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May Angel Dates


May 1     Dawn Baker, daughter of Candice Fair and Norm Scholes,
sister of Chris Pittman, 
Rome, GA  USA 

May 1   Matthew Koenning, son of Earl and Carolyn Koenning, 
brother of Melissa Kennemer and Melanie Wilson, 
Orange Grove, TX USA

May 2       Andrew Seth Hudson, son of Janda and Jack Hudson,
brother of Zachary “Bubbie” and Kristen Hudson, 
Warner Robins, GA USA

May 2      Brittany Knoch, daughter of Susan and James Knoch,
sister of Christopher Knoch, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA

May 2     Brittany Knoch, daughter of Susan and James Knoch, 
sister of Christopher Knoch, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

May 2     Katherine Hooton, daughter of Janis and Lane Hooton, 
sister of Craig and Matt Hooton, 
Mansfield, TX  USA 

May 2    Saul Mosley, son of Shannon and Stephen Mosley, 
brother of Seth, Simeon and Amani Mosley, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

May 2  Blake Raymond Divido, son of Cindy and Brett Divido, 
brother of Halie Divido, 
Senoia, GA  USA 

May 2     Ashanti Keino Smith, son of Dr. Muriel M. Wade and Oland Smith, 
brother of Gareth and Maria Smith, 

May 2   Sarah Nichole Johnson daughter of Keith and Lori Johnson, 
sister of Joshua and Hannah Johnson, 
Lubbock, TX USA 

May 2   Talitha Denita Beeman, daughter of Brenda and Tom Beeman, 
sister of Danny and Drew Beeman, 
Meadow, TX USA 

May 2   Heather Nicole Bauman, daughter of Anthony and Suzanne Bauman, 
sister of Heidi Bragg, Anthony Bauman, Jr. and Holly Bauman, 
Lubbock, TX USA

May 3   Terry Rettig, son of Janice and Alan Rettig, brother of Sharon Gordon, Tim and Jeff Ulrick, 
Cary, NC  USA 

May 3   Patrice Nicole Edwards, daughter of Maurine Azalea Edwards and Kris Eason, 
sister of Rodney and Kellie Edwards, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

May 3  Mark Christopher Felton, son of Barbara Felton, 
brother of Stephen Leigh Felton, 
Harwich, MA  USA 

May 3    Christopher M. Schuh, son of Carol and Mike Schuh, 
brother of Marc Dilworth, 
Versailles, OH  USA

May 4      Jeneca Purl, daughter of Valerie Brittain-Wiese, 
sister of Jordan Wiese and Jacque Solis, 
La Vista, NE USA

May 4   Jason Black, son of Linda and Bob Black, 
brother of Jessica Black, 
Louisville, KY  USA 

May 4    Jon Michael Altier, son of Judy and Julian Altier,
brother of Paul Altier, Beth Groner and Maggie Meyer, 
Inverness, FL  USA 

May 4   Robert Malkin, son of Elaine and Jerry Malkin, 
brother of Stacy Overby and Beth Utz, 
Orlando, FL  USA

May 5    Phillip Roger McKenney, son of Vescie and Gilbert James McKenney, 
brother of Joyce M. Layton, 
McComb, MS  USA 

May 5   Leslie Shelton, daughter of JoAnne Guswiler, 
sister of Tracy December and Sandra Shelton,
Floral City, IL USA 

May 6       Arthur Jordan, son of Ann Asbell, brother of Emily Jordan, 
Atlanta, GA USA

May 6    Brittany Miller, daughter of Lisa Foster and Tony Miller, 
sister of Brad, Cody and Kyle Miller, 
Caesarea, ON Canada

May 6   Gabriel Harry Mordecai, son of Sarah Pacatte and Blair Mordecai, 
brother of Gregory and Samuel Mordecai, Elizabeth and Arthur Golden, III, 
Paradise, CA  USA

May 6    Matthew Gerth, son of Gretchen Gerth, 
brother of Melody and Megan Gerth, 
West Branch, MI USA 

May 6   Amanda Christine Warnock, daughter of Amy Osier and Randy Warnock, 
sister of Stephanie Osier, 
Winder, GA USA 

May 6   Jennifer Leah Chronister, daughter of Wayne and Linda Chronister, 
sister of Holly, Andrea, Scott, Stacy, Kelly and Michael Chronister, 
Sherwood, OR  USA

