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June Birthdays

June 1      Craig Kelly, son of Lorraine and Dan Kelly,
brother of Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

June 1   Caleb Jackson McCrary, son of Andrea McCrary, 
Charlotte, NC  USA 

June 1   Jimmy Morell, son of Sue and Jim Morell, 
Bad Axe, MI  USA 

June 1   Michael Clifton, son of Angela Miller, 
brother of Jordan and Stephanie Miller, 
Winchester, KY  USA 

June 1   Ken Thompson, son of Annette and Paul Thompson, 
brother of Bill and Becky Thompson, 
Armada, MI  USA 

June 1   Richard Durham, son of Edith Bryant and Ray Durham, 
brother of Jim and Todd (deceased) Durham and Kristy Turner, 
Albany, GA  USA 

June 1   Amy Nycole Darland, daughter of Malisa Pitts and Jeff Darland, 
sister of Windi Moore and  Terra Pitts, 
Grain Valley MO  USA 

June 1   Jack Johnston, son of Kate Johnston, 
DeWitt, LA  USA 

June 1   Alaura Jensen, daughter of Allison Sprague, 
sister of Michelle and Benjamin Jensen and Robert Jensen (deceased), 
Salt Lake City, UT  USA 

June 1  Gina Marie Lupson-Holden Young, daughter of  Pat Lupson, sister of Brian Lupson, 
Silver Springs, MD USA 

June 2      Colin Doran, son of Marguerite Mullin and Clive Doran, 
brother of Ryan Mullin, Erin McCarthy, Jennifer Mullin, Meghan Doran & Briana Mullin, 
Foxboro, MA USA

June 2      Michael Alexander (Alex) Costley, son of Janet and Milton Costley,
brother of Adam Costley,
Kite, GA USA

June 2      Amy Marie Fledderman, daughter of Colleen and Dan Fledderman, 
sister of Joe and Renee Fledderman, 
Newton Square, PA USA

June 2   Todd Michael Jurack, son of Wanda and Marc Jurack, 
brother of Michael Allen Brown, 
York, PA  USA 

June 2    Kegan Meyer, son of Kevin and Jody Meyer, 
brother of Kaitlin and Jordanne Meyer, 
Anita, IA  USA 

June 2    Robert Jensen, son of Allison Sprague, brother of Michelle and 
Benjamin Jensen and Alaura Jensen (deceased), 
Salt Lake City, UT USA 

June 2    Amanda Beth Chase, daughter of Debbie and Jeff Chase, 
sister of Brett Chase, Streator, Il USA 

June 2   Samantha Thompson-Darby, daughter of Paige Darby, 
sister of Jared R. and Joshua H. Darby,
Sugar Hill, GA USA 

June 3   Sarah McDade, daughter of Melanie Horsley and Ronnie Milligan,
sister of Jessica Kalbach,
Rossville, GA  USA

June 3      Amanda Rose Wainscott, daughter of Kathy Wainscott, 
sister of Aaron, Ashley and Alissa Goodlett and Angie Coates, 
Lawrenceburg, KY USA

June 3  Erica Casey Shelton, daughter of June Gibbs, 
sister of Nikki Shelton Vanderyt and Erin Shelton Webb, 
Knoxville, TN  USA

June 4      John Frank Badding Jr., son of Susan and John Frank Badding Sr., 
brother of Joshua Barlow, Sheila Badding and Jessica Barlow, 
Fort Lupton, CO USA

June 4      Vernon Jetta Hayden, son of Donnal and Nathan Hayden, 
brother of Jordon, Ashton and Cody Hayden, 
High Wycombe, WA, Australia

June 4      Matthew Chase Weeks, son of Marie Doss and Johnny Weeks, 
brother of Austin Rogers, John Weeks and Hannah Cummings, 
Ringgold, GA USA

June 4  Courtney Thompson Minor, daughter of Janet and Ralph Thompson, II, 
sister of Scott and Ralph Thompson, III, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

June 4   John Frank Badding, Jr., son of Cindy Gropp, brother of Shelia Badding,
Okmulgee, OK   USA

June 4   Angel Scholl, daughter of Amy Scholl and Juan Launto, 
sister of Ryan Riley, 
Merriam, KS USA 

