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May Birthdays 

Today's Birthday 

Please remember that today is a special birthday.
Help them understand that the memories don't go away.
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care.
Enable them to listen while I share.
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain.
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain.
Help them.......
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate,
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child,
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay,"
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday!

May Birthdays

May 1      Michael K. McGhee II, son of Kathryn and Michael McGhee, 
brother of Michelle Carlton and Katy McGhee, 
Poca, WV USA

May 1    Misty Stockton, daughter of Sandra and Grant Stinson, 
sister of Rev. R. Jason Stockton, 
Rome, GA  USA 

May 1    Shelley Sparks, daughter of Sharon and Donnie Sparks, 
sister of Liz Sparks, 
Lockwood, MO  USA 

May 1    Rodney Michael Majdic, son of Stephanie and Lawrence Majdic, 
brother of Brandy Majdic Moeller, 
Green River, WY  USA

May 2      Amare Rashad Tucker, son of Zsanna Whittaker and Antwan Tucker, 
Stone Mountain, GA USA

May 2      Ricky Peregrine, son of Marcie and Freddie Arterberry, 
brother of Will and Kelsey Arterberry,
Madill, OK, USA

May 2      Alayjiah Harvell, daughter of China Watkins, 
sister of Shunai Fuller, 
Marietta, GA USA

May 2    T.J. Hailey, son of Holly and Tommy Hailey, 
Covington, GA  USA 

May 2   Alan Stone, son of Sue Delgado and Dale Stone, 
brother of Steve Stone and Brenda Harwell, 
Marietta, OK  USA 

May 2   Bradley Bakle, son of Walt and Deb Bakle, brother of Tonia Bakle, 
Paulding, OH USA 

May 2   Ryan Morrison, son of Kayla Morrison, 
Tioga, LA USA

May 3    Jason Wade Adams, son of Martha Maurine Washburn, 
brother of Jana Birenbaum, John and Jeff Adams, 
Denison, TX  USA 

May 3   Michele Reno, daughter of Charles and Janice Reno, sister of Julie Reno, 
Powder Springs, GA USA

May 4      Casey Price, son of Tracey and Mitchum Price, 
brother of Eric Price, 
Screven, GA USA

May 4   Hattie Ann Lear, daughter of Jill and Christopher Lear, 
sister of Alby and Sadie Marie Lear, 
Armada, MI USA 

May 4    Zach Readler, son of Beth Schalles and Joe Castel, 
brother of Luke and Emily Readler, 
Hollidaysburg, PA  USA

May 4   Karen Landau, daughter of Bev Landau Giacalone, 
Thompsons Station, TN  USA 

May 4   Greg Lopez, son of Shirley and Raymond Lopez, brother of Anita Seagraves, Guy and Lamar Lopez, 
Savanah, GA USA

May 5    Danial Jason Evans, son of Kathy and Danny Evans, brother of Shaun Evans, 
Oak Grove, LA  USA 

May 5    Brian Mayronne, son of Reuben and Melinda Mayronne,
brother of Sara Gill, Matthew and Casey Mayronne, 
Morganton, NC  USA 

May 5   Adam Chandler Cornelius, son of Daisy M. Cornelius,
Augusta, GA USA 

May 5   Clint Michael Usie, son of Donna Usie,brother of Clay C. and Molly L. Usie, 
Houma, LA  USA

May 6   Timothy Rice, son of Martha and Charles Rice, 
Lake Worth, FL  USA 

May 6   Geoffrey P. Edwards, son of Karen Lyn and Calvin W. Jenkins, 
Navesink, NJ  USA

May 6   Tanna Novack, daughter of Betsy Nichols Johnson and Winston Tooke, 
Cadiz, KY  USA 

May 6    Jeffrey Lee Lowdermilk, son of Deirdre and John Lowdermil, II, 
brother of John L. Lowdermilk, III,
Jacksonville, TX  USA

