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Today's Birthday

Please remember that today is a special birthday.
Help them understand that the memories don't go away.
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care.
Enable them to listen while I share.
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain.
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain.
Help them.......
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate,
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child,
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay,"
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday!

November Birthdays

November 1      Adam Craig Hendelson, son of Maxine Heller, 
brother of Jason Rothman and Jessica Heller,
Coconut Creek, FL USA

November 1  Sarah Vogel Gantt, daughter of Mary and Charles Vogel, 
sister of Laural Vogel, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

November 1  John Tyler, son of Diane Tyler Wilkes, 
brother of Robert Horn, 
Annapolis, MD  USA 

November 1  Danny Pedro, son of Sandra and John Pedro, 
brother of James and Wendy Pedro, 
Seymour, TN  USA 

November 1    Laura Hendry-Livery, daughter of Gayle Breaux, 
Jonesboro, GA USA 

November 1  Cain Brown, son of Bonnie and Steve Brown, brother of Ben Brown, 
Griffin, GA  USA 

November 1    Billie-Jo Williams, daughter of JoAnne Williams, 
sister of Robert Williams and Laura Graziano, 
Brockton, MA  USA

November 2      Wayne Cox, son of Eden Ann Gay, brother of Robert and Lauren Gay,
Greenville, NC USA

November 2       Heather Lee Franco, daughter of Leslie and David (dec) Franco,
sister of Hannahlynne Xoel Gallimore, 
Lexington, NC  USA 

November 2       Jennifer Kempston Franzen, daughter of Karen Kempston Tegtmeier and James E. Franzen, 
sister of Jimmy and Amber Franzen, 
Beatrice, NE  USA 

November 2    Marc Bryne, son of Karen Conway and Martin Bryne, 
brother of Matthew Conway and Sinead Bryne, 
Maidenhead, England 

November 2  Nicholas Mascein, son of Brenda Mascein, brother of Michael Mascein, 
Erial, NJ  USA 

November 2    Kyle Weatherford, son of Shirley and Ricky Weatherford, 
brother of Kody Weatherford, 
Burnside, KY USA 

November 2      Beau Mardis, son of Jill Mars, brother of Gabriel Smith,
Emily Speicher, Cody and Casey Mardis,
Clearwater, FL USA

November 3        Sarah Hicks, daughter of Amanda and Danny Hicks, 
sister of Tyler and Danny Hicks, Jr., Covington, GA  USA 

November 3       Frankie Brohm, son of Kathy and Dan Brohm, 
brother of Anna Leah and Elizabeth Brohm, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

July 30  Joey Matthew Knowles-Shepherd, son of Diane and Dusty Bridges and James Shepherd, 
brother of Jessica Shepherd, 
Ringgold, GA  USA

November 3    Craig Lemoine, son of Liz and Dan Lemoine, 
brother of Todd, Eric and Danielle Lemoine, 
Chalmette, LA  USA 

November 3    Karl James Ryan Heneberry, son of Gladys and Phil Heneberry,
brother of Myles Heneberry, 
Kirkland Lake, Ontario Canada 

November 3    Daniel Alan Dunn, son of Geri Dunn, 
Conyers, GA USA 

November 3       Scott Wooley, son of Maureen and Wes Wooley, 
brother of Brad Wooley, 
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada 

November 3      Dennis J. White, Jr., son of LuAnn and Bob Douglas, 
Stockton, IL USA 

November 4  Colleen Marianacci, daughter of Judy and Jim Marianacci, 
sister of Nicole Marianacci Eldridge, 
Bloomfield, NY  USA 

November 4  Christina Nicole Giles, daughter of Patricia Parks, sister of Mary Giles, 
Ozark, AL  USA 

November 4   Rosemary Esther Woodin, daughter of Pamela Chevalier, 
sister of Matt Shoemaker, Rachel Savenkoff, Rhonda Bondi, 
Darcy Mealoy and Nicholas Ashmun, 
Cheboygan, MI USA 

November 4    Tanya Montana Smith, daughter of Missy Smith,
sister of Paul, Chris, Matt and Taylor Smith,
Buena Vista, VA USA

