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July Birthdays 

Today's Birthday

Please remember that today is a special birthday. 
Help them understand that the memories don't go away. 
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care. 
Enable them to listen while I share. 
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain. 
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain. 
Help them....... 
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate, 
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child, 
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay," 
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday! 

July Birthdays 

July 1      Steven R. Hulsey II, son of Candace and Steven R. Hulsey I,
brother of Amy Dolinski, 
Charlotte, NC, USA

July 1   Stephanie Self, daughter of Elaine and James Self, 
Little Rock, AR  USA 

July 1   Chris Bright, son of Theresia and David Bright, 
brother of Jody, Mark and Angle Bright, 
Chatsworth, GA   USA 

July 1 Crystal Hartery, daughter of Celine and Carl Hartery, 
sister of Carlton Hartery, 
Portugal Cove South, Newfoundland, Canada 

July 1    Gary D. Fitts, son of Sue and Bennie Fitts, 
brother of Keith Fitts, 
Dublin, GA USA 

July 2      Matt Halloran, son of Marti P. Goldring, brother of Danny Halloran,
Atlanta, GA USA

July 2   Adam David Robertson, son of Genelle Chupp and David Robertson, 
brother of Nicholas Scott Robertson, 
Weston, NSW, Australia 

July 2    Anthony Eck, son of Lisa and Jeff Morrison, 
brother of Corey Eck and Aaron Morrison, 
Salem, OR  USA 

July 2    Shea Jarrard, son of Becki and Mike (deceased) Jarrard, 
brother of Casey Jarrard, 
Oakwood, GA  USA 

July 2    Carrie Ann Fensel, daughter of Donna and Bill Tazelaar, 
Statesville, NC  USA 

July 2    Michael Frescaz, son of Manuel and Mary Jane Frescaz, 
Levelland, TX USA 

July 3   Martina Therese Thomas, daughter of Jo and Randall Thomas, 
sister of James, Olivia Anne and Philippa Thomas, 
Gillingham, Kent, UK 

July 3    Shannon Linsley, daughter of Ann and James (deceased) McElmurry, 
sister of James, J.J. (deceased), Mary (deceased), Jessica McElmurry and Amanda Williams, 
Little Rock, AR  USA 

July 3    Corey C. Vaughan, son of Sue and Gene Vaughan, 
brother of Stephanie Vaughan, 
Jacksonville, AR  USA 

July 3    Cary John Walker, son of Capri Walker, 
Kenosha, WI  USA 

July 4      Nathaniel Barnett, son of Teresa & William Barnett Jr.,
brother of William Barnett, 3rd, Jonathan Barnett and Alicia Hubbard, 
Batesville, AR USA

July 4    Andrew Pierce Wells, son of Deborah and Fred Wells, 
brother of Gaige and Bliss Wells, 
Memphis, TN  USA 

July 4    Justin D. Mason, son of Joanne Mason Altizer, 
brother of Jackie Brigman and Jon Altizer, 
Memphis, TN  USA 

July 4    F. Alan Reynolds, son of Shirley Hillier, brother of Linda Grubb, 
Peoria, Il USA 

July 4    Stacy Austin, son of Larrie Ann Austin, 
brother of Hollie Mills and Trace Austin, 
Levelland, TX USA 

July 5    Amanda Drew, daughter of Susan and Robert Drew, 
sister of Bobby and Jennifer Drew, 
Brockton, MA  USA 

July 5    Toby James Edwards, son of Kathleen Mary Kuhn and Dan H. Edwards, 
Macomb, IL USA 

July 5    Robert Andrew Schmeelk, son of Sally Inez Schmeelk, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

July 5    Tony Martin, son of Candace Martin, brother of Timothy Martin, 
Hammond, LA  USA 

July 6   Chadrick Lee Gillenwater, son of Mary L. and Scott Gillenwater, 
brother of Daniel R. Gillenwater, 
Wise, VA  USA 

July 6   Robert Brown, son of Cathy Brown, brother of Tabitha Rushing, 
Rodyce, AR   USA 