May 6    Kevin Justin Kawainui Liaga, son of Dwayne and Kimberly Vogel-Liaga, 
brother of Ashley Sharina-Ann Vogel and Devin Austin Kamaheleokekai Liaga, 
Wahiawa, HI  USA

May 6    Jim Kerry Webb, son of Lawanna Smallwood and Jim Webb, 
brother of John Pace, Lisa Denton, Janice Cook and Anne Thomas,
Liberty, MO  USA 

May 6    Jason Wilshe, son of Karen and Ken Wilshe, 
San Diego, CA  USA 

May 6      Lane Cole Langdon, son of Hilda and Kevin Langdon,
brother of Brandon Soliz and Ricky Dean Rushing, 
Lubbock, TX  USA

May 7      Anthony “Tony” J. Hammond, son of Eileen E. and Robert D. Hammond,
brother of Kimberly G. Hammond Johnson, 
Horseheads, NY USA

May 7   Teri Layne Posey, daughter of Judy (deceased) and Bill Posey, 
sister of Tracy Wayne (deceased), William Todd (deceased) and Adam Jess Posey, 
Union Point, GA  USA

May 7   Eugene Stuto, son of Suzanne and Gene Stuto, 
brother of Nick and Jessica Termini, Dean, Kim and Andrea Stuto, 
Wading River, NY USA 

May 7    Eugene Stuto, son of Suzanne and Gene Stuto, 
brother of Nick and Messica Termini, Dean, Kim and Andrea Stuto, 
Wading River, NY  USA 

May 7    Cindy M. Richards, daughter of Debbie Minor and Jassin Al-Kazraji, 
sister of BobbyJo Richards and LeAnn Sadlon, 
Windber, PA  USA 

May 7    Jane Renouf, daughter of Joe Renouf, 
sister of Rosslyn Smart, Maria, Christena, Joseph and Donna Renouf,
Stawell, Vic Australia

May 7    Darin James Moore, son of Sherry Norman, brother of Jennifer Ongers and Michelle Moore, 
Prescott, WA  USA 

May 7    Christopher Ronald Faller, son of Ron and Maria Faller,
brother of Rachel and Mark Faller, 
Pittsburgh, PA  USA 

May 7   David Carter, son of Chen and Gary Carter, 
Bowie, MD  USA 

May 7   Tyler Buss, son of Cyndee and Mark Buss, brother of Alycia Buss,
Verona, NY USA 

May 8    Angel Domenic Grajeda, Jr., son of Monica Ann and Angel Grajeda, Sr., 
brother of Guadalupe, Estevan and Marco Grajeda, 
Forest Grove, OR  USA 

May 8   Nathan Michael Chamberlain, son of Shannon R. DeLapp, 
brother of Misty Chamberlain and Angel Sean Baumgarden,
Raymore, MO USA

May 9    Garrett Bixler, son of Twila and Barney Burns, 
White Hall, AR  USA

May 9    Bryce Wynn, son of Roberta and Roger Wynn, brother of Scott Wynn, 
Ogden, UT  USA 

May 9   Rachel Elizabeth Szech, daughter of Vicki and Chester Szech, 
sister of Andrew Szech, 
Green Oaks, IL  USA 

May 9    Ronia Leigh Dowdell, daughter of Linda and George Dowdell, 
sister of Ronada Dowdell, 
Hudson, KY  USA 

May 10  Tracy Renfro Allen, daughter of Norma and Robert Renfro, 
sister of Eddie and Rebecca Renfro, 
Paris, TX  USA 

May 10  Christopher Worth Martin, son of Terri and Marty Miller, 
brother of Tamara Leigh Martin,
Holly Springs, NC  USA 

May 10  Zachary Allen Simon, son of Sheri and Hal Simon, 
brother of Jarin Simon, 
Marietta, GA USA 

May 11      Dartey Ford, son of Beverly and Olin Ford Jr.,
brother of Dustin Starkey, Dylan Ford, Mark Ford, Trey Cordell, 
Summerville, GA USA

