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January Angel Dates

January 1      Mark Gordon Hall, son of Bonnie Weber Hall and Melville (Mick) Hall (deceased),
brother of Michele (Hall) Smith, Melissa (Hall) Smith and Monet Hall, 
Covington, GA USA

January 1   Karina Joy Ann Bledsoe, daughter of Amy Bledsoe, 
sister of Aaron Bledsoe, 
Montesano, WA  USA

January 1     Jeffrey Alan Thiltgen, son of Roger Thiltgen, brother of Michael Thiltgen, 
Houston, TX  USA 

January 1   Alan Crossland, son of Kathy Garcia, brother of Crissy Crossland, Toni and Tiger Garcia, 
West Helena, AR USA 

January 1     Shelby Motes, daughter of Jaynee Motes, 
sister of Robert Burton (deceased), Billy Motes and Tina Motes Brown, 
Trafford, AL  USA 

January 1     Cathy Christian Hayes, daughter of Helen Christian, 
Loganville, GA USA 

January 1     Shane E. Kuhn, son of Carolyn Eaton, brother of Shannon Kuhn, 
Douglas, WY  USA 

January 2        Vanessa Edmonds, daughter of Georgia Young Brown and Stephen Michael Brown, 
sister of Justin Derrick Brown, Latoya Simmons and Chasity Brown Keltner, 
Sparta, TN USA

January 2      Kyle Burkiewicz, son of Gina and Brett Burkiewicz, 
brother of Kaden Burkiewicz, 
La Salle, IL, USA

January 2    DeAnna Eckstein, daughter of Sherryl and Ed Fink, 
sister of Ryann Fink, Colin and Melinda Newton, 
Mission, TX  USA 

January 2    Duane Clinton Byrd, son of Linda Byrd, 
Ellenwood, GA  USA 

January 2 Clayton Barrett Shadinger, son of Jean Shadinger Godrey, 
Lilburn, GA USA 

January 3      Brandon James Huebner, son of Brenda Huebner, 
Sandstone, MN USA

January 3      Steven Schult, son of Denyse and Kelly Schult,
brother of Eric Schult, 
Waterloo, NE USA

January 3   Jason Pennington, son of Lucy and Donald Pennington,
brother of Shauna Coyle,
Tyner, KY  USA 

January 3     Zachery Chase Oakes, son of Twila Christopher, 
brother of Jacob Aaron Oakes and Sierra Christopher, 
Prairie Home, MO  USA

January 3      Jeremy Chaffin, son of Robin Haan, brother of Gary Chaffin and Courtney Thomas, 
New Port Richey, FL  USA

January 3     Tritin Chance Johnson, son of Elizabeth and James Johnson, 
brother of Tristin James, Olivia Gabrielle and Abigail Melani Johnson,
Jackson, MO  USA

January 3     Joseph William Remines, son of Irene and James Remines, 
brother of Justin and Stefani Remines, 
Gambrils, MD  USA

January 4   Luke Jordan, son of Erica Beltz and Steve Jordan, 
brother of Lakin Jordan, 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

January 4   Dana Brown, Jr., son of Candis Robinson Smith and Dana Brown, Sr., 
brother of Celeste Smith, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

January 4   Paul Thomas Engman, son of Virginia and Kevin Engman, 
brother of Kristine Engman, 
Virginia, MN  USA 

January 4   Laura Santiago, daughter of Joanne Santiago, sister of Joelle Santiago, 
Avon, CT  USA 

January 4       Dustin Sumner, son of Sue Roberson and Charles Sumner, 
brother of Corey Roberson and Kelly Sumner Weeks, 
Tifton, GA  USA 

January 4   Kaitlyn Marie Ferguson, daughter of Vicki Ferguson, 
sister of Adam, Kari and Robert Ferguson,
Columbus, Ohio  USA 

January 4   Benjamin Barrett, son of Paula Schaeffer, brother of Sarah Barrett, 
Richey, FL  USA 

January 4     Matthew Ray Cook, son of Dan and Melaine White, 
brother of Jason Cook and David White, 
Gainesville, GA USA

January 4   Christopher Hopper, son of Richard Hopper, 
brother of Richard and Christina Hopper, 
Rogers, AR USA 