July 6   Hannah Nicole Buchanan, daughter of Tammie and Timothy Buchanan, Jr., 
sister of Brittany Jenea Buchanan, 
New Cumberland, WV  USA

July 6    Michael Bonds, Jr., son of Susan and Mike Bonds, 
brother of Jennifer Bonds (deceased), 
Clinton, AR  USA 

July 6    Brandi Leigh Varnadore Parker, daughter of Debbie Varnadore, 
sister of Nick Varnadore, 
Macon, GA USA 

July 6   Barbara Jean Mixon, daughter of Mifi and Louis Mixon, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

July 7   Jeff Thomas, son of Brenda Thomas-Hoye and Ralph Thomas (deceased), 
brother of Kelly Thomas, 
Perrysburg, OH  USA 

July 7    David James Ryan, son of Donna and David Ryan, 
brother of Christopher (deceased) and Christina Ryan, 
Prague, OK USA 

July 7    Anna Katherine Richards, daughter of Alan and Becky Richards, 
Lilburn, GA USA 

July 7    Michael Preston, son of Penny Preston, 
brother of Alisha, Court, Dustin and Josh Preston, 
Ault, CO  USA 

July 7    Kay Cee Herring, daughter of David & Ginny Herring, 
sister of Chad Herring, 
Buford, GA USA

July 8      Logan McCrary, son of Suzanne and Jason McCrary, 
Lawrenceville, GA, USA

July 8      Brian Reese, son of Kathy and Fred Reese, brother of David Reese, 
Bowie, MD USA

July 8      Anthony Emmanuel Arritola, son of Janina and Rick Arritola, 
brother of Tray Gregory, James Gregory, Lorenzo Arritola, 
Cumming, GA USA

July 8   Jason Pettus, son of Venitha and Kent Pettus, 
brother of Rebecca Pettus, 
Duluth, GA  USA

July 8   Lee Christopher Trahan, son of Ronald and Donna Trahan,
brother of Heath and Porsche Trahan, 
Lebanon, CT  USA

July 8   Patrick Cox, son of Carol Hallman and Jesse Baker, 
brother of Ryan Nolff and Crystal Cox, 
Carleton, MI  USA 

July 9      Margarita Perez, daughter of Corrina & Sam Murphree, 
Edgemont, AK USA

July 9   Ashley Egan, daughter of Kim and Michael Egan, 
sister of Patrick, Michael and Christopher Egan, 
Hibbing, MN  USA 

July 9   Randy Wright, son of Lorene and Mason Wright, 
brother of Pamela Wright,
Clarkdale, GA  USA 

July 9    Samuel Deane, son of Brenda Deane, 
Marshall, VA  USA 

July 9    Joshua Raymond Walker, son of Capri Walker, 
Kenosha, WI  USA 

July 9    Erica L. Vidal, daughter of Patricia Gaitanos, 
sister of Christina, Alexandria, Nicholas and Anthony Gaitanos, 
Baltimore, MD  USA 

July 9    Mark Alan Standard, son of Nancy and Jim Standard, 
brother of Kelly Standard, 
San Diego, CA USA 

July 10  Chaunacey Stacey, daughter of Audrey and Randy Thompson, 
sister of Courtney DiLeo and Chelsey Thompson, 
Victor, NY  USA 

July 10   Julie Olson Myers, daughter of Patricia Porter and Allen Olson, 
sister of David and John Olson, 
New Orleans, LA  USA 

July 10   Victor Duarte, Jr., son of Damiana and Victor H. Duarte, Sr., (deceased),
brother of Victor R. Duarte, Patricia C. Pagan, Edna C. Stacey and Melba L. Pacheco, 
Chicago, IL  USA 

July 10  Saul Mosley, son of Shannon and Stephen Mosley, 
brother of Seth, Simeon and Amani Mosley, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

July 10    David Michael Fields, son of Pattie Fields, 
Stoneham, MS  USA 

July 10    Nicole Marie Peterson, daughter of Karen Peterson, 
Grand Blanc, MI USA 