May 11  Melanie Thompson, daughter of Kathy and Hugh Thompson, 
Tuckasegee, NC  USA 

May 11  Natalie Sparks, daughter of Terry L. Sparks, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

May 12  Kimberly Andrews, daughter of Barbara and Jay Andrews, 
sister of Joshua and Tyler Andrews, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

May 12  Jared Bryan Webb, son of Debby Webb, 
brother of Jason Michael Webb,
Kennesaw, GA USA 

May 12  Tyler Boonstra, son of Wendy Bowcott, brother of Natasha Boonstra, 
Winnipeg, MB  Canada 

May 12  Cari Ann Olejnik, daughter of Janice and Harry Olejnik,
sister of Tracy Bates, Laura Shearer, Michelle, Christy and Ashley Olejnik, 
Covington, GA USA

May 13      Rachel Hayes, daughter of Carol and Craig Hayes,
sister of Ryan, Tyler and Megan Hayes, 
Bethalto, IL USA

May 13  Patrice Nicole Edwards, daughter of Maurine Azalea Edwards and Kris Eason, 
sister of Rodney and Kellie Edwards, Lawrenceville, GA  USA

May 13  Tiffany Miles, daughter of Simone and Mark West, 
sister of Brandon Miles and Savannah West,
Loganville, GA  USA 

May 13  Jonathan Dwayne Pace, son of Sonya and Mike Pace, 

May 14  G. Bailey Holt, son of Georgia McKenna and Robert Holt, 
brother of Rob Holt, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

May 14  Daniel Amos, son of Virginia and Richard (deceased) Amos, 
brother of Rebecca Amos Campbell and Rick Amos, 
Stoneboro, PA  USA 

May 14  David Bower, son of Priscilla Hall, brother of Stacy Gregory, 
Freeport, PA  USA 

May 14  Michael Pattillo, son of Janice and Wayne Pattillo, brother of Jason Pattillo, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

May 14  Luke Blackburn, son of Cassandra Blackburn, 
Marietta, GA USA 

May 14  Bradley John Kampa, son of Judy and John Kampa, 
brother of Brenda Kampa Suchla, 
Arcadia, WI USA

May 15      Jared Christian Stayton, son of Cheryl and Robert Stayton, 
brother of Julia Grace Stayton, 
Tracy, CA USA

May 15  Sydney Reagan Hess, son of Carey and David Hess, 
brother of Dylan Austin and summer Rose Hess, 
Hereford, AZ USA 

May 15  Christopher Allen Bedlam, son of Rosemary and Donald Bedlam, 
brother of David Kincannon and Donna Bedlam, 
Sacramento, CA  USA

May 15  Kyle Greenfield, son of Bill and Karen Greenfield,
brother of Kaitlyn Greenfield,
Alpharetta, GA USA 

May 15  Doltan Murray, son of Jack and Carol Murray, brother of Jenifer Porter, 
Dillon Briar and Anastasia Murray, 
Tryon, OK USA 

May 15  Miechelle Bourgeois, daughter of Jack and Deborah Dahlmann, 
sister of Michael Bourgeois and Cristy Dahlmann,
Woodstock, GA USA

May 16      Andrew Hayden Bradley, son of Leah Michelle Bradley Meaux and Nathan Shane Meaux, 
brother of Robert Cole Bradley (deceased),
Dalton, GA USA

May 16      Mark Gordon Hall, son of Bonnie Weber Hall and Melville (Mick) Hall (deceased), 
brother of Michele (Hall) Smith

May 16      Kevin Aguilar, son of Pamela and Antonio Aguilar, 
brother of Anthony Aguilar, 
North Little Rock, AR USA

May 16  Monty Raymond Smith, son of Bonnie and Cameron Smith,
brother of Sean Smith and Cindy Hollins, 
Winnipeg, MB, Canada 

