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October Birthdays 

Today's Birthday

Please remember that today is a special birthday.
Help them understand that the memeories don't go away.
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care.
Enable them to listen while I share.
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain.
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain.
Help them.......
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate,
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child,
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay,"
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday!

October Birthdays

October 1    Wayne Robert Goerge Price, son of Alice and Ted Price, 
brother of Charlene Elizabeth-Ann Price, 
Abbotsford, BC, Canada 

October 1    Robby Gibbs, son of Christine Shockley, 
brother of Scott Shockley,  Shawn and Ryan Gibbs, 
Sebring, FL  USA 

October 1  Maxim Slukvina, son of Alla and Igor Slukvina, 
brother of Anna and Igor Slukvina, Jr., 
Madison, WI  USA

October 1   Mark Christopher Felton, son of Barbara Felton, 
brother of Stephen Leigh Felton, 
Harwich, MA USA 

October 1    Sarah Scott, daughter of Jennifer and Jim Scott, sister of Lauren Hill, 
Kinrose, Scotland 

October 1   Ricky Davis, son of Ricky and Beth Davis, brother of Rhonda Davis, 
Good Hope, GA USA

October 1    Paul Bryan Grahovac, son of Susa Swaim, 
brother of Anthony and Samuel Grahovac, 
Eben Junction, MI  USA

October 2      Michael ‘Kyle’ Davis, son of Mary Ann Davis, 
brother of Michelle Leigh Davis (deceased), 
Tucker, GA USA

October 2      Azariah Suvari Anderson, daughter of Michelle and Devon Anderson, 
sister of Antoine and Shaquille, 
Loganville, GA USA

October 2      Richard Alan Cartin, son of Nancy Murphy, 
brother of James Michael and Anthony Louis Edgmond, Decatur, GA USA

October 2      Robert "Adam" Brigman, son of Jayne Brigman Wright and Harry L. Brigman Jr.,
brother of Lee and Ashlea Brigman, 
Blountsville, AL, USA

October 2    Robert Stokes, son of Linda and Ralph Stokes, 
brother of David and Amy Stokes,
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada 

October 2    Frank Herring, son of George (deceased) and Lorraine (deceased) Herring, 
brother of Dianne Herring, 
Garnerville, NY  USA 

October 2    Vanessa Johnston, daughter of Barbara and Mike Johnston,
sister of Michael and Kaelyn Johnston, 
Port Saint Lucie, FL  USA

October 2    Jason Jones, son of Terry and Anita Jones, brother of Holly and Hansen Jones, 
Whitesburg, GA  USA

October 2    Mitchell John Kemling, son of Joannie Kemling,
brother of Kellie Kay Kemling (deceased) 
Shoreview, MN USA

October 2     Karina Hope Kromp-Carpenter, daughter of Odalie Kromp 
& Harry Carpenter, sister of Karissa and Kiedrich Carpenter, 
Woodstock, GA USA

October 3      Brittany Miller, daughter of Lisa Foster and Tony Miller, 
sister of Brad, Cody and Kyle Miller, 
Caesarea, ON Canada

October 3   Barlyn Mountjoy, daughter of Marilyn and Fred Mountjoy, 
Raritan, NJ  USA

October 3   Maralin Mountjoy, daughter of Marilyn and Fred Mountjoy, 
Raritan, NJ  USA

October 3    Jennifer Danelutt, daughter of Debbie and Rick Danelutt, 
sister of Ashleigh and Justin Danelutt, 
Sylacauga, AL  USA 

October 3    Andy Budler, son of Linda and John Budler, 
brother of Paul, Steve and Danny Budler, 
York, NE  USA

October 3    Emily Pestana-Mason, daughter of Bobette Pestana, 
sister of Naomi and Dan Pestana and Joanne Barbham,
Tampa, FL  USA 

October 3    Samuel Condra, son of Jeff and Kelley Condra, brother of Kyle and Jack Condra, 
White, GA  USA 

October 3    Neal Nicholas Bonner, son of Nancy Bonner Bereznak,
Hazelton, PA  USA

October 3   Jivoni Alexander Quinones, son of Yvette Quinones-Hill, brother of Armani Hill,
Acworth, GA USA 

