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October Angel "versaries"

On Memory

When you remember me, it means that you 
have carried something of who I am with you,
that I have left some mark on who I am on who you are.
It means that you can summon me back to your mind
even though countless years and miles may stand between us.
It means that if we meet again, you will know me,
and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart.
For as long as you remember me, I am never entirely lost.
~Frederick Buechner

The Heart hath its own memory, like the mind.
And in it are enshrined the precious keepsakes,
into which is wrought the giver's loving thought.

~H.W. Longfellow

On this Angel Anniversary, may the spirit of the child
who lives so deep within your heart help you through this month
and through every moment of the re-establishing of your life.

October Angel Dates

October 1      Dominick Matullo, son of Maggie Sudbrink-Matullo and Joseph Matullo, 
brother of Michael Matullo, Olivia Nolan, 
Asbury Park / Jackson, NJ USA

October 1    Jim Kerry Webb, son of Lawanna Smallwood and Jim Webb, 
brother of John Pace, Lisa Denton, Janice Cook and Anne Thomas, 
Liberty, MO  USA 

October 1  Ora Christina "Christy" Smith, daughter of Chuck and Dianne Smith, 
            Pollock, LA  USA 

October 1    Mark Alan Smith, son of Doris Smith, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

October 2      Corey Don Harris, son of Carol and Wayne Harris, 
brother of Justin and Tyler Harris, 
Stratford, PE Canada

October 2      Andre Graves, son of Janice and Abraham Boyd, 
brother of Angela Abney and April Watson, 
Jonesboro, GA USA

October 2      Cody Davis, son of Debra and Kenneth Davis, 
brother of Kenneth J Davis Jr., 
Silver Bay, MN USA

October 2      Cody Davis, son of Debra and Kenneth Davis,
Silver Bay, MN, USA

October 2    Malorie Anne Adkins, daughter of Natalie and Bryan Adkins, 
sister of Sawyer and Ashleigh Adkins, 
Wathena, KS  USA 

October 2    Joseph William Solomon, son of Patricia Sais and Robert Solomon, 
brother of Robert, Douglas, Johnathan, Rebecca and Lisa Solomon, 
Bridgeton, NJ  USA 

October 2    Jason LaPierre, son of John and Donna LaPierre, brother of Scott LaPierre, 
Susanville, CA  USA 

October 2    Jason LaPierre, son of Donna LaPierre, brother of Scott LaPierre, 
Susanville, CA  USA 

October 2   Troy Craig Haney, son of Pam Troy, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

October 2    Teresa Wesley Hough, daughter of Jackie Wesley, 
sister of Cindy Crawford and Doug Wesley, 
Economy, IN  USA 

October 3      James A. Bunch Jr., son of Margie Shippey, 
brother of Wright Bunch and Karen Guest, 
Atlanta, GA, USA

October 3   Douglas Hill, son of Melanie and Richard Hill, 
Burkburnett, TX  USA

October 3   Barlyn Mountjoy, daughter of Marilyn and Fred Mountjoy, 
Raritan, NJ  USA 

October 3   Maralin Mountjoy, daughter of Marilyn and Fred Mountjoy, 
Raritan, NJ  USA 

October 3    Maxim Slukvina, son of Alla and Igor Slukvina, 
brother of Anna and Igor Slukvina, Jr., 
Madison, WI  USA 

October 3    Michael Anthony George, son of Cathy and Al George, 
brother of Matthes, Stephanie and Danielle George, 
Stratford, CT  USA 

October 3    Neal Nicholas Bonner, son of Nancy Bonner Bereznak, 
Hazelton, PA USA 

October 3    Samuel Condra, son of Jeff and Kelley Condra, 
brother of Kyle and Jack Condra, 
White, GA  USA 

October 3   Fred W. Cooper, son of Frankie Cooper, 
brother of Justin Helton Cooper, 
Waynesville, GA USA 

October 5   Kevin A. Barnes, son of Bonnie Stephen, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

October 5     Brandon K. Griffin, son of Jenny Gillespie and Thomas Griffin, 
brother of Randy and Rusty Griffin, 
Gillsville, GA  USA 

