USA

March 20      Joey Scarpa, son of Linda and Greg Scarpa, brother of Linda Schiro,  
Staten Island, NY USA

March 20      Jeremy “Jerry” Lucien, son of Genevieve Lucien, 
Cleveland, TN USA

March 20      Amber Manley, daughter of Glenda and Chris Manley, 
sister of Brent Manley, 
Dadeville, AL USA

March 20      Joey Scarpa, son of Linda and Greg Scarpa, 
brother of Linda Schiro, 
Staten Island, NY USA

March 20      Jeremy Glass, son of Vicki and Herb Glass, brother of
Shannon Presley and Nichole Glass,
St. Louis, MO USA

March 20    Jennifer Griffin, daughter of Dana Isbell and Delane Griffin, 
sister of Chase Griffin, 
Fort Payne, AL  USA 

March 20    Brian Wall, son of Anne Morrow and Keith Wall, 
Jasper, GA  USA 

March 20     Tim Howland, son of Judy and Whit Howland, 
brother of Whitney and Heath Howland, 
Greenbank, WA  USA 

March 20   Eddie Dean Keith, son of Kathy and Donald Keith, 
brother of David Keith,
Raleigh, NC  USA

March 20    Christopher Jordan Ballard, son of Leslie Ballard, 
brother of Stephanie Ballard, 
Myrtle Beach, SC USA

March 21     Katherine Rose Hill-Jones, daughter of Eunice Hill, 
sister of Julius Hill-Jones, 
Riverdale, GA  USA 

March 21      Sean Dolan, son of Carol and Frank Dolan, 
brother of Jared and Melanie Dolan, 
Deleware Water Gap, PA  USA 

March 21     Daniel Langley, son of Maryanne and Thomas Langley, 
brother of Keith Langley, 
Bear, DE USA 

March 21  Clinton Wightman, son of Betty Denley, 
brother of Alicia Hodges, Mike and Joey Sightman, 
Pearl, MS  USA 

March 21     Heidi Christina Hatfield, daughter of Robert and June Hatfield,
sister of Jason, Robert (deceased) and Michael Haffield, 
Tyler, TX  USA 

March 21     Dustin E. Kish, son of Richard J. Kish, 
brother of Missy Kish, 
Jacksonville, FL  USA 

March 21    Alexander Crawford, son of Dawn Crawford,
brother of Sierra Crawford,
Sabina, Oh USA

March 22      Stacey Marie Vindigni, daughter of Kathy Westpy, 
sister of Michael Westpy,
Mesa, AZ USA

March 22      Dennis Michael Auman, Jr. son of Denise Trimble and Dennis Auman Sr., 
Warminster, PA, USA

March 22    Julie Olson Myers, daughter of Patricia Porter and Allen Olson,
sister of David and John Olson, 
New Orleans, LA  USA 

March 22   Timothy Parker, son of Patricia and James Parker, 
brother of Sean and Brian (deceased) Parker, 
Forest City,  PA  USA

March 22   Brian Parker, son of Patricia and James Parker, 
brother of Sean and Timothy (deceased) Parker, 
Forest City, PA  USA

March 22     Chris Simmons, son of Debbie and Earl Corder, 
brother of Jessica Corder,
Buford, GA  USA

March 22     David Teddlie, son of Anne and Don Teddlie,
brother of Lynn Teddlie Trippe,
Decatur, GA USA 

March 22    Abigail Renee Sheeder, daughter of Erika Burdge, 
Mount Union, PA  USA

March 23    Laci Renee Spence, daughter of Pamela and Willard Spence, 
sister of Justin Spence,
Man, WV  USA 

March 23    Joshua Bryan Coomes, son of Rebecca and Vincent Coomes, 
brother of Brandon Yocum and Noah Coomes, 
Lawrenceburg, KY  USA 

March 23    Nathan Mares, son of Mary Mares Lewallen and Mark Mares, 
brother of Casandra Mares-Green and Mandie Jo Mares-Crane, 
Casper, WY  USA 

March 23    Sandra Lynn Bracke, daughter of Susan Martin, 
sister of Shaun and Kristina Martin, 
Fort Worth, TX  USA

March 23    Daniel Bruce Richards, son of Karen L. and Thomas Lyle Richards, 
brother of Ronald C., Martin A. Richards and Georgia M. Cain, 
Austell, GA  USA 

March 23     Jessica Ann Mohorko, daughter of Marta D. and Edgar A. Mohorko, Sr., 
sister of Jaliece, Jade D. and Edgar A. Mohorko, Jr.,
Oxnard, CA  USA 

March 23     Michelle Woody, daughter of Mary and Brian Woody, 
sister of Brandon Woody, Brad and Chris Labes, 
Yakima, WA  USA 

March 23     Amber Marie Rittinger, daughter of Traci Rittinger and Justin Babin, 
Kenner, LA  USA

March 23    David Carter, son of Chen and Gary Carter, 
Bowie, MD USA 

March 24      Demetrius O'Neal Span Jr., son of Tammie Washington and Demetrius O'Neal Span Sr., 
brother of Ashley Span and Toni Jones, 
Lithonia, GA USA

March 24      Connor Caracappa, son of Jennifer and Glenn Caracappa, 
brother of Kate Caracappa,
Atlanta, GA USA

March 24   Zackary McCarthy, son of Linda Haines and Richard McCarthy, 
brother of Andrew, Daniel, Nathaniel and Holly McCarthy,
Savannah, NY USA 

March 24    Destiny Christanna Mae Powell, daughter of Sandra and James Powell,
sister of David and Matthew Powell, 
Weyers Cave, VA  USA