May 6   Joshua Daniel Hull, son of Stacie Hull,
brother of Benjamin Hull, 
Lewis NY USA 

May 7      Julian Carter, son of Julette and Bryan Carter, 
brother of Adrian and Nicholas Carter, 
Stone Mountain, GA USA

May 7   Jeffrey Houg, son of Angela Martinez and Bruce Houg, 
brother of Nastassja and Nicolet Houg, 
Goshen, AL USA 

May 7    Roberto Licea, son of Leah and Pablo Licea, 
brother of Christopher, Jon-Paul, Emily and Tessa Licea, 
Fontana, CA  USA 

May 8      Marci Dayton, daughter of Kelly and Tony Dayton,
sister of Mitchell Dayton, 
Cambridge, MD, USA

May 8   Laura Ann Wallace, daughter of Karen and Robert Wallace, 
Aurora, CO  USA 

May 8   Rory Brown, daughter of Jennifer Brown and Adam Landry, 
sister of Drew Landry, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA

May 8    Brittanie Rogers, daughter of Tina Rogers, 
sister of Lindsey Rogers and Triste Nassar,
Pierre Part, LA  USA 

May 8  Kara Leigh Broughton, daughter of Joyce Juhl, 
Sun City, AZ  USA 

May 8   Robert Jensen, son of Allison Sprague, 
brother of Michelle and Benjamin Jensen, 
Salt Lake City, UT  USA 

May 8   Jordyn Ashleigh Fitzpatrick, daughter of Christy and Chad Fitzpatrick, 
sister of Jacob Kindrick Fitzpatrick, 
Riley, KS  USA 

May 9      Jonathan Maginnis, son of Margaret Wulff, 
brother of Stephen Maginnis, Michal Schmitt, Bethany Ohlmann, Christia Mattey, 
St. Louis, MO USA

May 9      Jacob Wayne Parrish, son of Jessica and Joshua Parrish,
Perry GA USA

May 9   Chris Simpson, son of Tricia Simpson, 
brother of Luke Simpson,
Auburn, GA USA 

May 10      Sarah Ann Henschel, daughter of Allison and Walt Henschel, 
sister of Robert, Derek and Heather Henschel, Amy Lee and Aminat Dawad, 
Maumelle, AR USA

May 10    Ian Christopher Gruber, son of Tessa Gruber, 
Meadville, PA  USA 

May 10  Mindy Leigh Clark, daughter of Brenda and Stanley Clark, 
Nortonville, KY  USA 

May 11      Jason Bradford, son of Chrissy Martin and Roger Bradford,
brother of Mark Bardford, Laurie Lee and Casidhe Martin, 
Vancouver, WA USA

May 11  Stacey Beth Pearce, daughter of Laurie and Kim Pearce, 
sister of Jason, Zachary and Jennifer Pearce, 
Matamdras, PA  USA

May 11  Joseph Beatty, son of Nancy and Robert Long, 
brother of Lori Baker and John Beatty and Julie Clay,
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

May 11  Monique Theriot, daughter of Constance and Normal Theriot, 
sister of Hannah M. Theriot,
Minecola, TX  USA 

May 11  Jason Bennett, son of Barbara Bennett Kemp and James Bennett, 
brother of Adam Bennett, 
Burdett, NY  USA 

May 11    Kameron Malik Rutherford, son of Judy Doyle and Kristopher Rutherford, 
brother of Sadeja Nicholos, Danario and Courtney Kilgore, Kristopher and Trevonte Snellings, 
Stone Mountain, GA  USA 

May 11  Matthew Kirk, son of Diana and Sonny Kirk, 
brother of Jamie Kiebler,
Rising Sun, MD  USA

May 11  Kayla Elizabeth Dykes, daughter of Rachel Ann and James Lee Dykes, 
sister of Cory Russell Paul and Ashley Nicole Dykes, 
Sylvania, GA  USA 

May 11  Dominic Sardonia, son of Joe and Lucy Sardonia,
brother of Mariana Sardonia,
Howell, NJ  USA 

May 11  Kristina Westmoreland, daughter of Cathy Seehuetter, 
Cottage Grove, MN USA

May 12    Vanessa Weiss, daughter of Mary Weiss, 
sister of Joseph and Sarah Weiss, 
Minneapolis, MN  USA 