January 5     Troy Diebel, son of Kathy and George Charles, 
brother of Todd Diebel, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

January 5     James Anderson Bell, III, son of Patricia Ann Bell, 
brother of Selina Ann Bell, 
Rosedale, MD  USA 

January 5     Leslie Spivey, daughter of Kathy Spivey, 
sister of Jay and Kevin Spivey, 
Chicasha, OK USA 

January 5     Haley Marie Parker, daughter of Frank and Carol Parker, 
sister of Nick Parker, 
St. Argo, AL  USA 

January 6   Cathie Munafo Bodley, daughter of Shirley Mulryan and James Munafo, 
sister of Barbara A. Patterson, Michael and Joseph Munafo, 
Loveland, OH  USA 

January 6   Mitchell Craig Vernon, son of Lori Wilmont, 
brother of Samantha Vernon and Amber Wilmont, 
Loganville, GA  USA 

January 6     William Richard Fox, son of Jerry and Sue Fox, 
Wausau, WI  USA 

January 6     Marne "Mary Elisabeth" Harris, daughter of Jane Harris, 
sister of Melanie Harris Bleem,
Havana, IL USA

January 7      Bucky Wade Rookstool, son of Denise and David Rookstool, 
brother of Michael Rookstool and Jenifer Stewart, 
Topeka, KS USA

January 7      Gracie Tefertiller, granddaughter of Marlene and the late David Parmer, 
Monahans, TX USA

January 7      Aubrey “Tajhee” Gilbert, son of Tunnica Jenkins, 
South Pittsburg, TN USA

January 7     Karissa Leigh Palmer, daughter of Janis Lynn and Grant Palmer,
sister of Keela Palmer, Cheri Palmer Olinger and Tanya Palmer Grice, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

January 7     Kevin Blowey, son of Carla and Stann Blowey, 
brother of Jason, Amber and Megan Blowey, 
Montrose, CO  USA 

January 7     Mikayla Cain, daughter of Brandy Cain, sister of Patrick Cain, 
Wheatland, WY  USA 

January 8      Stephen Canine, son of Terri and William Canine, 
brother of Matthew Canine, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

January 8    Clayton Leonard, son of Virginia Leonard and Steven Kowal,
brother of Michael Kowal and Richard Leonard, 
Fort Johnson, NY  USA

January 8   Danette Payne, daughter of Diane and Quentin Nelson, 
sister of Brenden and Mikki Shea, Joelle Sedivy, Fawna Fouser, Jenni Aronson and Adria Larson, 
Chetek, WI  USA

January 8     Kellie Louise Larivee, daughter of Denise Larivee,
Chicopee, MA USA 

January 8     Jamie Nicole Aleccia, daughter of Jim and Kerry Aleccia, 
sister of nicholas and Amanda Aleccia,
Anniston, AL  USA 

January 8     Blake Waters, son of Stephanie and Chris Waters, 
Canton, GA USA 

January 8   Angel Zaddach, daughter of Sheri Zaddach, 
sister of Crystal and Tony Zaddach and Michael Downey, 
Wyandotte, Mi USA 

January 8   Andrew Donahue, son of Mark and Cynthia Donahue, brother of Brian Donahue,
Bishop, TX USA 

January 8     Susan Kimberly Wofford, daughter of Linda McQuaig, 
Brunswick, GA USA

January 9      Kristen “Kristi” Bunch, daughter of Saundra Frank,
sister of Kevin Bunch,
Senoia, GA, USA

January 9      Delora Anne Byford, daughter of Ruth and Larry Quinones, 
sister of Dempsey Stanton, 
Springdale, AR  USA

January 9   Nicholas Ryan Gardner, son of Dewey and Michelle M. Gardner, 
Cumming, GA USA

January 9   Kyndra Casteel, daughter of Candie Collier, 
sister of Nathan Briggs and Dakota Collier, 
Tooele, UT  USA 

January 9   Tracy Renfro Allen, daughter of Norma and Robert Renfro, 
sister of Eddie and Rebecca Renfro, 
Paris, TX  USA 