May 16  SFC Christopher Scott Paxton, son of Lynda Paxton, brother of William Paxton, Jr., 
Moline, IL  USA 

May 16  David Patrick Keel, son of Ellen and Don Keel, 
brother of Bryan, Morgan and Katie Keel, 
Duluth, GA  USA 

May 16  Madisen Barnett, daughter of RoxAnn and Marc Barnett, 
Davenport, FL  USA

May 16  Austin Michael Bullington, son of Nadine Morgan, brother of Kathleen Morgan, 
Sugar Hill, GA  USA 

May 16  Jared Chandler Mullins, son of Vicki and Chester Mullins, brother of Eric, 
Joey and Kara Dotson, Kayla, Ladawna and Tonya Mullins, 
Avondale, WV  USA 

May 16  Amber Leigh Thompson, daughter of Sylvia S. Thompson, 
sister of Tommy and Tara Thompson, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

May 16  Josh Phillips, son of Steve and Wendy Phillips, brother of Danielle Phillips, 
Winder, GA USA 

May 17      Brady Howlett, son of Karrie and Cory Howlett, 
brother of Chris Marsters, Austin Howlett and Charlene Marsters, 
Victoria Harbour, ON, Canada

May 17  Matthew Kirk, son of Diana and Sonny Kirk, 
brother of Jamie Kiebler, 
Rising Sun, MD  USA

May 17  Tony Ray Smiley, son of Sue and tony Smiley, brother of Michael and Jackie Smiley, 
Grant Park, IL  USA 

May 17  Hailey Melancon, daughter of Angel Melancon, sister of Brittany and Kody Melancon, 
New Iberia, LA  USA 

May 18  Sara Rojas, daughter of Kristina and Brian Nolan, 
sister of Zach, Keagan and Karson Nolan, 
Victorville, CA  USA 

May 18  Dustin Roalson, son of Carol Friedman and Rick Roalson, 
brother of Matthew Friedman (deceased) and Trisha Roalson,
Sedro-Woolley, WA  USA 

May 18  Jacob Davis, son of Karen and Bill Dvis, brother of Bert, Sherilyn, Kaitlyn and Carmen Davis, 
Leesburg, GA  USA 

May 18  Cassondra Marie Kammerer, daughter of Elizabeth J. Kammerer, sister of Madeline E. Kammerer, 
Brodheadsville, PA  USA

May 18  Calvin Miller, son of Rama and Charlotte Miller, brother of Allison Miller, 
Little Rock, AR USA 

May 18  Jamie Spivey, daughter of Jennifer Spivey, sister of Joshua and Jacob Spivey, 
Troy, AL  USA

May 19  Gino Merritt, son of Jackie and Gino Merritt, 
brother of Dustin, Katrina and Chelsea Merritt,
Carbondale, PA  USA

May 19  Karissa Leigh Palmer, daughter of Janis Lynn and Grant Palmer, 
sister of Keela Palmer, Cheri Palmer Olinger and Tanya Palmer Grice, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

May 19  Jamie Grubb, son of Sandy Grubb and Frank Chisholm, brother of Ruthie Grubb, 
Summerville, SC  USA

May 19  Michael Clayton Bakle, son of Larry and Joyce Bakle, brother of Brian Bakle, 
Dry Ridge, KY USA

May 20      Chris Murtagh, son of Linda Murtagh, 
brother of Tracy Janiak, 
Afton, MN USA

May 20    Richie Faxon, son of Patricia Mahoney and Richard Faxon, 
brother of Andy and Chad Faxon, Merle Winters, Stacy Waller and April Detmar, 

May 20   William Todd Posey, son of Judy (deceased) and Bill Posey, 
brother of Adam Jess, Tracy Wayne (deceased) and Teri Layne (deceased) Posey, 
Union Point, GA  USA 

May 20   Matthew Etheridge, son of Mindy and Dan Etheridge, 
brother of Emma Etheridge,
Woodridge, IL  USA 