July 11      Fred Burdette, Jr. son of Sharon Kolodzej, 
brother of the late Sherry Burdette and Sarah Burdette, 
Rome, GA USA

July 11      Steven Sorrow, son of Linda and James Sorrow, 
brother of Jamie Sorrow, 
Covington, GA USA

July 11  Jasper Steele, son of Tina and Darrell Steele, 
brother of Monica Steele, 
Smithdale, MS  USA 

July 11  Christopher James Smith, son of Melody Tucker and Bryan Smith, 
brother of Justin Tucker, Jared and Mason Smith, 
Corning, NY  USA 

July 11   Karla Lane, daughter of Diana Miller, sister of Evan Miller, 
Warsaw, IN USA

July 12   Aaron Raines, son of Becky Wegman and Danny Raines, 
brother of David McCauley, Julie Watson, Joshua, Danny Ray and Heather Raines, 
Belington, WV  USA

July 12   Jeffrey Houg, son of Angela Martinez and Bruce Houg, 
brother of Nastassja and Nicolet Houg, Goshen, AL USA 

July 12   Sergio Rubio, Jr., son of Marisela and Sergio Rubio, Sr.,
brother of Carlos, Alex, Lexis and Natalie Rubio, 
Clewiston, FL  USA 

July 12   Jeffrey Houg, son of Angela Martinez and Bruck Houg, 
brother of Nastassja and Nicolet Houg, 
Goshen, AL  USA 

July 12   Benji West, son of Sonja and Kenny West, 
brother of Crystal West, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

July 12    Buddy Pearson, son of Shelly Garst, 
Hellertown, PA  USA 

July 12   Lynda Cosgrove Dittler, daughter of Constance Brackett and Michael Cosgrove, 
sister of Jay Dostie, Maureen Adams, Kathy Peters, Sheila Rousseau, 
Mary Kay Pace, Michael and Mikki Cosgrove, 
Auburn, ME  USA 

July 13 Kasey Flanagan, son of Honey and Steve Flanagan, 
brother of Kevin, Kyle and Ellen Flanagan, 
Duluth, GA  USA 

July 13   Byron Crasper, son of Wendy Crasper, 
brother of David, Ann, Steven, Allison (deceased) and Alonzo (deceased) Crasper, 
Cass Lake, MN  USA 

July 13  Travis Sluss, son of Connie Sluss, 
Bluefield, VA  USA 

July 13  Ryon Gieseke, son of Judith Gieseke, 
brother of Jill Gieseke (deceased), Lisa Schaumburg and KariAnn Keller, 
McIntosh, MN USA

July 14      William “Blane” Coburn, son of Josie Higdon and Jason Coburn, 
brother of Briton Coburn, Trey Cook and Shelby Cook, 
Starke, FL USA

July 14      Jolene Johnson, daughter of Jeri Johnson-De Cola and Van Johnson,
sister of Calvin, Mark and Steven Johnson, Belinda Guerra, Trudy Clark and Vanessa Johnson-Saunders (deceased), 
Payson, AZ USA

July 14      Stephen Killian Jr., son of Sonya and Stephen Killian, Sr., 
brother of Sasha Killian, 
Arnold, PA  USA 

July 14 Hannah Isabella Snyder, daughter of Laura and Roger Snyder, 
sister of Corey and Tsz-yan Snyder, 
Alexander, NC  USA 

July 14  Laura Henson, daughter of Diane and Steve Henson, 
sister of Lance Henson, 
Rabun, GA  USA

July 14      Diane Marie Bryan, daughter of Marjorie Ritch Tibbetts and Phillip Bryan, 
sister of Billy Bryan and Dawn Bryan Herbert, 
George Town, Cayman Islands 

July 14  Mary Graham, daughter of Margaret and Robert Graham, 
Elka Park, NY USA

July 14  Matt Conover, son of Noelle and Dave Conover, 
brother of Megan, Alex and Anna Conover, 
Pittsburgh, PA  USA 