January 9      Delora Byford, daughter of Ruth and Larry Quinones, sister of Dempsey Stanton, 
Springdale, AZ  USA 

January 9     Andrew Pasche, son of Kim Jacobsen and Ted Pasche, 
brother of Ashley DeMars, 
Custer, MI  USA

January 9      Elizabeth Bald, daughter of Betsy and Mike Bald, 
Tulsa, OK  USA 

January 9     Nicholas Mascein, son of Brenda Mascein, brother of Michael Mascein, 
Erial, NJ  USA

January 9     Jeffrey Johnson, son of Barbara and Don Johnson, brother of Terry Johnson, 
Kettering, OH USA 

January 9   Andrew C. Hooker, son of Craig and Doris Hooker, brother of Megan Hooker, 
Columbus, IN USA 

January 9   Michelle Garner, daughter of Jim and Debbie Garner, 
Mabelville, AR USA 

January 10  Viktor Michael Luning, son of Tara Bartlett and Michael Luning, 
brother of Michael Eugene (deceased), Nicholi Lee-Michael (deceased), and Michaela Luning, 
Yerington, NV  USA 

January 10   Johnny Canada, son of Cathy and Frank Canada, 
brother of Lori Canada, 
Beford, IN  USA 

January 10   Laura Hendry-Livery, daughter of Gayle Breaux, 
Jonesboro, GA USA

January 11      Valerie Longo-Nevel, daughter of Gail Beutjer, 
sister of Julie Longo, 
Port St. Lucie, FL USA

January 11  Russell Watson Roberts, son of Shelia and Billy Roberts, 
brother of Becky Roberts, 
Monroe, GA  USA 

January 11  Lizbeth Pena, daughter of Maria Luisa Cerna and Luis A. Pena, 
sister of Alberto Josue Pena, 
Lima,  Peru

January 11   Isaac Dawkins, son of Francine and Sammy Dawkins, 
brother of Samantha Dawkins, 
Armurchee, GA  USA 

January 11    Isaac Dawkins, son of Francine and Sammy Dawkins, 
Armurchee, GA  USA

January 11   Colby Ivey, son of Gala and Shaun Ivey, 
brother of J. T. Orand and Brady Ivey, 
Ackerman, MS  USA 

January 11   Jenna Caffrey, daughter of Lorri and Scott Caffrey, 
Verona, NJ  USA 

January 12      Michael Miller, son of Gerald and Phyllis Conrad, brother of Clay (deceased), 
Butch, Johnny, & Steve Miller, Calli Henley, Lee Drake, Cyndi Preacher, Kevin and Kirk Conrad,
Madison, MS USA

January 12   Clayton Royce Olvey, son of June D. Smith, 
Cumming, GA  USA 

January 12   Adam Patrick Haynie, son of Brenda White and C. Tony Haynie,
brother of Matthew Alan Haynie (deceased), 
Fort Worth, TX  USA 

January 12   Brian Allen Bakle, son of Larry and Joyce Bakle, 
brother of Michael Clayton Bakle (deceased), 
Dry Ridge, KY  USA 

January 12   Joanne Kathleen Collins, daughter of Win Collins, 
Sunny Queensland, Australia 

January 12   Brian Shores, son of Deborah and Jerry Shores,
brother of Carrie Littlefield, Robyn and Diana Shores,
Bremen, GA USA 

January 13      Kimberly Bright Holst, daughter of Vicki Reynolds and Miller Bright, 
Atlanta, GA USA

January 13  Marissa Griswold, daughter of Angela and tony Griswold,
sister of Lou Lou and Spanky Groswold, 
St. Joseph, MO  USA 

January 14      Ashleigh F. Savage, daughter of Loretta and Charles Savage III, 
sister of Carolyn Bachinski, Kelly Morran, Nicole Conti and Tara Marino, 
Holland, PA, USA

January 14      Lucas Jackson, son of Kathy and George Jackson,
brother of Trey Jackson, 
Ft. Smith, AR USA

January 14      Alayjiah Harvell, daughter of China Watkins, 
sister of Shunai Fuller, 
Marietta, GA USA

January 14      Jesus "Chuy" Martinez, son of Maria and Jose Martinez, 
brother of Ludivina Hernandez and Amelia Cardenas, 
West Palm Beach, FL USA