May 12   Becky Hamilton, daughter of Pam and Buddy Hamilton, 
Chattanooga, TN  USA 

May 12   Zoe Janel Tudd Lacanlale, daughter of Judi Tudd and Peter Lacanlale, 
sister of Zachary Paul Lacanlale, 
Suisun City, CA  USA

May 12    Ned Behnke, son of Dr. Ernest and Melissa Behnke, 
brother of Aryn Elisabeth and Maria Kathleen Behnke,
Ashland, KY USA 

May 12  Scott Anthony Willis, son of Sandy Willis, 
Merryville, LA  USA

May 13  James Edward Kendig, III, son of Brun Dirk and James Edward Kendig, Jr., (deceased), 
brother of Mona Wenker, Michael and Toby Kendig, 
Cut Bank, MT  USA

May 14      Neal Motz, son of Linda Scorggins and the Barry Neal (deceased),
brother of Jason N. Motz, Randy Webb and Emily Rogers,
Walton, KY  USA

May 14    Christopher Solomon, son of Edie and Lee Solomon, 
brother of Ashley Solomon, 
Cary, NC  USA 

May 14  Jasper Steele, son of Tina and Darrell Steele, 
brother of Monica Steele, 
Smithdale, MS  USA 

May 14      Chadrick Lee Gillenwater, son of Mary L and Scott Gillenwater, 
brother of Daniel R. Gillenwater, 
Wise, VA  USA 

May 14  Kenneth Pierre, son of Lynette and Francis Pierre, 
brother of Derrin Pierre and Tamara Sylve, 
Lacombe, LA  USA 

May 14  Paul Ryan Shanno, son of Danielle Shanno, 
E. Greenbush, NY  USA 

May 14  Michelle Braxley, daughter of Brenda Braxley, 
sister of Tony Braxley, 
Milledgeville, GA  USA 

May 14  Neal Motz, son of Linda Scroggins, 
brother of Jason Motz, Randy and Emily Webb, 
Walton, KY USA 

May 15      Michael Dionne, son of Anne and Steven Dionne,
brother of Kelly,
Lunenburg, MA USA

May 15  Mitchell Childress, son of Vicki and Larry Howell, 
brother of Steven and Carrie Childress, 
Mt. Pleasant, NC  USA 

May 15   Heather Smith, daughter of Diana and Ronnie Smith, 
sister of Aaron and Jacob Smith, 
Armuchee, GA  USA

May 15  Charity Davis, daughter of Sheri Umholtz and Chad Davis, 
sister of Kyle, Marissa and Lauren Davis, 
Sheridan, AR  USA

May 15  Mario Hartwell, son of Sherry Hartwell, 
Anchorage, AL  USA 

May 15  Ian Sharpe, son of Becky and Bob Sharpe,
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

May 16      Sean Rice, son of Gwen and George Rice, 
Shelton, CT   USA

May 16   Bryce L. Ward, son of Betsy and Jacob Ward, 
brother of Payton Ward, 
Woodstock, GA USA

May 16    Kris Urton, son of Maxine and Thomas Urton,
brother of Todd and Shannon Urton, 
Wilmington, OH  USA 

May 16  Madisen Barnett, daughter of RoxAnn and Marc Barnett, 
Davenport, FL  USA

May 16  Michael Baumann, son of Dorothy Barnes, 
brother of Leslie Ann Barnes, 
Kathryn Ann Daft and David Paul Baumann, 
Columbus, OH USA

May 17      Kevin Manders, son of Dorothy Sullivan and Harold Manders, 
Cumming, GA USA

May 17  Rachel Sowers, daughter of diana and Bill Sowers, 
sister of Kenny, Amanda and Emily Sowers,
Topeka, KS  USA 

May 17  Warren Albert Martin, Jr., son of Christine and Warren Albert Martin, Sr., 
brother of Gwen Puntervold and Angie Martin,
Talmo, GA  USA 

May 17   Frank Herbst, son of Lois and William Herbst, 
brother of Karen and Linda Herbst, 
Shoshoni, WY  USA 

May 17   John William Parker, son of Tina and Wyatt Parker, 
brother of Jesse Ryan, Amber Marie and Mary Elizabeth Parker, 
Shiloh, GA  USA 

May 17  Charles Andrew Spinks, III, son of Chris Spinks, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