July 14  Kimberlee Anne Foster, daughter of Treena Foster, 
Springfield, OR  USA 

July 15      Jason Allan Moore, son of Cheryl Jones Moore and Jerry Moore, 
Cabot, AR USA

July 15   Michael Coon, son of Becky and Lee Coon, brother of Stacy Conner, 
Redfield, AR  USA 

July 15   Ricky Otter, son of Ingrid and Rick Otter, brother of Chris Otter, Woodville, 
Ontario, Canada 

July 15  Coby Van Coulter, son of Vickie Hodder, brother of Lori Cromwell, 
Janesville, WI  USA

July 15    Daniel Rawski, son of Lone Rawski, 
brother of Leslie Smith and Ryan Satterfield, 
Pensacola, FL  USA 

July 15    James R. Avery, III, son of Meg Avery, 
Sugar Hill, GA USA 

July 16      Megan Wulff-Chapman, daughter of Kelley and Don Wulff, 
Newnan, GA USA

July 16      Geary Benson Lewis Jr., son of Johnnie and Geary Benson Lewis Sr., 
brother of Doug Ford, John Ford, Kim Maner, Emily Hartzog, Tina Blumgart, Suzie Carr and Tiffany Hancock,
Fayetteville GA USA

July 16   Devin Parks, son of Cheryl and Jim Parks, 
brother of Justen Parks, 
Arlington Heights, IL  USA 

July 16  Ben James Allman, son of Pauline and Peter Allman, 
brother of Dale, Jane, Amy and Lucy Allman, 
Adelaide, SA, Austrialia

July 16  Bryce L. Ward, son of Betsy and Jacob Ward, brother of Payton Ward, 
Woodstock, GA USA 

July 16  Bobby Day, son of Darlene Day, brother of Dwane and Stephen Day, 
San Marin, CA  USA 

July 16  William Evans Trawick, son of Bill and Betsy Trawick, 
brother of Casey and Lauren Trawick, 
Alpharetta, GA  USA 

July 16  Clifford Eslick, son of Elsie Chaussee, 
Sioux City, IA  USA 

July 16  Gabriella Butler, daughter of Jennifer and Brodie Butler, 
sister of Alec (deceased) and Bryce (deceased) Butler, 
Oklahoma City, OK USA 

July 17  Stephanie Self, daughter of Elaine and Adrian Self, 
sister of Jon, Scott, Monty, Sarah, Jennifer, LeighAnn and Maggie Self, 
Little Rock, AR  USA 

July 17   Brandon Jenkins, son of Sylvia and Gene Jenkins, 
brother of Chris and Jason Jenkins, Sharon Snider, 
Matthews, VA  USA 

July 17  Elizabeth O'Keefe, daughter of Dianne and Charlie Brissey, 
sister of Susan Brown, 
Kennesaw, GA  USA 

July 17   Jonathan Dwight England, son of Gladys Willene Sullens and Danny Dwight England, 
brother of Steven, Mitchell, Elisha, Olivia and Sissy England, 
Cleveland, GA  USA 

July 17    Tom Clarke, son of Tom Clarke and Dinah Rucker, 
brother of Tara and Troy Rucker, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

July 17    Christopher S. Asbrock, son of Jessica Loeb, 
brother of  Nicole Asbrock-Isgrig and Brian Loeb, 
Cincinnati, OH  USA 

July 17    Stephen Beam, son of Marcia Carter, 
brother of Stephanie Beam-Young, 
Canton, GA USA 

July 18      Eric Antonio Fleming, son of Olvia Garcia and Jason Fleming, 
brother of David Fleming and Angelina Garcia, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

July 18      Jonathan Frederick Barch, son of Becky and Doug Barch, 
Tallahassee, FL USA

July 18 Paiten Camille Phillips, daughter of Erica Willis, 
Millsboro, DE USA 

July 18  Charles Shoemaker, son of Crystal and Al Shoemaker, Jr., 
Forest Park, GA  USA 

July 18   Mark Massie, son of Sandi and Tom Massie, 
brother of Jill Bohaty and Becky Massie, 
Wahoo, NE  USA 