January 14  Matthew Allen, son of Terry and Bill Allen, 
brother of Kristin Allen, 
Jacksonville, AR  USA 

January 14  Jessica Dodge, daughter of Tamie and Daniel Dodge, 
sister of Daniel Dodge, Jr., 
Lilburn, GA  USA 

January 14   Lester Henry King, son of Jeri Sue Hood, 
brother of Logan and Layton Hood, 
San Antonio, TX  USA 

January 14   Alyson Marie Wood, daughter of Natalie and David Wood, 
sister of Christopher, Abby and Jenna Wood, 
Ft. Bliss, TX  USA 

January 14   John William Goodman, son of Betty Goodman, 
brother of Paulette Maners, Pam Floyd and Jim Goodman, 
Ripley, TN USA 

January 15      Todd Lee Hill, son of Glenda and John Loose, brother of Craig Hill, 
sister of Robyn Frazier, Tonya Dawson, Tracie Loose, 
Lawton, OK USA

January 15      Ben Jones, son of Carol Duke and Steve Jones, 
brother of Jessica and Jennifer Jones, 
Carrollton, GA USA

January 15  Kristin Gillis, daughter of Gail McCant and Danny Gillis, 
sister of Jake and Ashley McCant, 
Dublin, GA  USA 

January 15    Patrisha Lee Ann Osipovitch, daughter of Paula and George Osipovitch, II, 
sister of George Osipovitch, III, 
Carteret, NJ  USA 

January 15   Mattilyn LaMar, daughter of Mindy and Matthew LaMar, 
Texhoma, OK  USA 

January 15   Mary Graham, daughter of Margaret and Robert Graham, 
Elka Park, NY USA

January 15     Adrienne Nichelle Nelson, daughter of Nichelle and Alvin Nelson, 
sister of Tre', Brandice and Charis Nelson, 
Cedar Park, TX  USA 

January 16      Brandon Harper, son of Debby and Ray Smith and Ronnie and Sherry Harper. 
Brother to Micki Newton, Matthew Newton, Jessica Smith and Jeremy Harper. 
Father of Nathan Harper and Jacob Sanders, 
Suwanee,  GA   USA

January 16      Richard Alan Cartin, son of Nancy Murphy, 
brother of James Michael and Anthony Louis Edgmond, 
Decatur, GA USA

January 16   Joshua Warren, son of Regina and Tony Warren, 
brother of Calvin Holmes, Jazmin and Jessica Welch,
Homewood, AL  USA

January 16    Craig Kelly, son of Lorraine Kelly, brother of Jeff (deceased) and Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane, Oueensland, Australia 

January 16   Tonya Marie Barnes, daughter of Charles and Dianna Barnes,
sister of Tricia Barnes Weber and Tiffany Barnes Gomez, 
Plano, TX USA

January 17   Wayne Robert George Price, son of Alice and Ted Price,
brother of Charlene Elizabeth-Ann Price, 
Abbotsford, BC Canada 

January 17   Erin Fitzgerald, daughter of Michele and Bruce Fitzgerald, sister of Emma Fitzgerald, 
Wayne, IL  USA 

January 17    Jordan Tironie, son of Christine Mullins, brother of Justin and Alysha Regone, 
Berwick, PA  USA 

January 17   Nathan Olien, son of Lynne and Curtis Olien, 
brother of Ryan, Justin and Becca Olien, 
Fargo, ND  USA

January 17    Jay Crim, son of Becky LaVey, 
Lexington, Ky USA 

January 18      Brent Clark, son of Nancy and Dave Clark, 
brother of Ashley and Megan Clark, 
Madison, GA USA

January 18    Andy Gausepohl, son of Melanie Mcgrath and John Gausepohl, 
brother of Jordan Gausepohl, 
Cumming, GA USA

January 18  Chad Bradshaw, son of Kay Bradshaw, 
Benton, AR  USA 

January 18   Justin Robert van Brakle, son of Pam and John van Brakle, 
brother of Zachery van Brakle, 
Brecksville, OH  USA 