November 4   Pierce Robert VanDerMeer, son of Jamie and
Paul VanDerMeer, brother of PJ VanDerMeer, 
Minneapolis, MN USA

November 5      Chase Mathew Rumachik, son of Jackie and Matt Rumachik,
brother of Hunter Rumachik, 
South Elgin, IL USA

November 5       Michael McLaughlin, son of Tam and Michael McLaughlin, 
brother of Sharon M. Wright, 
Vero Beach, FL  USA 

November 5   Evan Jamison Schmidt, son of Sue and Steve Schmidt, 
brother of Nick, Drew, Weston, Courtney, Kristen Schmidt and Andy Smet, 
Oskosh, WI  USA 

November 5    Peter Lansburg, son of Debbie and Vinny Lansburg, 
brother of  Lory Lansburg, 
Amsterdam, NY  USA

November 5     Robert Malkin, son of Elaine and Jerry Malkin, 
brother of Stacy Overby and Beth Utz, 
Orlando, FL USA 

November 6      Jesus "Chuy" Martinez, son of Maria and Jose Martinez, 
brother of Ludivina Hernandez and Amelia Cardenas, 
West Palm Beach, FL USA

November 6       Ryan Kulig, son of Karen and Gary Kulig, 
Cudahy, WI  USA

November 6       Jeffrey Herzog, son of Kathi and Dave Herzog, 
brother of  Katie Herzog-Gross and Mollie Herzog, 
Union, Ohio  USA

November 6  Elisa Ariana Etheredge, daughter of Corina and Robert Etheredge, 
Houston, TX  USA

November 6  Mark Reed, son of Lynda and Joel Reed, brother of Kelli Stickrath, 
Largo, FL  USA 

November 6       Bryan Godfrey, son of Mickey and Carl Godfrey, Jr., 
West Columbia, SC  USA 

November 7      Andrew Seth Hudson, son of Janda and Jack Hudson, 
brother of Zachary “Bubbie” and Kristen Hudson, 
Warner Robins, GA USA

November 7      Lauren Marie James, daughter of Rose DePino and Stephen Kozlowski, 
sister of Steve Kozlowski and Amy Kelly, 
Downers Grove, IL  USA

November 7       Ryan Montgomery Campbell, son of Mary Ann MacCombie, 
brother of Brooke Meredith Campbell, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

November 7  Derrick Plankenhorn, son of Billie Jean and Donald Plankenhorn, 
brother of Brian and Dustin Plankenhorn, 
Brooklet, GA  USA 

November 7  Nicole Ratigan, daughter of Patricia Goyette, 
sister of Mark Goyette, 
Waterford, NY  USA 

November 7      Presley S. MiKaela, daughter of Shwanta Coleman, 
Diana, TX USA 

November 7  Robert D. Parsons, son of Barbara and Doug Parsons, 
brother of Kevin D. Parsons, 
Sugar Hill, GA USA 

November 8       Kyle Cheek, son of Veronica and Neal Cheek, 
Iron City, TN  USA 

November 8   Harley Avery Malone Owens, son of Lea and Allen Owens, 
brother of Sammuel and Brittney Malone, 
Beech Island, SC  USA 

November 8  Molly Faith Johnson, daughter of Juli and Sam Johnson, 
sister of David and Daniel Johnson,
Rome, GA  USA

November 8  Marissa Griswold, daughter of Angela and Tony Griswold, 
sister of Lou Lou and Spanky Groswold, 
St. Joseph, MO  USA

November 9      Corwin Farmer, son of Claire and James Farmer, 
brother of Devin, Tiffany and Amber Farmer, 
Smyrna, GA USA

November 9  Jason Ray Thompson, son of Ginger Nichols and Jimmie Thompson,Sr., 
brother of Sidney Nichols and Jimmie Thompson, Jr., 
Cache, OK  USA 

November 9   Haka Hetherington-Husband, son of Christine Hetherington, 
Sydney Australia, NSW 

November 9  Alexis Mayberry, daughter of Tresly Mayberry, 
Chattanooga, TN  USA 

November 9  Raeyn Jolie Leepier-Freeman, daughter of Kenny Marie Leepier and Jermaine Freeman, 
sister of Ahren Leepier, Ta'Keya and Germain Freeman, 
San Diego, CA  USA