July 18  Hunter Alexander English, son of Erica Roberts, 
Athens, GA  USA

July 18  William Dale Collins, son of Billy and Susan Collins, 
brother of David, Daniel and Dean Collins, 
Jamestown, KY  USA 

July 18    Brandon Dazey, son of Dawn Dazey, 
brother of Michael, Jakob, Shawn, Jr., and Austin Dazey, 
Watertown, NY USA

July 19 Courtney Lynn Gallano-Pearson, daughter of Stephanie Osterberg and Scott Pearson, 
sister of Teagan Toft, Brandon and Cole Osterberg, 
Garden Prairie, IL  USA 

July 19 Abigail Grace Hamilton, daughter of Kelly and Frank Hamilton, 
Cleveland, TN  USA 

July 19  Jason Quick, son of Lynn and Dave Robertson, 
brother of Dave and Paul Robertson, 
Westland, MI USA 

July 19  Jennifer Causey, daughter of Deborah and Mike Causey, 
sister of Stefani Causey, 
Acworth, GA  USA 

July 19    Leslie Spivey, daughter of Kathy Spivey, 
sister of Jay and Kevin Spivey, 
Chickasha, OK USA 

July 20   Mark Lee, son of Lorna and Ian Kennedy, brother of Darren Lee,
Mableton, GA  USA 

July 20   Jeryd Jamison Page, son of Andi and Kevin Page,
Atlanta, GA  USA 

July 20  Blake Carnley, son of Marie and Jimmy Carnley, 
brother of Jennifer Carnley Garrett and Tonya Carnley Davis, 
Troy, AL  USA 

July 20  Summer Holyfield, daughter of Dina Holyfield, sister of Shon Holyfield, 
Roswell, GA  USA 

July 20    Lance Porter Hopkins, son of Harold and Beverly Hopkins, 
brother of Lisa, Lana, Lon and Larry Hopkins, 
Midwest City, OK  USA

July 20    Adam Nelson Henry, son of Charles and Nina Henry, 
brother of Ryan Henry, 
Pipersville, PA  USA 

July 20    Marc Daniel Lockman, son of Maryanne Lockman, 
brother of Dana Lockman, 
Marietta, GA USA 

July 21      Paul Churchill, son of Dot Goss and Bob Churchill, 
brother of Chrisy Churchill and Lori Hart, 
Salem, NH, USA

July 21  Jody Lee Imrie, son of Cheryl and Roger Imrie, 
brother of Jeremy Allen Imrie (deceased) and Ellen Marie Rought, 
Ashtabula, OH  USA 

July 21  Rob Everett, son of Heidi Everett and Brent Chorneyko, 
brother of Mikki Everett (deceased), 
Sioux Falls, SD  USA 

July 21  Angela D. Ricci, daughter of Linda L. Freeman, 
Jonesboro, GA  USA 

July 21    Cassandra Lee Silva, daughter of Patricia Silva, 
sister of Jeff, Nick and Katie Silva, 
Belchertown, MA  USA 

July 22      Jared Perrell, son of Christie and Jeff Perrell, 
brother of Jackson Perrell, 
Lexington, NC USA

July 22      Cortney Ann Williams, daughter of Rebecca and Casey Williams, 
sister of Blake Williams,
Manzanola, CO USA

July 22      Ryan Dominic DeAndrea, son of Linda Lou DeAndrea, brother of James, 
Hazleton, PA USA

July 22  Mandy Nestor, daughter of Susan Vacinek, 
Palmetto, GA  USA

July 22    Peter Moroe, son of Dolores Tucker, 
Lee, MA  USA

July 23      Bill Mann, son of Barbara and Harry Mann, 
Clinton, AR USA

July 23      Cody Davis, son of Debra and Kenneth Davis,
brother of Kenneth J Davis Jr., 
Silver Bay, MN USA

July 23      Christopher Bourdin, son of Karren Ewing, 
Natchez, MS USA

July 23  Warren Albert Martin, Jr., son of Christine and Warren Albert Martin, Sr., 
brother of Gwen Puntervold and Angie Martin, 
Talmo, GA  USA 