June 4  Verrnon Jetta-Hayden, son of Donnal and Nathan Hayden, 
brother of Jordan, Ashton and Cody Hayden, 
Perth, Western Australia, Australia 

June 4  Wyatt Austin Mayfield, son of Elizabeth and Michael Mayfield, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

June 4  Amy Marie Brodbeck Tyler, daughter of Evie and Jack Brodbeck, 
sister of Marc Brocbeck, 
Otto, NC  USA

June 4    Matthew Chase Weeks, son of Johnny and Marie Weeks, 
brother of Austin Rogers, Hannah Cummings, John and Leann Weeks, 
Rocky Face, GA USA 

June 4   Steven D. Brown, son of Ora and Darrell Brown 

June 5      Evertt (Chuckie) Charles Hesser III, son of Tammy and Chuck Hesser, 
brother of Kevin, Keith, Brian, E.C., Tiffany and Denise Hesser and Holly Bryant, 
Farmington, NM, USA

June 5  Terry Lee Claunch, son of Mary Stinson Claunch-Lane and James Claunch, 
brother of Robert Claunch, 
Fort Worth, TX  USA 

June 5   Trent Humphries, son of Libby and Mikey Humphries, 
brother of Jamie Humphries and Christie Cole, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

June 5   Jenny Liles, daughter of Patty Liles, 
Sherwood, OR  USA

June 6      Cheyene Terrill, daughter of Ericka Tremblay and Rhys Terrill, 
sister of Devin, Laura, Bridget, Jelena and Charlie, 
Westminster, SC USA

June 6   Pamela Loving, daughter of Mary Olson and Donald Loving, 
sister of Julie Mullinax, Chris, Mark, Stephanie and Jennifer Loving, 
Suwanee, GA USA 

June 6   John William Smith, son of Mary Fletcher and John Smith, 
brother of Tina Parker, 
Social Circle, GA  USA 

June 6   Marcus Riley Mendoza, son of Amy Grimshaw, 
Redwood Valley, CA  USA 

June 6   Richard Price, son of Richard and Geraldine Price, 
brother of Jamie Price, English HR. 
West. Nfld. Canada 

June 6   Jerry Lemmond, son of Brenda Estes and Mike Lemmond, 
brother of David and Tanya Lemmond, 
Somerville, AL  USA 

June 7      Dominick Matullo, son of Maggie Sudbrink-Matullo and Joseph Matullo,
brother of Michael Matullo, Olivia Nolan, 
Asbury Park / Jackson, NJ USA

June 7  Jeremy Gage, son of Judy and John Hick 
Beaverton, OR  USA 

June 7  Jeff Sanderson, son of Michele and Joe Sanderson, 
brother of Nikki Schweisberger, Andy and Ben Sanderson, 
Kansas City, MO  USA 

June 7   Jermaine Golden, son of Elaine Werner and Patrick Golden, 
brother of Jazmine Golden, 
Kansas City, MO  USA 

June 7   Patrick Ray Kelley, son of Maggie Kelley, 
brother of Steven Kelley and Mallory Whitaker, 
Gainesville, GA USA 

June 7  Tanya K. Suchanek, daughter of V. Karl and Kathy L. Suchanek, 
sister of Brittany K. Suchanek, 
Cumming, GA USA 

June 8      Darrel Jants, son of Debbie and Todd Jants, 
brother of Tonya Hogan and Jerica Jants, 
Florence, SD  USA 

June 8  Patrick Chris Haney, son of Mary C. Haney and Robert Hannah, 
brother of Paula Lee May, 
Paintsville, KY  USA 

June 8   Ben Williams, son of Lizann Williams,
Fort Myers, FL  USA 

June 8   James Daniel Luna, son of Abel and Marie Luna, 
brother of Mark Gregory Luna, 
Austin, TX  USA 

June 9  Tammi McDaniel Patterson, daughter of Pat and Henry McDaniel, 
sister of Steven McDaniel,
Jackson, TN  USA

June 9   Laura Maria Hayes, daughter of Laura C. Hayes, 
Breaux Bridge, LA USA 

June 9  Trina Jones, daughter of Jolene Harris, 
sister of Kristin and Karmin Jones, 
Texarkana, AR USA 