October 5   Mark Lee, son of Lorna and Ian Kennedy, brother of Darren Lee, 
Mableton, GA  USA 

October 5   Paul Edward Jones, son of Debra Grudziecke-Blake, 
brother of Adam Philip Blake, Zachery Allen Krejci and Sara Elizabeth Krejci (deceased), 
Sugar Land, TX  USA 

October 5   Leah Rhiannon Butcher, daughter of Stephanie and Loyd Butcher, 
sister of Loyd Butcher, Richard Robert, Scott Turner, Katie Robert and Amanda Butcher (deceased), 
Westerly, RI USA 

October 5   Kristin Brooke Anderson, daughter of Melody and Johnny Anderson, 
sister of Matt Anderson, 
Acworth, GA  USA 

October 5    Rashid, son of Marianne, Amsterdam, 
The Netherlands 

October 5   Kylee Freedom Green, daughter of Freedom and Joe Green, 
Canton, GA USA 

October 6      Calli B. Medlock, daughter of Shonda Sikes and Rickey Sikes,
sister of Kie Sikes, Hannah Medlock and Zoey Sikes, 
Cobbtown, GA USA

October 6      Brian Anderson, son of Linda and Tom Anderson, 
Snellville, GA USA

October 6       Kyndall Durden, daughter of Rhonda Wallace and Lee Durden, 
sister of Justin Brown, 
Hamilton, GA USA

October 6      Leann Rose Shields & Marina Rose Shields, 
daughters of Andrea Kears and Robert Shields, 
sisters of Freddie Patino, Robert Shields and Ashley Shields, 
Azusa, CA USA

October 6   John Thomas Clayton Jones, son of Amber Durden and Terry Jones, 
brother of Anna Lora Jones, 
Milan, GA  USA 

October 6    Connor Irwin, son of Dyana Beard and Benn Irwin, 
brother of Bliane Patton and Keegan Beard, 
Dahlonega, GA  USA 

October 6    Sean Mathieu, son of Anne and Paul Mathieu, 
brother of Angela Mathieu, 
Charlton, MA  USA 

October 6    James Daniel Luna, son of Abel and Marie Luna, 
brother of Mark Gregory Luna, 
Austin, TX  USA 

October 6    Kurt Alan Miller, son of Pat McDougle, 
brother of Kevin J. Connley (deceased), Debi Floyd and Dawn Ball, 
Bealeton, VA USA 

October 7      Ryan Courtney Fisher Knight, daughter of Wanda and Wiley Fisher, 
sister of Daniel Merritt Fisher (deceased) and Tonya Fisher Hicks, 
Yazoo City, MS, USA

October 7     Nicole Stone, daughter of Sue and Terrell Stone, sister of JoElla Dixon and Tracy Stone, 
Alma, GA  USA 

October 7    Ross Crisp, son of Judy Dicks, 
brother of Lauri Smith, Sally Motley, Rebecca St. Ann, Frank, Kate and Ruth Crisp, 
Jacksonville, FL  USA 

October 7   Mark Joseph Gore, son of Barbara Rodriquez, brother of Jimmy and David Gore, 
Jose, Arturo, Ramon and Luis, Jr., Rodriquez, 
Lilburn, GA USA 

October 7      Clay Miller, son of Gerald and Phyllis Conrad, 
brother of Michael (deceased), Butch, Johnny, & Steve Miller, Calli Henley, Lee Drake, 
Cyndi Preacher, Kevin and Kirk Conrad, 
Madison, MS USA 

October 8   Blake Carnley, son of Marie and Jimmy Carnley, 
brother of Jennifer Carnley Garrett and Tonya Carnley Davis,
Troy, AL  USA 

October 8    Vanessa Johnston, daughter of Barbara and Mike Johnston, 
sister of Michael and Kaelyn Johnston, 
Port Saint Lucie, FL  USA 

October 8   Lee Fletcher, son of Linda Eriksen, brother of Larry Fletcher and Linda Eriksen, 
Wilmington, DE USA 

October 8  Michael Frescaz, son of Manuel and Mary Jane Frescaz, 
Levelland, TX USA 