May 17  Andrew Fike, son of Cynthia Fike, 
brother of Miranda Fike Barnes, 
Bridgette and Natalie Fike, 

May 18  Kimberley Dawn Leir, daughter of Adaline and Herb Leir, 
Regina, SK, Canada 

May 18     Brett Stacey, son of Chaunacey (deceased) and Mason Stacey, 
Rochester, NY  USA 

May 18   Mason Stacey, son of Audrey and Randy Thompson, 
brother of Courtney DiLeo and Chelsey Thompson, 
Rochester, NY  USA 

May 18  Chaunacey Stacey, daughter of Audrey and Randy Thompson, 
sister of Courtney DiLeo and Chelsey Thompson, 
Victor, NY  USA 

May 18  Jonathan Maginnis, son of Margaret and Richard Maginnis, 
brother of Stephen Maginnis, Michal Schmitt, Bethany Ohlmann and Christia Mattey, 
Winter Haven, FL  USA 

May 18  Shelly Huddleston, daughter of Susan Huddleston, 
sister of Kristen A. and Richard Huddleston, Jr.,
Kansas City, KS  USA 

May 18  Philip Norman Brown, son of Horace and Marie Brown, 
brother of Karen Brown, 
Lilburn, GA USA 

May 18  Gilbert Wee, son of Roger and Sylvia Wee, 
brother of Melissa, Angela and Michelle Wee,
Soldiers Grove, WI  USA 

May 18  David Unzicker, son of Patricia Unzicker, 
brother of Daniel, Donna and Dennis Unzicker, 
Palm Bay, FL  USA 

May 18  Jamie Spivey, daughter of Jennifer Spivey, 
sister of Joshua and Jacob Spivey, 
Troy, AL  USA

May 19   Stephanie Danielle Ott, daughter of Susan and Jeffrey Ott, 
sister of William Ott, 
Pineville, W Va, USA 

May 19  Shawn Lightner, son of Terry and Tim Lightner, 
brother of Tamara Lightner, 
Moundsville, WV  USA 

May 19  Jesse Lee Nixon, son of William and Linda Peterson, 
brother of Brandi Nixon, Richard and Anita Mills, 
Sacramento, CA  USA

May 20      Kyle Gregory Redd, son of Mitzi and Greg Redd, 
brother of Lucas and Cody Redd, 
Jefferson, GA USA

May 20   Michele Wade, daughter of Diane Craddock and James Wade, 
sister of JJ Wade (deceased), 
Carrsville, VA  USA 

May 20     Brian Gaertig, son of Janet Henning,
brother of Jenna Gaertig, 
Brown Deer, WI  USA 

May 20  Genesis Enciso Dycoco, son of Teresita Hazel Dycoco,
Carson, CA USA 

May 21      Kayla Smith, daughter of Pam and Ernie Smith, 
sister of  Jonathan Smith, 
Alto, GA USA

May 21      Amanda Rose Wainscott, daughter of Kathy Wainscott, 
sister of Aaron and Ashley Wainscott, Alissa Goodlett and Angie Coates, 
Lawrenceburg, KY USA

May 21  Jonathan Tarvin, son of Shela and Randy Tarvin, 
brother of Joshua and Jessica Tarvin, 
Acworth, GA  USA 

May 21  Christopher Allen Bedlam, son of Rosemary and Donald Bedlam, 
brother of David Kincannon and Donna Bedlam, 
Sacramento, CA  USA 

May 21  Hillary Jane Roach, daughter of Jackie Griffin, 
sister of Jane Griffin, 
Hoover, AL  USA 

May 21   Sharon Elizabeth Walton, 
sister of June Hatfield and Steven Walton,
Tyler, TX  USA

May 22       Matthew Duve’ son of Bonnie Moore and Chester Duve’ Jr., 
brother of Stephanie Moore, Susanna Moore, Danael Duve’ and Jessie Duve’, 
Atlantic Beach, FL USA

May 22      Jamie Britt, daughter of Judy and James Britt Sr. (deceased), 
sister of Kenny Keen, Michael Coleson, James Britt III, Stacie Lewis and Kelie Abalos, 
Vidor, TX USA

May 22   Kevin G. Auker, son of Delores-Avalos and Patric R. Corcoran, 
brother of Brian P. Auker, 
Texas City, TX  USA 