May 21      Adam Correnti, son of Rosie and Aaron Walisever, 
Sharon, MA, USA

May 21  Breana Matthews, daughter of Lori and Dan Matthews, 
sister of James and Joseph Matthews, 
Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada 

May 21  Heather Williamson, daughter of Linda Morton, sister of Michael Morton, 
Clarksburg, WV  USA 

May 21  James Bruce Dean, son of James G. Dean, brother of Debbi Hart, Laura and Eric Dean, 
Philo, CA USA

May 21  Chad Gordon, son of Jayne and Wayne Newton, brother of Lisa Gordon, 
Lilburn, GA USA 

May 21  Tyler John Delgado, son of Melissa Hazelbower, 
Phoenix, AZ  USA

May 22   Jennifer Altman, daughter of Lori Combs, 
sister of Jerry and Matthew Combs, 
Blackshear, GA  USA

May 22 Chad Bradshaw, son of Kay Bradshaw, 
Benton, AR  USA 

May 22   Mariah Claire Tendall, daughter of Gudrun Ohlig and Dan Owen Tendall, 
sister of Danny Tendall, 
Lawton, OK  USA 

May 22  Johnny Brown, son of Bonnie and Ed Brown,
brother of Shayne Brown and Jessica Brown Tatum, 
Troy, AL  USA 

May 22  William Smutny, son of Nancy and Dan Smutny, 
Onalaska, WI  USA 

May 22  Kevin Ghelli, son of Cheryl Ghelli, 
Holliston, MA  USA 

May 23      Philip Helm, son of Stephanie Helm and Philip Sisco, 
brother of Juwan and Denina Helm, 
Blackwood, NJ USA

May 23     Philip Helm, son of Stephanie Helm and Phillip Sisco, 
brother of Juwan and Denina Helm, 
Turnersville NJ USA

May 23   Dustin Inman, son of Kathy and Billy Inman, 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

May 23   Mikki Everett, daughter of Heidi Everett and Brent Chorneyko, 
sister of Rob Everett (deceased), 
Sioux Falls, SD  USA 

May 23  Kenneth Amos Slaughter, son of Edith Deese, brother of Jeffery Bryant Slaughter (deceased), 
Cedartown, GA  USA 

May 23  Cathy Sinacore Martin, daughter of Patricia Sinacore, sister of Jean Patrick and Jim Sinacore, 
Hoosick Falls, NY USA 

May 23  Matthew James Eldridge, son of Debbie S. Eldridge, 
Clinton, MS USA 

May 23  Jay Crim, son of Becky LaVey, 
Lexington, KY USA

May 24      Kanda Michelle Jacobs, daughter of Dianna and Jack Jacobs, sister of Jerrin Jacobs, 
Flora, IL USA

May 24      Sean Wilkinson, son of Vicki and Kip Faulk, brother of Cristi Wilkinson, 
Kennesaw, GA USA

May 24  William James Sansalone, son of Maria and Jim Sansalone, 
Springfield, MA 

May 24  Royal Sage Tapia, son of Celia Glacken and Joaquin Tapia, 
brother of Charlene Tapia, 
Sacramento, CA  USA 

May 24   Paiten Camille Phillips, daughter of Erica Willis, 
Millsboro, DE USA 

May 24   Monique Theriot, daughter of Constance and Normal Theriot, 
sister of Hannah M. Theriot, 
Minecola, TX  USA

May 24   Derek Hays, son of Karyn Herrin and Jim Hays, 
brother of Samantha Herrin, 
Signal Mountain, TN  USA 

May 24   Kristin Brooke Anderson, daughter of Melody and Johnny Anderson, 
sister of Matt Anderson, 
Acworth, GA  USA 

May 24  Savannah Janique Hagen, daughter of Milagro Morales and Darnell Hagen, Sr.,
sister of Savion, Daniel, Danielle and Darnell Hagen, Jr., 
West Palm Beach, FL  USA 