November 9  Joseph Goins, son of Sandy and Ronnie Wormsley, 
brother of Michelle Goins, 
Griffin, GA  USA

November 10      Douglas Brannon Springer, son of Kelley Springer and the late Douglas Walton Springer,
brother of Brent Springer, 
Monroe, GA, USA

November 10     Quinntin Albert Jason Crosswell, son of Tanya Medley and Jason Crosswell,
Invercargill, NA, New Zealand

November 10     Jacob Hutcheson, son of Karen and Larry Cantrell, 
brother of Jed and Jennifer Hutcheson, Frankfort, KY  USA 

November 10    David Fox, son of Jerry and Sue Fox, 
Wausau, WI  USA 

November 10    Joshua Lee Lupson-Young, son of Gina Marie Lupson-Holden Young (deceased), 
brother of Shaun Edward Lupson-Holden (deceased), 
Silver Spring, MD  USA

November 11      Shamon Bennett, son of Shadona Rene Bennett and Willie Horton, 
Madison GA  USA

November 11 Andrea Lynn Allen, daughter of Susan Allen, 
sister of Matthew and Justin Allen, 
Rochester, NY USA

November 11      Marion Mountjoy, daughter of Marilyn and Fred Mountjoy, 
Raritan, NJ  USA 

November 11      Victor Moore, son of Furman Moore and Karen Cooper Linen, 
brother of Nicole Linen, Veronica and Valerie Moore,
El Paso, TX  USA

November 11      Sean Anderson, son of Steve and Carol Welch, 
brother of Traci Morlock and Christine Welch, 
St. Louis, MO USA 

November 11      Justin Wayne Schweitzer, son of Kenneth Gerold and Mary Jolene Schweitzer,
brother of Rhona Lynn Cornwall, Donna Gwen Day, 
Raymond Dean Schweitzer and Cindi Le' Weve, 
Ashland, KS  USA 

November 12      Sydney Pollock, daughter of Julie and Luke Pollock, 
sister of Brennan, Taylor and Mallory Pollock, 
Douglasville, GA USA

November 12   Theresa Hanna, daughter of Dane Justice Proud, 
Ft, Lauderdale, FL  USA

November 12      Quindee Engelbrecht, daughter of Sharon Engelbrecht, 
sister of Wernae Janse Van Rensburg, 
Durban, South Africa

November 12    Cayla Brooke McAllister, daughter of Rhonda Butler, 
sister of Brandi Blalock and Julianna Butler, 
Locust Grove, GA USA 

November 12    Shannon Gilbert, daughter of Colgate and Darlene Gilbert, 
sister of Fred and Nelson Gilbert, 
Keene, NH USA

November 12    William "Trey" Price, III, son of Peggy Adcox Miller, brother of Michael Price 
(deceased) and Penny Fedrick, LA  USA 

November 13    Toni Campbell, daughter of Carol and Jeff Campbell, 
sister of Tracy Campbell (deceased), 
Shelby,  IN  USA 

November 13   Amanda Christine Warnock, daughter of Amy Osier, 
Winder, GA   USA

November 14      Mark Mueller, son of Shirley and Alex Mueller, 
brother of Shar, 
Jackson, MI USA

November 14      Brandi Lynch, daughter of Amy Lynch, 
sister of Brittany Lynch, 
Macon, GA USA

November 14      Larry H. Benis (Bubba), son of Bonnie and Lawrence Benis,
Crystal River, FL USA

November 14      Joseph Angelo Scerati Jr., son of Kathleen and Joseph Scerati Sr., 
brother of Deanna Scerati Dirtion and Jaclyn Scerati, 
Philadelphia, PA, USA

November 14     Alexa Lyn Young, daughter of Kammi Young, 
sister of Malachy Donovan Zinn and Brian Michael Parise (deceased), 
Kenosha, WI  USA 

November 14     Krystal Torma, daughter of Angela Lynn Torma, 
sister of Matthew (deceased) and Aiden Torma,
New York, NY  USA 

November 14     Keith Perry, son of Oveta and Charles Perry, 
brother of Mia Barber, 
Atlanta, GA  USA