October 3   Benjamin Stricklin, son of Cindy Stricklin, brother of Joshua Stricklin, 
North Little Rock, AR  USA 

October 4      Brandon James Huebner, son of Brenda Huebner, 
Sandstone, MN USA

October 4      Travis Axley, son of Diana Stafford and Phillip Axley, 
brother of Jeff Axley and Dee Stafford, 
Madisonville, TN, USA

October 4   Laura Ann Wallace, daughter of Karen and Robert Wallace, 
Aurora, CO  USA 

October 4   Diego Ceballos-Kleckner, son of Kelly Kleckner and Francisco Ceballos, 
brother of Carina Ceballos-Kleckner, 
Council Bluffs, IA  USA 

October 4    Bo Layton, son of Joyce M. and Billy Layton, 
brother of Scott Layton, 
Pearl, MS  USA 

October 4   Nancy Bates Dietz, daughter of Norma Grove, sister of Maribeth, 
Steve, Theresa and Barbara, 
Tucson, AZ USA 

October 4   Kylee Freedom Green, daughter of Freedom and Joe Green, 
Canton, GA  USA 

October 5   Zackary McCarthy, son of Linda Haines and Richard McCarthy,
brother of Andrew, Daniel, Nathaniel and Holly McCarthy, 
Savannah, NY USA 

October 5    Scott Healer, son of Pam Healer, brother of Shawn and Jenny Healer, 
Casa Grande, AZ  USA

October 5   Paul Edward Jones, son of Debra Grudziecke-Blake, 
brother of Adam Philip Blake, Zachery Allen Krejci and Sara Elizabeth Krejci (deceased), 
Sugar Land, TX  USA

October 5   Leah Rhiannon Butcher, daughter of Stephanie and Loyd Butcher, 
sister of Loyd Butcher, Richard Robert, Scott Turner, Katie Robert and Amanda Butcher (deceased), 
Westerly, RI USA

October 5  Cheyenne Chantel Brown, daughter of Shannan and Heyward Brown, 
Decatur, GA USA 

October 5  Troy Craig Haney, son of Pam Troy, 
Atlanta GA USA

October 6      Brian Christopher Mongell, son of Kelli Mongell, 
Belpre, OH, USA

October 6      Leann Rose Shields & Marina Rose Shields, daughters of Andrea Kears and Robert Shields, 
sisters of Freddie Patino, Robert Shields and Ashley Shields,
Azusa, CA USA

October 6   Taylor Gray McKlveen, daughter of Jennifer and Gary McKlveen, 
Charleston, SC  USA 

October 6   Scott Tarbell, son of Sandy and Ray Tarbell, 
brother of Brian Tarbell,
Alpharetta, GA  USA

October 7      Snowbird Unthalnahe Colbert, son of Katina and Pernell Colbert, 
brother of Nicholas Brown and Toria Colbert,
Murphy, NC USA

October 7   Nick Serna, son of Michele Mansfield and Rene Serna, 
brother of Melissa and Melinda Mansfield, 
Phoenix, AZ  USA 

October 7   Clayton Leonard, son of Virginia Leonard and Steven Kowal, 
brother of Michael Kowal and Richard Leonard, 
Fort Johnson, NY  USA 

October 7   Lauren Aldridge, daughter of Lisa and Troy Aldridge, 
sister of Jim and Kayla Aldridge,
Willacoochee, GA  USA 

October 7  Alyssa Herrera-Bretz, daughter of Molly Herrera and Jeremy Bretz, 
sister of Dominic Herrera-Bretz, 
Orlanda, FL  USA 

October 7    Dawn Epstein McCormick, daughter of Helen Talbot and David Epstein,
Tulsa, OK  USA 

October 7    Amber Roslyn Sharpe Fowler, daughter of Lynn and joey Fowler, 
sister of Rhett and Treasure Fowler,
Jacksonville, FL  USA 

October 7    Jonathan Wineburgh, son of Carolee and Bill Wineburgh,
brother of Joseph Wineburgh, 
Succasunna, NJ  USA 

October 8   Carrie Ross, daughter of Judy and Jerry Ross, sister of Rita Bilty, 
Sherry Dobrinski, Tammy Keeling, Bud and Tracy Ross, 
Mannford, OK  USA