October 9      Franchesca Como, daughter of Bridgette and David Como, 
sister of Olivia Como (Twin, Deceased) and Gabriella Como,
Lebanon Twp, NJ USA

October 9      Larry H. Benis (Bubba), son of Bonnie and Lawrence Benis, 
Crystal River, FL USA

October 9      Paul Barbour, son of Stephanie and Christopher Ray,
brother of Joshua, Harley, Christina and Hailey Ray, 
Bowdon, GA USA

October 9    Kevin Frederick Saye, son of Charlotte and Freddie Saye, 
brother of Joy Saye and Jamie Bowen, 
Stockbridge, GA  USA 

October 9    Matthew David Brooks, son of Lisa and Michael Brooks, 
brother of Shayne Michael and Amanda Nicole Brooks, 
Grayson, GA  USA 

October 9         Glenn Rideout, son of Jenny Rideout, 
St. Johns, NL, Canada

October 9    Marissa Dawn Kamienski, daughter of Terri Kamienski, 
sister of Nathan and Shanna Kamienski, 
Ware, MA  USA 

October 10      Paul Barbour, son of Stephanie and Christopher Ray, 
brother of Christina Ray and Hailey Ray, 
Bowdon, GA USA

October 10  Shamon Bennett, son of Shadona Rene Bennett and Willie Horton, 
Madison, GA  USA 

October 10   Jonathan Dwight England, son of Gladys Willene Sullens and Danny Dwight England, 
brother of Steven, Mitchell, Elisha, Olivia and Sissy England, 
Cleveland, GA  USA 

October 11      Jeffrey Kyle Daves, son of Kay and James Daves,
Greenwood, MS USA

October 11   Brett Iverach, son of Suzanne O'Rourke and David Inverach, 
brother of Jacie Cockburn, Yvette Nolan, Lisa and Shane Iverach, 
Cairns, Qld. Australia 

October 11   Andy Budler, son of Linda and John Budler, 
brother of Paul, Steve and Danny Budler, 
York, NE  USA 

October 11   Ashley Romer, daughter of Chip and Teri Romer, 
sister of Jesse Olson and Matthew Romer, 
Lake Havasu City, AZ  USA 

October 12      Donald R. Hudson Jr., son of Carol and Donald R. Hudson Sr., 
brother of LaShana & Loleatha Hudson, 
Stone Mountain, GA USA

October 12   Dustin Patrick Chandler Howard, son of Laurie and William Howard, 
brother of Cathi McCarthy, Sarah and Jodi Howard, 
Chelmsford, MA  USA 

October 12    Nathan R. Messer, son of Rhonda Messer, 
brother of Vriley and Moriah Messer, 
Dickinson, ND  USA 

October 12    Jill Riley, daughter of Taffy Todd, sister of Jennifer Todd Taylor, 
Stuart Todd and John Bereza, 
Greensboro, VT USA 

October 12  Brandon Christopher Shane Bliss, son of Hollis and Sandy Bliss, 
 brother of Kim Bliss, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

October 12   Mitchell John Kemling, son of Joannie Kemling, brother of 
            Kellie Kay Kemling (deceased) 
Shoreview, MN USA 

October 12   Daniel Christopher Jordan, son of Pam and Bob Peacock, 
brother of Jason Jordan, 
Tigard, OR  USA 

October 13      Steve McMahan, son of Candy and Lewis McMahan,
brother of Kenny McMahan, 
North Little Rock, AR  USA

October 13   Garrett Bixler, son of Twila and Barney Burns, 
White Hall, AR  USA 

October 13   Alison Winborn Carreker, daughter of Lisa and Doub Vaughan, 
sister of Justin, Nathan, David and Dayna Vaughan, 
Stockbridge, GA  USA 

October 13   Adam Belcher, son of Elizabeth and Pat Belcher, 
brother of Chase and Alison Belcher, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

October 13   Tyler Moyer, son of Michele Moren, brother of Matthew Moyer and Madison Moren, 
Crowly, TX  USA

October 13   Mkayla Anita Marie Murphy, daughter of Jamie Johnson and Joseph Murphy, 
Charleston, WV  USA 