November 14      Misty Conn, daughter of Libby and Randy Morris, 
sister of Jimmy R. and Kathy Adams, Nikki and Christy Morris, 
Carrollton, GA  USA 

November 14      Samantha McKensie Smith, daughter of Kellie and Edward Smith, 
sister of Kristina Alexis Colon, 
Suwanee, GA  USA 

November 14      Brian Gaertig, son of Janet Henning, brother of Jenna Gaertig, 
Brown Deer, WI  USA 

November 14    John Anusavage, son of Janet Anusavage, 
brother of Stacy Michalski and Kori Anusavage, 
Canton, MI USA 

November 14    Christopher Jack Marris, son of Dianna Marris, 
brother of Bobby and Billy Marris, 
Okmulgee, OK USA 

November 15     Brett Anthony Ginder, son of Cheryl and Bob Ginder, 
brother of Shawn, James, Kyle and Kelsey Ginder, 
Olney, IL USA

November 15      Gordon Thomas Rush, son of Sharon Ann Primrose and Arnold Frederick Rush,
brother of Jennifer Lynn Rush, 
Kamloops, BC, Canada 

November 15      Sheena Gootee, daughter of Tina Melton, sister of Shane Gootee, 
Ponca City, OK  USA 

November 15      Brandon Muir, son of Penney Carey, brother of April Muir, 
Chattanooga, TN  USA 

November 15    Tyler Reynolds, son of Melanie Reynolds, 
Fayetteville, AR USA 

November 15    Marshall Terron Lockman, son of Wendy Lockman, 
brother of Jason and Ronelle Lockman, 
Marietta, GA USA 

November 15    Aaron Weddington, son of Paula Weddington Conley,
brother of Alex Roberts, 
Mableton, GA USA

November 16    Ryan Alward-Miler, son of Maureen Trulock, 
Snellville, GA

November 16     Sharon Theresa Saxby, daughter of Jenny Longmuir, 
sister of Luke, Lisa and Angela Saxby, Hayle, 
Cornwall, UK

November 16     Dylan Hawkins, son of Teresa Leffew and Jeff Hawkins, 
brother of Travis Jenkins, Keisha Shell, Todd and Cayla Hawkins, 
Chatsworth, GA  USA

November 16     Kinsley Taylor  Howard, daughter of Stacie and Jason Howard, 
sister of Kalyn and Allyssa Kaite Howard, 
Gainesville, GA  USA

November 16     Malorie Anne Adkins, daughter of Natalie and Bryan Adkins, 
sister of Sawyer and Ashleigh Adkins, 
Wathena, KS  USA

November 16      Kelly James Carmody, son of Barb and Mitch Carmody, 
brother of Megan Carmody, 
Hastings, MN  USA 

November 16      Jeremy Chaffin, son of Robin Haan,
brother of Gary Chaffin and Courtney Thomas, 
New Port Richey, FL  USA 

November 16      Shawn Steffan, son of Elizabeth and Dennis Steffan, 
brother of Scott, Kurt and Kim Steffan, 
Leipsic, OH  USA 

November 16      William Michael McGee, son of Joyce McGee, 
brother of Katherine and Justin McGee,
Austell, GA USA 

November 16    Joseph William Remines, son of Irene and James Remines, 
brother of Justin and Stefanie Remines, 
Gambrils, MD USA

November 16    Robert C. Cowart, son of Rose Cowart, 
brother of James and William Cowart, Jr., 
Belle Vernon, PA  USA

November 17      Keith Allen McCarthy, son of Dennis and Shirley McCarthy, 
brother of Kevin McCarthy, 
Redding, CA USA 

November 17      Reuben-Xavier Alicea, son of Georgina Perez and Ruben Alicea, 
brother of Gina and Marian Alicea, 
San Juan, PR  USA 

November 17      Robert S. Natiello, Jr., son of Camille and Robert S. Natiello, Sr., 
brother of Loriann Veca, Daniel L. and Carmella Natiello, 
City Island, NY  USA 

November 17      WM Joseph Zaharchuk, son of Joyce Kenny-Zaharchuk, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

November 17    Gilford Doucet, son of Joyce Bailey, 
brother of Steve, Danny, Kenneth and Joann Doucet, 
Branch LA  USA 