May 24  Evan Bradley Campbell, son of Linda and Larry Campbell, brother of Tayler Nicole Campbell, 
Holt. MI USA 

May 25 Shawn Gordon, daughter of Bonnie L. Gordon, 
Lakewood, CO  USA 

May 25  Elizabeth Haher, daughter of Chris and Richard Haher, 
sister of George Haher, 
Colchester Essex, England

May 25    Joseph Todd Jowers, son of Norma Jowers, 
brother of Beth West, Christy Bedsole and Anjanette Mills, 
Demopolis, AL  USA 

May 26  Nicolas Riconoscuito, son of Marie and Jim Anderson, 
brother of Mark, Ryan and Joshua Riconoscuito, 
Ormond Beach, FL  USA 

May 26  Evan Summers, son of Ellen Summers, 
Seattle, WA USA 

May 26  Sherri Lynn Poe, daughter of Joeann Poe, sister of Kyle (deceased),
John (deceased) and Chris Poe, 
Lima, OH USA

May 27      Henry Cart, son of Roberta and Rob Cart, 
brother of Jessie and Heyward Cart, 
Atlanta, GA USA

May 27 Clint Jones, son of Carol Camp, brother of Eric Medlin and Kevin S. Jones, 
Libby, MT  USA 

May 27  Amanda Almeida Button, daughter of Daisy and Donald Button, 
Suwanee, GA USA 

May 27  Ashley Martin, daughter of Dee and Larry Martin, sister of Trey and Christopher Martin, 
Lima, OH  USA 

May 27  Lindsey Garretson, daughter of Harold and Diane Coggins, 
sister of Jamie Garretson, Roger and Tracey Coggins, 
Kingston Springs, TN  USA 

May 27  Stuart Todd, son of Taffy Todd, brother of Jennifer Todd Taylor and Jill Riley, 
Greensboro, VT USA

May 27    James Wilson Reaves, III, son of Jim and Faye M. Reaves, 
brother of John N. McRainey and Sallie Ann McRainey Wilwert, 
St. Pauls. NC  USA

May 28      Kaitlyn Joy Jenkins, daughter of Sharon Jenkins and Alan Jenkins, 
sister of Jolie Jeurissen, 
Marietta, GA USA

May 28  Alisa Moya, daughter of Erin Moya and Miguel Reyes, 
sister of Ana Marie Ortega Delany and Danyelle Reyes, 
Clewiston, FL  USA

May 28   George Douglas Crellin, son of Florence Betty and Chett C. Crellin,
brother of Corinne Adrienne DePatie, 
Abbotsford, BC, Canada 

May 28  Joely Ann Castang, daughter of Jean-Baptiste and Kim Castang,sister of Katiana and Maris Castang, 
Newnan, GA USA 

May 28  Nicholas Maloney, son of Lise Villeneuve, brother of Kim and Krista Maloney, 
Buckingham, Quebec, Canada 

May 28  Joshua Caleb Brooks, son of Sharon Brooks, 
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia

May 29      Derek L. Brown, son of Denice and Gerald Brown, 
Radcliff, KY, USA

May 29  Rebecca Leigh Carter, daughter of Teresa and Mike Carter,
sister of Baylee and Piper Carter, 
Fountain, NC  USA 

May 29  Melissa Ann Pitre, daughter of Deborah Love Pitre and Francisco Flores, 
sister of Ryan and Lon Pitre, 
Metaine, LA  USA 

May 29  Michelle Braxley, daughter of Brenda Braxley, sister of Tony Braxley, 
Milledgeville, GA  USA

May 30   Erin Crystal Pelster, daughter of Kelly and Victor Pelster, 
sister of Kyle, Lindsey, Lauren and Kara Pelster, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

May 30  Edward J. Shelby, son of Belinda S. White and Charles E. Tatum, Jr., 
brother of Remonica Whitefield, Bruce and Nathaniel Shelby, 
Jackson, MS  USA 