October 13   Sarah Bryant, daughter of Debra Bryant, 
Jasper, GA USA 

October 13   Jeremy John Frey, son of Ginny and John Frey, 
Lincolnton, NC  USA 

October 13  Steve McMahan, son of Candy McMahan, 
brother of Kenny McMahan, 
North Little Rock, AR USA 

October 14      Shane Martin, son of Gail and Hillman Martin,
brother of Chavine Watkins and Shalon Gass, 
Bethlehem, GA USA

October 14      Drew Adams, son of Carole Adams and Mike Ethridge, 
brother of Melissa, Christy, Jessica and Amber Ethridge, 
Loganville, GA USA

October 14  Kristine Elise Frederick, daughter of Heather and Michael Frederick, 
sister of Ian, Evelyn, Faith and Niki Frederick, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

October 14   Dustin Oglesby, son of Karen and James Long, 
brother of Wade, Jakob and Britney Oglesby, Jamie, Kyle, Adrian and Shelby Long, 
Hobart, IN USA 

October 14    Scott Healer, son of Pam Healer, brother of Shawn and Jenny Healer, 
Casa Grande, AZ  USA 

October 14  Misty Stockton, daughter of Sandra and Grant Stinson, 
sister of Rev. R. Jason Stockton, 
Rome, GA  USA 

October 14   Nicholas Marsh, son of Ladonna and Scott Marsh, 
brother of Dustin and Zach Marsh, 
Southaven, MS  USA 

October 14  Daniel Alan Dunn, son of Geri Dunn, 
Conyers, GA USA 

October 14   Michael Preston, son of Penny Preston, brother of Alisha, 
Court, Dustin, and John Preston, 
Ault, CO  USA 

October 14    Jacob Aaron Oakes, son of Twila Christopher,brother of Zachery 
Chase Oakes and Sierra Christopher,
Prairie Home, MO  USA 

October 15      Snowbird Unthalnahe Colbert, son of Katina and Pernell Colbert, 
brother of Nicholas Brown and Toria Colbert,
Murphy, NC USA

October 15  Krystal Torma, daughter of Angela Lynn Torma, 
sister of Matthew (deceased) and Aiden Torma, 
New York, NY  USA 

October 15   Harley Avery Malone Owens, son of Lea and Allen Owens, 
brother of Sammuel and Brittney Malone, 
Beech Island, SC  USA 

October 15  Brandon Michael Thomason, son of Georgann B. Lord, 
 Cumming, GA  USA 

October 16  Carrie Ross, daughter of Judy and Jerry Ross, 
sister of Rita Bilty, Sherry Dobrinski, Tammy Keeling, Bud and Tracy Ross, 
Mannford, OK  USA 

October 16   Thea Williams, daughter of Kathy and John Williams, 
sister of Andy and Michelle Williams, 
Union, MO USA 

October 16  Aaron Lynch, son of Tish and Mike Lynch, 
brother of Samantha Lynch, 
Kodiak, K USA 

October 17  Kylie Brown, daughter of Juanita and Kelly Brown, 
sister of Harrison and Ashley Brown, 
Escondido, CA  USA 

October 17  Pamela Janae Thomas, daughter of Lynette Thomas, 
sister of Jana Williams, 
Alexander, AR  USA 

October 17   Whitney Hope Taylor, daughter of Tim and Sherri Taylor, 
sister of Hutch and Wes Taylor, 
Rockmart, GA  USA 

October 17  Amy Lisa Kinard, daughter of Jean Corriher, 
Timmonsville, SC USA 

October 17   Kristy Leonard, daughter of Janet Leonard, 
Jeanette, PA  USA 

October 18      Dale Rambonga, son of Darla and Paul Rambonga,
brother of Manuel Rambonga, Darren Rambonga (deceased), Lisa Rambonga and Paula Rambonga, 
Visalia, CA USA

October 18      De'marcus D. Ramey, son of Detric Reid and Donald Ramey, 
brother of Jared Jordan, Trevion Ramey, Vickia Stringer, Brittany, Alexis, Jasmine and Jada Ramey, 
Austell, GA USA