January 18   Michele Lenore Lannacchino, daughter of Catherine Wetherbee, 
sister of Tracy Joyce Beck, 
Weare, NH USA 

January 19  Rilee Andrew Sexton, son of Kaye Davis and Jerry, 
brother of Sara Sexton, 
Las Vegas, NV  USA 

January 19   Paula Joanne Normore, daughter of Betty and Dennis Normore, 
sister of Brent Normore, 
Lanse Au Loup, NL Canada

January 19   Bobby Law, son of Hortensia and John Law, 
brother of Stephanie, Johnny and Jennifer Law, 
Indialantic, FL  USA 

January 19   Michael Joseph Langer, son of Tom and Wendy Langer, brother of
Jim Langer,  St. Paul, MN USA

January 19   Jennie Ann Locricchio, daughter of Nancy Prillaman, 
sister of Theresa Miller and Gina Ellington, 
Springfield, IL  USA 

January 19   Carl Walter Pueschel, son of Aaron and Debby Pueschel,
brother of Carrie Hope Pueschel, 
Visalia, CA USA

January 20      John Dion Ridenour-Marvel, son of Sonya and David Marvel, 
Brandon, FL USA

January 20   Jennifer Bleisch, daughter of Janice and Roger Bleisch, 
sister of Jayne Bleisch, 
Cumming, GA  USA 

January 20   Andrea Jewel Ruth Reynolds, daughter of Juliann and Warren Reynolds, 
sister of Justin Reynolds, 
Cincinnati, OH  USA 

January 20   Angela Zytniowski-Bauer, daughter of Elizabeth Zytniowski Calabretta and Henry Lopez, 
Chicago, IL  USA

January 20    Elizabeth Ann Bauer, daughter of Angela Zytniowski Bauer and Anthony Bauer, 
Chicago, IL  USA

January 21      Brady Howlett, son of Karrie and Cory Howlett,
brother of Chris Marsters, Austin Howlett and Charlene Marsters, 
Victoria Harbour, ON, Canada

January 21   Rob Schuppert, son of Bobbie and Al Schuppert, 
brother of Tiki Cain, 
Edgewater, CO  USA 

January 21  Dion A. James, son of Faith and Richard Klatt, 
brother of Jarett James and Marissa Lashua, 
Irma, WI  USA 

January 21  Darryl Tahtinen, son of Gloria and Norman Tahtinen, 
brother of Sharon Kent, Norma Kokko, Patrice Mayo, JoAnn Muma, John and Norman Tahtinen, Jr., 
Baraga, MI  USA 

January 21   Greyson Schulte, son of Kimberly and Allen Schulte, 
brother of Ashley and AJ Schulte, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

January 21   William Justin Curry, son of Venessa Nabors and Timothy Curry,
brother of Michael Powell, Jakiel and Nikiel Curry, 
Loney, AL  USA

January 21     Donald Dalton, son of Sandra Shreve and Donald Dalton,
brother of Rick Dalton and Cindy Riley, 
Kenosha, WI  USA 

January 21    Dion A. James, son of Faith and Richard Klatt, 
brother of Jarett A. James and Marissa C. Lashua, 
Irma, WI  USA 

January 21   Cheyenne Chantel Brown, daughter of Shannan and Heyward Brown, 
Decatur, GA USA 

January 21   Josh Phillips, son of Steve and Wendy Phillips, brother of Danielle Phillips, 
Winder, GA USA

January 22      Paul Churchill, son of Dot Goss and Bob Churchill, 
brother of Chrisy Churchill and Lori Hart, 
Salem, NH, USA

January 22  Sean DeBarge, son of Sue Doucet, brother of Chance DeBarge, 
Pearl, MS  USA 

January 22    Karen Rene Riley-Miller, daughter of Linda McDougal, 
sister of Kevin Riley, 
Sherman, TX  USA 

January 22   SFC Christopher Scott Paxton, son of Lynda Paxton, brother of William Paxton, Jr.,
Moline, IL  USA 

January 22   Robert S. Natiello, Jr., son of Camille and Robert S. Natiello, Sr., 
brother of Loriann Veca, Daniel L. and Carmella Natiello,
City Island, NY  USA