May 22  Charles Douglas Sanders, Jr., son of April and Charles Sanders, 
Union City, GA  USA 

May 22  Gino Merritt, son of Jackie and Gino Merritt,
brother of Dustin, Katrina and Chelsea Merritt, 
Carbondale, PA  USA 

May 22    Mandy McBride, daughter of Jill and Gary McBride, 
sister of David and Kinsey McBride, 
Duluth, GA  USA 

May 22   Geoffrey P. Edwards, son of Karen Lyn and Calvin W. Jenkins, 
Navesink, NJ  USA 

May 22  Jared Baker, son of Lori and Jeff Baker, 
brother of Christopher and Lauren Baker, 
Bend, OR  USA 

May 22  Jamie J. Adams, son of Julie Adams, 
Hull, GA USA

May 22   Tommy Messer, son of Kelly Hoover, 
brother of Jamey Messer and Maryann Watkins, 
 West Carrolton, OH  USA 

May 22   Jim Keaton, son of Margaret Keaton, 
brother of Dawn and Dan Keaton, 
Southport, NC  USA 

May 23      George Fulguirinas, son of Sarah Johnson and Dario Fulguirinas, 
brother of Ian and Xavier Fulguirinas, 
Christchurch, New Zealand

May 23   Preston Drummond, son of Amanda and Brandon Drummond, 
    brother of Dakota Littlejohn and Alivia Drummond, 
Temple, GA  USA 

May 23  Richie Alicea, son of Jodi Dickerson, 
brother of Erik Alicea and Malissa Goon,
Jamestown, NY  USA

May 23  Christina Renee Munoz Webb, daughter of Terry and Ben Munoz,
sister of Anna and Ben Munoz, 

May 23   Laurie Michelle Bostedo, daughter of Bill and Joanne Bostedo, 
sister of Beta A. McGee and Robin L. Mefford,
Bethalto, IL  USA 

May 23  Christina Renee Munoz Webb, daughter of Terry and Ben Munoz, 
sister of Anna and Ben 
Munoz, OR  USA 

May 23  Mark James Cerminara, son of Cristina McLellan,
Townville, PA USA

May 23  Dawn Marie Moore, daughter of Nancy Strickland, 
Wewachitchka, FL  USA 

May 23  Mandy Renee Edwards, daughter of Christi W. Roe and David L. Edwards, 
Pleasant Grove, AL  USA

May 23  Tyler John Delgado, son of Melissa Hazelbower, 
Phoenix, AZ  USA

May 24      Dakota Willis, daughter of Amanda & Lee Willis, 
Sycamore, GA USA

May 24   Kasey Flanagan, son of Honey and Steve Flanagan, 
brother of Kevin, Kyle and Ellen Flanagan, 
Duluth, GA  USA 

May 24 Paiten Camille Phillips, daughter of Erica Willis, 
Millsboro, DE  USA 

May 24  Edwin DeJesus, son of Maria Alicea and Edwin DeJesus, 
brother of Elisa and Carmen DeJesus,
Far Rockaway, NY  USA 

May 24  Adam Chandler Cornelius, son of Daisy M. Cornelius, 
Augusta, GA USA 

May 24  Trevor Sterling Mursch, son of Connie and Dave Mursch,
Connelly Springs, NC  USA 

May 24  Ryan Champney, son of Lisa Diehl, 
brother of Cory Champney, 
Cleveland, GA USA 

May 24  Evan Bradley Campbell, son of Linda and Larry Campbell, 
brother of Tayler Nicole Campbell, 
Holt, MI USA

May 25      Amy Marie Fledderman, daughter of Colleen and Dan Fledderman, 
sister of Joe and Renee Fledderman, 
Newton Square, PA USA

May 25   Christian Honiker, son of Margaret and Cliff Honiker, 
brother of Wendy Blosser, Pamela Monroe and Paula Clayton,
McDonough, GA  USA 

May 25   Shannon Linsley, daughter of Ann and James (deceased) McElmurry, 
sister of James, J.J. (deceased), Mary (deceased), Jessica McElmurry and Amanda Williams, 
Little Rock, AR  USA 

May 25   Kim Boylston Gelly, daughter of Wanda and Bobby Boylston, 
sister of Rob Boylston and Laurie Rogers, 
Duluth, GA  USA 

May 25  Matthew A. Burns, son of Gwenn Burns, brother of Julie Burns, 
Gretna, NE  USA