October 18   Robert C. Martin, III, son of Patricia and Robert C. Martin, Jr.,
brother of Daniel and Laurie A. Martin, Mary C. Davis, 
Cumming, GA  USA 

October 18    Jonathan Edward Holliday, son of Donna Adams and Donald Holliday, 
Kennesaw, GA  USA 

October 18   Michael Rondel Watson, son of Donna and Michael Watson, brother of Elizabeth Watson, 
Louisville, KY USA 

October 18     Kimberly Kay Wilkinson, daughter of Donna and Dan Wilkinson, 
sister of Thomas Wilkinson, 
Riverton, WY  USA 

October 18   Samantha Burket, daughter of Jeanette and Mark Burket, 
sister of Ryan and Adriane Burket, 
New Braunfels, TX  USA

October 18  Phillip Dover, son of Debbie Wiley, 
Memphis, TN  USA 

October 18   Lindsay Elder, daughter of Nancy and Stan Elder, 
sister of Haley Elder, 
Marietta, GA USA

October 19      Casey Price, son of Tracey and Mitchum Price,
brother of Eric Price, 
Screven, GA USA

October 19  Josh Tackett, son of Martha Tackett, 
brother of Jennifer Tackett, 
College Station, TX  USA 

October 19   Lennox Laron McKenney, son of Vescie and Gilbert James McKenney, 
brother of Joyce M. Layton,
McComb, MS  USA 

October 19   Danielle Resh, daughter of Julie Morris, 
New Smyma Beach, FL  USA 

October 19   Everett Daniel Devilbiss, son of Kelly Denise Devilbiss Robles and Frank Robles, 
brother of Eric Devilbiss and Erin Devilbiss Maltone, 
Bakersfield, CA  USA 

October 19   Steven W. Simmons, son of Sheila Simmons, 
Dallas GA USA 

October 19   Patrick T. O'Malley, son of Kathy O'Malley, 
brother of Shawn O'Malley, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

October 20   Ashleigh Nicole Bruner, daughter of Judy Bruner, sister of Sarah Bruner, 
Mentone, IN  USA 

October 20   William Michael McGee, son of Joyce McGee, 
brother of Katherine and Justin McGee,
Austell, GA USA 

October 20   Carissa Ellen Hunsaker, daughter of Debby and Kevin Hunsaker, 
sister of Brad Miller, Ashley Hunsaker and Amanda Burrell, 
Bryant, AR  USA 

October 20   Ryan Gallant, son of Joanne and Gary Gallant, 
brother of Steve, Melanie, Laura Gallant and Kim Casavant, 
Swalwell, AB, Canada 

October 21      Jason Belmore, son of Rita and John Belmore, 
brother of Jody Brusseau, 
Littleton, NH USA

October 21     Ericca  Denise Monroe, daughter of Trezan and Vernon Monroe, 
sister of Chris Monroe, 
Baton Rouge, LA  USA 

October 21      Jeremy Daniel Youngman, son of Pat J. Kupfer and James S. Youngman, 
brother of Pete, Kris and Jessica Ruth Kupfer, 
Trussville, AL  USA

October 21   Jennifer Huddleston, daughter of Cheryl and James Simmons, 
sister of Michael Brunnet, Katie and Kristie Johnson, 
Daytona Beach, FL USA 

October 21    Nicholas Docu, son of Christine and Tom Docu, 
brother of Tommy and Alexandra Docu, 
Bronx, NY  USA 

October 21    Kevin Dale Kegley, son of Kathy J. and Gary E. Kegley, 
Vanceburg, KY  USA 

October 21  Chancie Lowery, Jr., son of Mildred and Chancie Lowery, Sr., 
brother of Marilyn Cameron, Spring Spears, Angel Sims, James,
Sondra, Mike and Jeremiah(deceased) Lowery, 
Raeford, NC  USA 

October 21  Carli Tallman, daughter of Shelia Tallman, brother of Alex and Austin Tallman, 
Mishawaka, IN USA 

October 21  Ericca  Denise Monroe, daughter of Trezan and Vernon Monroe, 
 brother of Chris Monroe, 
Baton Rouge, LA  USA 