October 8   Greg MacEwen, son of Lynn and Silson MacEwen, 
brother of Christine MacEwen, 
Sumter, SC  USA 

October 8    James Shay Porter, son of Ronda Carrick, brother of Janette Porter, 
Pine Canyon, UT  USA 

October 8    Jerry L. Tanner, Jr., son of Linda Kesterson and Jerry L. Tanner, Sr., 
brother of Stacie Ann and Jeffrey N. Tanner,
Clinton, TN  USA 

October 8  Ora Christina "Christy" Smith, daughter of Chuck and Dianne Smith,
Pollock, LA USA 

October 8  Jamie Shay Porter, son of Ronda Carrick, brother of Janette Porter, 
Tooele, UT  USA 

October 8   Lee Fletcher, son of Linda Eriksen, brother of Larry Fletcher and Linda Eriksen, 
Wilmington, DE USA 

October 8   Romana Alice Hale, daughter of Charles and ruth Hale, sister of Irene Remines, 
Letha Hale and Heidi Turpin, 
Roanoke, VA USA 

October 8   Nicholas John Truhamchuk, son of Fay Reuhamchuk, 
brother of Jason and Natasha Truhamchuk, 
Speuce Grove, Alberta

October 9      Bradley McNeil, son of Jutta and Edward McNeil, 
brother of Anja McNeil, Mallorca, 

October 9      Dakota Willis, daughter of Amanda & Lee Willis,
Sycamore, GA USA

October 9      Franchesca Como, daughter of Bridgette and David Como, 
sister of Olivia Como (Twin, Deceased) and Gabriella Como, 
Lebanon Twp, NJ USA

October 9   William Boyd Matthews, Jr., son of Mable Jane and William Boyd Matthews, Sr., 
brother of Christopher Matthews, 
Lexington, KY  USA 

October 9   Olivia Como, daughter of Bridgette and David Como, 
Lebanon Twp, NJ USA 

October 9    Markell Genard Kelly, son of Margaret Kelly Washington and Michael Kelly, 
brother of Mikell Kelly and Symonia Shelby, 
Dallas, TX  USA

October 9    Matthew David Brooks, son of Lisa and Michael Brooks, 
brother of Shayne Michael and Amanda Nicole Brooks, 
Grayson, GA  USA

October 9    Marsha Wilson, daughter of Brenda Wilson, sister of Christa,
Mark and Scott Wilson, 
Potosi, MO  USA 

October 9   Reilly Ingenito, daughter of Heather and Chris Ingenito, 
sister of Andrew and Lindsay Ingenito,
New Castle, IN USA

October 10      Caleb Locke, son of Elizabeth and Cary Locke, 
Duluth, GA, USA

October 10  Mitchell Childress, son of Vicki and Larry Howell, 
brother of Steven and Carrie Childress, 
Mt. Pleasant, NC  USA 

October 10  Amy Uhland, daughter of Mary and Bill Uhland, 
sister of Jacqi Uhland Barker, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

October 10  Joseph McCollum Hendrix, son of Jan and Troy Hendrix, 
brother of Chris Hendrix and Shelley Reynolds, 
Maryville, TN  USA 

October 10   Jeff Martin, son of Janice Hadaway, brother of Jody Martin, 
Valley, AL  USA 

October 10   Dusty Cody, son of Brenda and Richard Cody, brother of Shane Cody, 
Augusta, GA  USA 

October 10   Sharon Elizabeth Walton, sister of June Hatfield, 
Tyler, Tx

October 10  Glenn Lewis, son of Paula Lewis, 
Warwick, NY USA

October 10  Timothy Michael Williamson, son of Mike and Juanita Williamson, 
Dunwoody, GA USA

October 11   Melissa Wallace, daughter of Peggy and Larry Waugh, 
McDonough, GA  USA 

October 11   Jakob Richards, son of Kim Richards, brother of Nyky Arnold, 
Houston, TX  USA

October 11  Brian LaForce, son of Raquel LaForce, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

October 11   Cheyenne Autumn Smith, daughter of Chad and Miranda Smith, 
sister of Sierriah, 
East Liverpool OH USA 