May 26  Tammi McDaniel Patterson, daughter of Pat and Henry McDaniel,
sister of Steven McDaniel,
Jackson, TN  USA 

May 26  Andrew Pierce Wells, son of Deborah and Fred Wells, 
brother of Gaige and Bliss Wells, 
Memphis, TN  USA 

May 26   Charles Watson, son of Daisy and Eric Watson, 
brother of  Phyl Sowerby, Dorothy McLean, William, Cedric and John Watson,
New Zealand 

May 26  Jessika Christopher, daughter of Angela and Lawrence Christopher, 
brother of Kasey and Lyndsi Christopher, 
Troy, KS  USA 

May 26  Calvin Miller, son of Rama and Charlotte Miller, 
brother of Allison Miller,
Little Rock, AR  USA

May 26  Wade Grussmeyer, son of Wayne and Michele Grussmeyer, 
brother of Lindsey Wadsworth and Todd Grussmeyer, 
Milwaukie, OR  USA 

May 26  Ian Klair, son of Pattie Klair, 
Longwood, FL  USA 

May 27      Jose Ignacio Garcia, son of Paulina del Rio and Francisco Garcia, 
brother of Felipe and Juan Andres Garcia, 
Santiago, RM Chile

May 27      Natasha Boonstra, daughter of Wendy Bowcott, 
sister of the late Tyler Boonstra, 
Winnipeg, MB Canada

May 27      Rodolfo (Rudy) Abila Jr., son of Rita and Rodolfo Abila Sr.,
brother of Jeffery Ben and Elija Deandra Abila, 
Odessa, TX USA

May 27  Jody Lee Imrie, son of Cheryl and Roger Imrie, 
brother of Jeremy Allen Imrie (deceased) and Ellen Marie Rought, 
Ashtabula, OH  USA 

May 27   Russell Sandberg, son of Lois Branting and Ivan Sandberg, 
brother of Stacey Zeigler, 
North Platte, NE  USA 

May 27  Anthony Talton, Jr., son of Angela H. Cornelius, 
Macon, GA  USA 

May 27  Manolito Cary Fricks, son of Chris and Jack Fricks,
brother of Jennifer Burnett, Amy and Christy Fricks, 
Greenville, SC  USA

May 28      Evertt (Chuckie) Charles Hesser III, son of Tammy and Chuck Hesser,
brother of Kevin, Keith, Brian, E.C., Tiffany and Denise Hesser and Holly Bryant, 
Farmington, NM

May 28    Ben Williams, son of Lizann Williams, Ft. Myers, FL  USA 

May 28   Jason Anthony Sang, son of Mary Ann and Robert Sang, 
brother of Bobby Sang, 
Portland, OR  USA 

May 28  Amber Roslyn Sharpe Fowler, daughter of Lynn and Joey Fowler, 
sister of Rhett and Treasure Fowler, 
Jacksonville, FL  USA

May 28  Alayna Griffin, daughter of Jerry and Karren Griffin,
sister of Ethan and Kathryn Griffin, 
Blue Springs, MO  USA 

May 28   Ryan Morrison, son of Kayla Morrison, 
Tioga, LA  USA 

May 28   Jonathan Andrew Agee, son of Chryslee Hines and Larry Agee, 
brother of Kacey and Sydney Agee, Jared and Stephen Hines and Drew Bryant, 
Campbellsville, KY USA 

May 28  Joshua Caleb Brooks, son of Sharon Brooks, 
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia

May 29      Anthony “Tony” J. Hammond, son of Eileen E. and Robert D. Hammond, 
brother of Kimberly G. Hammond Johnson, 
Horseheads, NY USA

May 29  Rebecca Leigh Carter, daughter of Teresa and Mike Carter,
sister of Baylee and Piper Carter, 
Fountain, NC  USA 

May 29      Jay Johnson, son of Joyce and B.J. Wright, 
brother of Gregory Paul, Russell, Scott and Kelley Johnson, 
Snellville, GA  USA 

May 29    Ben Williams, son of Lizann Williams, 
Fort Myers, FL  USA 

May 29   Ryan Lynn Talkington, son of Susan Mitchell, 
brother of Dawn Talkington and Elizabeth Mitchell, 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