January 22     Sarah Scott, daughter of Jennifer and Jim Scott, sister of Lauren Hill, 
Kinrose, Scotland 

January 22   William Carter Revert, son of Leslie Plyler, brother of Claudia and Samantha Revert, 
Cartersville, GA USA 

January 22    Natalie Sparks, daughter of Terry L. and Evelyn Sparks,
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

January 22     Paul Drew McGrath, son of Linda and James McGrath, brother of Alan J. McGrath, 
Matamoras, PA  USA 

January 22    Trevor Estes, son of Buddy and Tamara Estes, 
Powder Springs, GA USA

January 23  Tristan Phillips, son of Robyn Boyce and Sydney Phillips, 
brother of Cassidy, Shelby, Cheyenne and Cherokee (deceased), Phillips, Courtney Hayden, 
Bruce Rock, W.A., Australia

January 23  Stevie Phillips, son of Robyn Boyce and Sydney Phillips, 
brother of Cassidy, Shelby, Cheyenne and Cherokee (deceased), Phillips, Courtney Hayden, 
Bruce Rock, W.A., Australia

January 23   Jonathan Andreew Furino, son of Marion Cepican and Ben Furino,
brother of Randy Furino, Kristyn Furino-Hume and Samantha Cepican, 
Downers Grove, IL  USA 

January 23   Johnie R. Martin, III, son of Monica and John R. Martin, II, 
brother of Christopher Kelly, 
Ann Arbor, MI  USA 

January 23   Jeffery Bryant Slaughter, son of Edith Deese, 
brother of Kenneth Amos Slaughter (deceased),
Cedartown, GA  USA 

January 23  Kyle Vigil, son of Terri Hooker, 
Lewisville, TX USA 

January 23   Jenny Liles, daughter of Patty Liles, 
Sherwood, OR  USA 

January 23   Vernon Creamer, Jr., son of Vernon and JoAnn Creamer, 
brother of Stephanie Creamer Kurpa, 
Southport, FL  USA 

January 23    Dru Reed, daughter of Sheri Reed,  sister of Stewart, Kris, Jackallynn, 
Ryanne and Angel Rose Reed, 
Bethany, Ontario, Canada

January 23    Jason Hill, son of Linda Veley, brother of Whitney Hill, 
Williamsburg, Ontario, Canada 

January 24      Kim Foster, daughter of Evelyn and Jerry Asay, 
sister of Mike Asay, Monte Asay, Kathy Andersen, Karen Morgan and Kristi Harder, 
Lander, WY, USA

January 24   Angelique Garcia, daughter of Deanna Ruiz and Manuel Garcia, sister of Elyse Garcia, 
Whittier, CA  USA 

January 24   Jacob Carithers, son of Melanie Sutter and Josh Carithers, 
McDonough, GA  USA 

January 24    Jenni Polk, daughter of Vicki and Ed Polk, sister of Karen Brown, 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

January 24   Sean Anderson, son of Steve and Carol Welch, 
brother of Traci Morlock and Christine Welch, 
St. Louis, MO USA 

January 24 Angelique Garcia, daughter of Deanna Ruiz, 
Whittier, CA USA

January 25      Nikki Quarles, daughter of Vickie and Mike Carollo, 
sister of Jennifer Quarles, 
Jackson, MS USA

January 25  Dakota Cruz Colbert, son of Katina and Pernell Colbert, 
brother of Nicholas Brown and Toria Colbert, 
Murphy, NC  USA 

January 25  Mark Lowery East, son of Liz East, Jackson, MS and Jeff East, Atlanta, GA,
brother of Jennifer East

January 25   Jason Wilshe, son of Karen and Ken Wilshe, 
San Diego, CA  USA

January 25   Justin Wayne Schweitzer, son of Kenneth Gerold and Mary Jolene Schweitzer, 
brother of Rhona Lynn Cornwall, Donna Gwen Day, 
Raymond Dean Schweitzer and Cindi L' Weve, 
Ashland, KS  USA 

January 25   Rhonda Gwin Hardin, daughter of Judy Bennett, 
sister of Gary Hardin, 
Monroe, GA USA 

January 25 Shawn-Bert Little, son of Gene and Vivian Little, brother of Neil Little, 
Auora, CO  USA