October 12  Nicole Marie Megaloudis, daughter of Gail Megaloudis Rongen and Nick Megaloudis, 
sister of Chris and Nicholas Megaloudis, 
Potomac Falls, VA  USA

October 12   Michael George Miles, son of Liz and Bill Miles, 
brother of Jonathan, Jeremy, Jeffery and Marilyn Miles, 
Midland, GA USA 

October 12   Emily Eriksen, daughter of Karen Eriksen,
sister of Charles and Gail Eriksen, 
Bradenton, FL  USA 

October 12  Brianna Short, daughter of Carol Short, sister of Jordan and Carter Short,
Sayre, PA  USA 

October 12   Steven Michael Price, son of Peggy Adcox Miller, 
brother of William "Trey" Price (deceased) and Penny Fedrick, 

October 12    Michelle Tassara, daughter of Elaine Tassara, 
sister of Michael, Mellissa and Matthew Tassara, 
LaPlace, LA  USA 

October 13      Amberly Wright, daughter of Dana and Steven Wright, 
sister of Korbin, Ridge and Jadalyn Wright, 
Suwanee, GA USA

October 13      Alex Thiele, son of Julia and Ray Thiele,
brother of John Thiele and Alysa Pope-Thiele, 
Omaha, NE USA

October 13  Madison Elise Shelton, daughter of Julie and Bill Shelton, 
sister of Meghan Elizabeth Shelton, 
Grain Valley, MO  USA

October 13  Steven Smith, son of Connie Wyatt and Greg Smith, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

October 13   Robert Casey McCoy, son of Vickie McCoy Stewart and Robert M. McCoy, 
brother of Joshua McCoy and Kaz Stewart,
Clarksville, GA  USA 

October 13   Mkayla Anita Marie Murphy, daughter of Jamie Johnson and Joseph Murphy, 
Charleston, WV  USA

October 13   Sarah Bryant, daughter of Debra Bryant,
Jasper, GA USA 

October 13   Zachery Chase Oakes, son of Twila Christopher, 
brother of Jacob Aaron Oakes and Sierra Christopher, 
Prairie Home, MO USA

October 14      Gracie Marie Parrish, daughter of Jessica and Joshua Parrish, 
Perry GA USA

October 14  Kristine Elise Frederick, daughter of Heather and Michael Frederick, 
sister of Ian, Evelyn, Faith and Niki Frederick, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

October 14   Erin Krystal Pelster, daughter of Kelly and Victor Pelster, 
sister of Kyle, Lindsey, Lauren and Kara Pelster, 
Omaha, NE USA 

October 14  Justin Steadman, son of Laurie and Skip Steadman, 
brother of Leslie Hamilng, Mathew and Jamie Steadman, 
Council Bluffs, IA  USA 

October 14   Shane Kokaly, son of Gail and Bill Kokaly,
brother of Phillip Kokaly and Valerie Linebaugh, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

October 14   Joseph William Solomon, son of Patricia Sais and Robert Solomon,
brother of Robert, Douglas, Johnathan, Rebecca and Lisa Solomon, 
Bridgeton, NJ  USA

October 14   Rael Rankin, son of Susan Girouard and Marc Rankin, 
Lafayette, LA  USA 

October 14   Dylan Allred, son of Donna McCroskey, brother of Crystal,
Amanda and Justin Allred, 
Mableton, GA USA

October 14  Rex Allen Lackey, son of Joan Lackey, 
brother of Ron, Kyle and Dan Lackey, 
Moscow, LA  USA 

October 14   Dr. Robin Royster, daughter of Yvonne and Ronald Royster, 
sister of Ronald D. Royster, Jr.,
Valley College, NY USA 

October 14  Nina Miriam Al-Misnad, daughter of Evelyn M. Al-Misnad,
brother of Kalifa Al-Misnad, 
Denver, CO  USA 

October 15      William Reynolds (REYN) Carroll IV, son of Frances Alterman Carroll and Bill Carroll, 
brother of Rivers Carroll and Elizabeth (Stream) Carroll, 
Dunwoody, GA USA

October 15   Ryan Berlin, son of Tracy and Gene Berlin, 
brother of Travis Berlin (deceased), 
Manheim, PA  USA 