May 30   Baylie Stillman, daughter of Crystal Kirbo and Mitchell Stillman, 
sister of Casey and Chad Stillman, 
Ranch Cucamonga, CA  USA 

May 30   Lee Christopher Trahan, son of Ronald and Donna Trahan, 
brother of Heath and Porsche Trahan, 
Lebanon, CT  USA 

May 30   Taryn Michelle Wright, daughter of Kathy and Jason Wright, 
sister of Morgan Wright, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

May 30  Erin Krystal Pelster, daughter of Kelly and Victor Pelster, 
sister of Kyle, Lindsey, Lauren and Kara Pelster, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

May 30  Anna Y. Colom-Serrano, daughter Yolanda Serrano and Carols Colom, 
sister of Carlos and Guillermo Gomez, Juan &Diana Colom, 
Altamonte Springs, FL  USA 

May 30   Kenneth Shane Allen, son of Linda and Kenneth Allen, 
brother of Jason McIntyre, Billy, Lamar and Sheila Peppers, Monty and Chris Allen, 
Oxford, GA  USA 

May 30  Clifton Henry Cutlip, son of Carol Cutlip Manthe, 
brother of Brian Cutlip and Christina Adorni, 
Lakemore, Ohio  USA 

May 30  Clifton Henry Cutlip, son of Carol Cutlip Manthe, 
brother of Brian Cutlip and Christina Adorni, 
Lakemore, Ohio  USA 

May 30  Eddie Walls, son of Peggy Walls, 
brother of Bill and Melissa Walls, 
Auburn, AL  USA 

May 30    Jenna Noel Afroilan, daughter of Robin and Brian Afroilan, 
sister of Kaeli Puopolo, Stephen and Alissa Afroilan, 
Exton, PA  USA 

May 30  Stephen Killian, Jr., son of Sonya and Stephen Killian, Sr., 
brother of Sasha Killian, 
Arnold, PA  USA 

May 30  Billy-Gray Petzer, son of Robert and Beverly Petzer, 
brother of Charlene and Abigail Petzer,
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

May 31  Anthony A. Ditullio, son of Marie and Tony Ditullio, 
brother of Michael and Christina Ditullio, 
Folcroft, PA  USA 

May 31  Trent Humphries, son of Libby and Mikey Humphries, 
brother of Jamie Humphries and Christie Cole, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

May 31  Toni Campbell, daughter of Carol and Jeff Campbell, 
sister of Tracy Campbell (deceased),
Shelby,  IN USA 

May 31  Tracy Campbell, daughter of Carol and Jeff Campbell, 
sister of Toni Campbell (deceased), 
Shelby, IN USA 

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Here Comes The Dawn

Another Mother's Day without me, 
I know that you were sad,
Having lost your baby boy,
 how can anyone be glad?

Then comes my birthday, 
just a short time after,
A day that our family had, 
to celebrate with laughter!

These days are remembered fondly, 
by three women in my life,
You my darling mother, a dear sister, 
and a forever loving wife!

Thank God I can be many places, 
all through a busy day,
For I try to visit all of you,
 in a very special way!

My thoughts are with you always,
although it's just not the same,
To think of how I'd like to be there,
 when you call my name.

Following the Atlanta Braves is easier, 
with truly the best view,
But nothing compares to the times,
 I sat watching them with you.

I miss that furry friend of mine 
and all the fun we had,
I try to make him happy,
 but sometimes he looks so sad.

Another night has passed 
and here comes the dawn I see,
A day filled with good wishes and with love sent by me.

Created In Memory of Chad Gordon
May 21, 1972 – Sept 3, 1996
Son of Wayne and Jayne Newton and 
Brother of Lisa Gordon

-written by Dan Bryl, Atlanta TCF

In Memory of Christopher M. Schuh

All too quickly,

You were out of my arms
That held you so close
And you were standing at my side
Holding on to my hand.

All too quickly,

You let go of my hand
and placed your arms around my shoulders,
Hugging me as time went by.

All too quickly,

You were standing tall and strong on your own.
Independent and self assured
Letting me see the person that you had become,
Knowing that I couldn't have been more proud.

All too quickly,

You were taken from me,
Four years ago today.
Those days of your sweet presence have come....
and gone,
But in my Heart you will ALWAYS be
My BEAUTIFUL, Loving, Caring, Precious Son.


Carol Schuh Loving, Grieving Mom to Chris

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