January 25    Jessi Spurlock, daughter of Cindy Van Wye, sister of Kacey Crain and Cory Spurlock, 
Grand Junction, CO USA 

January 26      Aiden Hunter Bonville, son of Allison Prisco & Jason Bonville, 
Port Saint Lucie, FL USA

January 26      Michael “Trey” Upchurch, son of Sheila Bradshaw and Harold Upchurch, 
brother of Kris and Kyle Upchurch, 
Pelahatchie, MS USA

January 26   JJ Wade, son of Diane Craddock and James Wade, 
brother of Michele Wade (deceased), 
Carrsville, VA  USA 

January 26  Gabriella Naumann, daughter of Barbara Clements, 
sister of Jacob, Breanna and Lindsay Naumann, 
Baltimore, MD  USA 

January 26   Justin Tyler Murphy, son of Jami Murphy and Henry Johnson, 
Charleston, WV  USA

January 26   Fred Robert Strobel, son of Karen Tronecker, 
brother of Albert Fred and Russell Fred Strobel, 
Slinger, WI  USA 

January 26   Stephanie Jean-Hunt Wright, daughter of Paula Wright, 
sister of Alan, Emily and Brian Wright,
St. Paul MN 

January 27   Bryce Butler, son of Jennifer and Brodie Butler, 
brother of Gabriella (deceased) and Alec (deceased) Butler,
Oklahoma City, OK USA 

January 27 Cassandra Lee Silva, daughter of Patricia Silva, 
sister of Jeff, Nick and Katie Silva,
Belchertown, MA  USA

January 28      Helen Racheal Smith, daughter of Judy Wilson and Johnnie Smith, 
sister of Matthew Smith, Brian Roberts and Jessica Wilson,
Brandon, MS USA

January 28  Glen Smith, son of Gloria and Harry Smith, 
brother of Rodney Smith, Linda Joseph and Elaine Dublose, 
Destreham, LA  USA 

January 28   Nicholas Jacovitch, son of Peggy Davis and Nick Jacovitch, 
brother of Thomas and Nicole Jacovitch, Jim and Ernie Davis,
Roxboro, NC  USA 

January 28   Allen AJ DeVol, son of Connie DeVol, 
Jenison, MI  USA 

January 28 Heather Lager, daughter of Pam Lager, sister of Jennifer Lager, 
Schererville, IN USA

January 28   Deryk Peters, son of Kathy Peters, brother of Sarah and Megan Peters,
Canton, ME USA

January 29      Shane Aleck Hartzog, son of Emily and Shane Hartzog, 
brother of Haisten, Aiden, Amber and Brenna Hartzog, 
Douglasville, GA USA

January 29   Nick Serna, son of Michele Mansfield and Rene Serna,
brother of Melissa and Melinda Mansfield,
Phoenix, AZ  USA 

January 29   Matthew Alan Haynie, son of Brenda White and C. Tony Haynie, 
brother of Adam Patrick Haynie (deceased), 
Fort Worth, TX  USA 

January 29   Jason Quick, son of Lynn and Dave Robertson, 
brother of Dave and Paul Robertson, 
Westland, MI USA 

January 29    Elizabeth Fortney, daughter of Julia and Charles Fortney, 
sister of Erin Fortney, Raymond and William Fletcher, 
Zanesville, OH  USA

January 29   Steven Starks, son of Ginger and Richard Starks, 
brother of Clint Starks and Trisha Erxleben, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

January 29   Angel Rose Reed, daughter of Sheri Reed, sister of Dru, Stewart, Kris, 
Jackallynn and Ryanne Reed, 
Bethany, Ontario, Canada 

January 29    Shane Aleck Hartzog, son of Emily Hartzog, 
brother of Amber, Brenna and Haisten Hartzog, 
Douglasville, GA USA 

January 30      Chandler Ford Brown, son of Kimberly and Robert Brown, 
brother of Tad, Griffin and Sydney Brown, 
Duluth, GA USA 

January 30      Lisa Beth Musgrave-Elledge, daughter of Carole Musgrave, 
sister of Anthony Musgrave, Theodore Musgrave, John Paul Musgrave and Amy Musgrave-Elledge, 
Peoria, AZ USA