October 22 Michael Powell, son of Jackie Marks and Ritchie Powell, 
Sheldon, MO  USA 

October 22   Daniel Famurewa, son of Janet and Emmanuel Famurewa, 
brother of Isaac, David (deceased), Kevin, Brandon and Jennifer Famurewa, 
Detroit, MI  USA 

October 22    Ray Childree, Jr., son of Melba and Ray Childree, Sr., 
brother of Marshall and Angela Childree, Melissa Mesey and Tracy Lomnack, 
Ozark, AL  USA 

October 22   Ashley Sockwell, daughter of Barbara and John Sockwell, 
sister of Lee, Lisa, Mark, Brannon and Adam Sockwell,
Snellville, GA  USA 

October 23   Chadworth Michael Smith, son of Brenda Dalin and Mike Smith, 
Clayton, GA  USA 

October 23   Ray Adkisson, IV, son of Mary and Ray Adkisson, III, 
brother of Kim and Amanda Adkisson, Miriah and Katie Mootz, 
Fenton MO  USA 

October 23   Dylan, son of Mary and Mark, brother of Jessica Dant, 
Newark, DE USA 

October 23   Derrick Tyler Howard, son of James Howard and Melissa Stamper, 
brother of Alesha Gregory, 
London, KY  USA 

October 23  Michael Clayton Bakle, son of Larry and Joyce Bakle, 
            Dry Ridge, KY  USA

October 24      Amy McGee, daughter of Gail and Mike McGee, 
sister of Zachary and Jessica McGee, 
Atlanta, GA USA

October 24    Brian Dale Miller, son of Linda Sutton and Benny Miller,
brother of Kimberly Mimm and Erika Hamdy, 
Buford, GA  USA 

October 24   Mark Clement Daniel, son of Beth and Jim Daniel, Jacksonville, AR  USA 

October 24   Steven Grant, son of Teresa Grant, 
brother of Brandon, Brittany, Taylor, Bryanna and Mekayla Grant, 
Kingsland, GA  USA 

October 24   Jason Jones, son of Terry and Anita Jones, brother of Holly and Hansen Jones, 
Whitesburg, GA  USA 

October 24  Andy Dunbar, son of Sharon Bryant, 
brother of Amy and Randy Bryant, 
Greenpond, AL  USA 

October 24  Dustin Hay, son of Lisa Bybee, brother of Matt and Brook Hay, 
Hawesville, KY USA

October 25   Gaberiel Bradford-McGlinchey, son of Hanna Bradford and Shawn McGlinchey, 
brother of Xavier and Ariannah Ulanski, 
Calhoun, GA  USA 

October 25  Vicki Oxford, daughter of Brenda and Earl Oxford, 
sister of Connie Oxford, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

October 25   Jacob Hutcheson, son of Karen and Larry Cantrell, 
brother of Jed and Jennifer Hutcheson, 
Frankfort, KY  USA

October 25    Jimmy Hiughes, son of Spring and Eddie Spears, 
brother of David Spears, 
Fayetteville, NC  USA 

October 25  Tiffany Hicks Pope, daughter of Becky Hicks, 
Dallas, GA USA

October 26   Taylor Gray McKlveen, daughter of Jennifer and Gary McKlveen, 
Charleston, SC  USA 

October 26   Bryce Wynn, son of Roberta and Roger Wynn, brother of Scott Wynn, 
Ogden, UT  USA 

October 26   Hunter Alexander English, son of Erica Roberts, 
Athens, GA  USA

October 26   Jessica Hoehn, daughter of Donna and Paul Hoehn, 
sister of Jennifer Hoehn White, Jordan and Joanna Hoehn, 
Evansville, IN  USA 

October 27   Ashley Hull, daughter of Sandy Lavender, sister of Christopher Hull, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

October 27  Reilly Ingenito, daughter of Heather and Chris Ingenito, 
sister of Andrew and Lindsay Ingenito, 
New Castle, IN USA 

October 28  Timothy Matthew Landers, son of Bonnie and Raymond Salvatore, 
brother of Dawn Landers Ey and Lynn Landers Thompson, 
Stockbridge, GA  USA 