July 23 Deidre West, daughter of Frances Gonzalez and Winfred West, 
sister of Alexis and April West, 
Clarksville, AR USA 

July 23  Steven Hicks, son of Jan and Mack Hicks,
brother of Robe Hicks and Shelly Hicks Ramey, 
Cabot, AR  USA 

July 23  Julie Anglavar, daugther of Rita and Jerry Studzinski, 
sister of Jyll Studzinski, 
Peru, IL USA 

July 24      Dale Rambonga, son of Darla and Paul Rambonga, 
brother of Manuel Rambonga, Darren Rambonga (deceased), Lisa Rambonga and Paula Rambonga, 
Visalia, CA USA

July 24      Rebecca Lynn Long, daughter of Teresa D. and David R. Long, 
sister of Timothy L. Long,
New Port Richey, FL USA

July 24  Lance Ward, son of Tricia Coursen and Jeffrey Ward, 
Hamsville, PA  USA 

July 24    Rhonda Acero, daughter of Kathy Winn, 
sister of Bob and Michael Gilbert, 
Vallejo, CA  USA

July 25      William P (Billy) Mollica Jr., son of Nancy L and William P Mollica, 
brother of Lisa M Mollica, 
Red Hook, NY  USA

July 25      Michelle Stanton Turner, daughter of Kristy and David Turner,
sister of Austin and James Turner, 
San Antonio, TX USA

July 25   Nicholas Ryan Gardner, son of Dewey and Michelle M. Gardner, 
Cumming, GA USA

July 25 Alani Ray, daughter of Maria and Buster Ray, 
sister of Isaiah and Jonas Ray, 
McDonough, GA  USA 

July 25 Julie Rachel Mitrani, daughter of Karen and Bruce Mitrani, 
Hillsborough, NJ  USA 

July 25  Courtney Leigh Chacho, daughter of Peter and Ann Bonewicz, 
sister of Amber Bonewicz, Stephen and Kyle Chacho, 
West Haven, CT  USA 

July 25  Jordan Buitenhuis, daughter of Jenni Brant and Jason Buitenhuis, 
sister of Jasmine (deceased) and Jayden (deceased) Buitenhuis, 
Middlebury, IN USA

July 26      Scott Bowen, son of Connie and Ronald Bowen,
brother of Kelly & Michael Bowen, Melissa Bowen Quinn and Patricia Bowen Williams, 
Tampa, FL USA

July 26 Charles Hobby, III, son of Barbara and Charles Hobby, II,
brother of Catherine and Jessica Hobby, 
Savanah, GA USA

July 26   Dylan Rhodes, son of Adrienne and Jeremy Rhodes, brother of Logan Rhodes, 
Hampton, GA  USA 

July 26   Ramon Angel R.J. Badillo, Jr., son of Betsy L. Morales and Ramon Badillo, Sr.,
brother of Jaka Lynn Marie Badillo, 
Newark, NJ  USA 

July 26  Andrew Hawthorne Witherell, son of Carol and Stewart Witherall, 
brother of Michael, Matthew and Nathan Witherell, 
Suwanee, GA  USA 

July 26   Matthew Osborn, son of Sharon and Roger Matney, 
brother of Cory Osborn, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

July 26  Paul Ryan Shanno, son of Danielle Shanno,
E. Greenbush, NY  USA

July 26  Josh Morgan, son of Amanda Fair and Timothy Morgan, 
Kilgore, TX  USA 

July 26    Taylor Brooke Rowe, daughter of Kim and Scott Rowe, 
sister of Dylan, Tyler and Kayleigh Rowe, 
Warm Springs, GA USA 

July 26    Tommy Bionda, son of Jane Nelson, 
brother of Dawn Bionda, Crystal and Brandi Nelson, 
St. Louis, MO USA

July 27      Jerami Willard, son of Wanda Hyleman, 
brother of Hunter Hyleman and Amy Willard, 
Cordele GA USA

July 27      Jeremy Glass, son of Vicki and Herb Glass, brother of
Shannon Presley and Nichole Glass, 
St. Louis, MO USA