January 30      Lisa Beth Musgrave Elledge, daughter of Carole and Theordore Musgrave, 
mother of Robert Michael, sister of Anthony, Bobby, John Paul and Amy Musgrave, 
San Lorenzo, CA USA

January 30      Scott Bowen, son of Connie and Ronald Bowen, 
brother of Kelly & Michael Bowen, Melissa Bowen Quinn and Patricia Bowen Williams, 
Tampa, FL USA

January 30   Lauren Marshall, daughter of Donna and Ralph Goodrich, 
sister of Mike Marshall, 
Ashburn, VA  USA

January 30    Jack Poppe, son of Suzanne and Mike Poppe, 
brother of Cole and Reese Poppe, 
Dallas, GA  USA

January 30   Jace Parker, son of Jacqueline Parker, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA

January 30    Stephen John Iverach, son of Carol and John Iverach,

January 30       Tammy Renee Smith, daughter of Debbie Baker,
sister of Kevin and Robert Smith, Michael and Stephen Crandall,
Belmont, NY  USA

January 30    Greg Job, son of Dora Sweigart, brother of Tami Parker and Michele Pirkle,
Marietta, GA  USA 

January 30   Tammy Renee Smith, daughter of Debra Baker, 
sister of Kevin and Robert Smith, Michael and Stephen Crandall,
Belmont, NY  USA 

January 30    Alexander Trane, son of Michelle Blatnick, brother of Erika Blatnick, Drake Trane, 
Felicity Howard, 
Taylorsville, UT  USA

January 31 Jason McCoy, son of Glenda and Eddie McCoy, brother of Jeff McCoy, 
Mooresville, NC USA 

January 31   Diane Marie Bryan, daughter of Marjorie Ritch Tibbetts and Phillip Bryan, 
sister of Billy Bryan and Dawn Bryan Herbert, 
George Town, Cayman Islands

January 31   Dustin Joe Ornelas, son of Jeri Ornelas Jones and Bud Jones, 
brother of Melissa and Kristen Jones, 
Iola, KS USA

January 31   Lauren Woodbury, daughter of Ean and Rob Woodbury, 
sister of Lindsey Woodbury, 
Park City, UT  USA

January 31   Stephanie Leigh Marino,  daughter of Joe and Patti Marino, 
Roswell, GA USA 

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Here Comes The Dawn

Another Mother's Day without me, 
I know that you were sad,
Having lost your baby boy,
 how can anyone be glad?

Then comes my birthday, 
just a short time after,
A day that our family had, 
to celebrate with laughter!

These days are remembered fondly, 
by three women in my life,
You my darling mother, a dear sister, 
and a forever loving wife!

Thank God I can be many places, 
all through a busy day,
For I try to visit all of you,
 in a very special way!

My thoughts are with you always,
although it's just not the same,
To think of how I'd like to be there,
 when you call my name.

Following the Atlanta Braves is easier, 
with truly the best view,
But nothing compares to the times,
 I sat watching them with you.

I miss that furry friend of mine 
and all the fun we had,
I try to make him happy,
 but sometimes he looks so sad.

Another night has passed 
and here comes the dawn I see,
A day filled with good wishes and with love sent by me.

Created In Memory of Chad Gordon
May 21, 1972 – Sept 3, 1996
Son of Wayne and Jayne Newton and 
Brother of Lisa Gordon

-written by Dan Bryl, Atlanta TCF

In Memory of Christopher M. Schuh

All too quickly,

You were out of my arms
That held you so close
And you were standing at my side
Holding on to my hand.

All too quickly,

You let go of my hand
and placed your arms around my shoulders,
Hugging me as time went by.

All too quickly,

You were standing tall and strong on your own.
Independent and self assured
Letting me see the person that you had become,
Knowing that I couldn't have been more proud.

All too quickly,

You were taken from me,
Four years ago today.
Those days of your sweet presence have come....
and gone,
But in my Heart you will ALWAYS be
My BEAUTIFUL, Loving, Caring, Precious Son.


Carol Schuh Loving, Grieving Mom to Chris

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