November 18      Jeffrey Kyle Daves, son of Kay and James Daves, 
Greenwood, MS USA

November 18      Angela Pressly George, daughter of Cheryl and Bucky Pressly, 
Morrow, GA  USA 

November 18      Daniel Phillips, son of Peggy and Jeffrey Phillips, 
Mt. Blanchard, NY  USA

November 18    Shelley Marie Beasley, daughter of Peggy S. Martin, 
Walker, LA  USA 

November 19      Mackenzi Kayla Pool, daughter of AmyMarie & Ryan Wayne Pool, 
Lansing, IL USA

November 19 Jessica Faith Hanna, daughter of Toni and Jeff Hanna, 
Benton, AR USA 

November 19      Jason Carter, son of Patty and Walter Carter, 
brother of Lamar Carter and Amanda Chambers, 
Snellville, GA  USA 

November 19      Ralph J. LaBrack, son of Ralph H. LaBrack, 
brother of Bill LaBrack, 
Glendale Heights, Il  USA 

November 19    Shane Michael Roser, son of Paul P. and Patty Roser, 
brother of Paul Christian Roser, 
Slidell, LA USA

November 20      Jason Scott Griffith, son of Pamela Clovis and Vernon Griffith, 
brother of Justin, Wayne and Eugene Griffith, 
Williamstown, WV  USA 

November 20      Carrie Fullerton, daughter of Carol and Ron Fullerton,
sister of Jennifer Fullerton, 
Littleton, CO  USA 

November 20      Shawn Lightner, son of Terry and Tim Lightner, 
brother of Tamara Lightner, 
Moundsville, WV  USA

November 20   Felipe A. Pagan, son of Ileana and Angel Pagan, Sr.,
brother of Angel Pagan, 
Clinton Twp, MI USA 

November 21      Wesley Hardin, son of Rita and Steve Hardin, 
Acworth GA USA

November 21     Kameron Malik Rutherford, son of Judy Doyle and Kristopher Rutherford, 
brother of Sadeja Nicholos, Danario and Courtney Kilgore, Kristopher and Trevonte Snellings, 
Stone Mountain, GA  USA 

November 21      Jordan Wright, son of Valerie and Tim Wisniewski, 
brother of B.J. Wright and Corrina Wisniewski, 
Grayson, GA  USA 

November 21    Robert W. Burns, son of Elma Burns-Semko, 
brother of Deborah Lang, 
Marietta, GA USA 

November 21    Diamond Natasha Demianycz, daughter of Laura Heughins,
sister of Miriah Lu and John Lucas Demianycz, 
Greely, CO  USA 

November 21      Richard Howard Bernstein, son of Barbara and Merwyn Bernstein, 
brother of Amy Berrnstein,
New Orleans, LA  USA

November 22      Sandra Fain Disspain, daughter of Ollie and Edgar Fain, 
sister of Ronnie Fain, Belinda Cavett and Pam Parker, 
Athens, TN USA

November 22    Andy Gausepohl, son of Melanie Mcgrath and John Gausepohl, 
brother of Jordan Gausepohl, 
Cumming, GA USA

November 22      Grayson Ryan Dean, son of Darryl and Darla Dean, 
brother of Tyler Ray and Mykenzie Hope Dean, 
Prosper, TX USA 

November 23      Matthew Duve’ son of Bonnie Moore and Chester Duve’ Jr., 
brother of Stephanie Moore, Susanna Moore, Danael Duve’ and Jessie Duve’, 
Atlantic Beach, FL USA

November 23      Ben Jones, son of Carol Duke and Steve Jones, 
brother of Jessica and Jennifer Jones, 
Carrollton, GA USA

November 23     Wayne Roper, son of Susan Roper, 
Derbyshire, England 

November 23      Ami Sue Higginbotham, daughter of Paula White and James Higginbotham, Sr., 
sister of James Higginbotham, Jr., and Jami Johnson, 
South Charleston, WV  USA

November 23    Nathan Manz, son of John and Brenda Manz,
brother of Jonathan, Timothy and Jeremy Manz, 
Charlotte, NC USA 

November 24     Richard D. Kempston, son of Naomi and Clifford D. Kempston,
brother of Karen Tegtmeier, Clifford J. and Darold L. Kempston, 
Beatrice, NE  USA 