October 15  Bailey Klein, daughter of Sharon Klein, 
Utica, IL  USA 

October 15   Philip "Phil" Eugene Walsh, son of Ruth Paschal and Barry Walsh, 
            brother of Laura and Daniel Walsh, 
Atlanta, GA  USA

October 16      Jason Belmore, son of Rita and John Belmore, 
brother of Jody Brusseau, 
Littleton, NH USA

October 16  Rosalind Brown, daughter of Demetrea and Delano Brown, 
sister of Delano and Amora Brown, 
Morrow, GA  USA

October 16   Michele Lenore Lannacchino, daughter of Catherine Wetherbee, 
sister of Tracy Joyce Beck, 
Weare, NH USA 

October 16   Ian Klair, son of Pattie Klair, 
Longwood, FL  USA 

October 17     Roland Jones, son of Diane Smith and Wilbert Jones (deceased), 
brother of Kelly Smith, Stacey Smith and Brandi Jones, 
Pine Bluff, AR USA

October 17  Kylie Brown, daughter of Juanita and Kelly Brown, 
sister of Harrison and Ashley Brown, 
Escondido, CA  USA 

October 17   Chad Day, son of Vicki Day Koontz and Bob Day, 
brother of Monica Day Hofbauer, 
Hermiston, OR  USA 

October 17   Russell McIntosh, son of George and Patricia McIntosh, 
Lincoln, AR USA

October 18      Joshua Donaldson, son of Faye Donaldson, 
brother of Eric Donaldson, Matthew Donaldson and Brandy Donaldson Bone, 

October 18      Ariana Payne, daughter of Jamie Hallam, 
sister of Tyler Payne (deceased), Raymond Hayes and Autumn Raine McMahon,
Tucson, AZ USA

October 18      Palmer Quarles, son of Kristen and Michael Quarles, 
brother of Preston, Parker and Pierce Quarles,
Canton, GA USA

October 18      Jacob Wayne Parrish, son of Jessica and Joshua Parrish, 
Perry GA USA

October 18   Rebecca Wilson, daughter of Jennifer and Gary Wilson, Sr., 
sister of Gary Wilson, Jr., 
Dallas, TX  USA 

October 18   Stephanie Jean Phillips, daughter of Rebecca A. Schickel, 
sister of Curtis and James Phillips,
Hobe Sound, FL  USA 

October 18   David Anthony Conticchio, son of Ann Marie Conticchio, 
            Colonia, NJ  USA 

October 18   Evan D. Lowery, son of Kim Keller, 
Norcross, GA USA

October 19      Kevin Michael Bahns, son of Kathy and Steve Bahns,
brother of Chris Bahns and Melissa Stinchcomb, 
Centerville, OH USA

October 19      Samuel Kelley, son of Anita Chastain, brother of Shawn Kelley, 
Ball Ground, GA USA

October 19   Nicole Stone, daughter of Sue and Terrell Stone, sister of JoElla Dixon and Tracy Stone, 
Alma, GA  USA

October 19   Heather Smith, daughter of Diana and Ronnie Smith, 
sister of Aaron and Jacob Smith,
Armuchee, GA  USA

October 19   Jakob Nelson Andriacchi, son of Jennifer Andriacchi, 
Marquette, MI USA 

October 19   Andrew Phillip Keeley, son of Mark Keeley, 
brother of James Keeley, 
Tyler, Tx

October 19   Carissa Ellen Hunsaker, daughter of Debby and Kevin Hunsaker, 
sister of Brad Miller, Ashley Hunsaker and Amanda Burrell, 
Bryant, AR  USA

October 19  Isaiah Windham, son of Vicki Windham, brother of Ian and Isaac Windham, 
North Platte, NE  USA

October 20      Natasha Boonstra, daughter of Wendy Bowcott, 
sister of the late Tyler Boonstra, 
Winnipeg, MB Canada

October 20      Rebecca Lynn Fitzer-Groves, daughter of Irene (Reeny) and Ray Fitzer,
sister of Terry Hodnefield, Ron Kendrick, Duston Fitzer (deceased), Yvonne Kendrick and Leslie Fitzer-Keith, 
Randlett, OK, USA

October 20   Laura Santiago, daughter of Joanne Santiago, sister of Joelle Santiago, 
Avon, CT  USA 