May 30  Rachel Irene Mann, daughter of Kathy Mann, sister of Sarah Mann, 
Rochester, MN  USA 

May 30  Jarrod Michael Norman, son of Vickie and Bill Norman, 
Marietta, GA USA 

May 30  Kara Leigh Broughton, daughter of Joyce Juhl, 
Sun City, AZ  USA

May 30  David Zabawa, son of Vicki Zabawa, brother of Paul and Kevin Zabawa, 
Sharyn Mission and Dianne Sutherland,
Southampton, MA  USA

May 30  Jessi Spurlock, daughter of Cindy Van Wye, 
sister of Kacey Crain and Cory Spurlock, 
Grand Junction, CO  USA 

May 31      Alexis Batastini, daughter of Tammy Jones and Chris Batastini, 
sister of Zachary and Morgan Batastini, 
Buford, GA USA

May 31      Sarah Edwards, daughter of Regina and Michael Earles, 
sister of Katie Edwards and Morgan Edwards, 
Locust Grove, GA, USA

May 31  Justin Wood, son of Mary and Cliff Wood, brother of Jacob and Jessica Wood, 
Braselton, GA  USA 

May 31  Matthew Lane, son of Diana and Randy Lane, 
brother of Andy and Dan Lane, 
Snellville, GA  USA 

May 31  Lawrence Potter, son of Michelle Potter Smith,
brother of Jaquelyne, Sheri and Michael(deceased) Potter, 
Midhurst, Ontario, Canada 

May 31  Alexa Sue Sheets, daughter of Tony and Amy Sheets, 
sister of Cory Robert, Victoria Grace (deceased) and  Gabrielle Kay Sheets, 
South Bend, IN USA 

May 31  Victoria Grace Sheets, daughter of Tony and Amy Sheets, 
sister of Cory Robert, Alexa Sue (deceased) and Gabrielle Kay Sheets,
South Bend, IN USA 

May 31  Susan Luttrell, daughter of Carrie J. Luttrell, sister of Mellissa Young, 
Judy Wenckowski and Cynthia Becker,
Franklin Park, IL USA

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Here Comes The Dawn

Another Mother's Day without me, 
I know that you were sad,
Having lost your baby boy,
 how can anyone be glad?

Then comes my birthday, 
just a short time after,
A day that our family had, 
to celebrate with laughter!

These days are remembered fondly, 
by three women in my life,
You my darling mother, a dear sister,
and a forever loving wife!

Thank God I can be many places, 
all through a busy day,
For I try to visit all of you,
 in a very special way!

My thoughts are with you always, 
although it's just not the same,
To think of how I'd like to be there,
 when you call my name.

Following the Atlanta Braves is easier, 
with truly the best view,
But nothing compares to the times,
 I sat watching them with you.

I miss that furry friend of mine 
and all the fun we had,
I try to make him happy,
 but sometimes he looks so sad.

Another night has passed 
and here comes the dawn I see,
A day filled with good wishes and with love sent by me.

Created In Memory of Chad Gordon
May 21, 1972 – Sept 3, 1996
Son of Wayne and Jayne Newton and 
Brother of Lisa Gordon

-written by Dan Bryl, Atlanta TCF

In Memory of Christopher M. Schuh

All too quickly,

You were out of my arms
That held you so close
And you were standing at my side
Holding on to my hand.

All too quickly,

You let go of my hand
and placed your arms around my shoulders,
Hugging me as time went by.

All too quickly,

You were standing tall and strong on your own.
Independent and self assured
Letting me see the person that you had become,
Knowing that I couldn't have been more proud.

All too quickly,

You were taken from me,
Four years ago today.
Those days of your sweet presence have come....
and gone,
But in my Heart you will ALWAYS be
My BEAUTIFUL, Loving, Caring, Precious Son.


Carol Schuh Loving, Grieving Mom to Chris

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