November 24      Zachery Cohen, son of Patty and Stephen Cohen, 
brother of Daniel and Alana Cohen, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

November 24      Lisa Rippy Rubek, daughter of Deborah Sievers, sister of Jim Rippy, 
Omaha, NE  USA

November 24      Brittany Hallsworth, daughter of Tina Hallsworth, 
sister of Josh, Jake, Tiffany (deceased) and Heather (deceased) Hallsworth, 
Sun City, CA  USA 

November 24    Frank Joseph Stone, son of Marie and Frank Stone, 
brother of Steve and Michael Stone, San Ramon, CA USA 

November 24      Melissa Marie Sampias, daughter of Cheri Sampias, 
sister of Sarah and Jennifer Sampias, 
Apple Valley, CA  USA 

November 24      Joe Gonzales, III, son of Joe and Ida Gonzales, 
brother of Ashley Gonzales, 
Pasadena, TX  USA

November 25      Christopher D. Smith Jr., son of Shuntoya Jones and Christopher D. Smith Sr., 
Milledgeville, GA USA

November 25      Kyle Burkiewicz, son of Gina and Brett Burkiewicz, 
brother of Kaden Burkiewicz, 
La Salle, IL, USA

November 25      Gregory Lee Richardson, son of Sandra and Harry Richardson, 
brother of Marcie Harrison, 
Madill, OK  USA 

November 25      Jon Michael Altier, son of Judy and Julian Altier, 
brother of Paul Altier, Beth Groner and Maggie Meyer, 
Inverness, FL  USA 

November 25      Kassandra Hicks, daughter of Christina Fabas-Pirie, 
sister of Zarah (deceased), Gabrielle (deceased) and Alexander (deceased), 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

November 25    Angela Sayers, daughter of Terri Snyder, sister of Tara Knapp, 
Krystan and Megan Bazzett, 
Grayling, MI USA 

November 26      Lisa Beth Musgrave-Elledge, daughter of Carole Musgrave, 
sister of Anthony Musgrave, Theodore Musgrave, John Paul Musgrave and Amy Musgrave-Elledge, 
Peoria, AZ USA

November 26      Lisa Beth Musgrave Elledge, daughter of Carole and Theordore Musgrave, 
mother of Robert Michael, sister of Anthony, Bobby, John Paul and Amy Musgrave,
San Lorenzo, CA USA

November 26     Christopher Caleb Bradley, son of Lynette Hendrix and Gary Bardley, 
brother of Keith Dixon, Adam and Amy Bradley, 
Newport, AR  USA

November 26     Stephanie Danielle Ott, daughter of Susan and Jeffrey Ott, 
sister of William Ott, Pineville, 
W Va,  USA 

November 26    Jason Curnutt, son of Mike and Joy Curnutt,
San Antonio, TX USA

November 27      Chyanne Scott, daughter of Kacy and Eric Scott, 
sister of Hope Rose Scott, 
Jackson, TN  USA 

November 27      Craig Mayes, son of Debbie Mayes, 
Point Pleasant, WV  USA 

November 27      Dougie George, son of Donna and Douglas George, 
brother of David and Dawn George, 
Powers Lake, WI  USA 

November 27      Natalie Corinne Covey, daughter of Bella Kennedy, 
sister of Logan, Andrew and Leslie Covey, 
Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada 

November 27    Jess, son of Jackie, 
Northern California USA 

November 27      Alexander Hicks, son of Christina Fabas-Pirie, 
brother of Kassandra (deceased), Zarah (deceased) 
and Gabrielle (deceased) Hicks,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

November 27      Gabrielle Hicks, son of Christina Fabas-Pirie, 
brother of Kassandra (deceased), Zarah (deceased) 
and Alexander (deceased) Hicks, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

November 27      Zarah Hicks, daughter of Christina Fabas-Pirie, 
sister of Kassandra (deceased), Gabrielle (deceased) 
and Alexander (deceased) Hicks, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

November 28      Paul Burden, son of Lynn Burden, 
brother of Michael Burden and Lori Roberts, 
Palm Springs, CA USA