March 24       Fiona Lee MacViar, daughter of Heather and Conrad MacViar, 
sister of David, Conrad, Pauline and Brittany MacViar, 
Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman 

March 24     Wesley W. Roberts, son of Nancy and Donald Roberts,
brother of Jared Roberts, 
Pendergrass, GA  USA 

March 24     Walt Prettyman, son of Maryann and Walt Prettyman, 
brother of Jackie Prettyman, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

March 24     Christopher Ronald Faller, son of Ron and Maria Faller, 
brother of Rachel and Mark Faller,
Pittsburgh, PA  USA 

March 24    Buddy Pearson, son of Shelly Garst, 
Hellertown, PA  USA 

March 25      Elizabeth Collene “Beth” Simpson, daughter of Tina and Dewayne Simpson, 
sister of Laura Simpson, 
Cave City, AR, USA

March 25      Wendy Nicole Dickens McCammon, 
daughter of Brenda Cooper-McKnatt, 
Olive Branch, MS USA

March 25      Mathew Jameson, son of Kelly Jameson,
brother of Chantel Jameson, 
Ontario, Canada

March 25     Steven Dobarzynski, son of Ann Dobarzynski and John Lester, 
Troy, AL  USA 

March 25    Matthew S. Irons, son of Lora Irons, 
brother of Jeffrey, Christine and Kayla Irons,
Newark, DE USA 

March 25    Richard Kendall McCurdy, son of Lynn and Mac McCurdy, 
brother of Cam McCurdy,
Lilburn, GA USA 

March 26    Stephanie Self, daughter of Elaine and Adrian Self, 
sister of Jon, Scott, Monty, Sarah, Jennifer, LeighAnn and Maggie Self, 
Little Rock, AR  USA 

March 26     T.J. Hailey, son of Holly and Tommy Hailey,
Covington, GA  USA 

March 26    James Scroggins, son of Sherry and Rick Blevins, 
brother of JoAnna Scroggins, 
Borger, TX  USA 

March 26    Anthony Nelson, son of Lori McMillan, 
brother of Melanie Ehrlich, 
New Smyma Beach, FL  USA

March 26    David Alexander Haizlip, son of Dona Robertson, 
Griffin, GA USA 

March 26    David N. Beaulieu, son of Joyce Beaulieu, 
brother of Patricia Silva, Maryanne Eddy and Glen Beaulieu, 
Beachertown, MA  USA 

March 26     Ben Sanderson, son of Larry and Gayle Sanderson, 
brother of Joel Sanderson, 
Byron, MN USA 

March 27    Elizabeth Irene Wessling, daughter of Colleen and Sean Wessling, 
sister of Alex, Brianna and Caitlin Wessling, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

March 27     Gerrow R. Powery, son of Priscilla Powery, 
brother of Jodi Hydes, 
Cayman Islands

March 27    Martha Bates, daughter of Norma Grove, 
sister of Maribeth, Theresa, Steve and Barbara Grove, 
Tucson, AZ  USA 

March 27    Erica L. Vidal, daughter of Patricia Gaitanos, 
sister of Christina, Alexandria, 
Nicholas and Anthony Gaitanos, 
Baltimore, MD  USA 

March 28      Dawson Roberts, son of Michelle and Donald Roberts, 
brother of Cody, Kolby, Amy and Faith Roberts, 
Statesboro, GA USA

March 28      Cortney Ann Williams, daughter of Rebecca and Casey Williams,
sister of Blake Williams,
Manzanola, CO USA

March 28     Gianna Nieves, daughter of Falene Nieves, 
sister of D.J., Chach and Michele Nieves,
Palo Alto, CA  USA 

March 28     Tia Shuri Townsend, daughter of David Townsend and Karen Gangi, 
Shoreline, WA  USA 

March 28    Courtney Marie Stewart, daughter of Annette and Michael Stewart, 
sister of Ciarra, Aaron and Cheyanne Stewart, 
Lodi, CA USA 

March 28    Gianna Nieves, daughter of Falene Nieves,
sister of Michele Nicole, D.J. and Chacho Nieves,
Santa Clara, CA USA 

March 29    Harold Bubba McCarty, Jr., son of Karen and Harold McCarty, Sr.,
brother of Jessica Hayes and Jacqueline McCarty,
Fitzgerald, GA  USA 

March 29    Alani Ray, daughter of Maria and Buster Ray,
sister of Isaiah and Jonas Ray, 
McDonough, GA  USA 

March 29     Samuel Silvis, son of Melinda Teats and James Silvis, 
brother of Lucy and Georgeann Timblin, James, Stacy and Sally Silvis, 
Smethport, PA  USA 

March 29     Ricky Ronal Murphy, Jr., son of Vanessa Moss, 
brother of Alma T. Edwards and Khisa Gooden, 
Decatur, GA USA 

March 29    Colin Rivans Stephens, son of Alice Stephens, 
Ellicott City, MD USA

March 30      Brandon Battle, son of Beverly and Harold Battle, brother of Brian Battle, 
Cedartown, GA USA

March 30    Lori Singer, daughter of Babe and Michele Muro, 
Staten Island, NY USA 

March 30      Emma Castle, daughter of Debby and Bradley Castle, 
sister of Levi, Caleb, Anton, Josephine and Vanessa Castle, 
Henderson, AKL, New Zealand

March 31      Brent Clark, son of Nancy and Dave Clark, 
brother of Ashley and Megan Clark, 
Madison, GA USA

March 31     Kathryn Mary Cook, daughter of Tanya and Michael Cook, 
Severna Park, MA  USA

March 31    Karina Hope Kromp-Carpenter, daughter of Odalie Kromp and Harry Carpenter, 
sister of Karissa and Kiedrich Carpenter, 
Woodstock, GA USA 


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