October 20   Kylie Jo Emerson, daughter of Vicki and Bill Emerson, 
sister of Krista Wilson, Sean, Ashley and Alexandra (deceased) Emerson, 
Port Allegany, PA  USA

October 20   Alexandra Emerson, daughter of Vicki and Bill Emerson, 
sister of Krista Wilson, Sean, Ashley and Kylie Jo (deceased) Emerson, 
Port Allegany, PA  USA 

October 20   Eddie Dean Keith, son of Kathy and Donald Keith, brother of David Keith, 
Raleigh, NC  USA 

October 20   Heidi Christina Hatfield, daughter of Robert and June Hatfield, 
sister of Jason, Robert (deceased) and Michael Hatfield, 
Tyler, TX  USA 

October 20   Kevin J. Connelly, son of Pat McDougle, 
brother of Kurt Alan Miller (deceased), Debi Floyd and Dawn Ball,
Bealeton, VA USA

October 21      Cherokee Phillips, daughter of Robyn Boyce and Sydney Phillips, 
sister of Tristan (deceased)  Stevie (deceased), Cassidy, Courtney, Shelby, Cheyanne and Jada, 
Bruce Rock WA, Australia

October 21  Kenneth Pierre, son of Lynette and Francis Pierre, 
brother of Derrin Pierre and Tamara Sylve, 
Lacombe, LA  USA 

October 21 Cherokee Phillips, daughter of Robyn Boyce and Sydney Phillips, 
sister of Cassidy, Tristan (deceased), Stevie (deceased), Shelby and Cheyanne Phillips, Courtney Hayden, Bruce Rock, 
W.A., Australia 

October 22      Carrie Ann Plumley, daughter of Deborah Plumley and Norman Plumley (Deceased), 
sister of Kevin Plumley, 
Locust Grove, GA USA

October 22      Daniel Juse Tovar Dias, son of Michelle and Savio Tovar Dias,
brother of Maria Isabella Tovar Dias,
Dubai, UAE

October 22   Travis Frye, son of Betsy and David Frye, 
brother of Benjamin Frye, 
Saint Leonard, MD  USA 

October 22   Nathan R. Penn, son of Laura and Frank Penn, 
brother of Josh Penn, 
Miamisburg, OH  USA 

October 22   Kris Urton, son of Maxine and Thomas Urton, 
brother of Todd and Shannon Urton, 
Wilmington, OH  USA 

October 22   Ray Adkisson, IV, son of Mary and Ray Adkisson, III, 
brother of Kim and Amanda Adkisson, Miriah and Katie Mootz, 
Fenton MO  USA

October 22   Mario Napolitano, son of Bettie Lou and Joseph D. Napolitano, Sr., 
brother of Nicholas T, Christina, Joseph D. Napolitano, Jr., and Christina Borgony, 
Turtle Creek, PA  USA 

October 22   Richie Alicea, son of Jodi Dickerson, 
brother of Erik Alicea and Malissa Goon,
Jamestown, NY  USA 

October 22   Michael Powell, son of Jackie Marks,
brother of Joe Ross, LeAnn Martin and Jeremy Marquette, 
Sheldon, MO USA

October 23   Christian Honiker, son of Margaret and Cliff Honiker, 
brother of Wendy Blosser, Pamela Monroe and Paula Clayton, 
McDonough GA.  USA 

October 23   Shawn Liston Towne, son of Gail and Rusty Towne,
brother of Salem, Weston and Alyce Star Towne, 
Bismarck, ND  USA 

October 23   Jessica Erin Davidson, daughter of Deborah and Gregg Davidson,
sister of Colin and Emily Davidson, 
Rome, GA  USA 

October 23   Wesley W. Roberts, son of Nancy and Donald Roberts, 
brother of Jared Roberts, 
Pendergrass, GA  USA 

October 23   Charles Watson, son of Daisy and Eric Watson, 
brother of  Phyl Sowerby, Dorothy McLean, William, Cedric and John Watson, 
New Zealand 

October 23   Robert Oxtoby, son of Major William and Sara Oxtoby, 
brother of Andrew Oxtoby, 
Honolulu, HI  USA