October 29      Avery Corinne Hildreth, daughter of Tameka and Wilmer Hildreth, 
Atlanta, GA USA

October 29      Heather Tully, daughter of Wilma and Rick Tully, 
Woodstock, GA USA

October 29      Adam Correnti, son of Rosie and Aaron Walisever, 
Sharon, MA, USA

October 29      Mikal Tackett, son of Corrina & Sam Murphree, 
Edgemont, AK USA

October 29      Carolyn Tackett, daughter of Corrina & Sam Murphree, 
Edgemont, AK USA

October 29      Margarita Perez, daughter of Corrina & Sam Murphree, 
Edgemont, AK USA

October 29  Matthew Bush, son of Lynn and James Bush, brother of Adam and Sarah Bush, 
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada 

October 29   Stephen Ronald Goebel, son of Patricia and George Goebel,
brother of Scott, Robin and Peggy Goebel, 
Atco, NJ  USA 

October 29   Cathy Sinacore Martin, daughter of Patricia Sinacore, 
sister of Jean Patrick and Jim Sinacore, 
Hoosick Falls,   NY  USA 

October 29   Jayden Buitenhuis, daughter of Jenni Brant and Jason Buitenhuis, 
sister of Jasmine (deceased) and Jordan (deceased) Buitenhuis, 
Middlebury, IN USA 

October 29  Ryan Bowers, son of Pam Bowers, brother of Robert Bowers, III, 
Snellville, GA USA 

October 30 Alexis Revord, daughter of Courtney Revord, sister of Brandon Revord, 
Grand Junction, CO  USA 

October 30   Matthew Osborn, son of Sharon and Roger Matney, brother of Cory Osborn, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

October 30   Samuel Deane, son of Brenda Deane, 
Marshall, VA  USA 

October 30   Craig Scott Mellott, son of Ruth and Larry Mellott, 
Eldorado, KS  USA 

October 31  Lorraine Norris Atkins, daughter of Edward and Wilda Norris, 
sister of Lynise Parrish, Lynette Murphy and Lisa Galyean, 
Lebanon, OK USA 

October 31    Frances Orsini Handschuh, daughter of Rosa and Lous Orsini,
sister of Marh Bearzi, Helen Palmer, Gloria Martini, Delores Tucker, Carmela Manna, Charles and Louis Orsini, 
Palm Springs, CA  USA 

October 31  Connor Flanagan, son of Kim and Tom Flanagan, 
brother of Hannah Flanagan, 
Phenix, AL  USA 

October 31  J.R. Bailey, son of Penny Bailey, 
Fort McMurray, AL  USA 


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Waking this morning, to the Colors of Autumn
Beautiful Leaves of Red and Orange.
Rustic colors that change the landscape.
So Beautiful, But... God I wish I could escape....

Today is the first October Morn
3 years ago this October, was the Month you were born.
I remember that October evening
And the Patterns in the sky.

As the fluffy white clouds floated by...
The colors of the setting sun,
With the same Red and Orange glow
That the Leaves proudly displayed

Your smile as big as the Great Jack O' Lantern
with Hair the color of Corn silk
and Eyes as Blue as Gods Great skies

The Indian Legend goes, "Staring into a babys eyes,
changes your heart forever."
"Cheyenne" the Great Indian name,
was given to you,  Morning Dove is its meaning....
One filled with so much Love.

Autumn for your middle name, As your Beauty matches
Gods paints of Rustic colors of Fall.

As I wake this October morning, and stare at those
same colors in the Rising Sun, with the clouds playing
up above.  I stop and look, no need to check the 
calender.  It is Truly an October Morn.
The same Skies that were there the evening you were

As I catch my breath, and the tears begin to flow
I remember the times we spent together. 
And how I had to let you go.
You changed my life Forever, and this world will never
be the same...
Because by looking into those Eyes, You captured My

On one of Gods Great Colorful October days,
The day you were born.

 Written in Memory of Cheyenne Autumn Smith.
Sunrise-- 10/11/97... Sunset--11/30/98
by Na-Na


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