July 27      Brandon Moss, son of Pam and Jerry Moss,
Acworth, GA, USA

July 27 Josh Tackett, son of Martha Tackett, 
brother of Jennifer Tackett, 
College Station, TX  USA 

July 27    Ross Crisp, son of Judy Dicks, 
brother of Lauri Smith, Sally Motley, Rebecca St. Ann, Frank, Kate and Rught Crisp, 
Jacksonville, FL  USA 

July 27    Mark Anthony, son of Tina Owens, 
Maidstone, Kent  UK 

July 28  Clinton Wightman, son of Betty Denley, 
brother of Alicia Hodges, Mike and Joey Sightman, 
Pearl, MS  USA 

July 28    Luke Kokko, son of Norma and Jim Kokko, 
Baraga, MI USA 

July 28    Carmen Giselle Coulon, daughter of Carlor Marie and Michael L. Beard, 
sister of Cornell Coulon, Michael Beard, II, James Beard, 
McDonough GA USA 

July 29 Shawna Dempsey, daughter of Kathy and Kerry Dempsey,
sister of Andrew Dempsey, 
Vancouver, BC

July 29      Michael Jonathan Brogdon, son of Sherry Landrum and Frank Brogdon,
brother of Richard and Kevin Brogdon, 
Phenix City AL, USA

July 29  Amber Rose Dickey, daughter of Roberta Dickey and Michael Smith, 
sister of Michael, Mitchel and Matthew Smith, 
Freeport, OH  USA 

July 29  Madison Elizabeth Paige Claypool, daughter of Kellee and Rob Claypool, 
sister of Hunter, Connor and Skyler Claypool, 
Elsmere, KY  USA 

July 29    Shawna Dempsey, daughter of Kathy Dempsey, 
sister of Andrew Dempsey, 
Vancouver, BC 

July 30      Glenn Padgett “Junior”, son of Jean and Glenn Padgett, Sr., 
brother of Joella Newsome, 
Valley, AL, USA

July 30   Rachel Sowers, daughter of diana and Bill Sowers, 
sister of Kenny, Amanda and Emily Sowers,
Topeka, KS  USA 

July 30   Jennifer Dixon, daughter of Diana and Ron Gates, 
sister of Jesse and Patrick Serna, 
Show Low, AZ  USA 

July 30  Danielle Resh, daughter of Julie Morris, 
New Smyma Beach, FL  USA 

July 30    Genna Watson, daughter of Mari and Gene Watson, 
sister of Paul, Alexandra, Maleigh, Kaelyn and Gabryele Watson, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

July 30      Steve McMahan, son of Candy and Lewis McMahan, 
brother of Kenny McMahan, 
North Little Rock, AR  USA

July 30    Brenden Kyle Rainey, son of Constance Rainey, 
brother of Vanessa Rainey, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

July 31      Mikelle Brie Mills, daughter of Pat Randolph-Boone, 
sister of Willie Randolph III, Anthony Brown Jr., Michael Mills, Jr., Jeanette Boone, Tyeace Brown, Dorothy and Diana Mills, 
American Canyon CA, USA

July 31 Brian Michael Parise, son of Kammi Young, 
brother of Malachy Zinn and Alexa Lyn Young (deceased), 
Kenosha, WI  USA

July 31  David Hobson, son of Anne Shattuck, 
brother of Lindsay Hobson, 
Palmyra, VA  USA 

July 31  Richard James Stoner, II, son of Jamie and Richard Stoner, 
brother of Alexander, Desiree, Heather and Rebecca Stoner, 
Pensacola, FL  USA 

July 31    Erin Fitzgerald, daughter of Michele and Bruce Fitzgerald, 
sister of Emma Fitzgerald, 
Wayne, IL  USA 

July 31    Evan Vela, son of Jill Coyne, 
Vallejo, CA  USA

July 31    Brandon C. Binns, son of Renee Cooper, 
brother of Jason Floyd and Cherrita Binns, 
Monroe, GA USA 

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