October 24   Adam Encarnacion, son of Lisa Encarnacion, 
brother of Noah-John Encarnacion, 
Tracy, CA  USA 

October 24   David Matthew Arndt, son of Lisa and Matthew Arndt, 
Blairsville, GA  USA 

October 24   Sean Dolan, son of Carol and Frank Dolan, 
brother of Jared and Melanie Dolan, 
Deleware Water Gap, PA  USA 

October 24   Samuel Silvis, son of Melinda Teats and James Silvis, 
brother of Lucy and Georgeann Timblin, James, Stacy and Sally Silvis, 
Smethport, PA  USA 

October 24   Dylan, son of Mary and Mark, brother of Jessica Dant, 
Newark, DE  USA

October 24   Melissa Carolyn Heinly, daughter of Sharon Heinly, 
sister of Michelle Heinly and Ryan Matson,
Naples, FL  USA

October 25   Kenneth Akins, son of Sheila and Lanier Akins, 
brother of Kalya Akins, 
Cumming, GA  USA 

October 25   Kenneth Shane Allen, son of Linda and Kenneth Allen,
brother of Jason McIntyre, Billy, Lamar and Sheila Peppers, Monty and Chris Allen, 
Oxford, GA  USA 

October 26   Shelly Huddleston, daughter of Susan and Richard D. Huddleston, Sr.,
sister of Kristen A. and Richard Huddleston, Jr., 
Kansas City, KS  USA 

October 26   Siobhan Julia Kelly, daughter of Angela West and Michael Kelly, 
San Ramon, CA  USA 

October 26   Shelly Huddleston, daughter of Susan Huddleston, 
sister of Kristen A. and Richard Huddleston, Jr.,
Kansas City, KS  USA 

October 26    Alexander Trane, son of Michelle Blatnick, 
brother of Erika Blatnick, Drake Trane, Felicity Howard, 
Taylorsville, UT  USA

October 27      Grace Nicole Miceli, daughter of Diane Mendolia-Miceli, 
sister of Diana M. Miceli, 
Glen Oaks, NY USA

October 27  Trinity M. McLeod, son of Tonita and Marshall McLeod, 
Benton, KY  USA 

October 27   Stephanie Ferraro Ingenito, daughter of Barbara and Anthony Ferraro,
Lake Grove, NY  USA 

October 27   Michael Carico, II, son of Carol and Michael Carico, Sr., 
brother of Timothy Carico, 
Bradenton, FL  USA 

October 27   Tyler Andrew Cline, son of Alayne and Kendall Cline, 
brother of Makaylah Sharp, Alyson and Ashley Cline, 
Ames, IA  USA 

October 27   Michael D. Carico, II, son of Carol and Michael Carico, Sr., 
brother of Pamela Apple, Timothy Carico and Shannon Worley, 
Bradenton, FL  USA

October 27  Larry "Travis" Shaun Carter, son of Judy Craig, 
West Memphis, AR USA

October 28   Michelle Ala Reeves, daughter of BJ and Jim Reeves, 
sister of Becca Reeves,
Roswell, GA  USA 

October 28   Josh Pelick, son of Lynn and Dave Pelick, 
brother of Brett, Stephanie, Alissa Pelick and Tom Kernoschak, 
Forest City, PA USA 

October 28   Joshua Medina, son of Lela and Tim Chipman, 
brother of  Amanda Chipman, Jacob and Ellen Medina, 
Phoenix, AZ  USA 

October 28  Krissy Frank, daughter of Becky Frank, 
East Bethel, MN  USA

October 28  Allison Nicole Rudy, daughter of Lora Rudy, 
Troy, OH USA 

October 29      Ben Bonnie, son of Marilyn and Gregg Bonnie, 
brother of Jacob Bonnie, 
Jefferson City, MO, USA

October 29      Avery Corinne Hildreth, daughter of Tameka and Wilmer Hildreth, 
Atlanta, GA USA

October 29      Maison-Elizabeth M. Hall, daughter of Nancy Hall and Mark G. Hall (deceased),
sister of Ryan Laurin, Patrick Hall, Brendan Hall & Case W. Hall, 
Covington, GA USA

October 29   Donna Ann Hussell, daughter of Connie and Edward Hussell, 
sister of Debbie mayes, Darlene Hussell and Deana Marcum, 
Point Pleasant, WV USA