November 28      Jeffrey Brehme, son of Linda Wycka and Ernie Brehme, 
brother of Karen Nichols, 
Brandon, FL  USA 

November 28      Steel Matos, son of Rosie and Sandy Matos, 
Spring, TX  USA 

November 28      Zoe Janel Tudd Lacanlale, daughter of Judi Tudd and Peter Lacanlale, 
sister of Zachary Paul Lacanlale, 
Suisun City, CA  USA 

November 28    Kacy Keith, son of Chris and Craig Keith, 
brother of Justin Keith, 
Loganville, GA USA

November 28    Tristan Williams, son of Kitwan Williams, 
Fayetteville, NC USA 

November 28    Jacob Michael Rick, son of Lara and Michael, Jr., brother of Emily Rick, 
Milwaukie, OR  USA

November 29      Steven Grimm, son of Debra and Mark Grimm, 
Brother of Leanne Grimm, Erin Grimm-Strobeck and Ashlee Grimm, 
Jasper, GA, USA

November 29     Chris Collins, son of Renee and Daryl Collins, brother of Philip Collins, 
Lake Wylie, SC  USA 

November 29      Jeffrey Pugh, son of Patricia Hasselberth and Julian Pugh, 
brother of Jeremy and Julian Pugh, III, 
Richmond, KY  USA

November 29      Violet Anna Carey, daughter of Tara and Heath Carey, 
sister of Iris Mary Carey (deceased) , 
Onset, MA  USA 

November 29      Matthew M. Flocco, son of Sheila E. and Michael P. Flocco, 
Newark, DE  USA

November 29    Joey Long, son of Ginger and P.J. Long, 
brother of Nicolas, Timothy and Misty Long, 
Havana, IL  USA 

November 29    Trevor Sterling Mursch, son of Connie and Dave Mursch, 
Connelly Springs, NC  USA

November 29      Gabrielle Hicks, son of Christina Fabas-Pirie, 
brother of Kassandra (deceased), Zarah (deceased) 
and Alexander (deceased) Hicks, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

November 30      Kevin Christopher Smith, son of LuAnn Smith, 
brother of Kim Claussen, 
Ida Grove, IA USA

November 30     Clayton Royce Olvey, son of June D. Smith, 
Cumming, GA  USA 

November 30     Luke Deavers, son of Tawn and Gene Deavers,
brother of Josh Deavers, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

November 30     Joe Simpson, son of Ellen and William Simpson, 
brother of Billy Simpson, Buffy Sullens, Helen Fouts and Lenora Jordan,
Dahlonega, GA 

November 30      Ryan Conklin, son of Marsha and Ted Conklin, 
brother of Scott Conklin and Connie Conklin Lynn, 
Michigan City, IN  USA 

November 30    Cameron Jacob Bryan, son of Christine Bryan, 
brother of Christopher, P.J. and Ethan Bryan, 
Cartersville, GA USA

November 30    James Fritz, son of Beth Blackwell, 
Charleston, SC USA 

For That I Am Thankful 
 By Darcie D. Sims

It doesn't seem to get any better…
  but it doesn't get any worse either,
For that, I am thankful.

There are no more pictures to be taken….
But there are memories to be cherished.
For that, I am thankful.

There is a missing chair at the table…
But the circle of family gathers close.
For that, I am thankful.

The turkey is small…
But there is still stuffing.
For that, I am thankful.

The days are shorter…
But the nights are softer.
For that, I am thankful.

The pain is still there….
But it lasts only moments.
For that, I am thankful.

The calendar still turns….
The holidays still appear
And they still cost too much…
But I am still here.
For that, I am thankful.

The room is still empty,
The soul still aches…
But the heart remembers,
For that, I am thankful.

The guests still come,
The dishes pile up….
But the dishwasher works.
For that, I am thankful.

The name is still missing,
The words still unspoken…
But the silence is shared,
For that, I am thankful.

The snow still falls,
The sled still waits,
And the spirit still wants to….
For that, I am thankful.

The stillness remains…
But the sadness is smaller.
For that, I am thankful.

The moment is gone….
But the love is forever,
For that, I am blessed,
For that, I am grateful….

Love was once (and still is)
A part of my being….
For that, I am living.

I am living…
And for that, I am

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