October 29   Manolito Cary Fricks, son of Chris and Jack Fricks, 
brother of Jennifer Burnett, Amy and Christy Fricks, 
Greenville, SC  USA 

October 29  Trey Peskor, son of Kathy and Carl Peskor, 
Farmington, NM  USA

October 29  Tom Weaver, Jr., son of Kathleen and Tom Weaver, Sr., 
brother of Jarrod Weaver,
Foxborough, MA USA 

October 29  Melissa Renee Davis, daughter of Virginia Goodale,
sister of Joe and Christina Davis and Jennifer Chrome, 
Porterville, CA USA

October 29   Jayden Buitenhuis, daughter of Jenni Brant and Jason Buitenhuis, 
sister of Jasmine (deceased) and Jordan (deceased) Buitenhuis, 
Middlebury, IN USA 

October 30 Alexis Revord, daughter of Courtney Revord, sister of Brandon Revord, 
Grand Junction, CO  USA 

October 30   Kenneth Simmonds, son of Arleen and Roy Simmonds, 
brother of Keith, Kent and Kelly Simmonds,
Kamloops, B.C. Canada 

October 30   Daniel Huddleston, son of Jodi and Albert Huddleston, 
brother of Matt and Kelli Hansen, Amanda and Joanne Huddleston, Debbie Stein and Lynette Ramsey, 
Fort Collins, CO  USA 

October 30   Danette Payne, daughter of Diane and Quentin Nelson, 
sister of Brenden and Mikki Shea, Joelle Sedivy, Fawna Fouser, Jenni Aronson and Adria Larson, 
Chetek, WI  USA 

October 30   Stephen Joseph Perez, Jr., son of Arelis Perez,
brother of Eric, Janet and Roger Perez, 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  USA 

October 30   Craig Scott Mellott, son of Ruth and Larry Mellott, 
Eldorado, KS  USA

October 31  Mitchell Craig Vernon, son of Lori Wilmont, 
brother of Samantha Vernon and Amber Wilmont, 
Loganville, GA  USA 

October 31  Steven Crocker, son of Jan Crocker, 
brother of Ted Crocker, Gina C. Shawley, Angie C. Petit and Sherry C. Foster, 
Spartanburg, SC  USA 

October 31   Autumn Nicole Mendoza, daughter of Pamela and Luis Mendoza, 
sister of Justin Mendoza, 
Batesville, AR  USA 

October 31   David Charles Hernandez, son of Jessica Mae (deceased) and Amodo Hernandez, 
Davenport, IA USA 

October 31   Jill Gieseke, daughter of Judith Gieseke, 
sister of Ryon Gieseke (deceased), Lisa Schaumburg and KariAnn Keller, 
McIntosh, MN USA


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Waking this morning, to the Colors of Autumn
Beautiful Leaves of Red and Orange.
Rustic colors that change the landscape.
So Beautiful, But... God I wish I could escape....

Today is the first October Morn
3 years ago this October, was the Month you were born.
I remember that October evening
And the Patterns in the sky.

As the fluffy white clouds floated by...
The colors of the setting sun,
With the same Red and Orange glow 
That the Leaves proudly displayed

Your smile as big as the Great Jack O' Lantern
with Hair the color of Corn silk
and Eyes as Blue as Gods Great skies

The Indian Legend goes, "Staring into a babys eyes,
changes your heart forever."
"Cheyenne" the Great Indian name,
was given to you,  Morning Dove is its meaning....
One filled with so much Love.

Autumn for your middle name, As your Beauty matches
Gods paints of Rustic colors of Fall.

As I wake this October morning, and stare at those
same colors in the Rising Sun, with the clouds playing
up above.  I stop and look, no need to check the 
calender.  It is Truly an October Morn.
The same Skies that were there the evening you were

As I catch my breath, and the tears begin to flow
I remember the times we spent together. 
And how I had to let you go.
You changed my life Forever, and this world will never
be the same...
Because by looking into those Eyes, You captured My

On one of Gods Great Colorful October days, 
The day you were born.

 Written in Memory of Cheyenne Autumn Smith.
Sunrise-- 10/11/97... Sunset--11/30/98
by Na-Na

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