June 10       Kristi Ziegler, daughter of Suzanne and William Ziegler, 
sister of William Evan and Janie Ziegler, 
Marietta, GA  USA

June 10  Wesley Carithers, son of Susan and John Carithers, 
brother of Jennifer and Brooke Carithers, 
Ellenwood, GA USA 

June 10   Dougal Stuart, son of Virginia Stuart, brother of Taffy Todd, 
Princeton, NJ  USA 

June 11   Lenny Newby, son of Debra and Brent Newby, 
brother of Brady Newby, Brenna Heath and Kristyn Monroe, 
Salina, UT  USA 

June 11 Raul Cardenas, Jr., son of Maria and Raul Cardenas, Sr., 
El Porte, TX  USA 

June 11     Dennis Christopher Tucker, son of Dolores Tucker,
brother of Dale Louis and David Charles Tucker, 
Lee, MA  USA 

June 11     Dustin C. Klaus, son of Dean and Debbie Klaus, brother of Danielle, 
Dyreka and Dormilee Klaus,
McMinnville, OR  USA 

June 12      Jennifer Hixon, daughter of Patty McPherson and Clarence Hixon (deceased), 
sister of Michelle McPherson, 
Trinity, NC USA

June 12      Sergio Rubio Jr., son of Marcy and Sergio Rubio Sr., 
brother of Carlos, Alex, Alexis and Natalie Rubio, 
Clewiston, FL, USA

June 12       Samantha Nicole Lee, daughter of Tammy and Jason Lee, 
sister of Justin and Brittney Lee, 
Cartersville, GA  USA 

June 12   Evan Sheffield, son of Cathy and Webb Spraetz,
brother of Christopher, Thomas and Mary Beth Sheffield, 
Atlanta, GA  USA

June 12 Jennifer Leigh Hixon, daughter of Patty McPherson, 
sister of Michelle McPherson, 
Thomasville, NC USA 

June 12   Christina Renee Munoz Webb, daughter of Terry and Ben Munoz, 
sister of Anna and Ben 
Munoz, OR  USA 

June 12   Ben Smith, son of Kathy Doerr, brother of Tiffany Bohnet, Roger and Grant Smith, Jr., 
Escalon, CA  USA 

June 12      Alan Crossland, son of Kathy Garcia, 
brother of Cissy Crossland and Toni and Tiger Garcia, 
West Helena, AR USA 

June 13       Lindsey Claire Rogers, daughter of Christine and Tracey Rogers,
sister of Lauren Elizabeth and Lianna Grace Rogers, 
Rome, GA  USA 

June 13       Dylan Pascoe, son of Heather Doughty, 
brother of Brett Klofenstine and Noah Doughty,
Raleigh, NC  USA

June 13   Jeremy John Frey, son of Ginny and John Frey, 
Lincolnton, NC  USA 

June 13    Devon Lawrence Garcia, son of Amy Barron,
Ralls, TX USA 

June 13      Michael Joseph Gailey, Jr., son of Alison and Michael Gailey, Sr., 
brother of Michaella, Jenna and Alexander Gailey, 
Cresson, PA  USA 

June 13   Tracy Lee Hudson, daughter of Chuck and Carolyn Hudson, 
sister of Bonnie Hudson, 
Newport, NC  USA

June 14      Jason Bradford, son of Chrissy Martin and Roger Bradford, 
brother of Mark Bardford, Laurie Lee and Casidhe Martin, 
Vancouver, WA USA

June 14      Jeremy Daniel Youngman, son of Pat J. Kupfer and James S. Youngman, 
brother of Pete, Kris and Jessica Ruth Kupfer, 
Trussville, AL  USA

June 14   Elisha Gayle Yarbrough, daughter of Debbie and Joe Yarbrough, Sr., 
sister of Joe Yarbrough, Jr., Kristy McDaniel and Holly Mackie, 
Covington, GA USA 

June 14       Connor Irwin, son of Dyana Beard and Benn Irwin, 
brother of Bliane Patton and Keegan Beard, 
Dahlonega, GA  USA 

June 14  Alison Winborn Carreker, daughter of Lisa and Doug Vaughan, 
sister of Justin, Nathan, David and Dayna Vaughan, 
Stockbridge, GA  USA

June 14  Matthew Malo Massaro, son of Rose Massaro and Mike Malo, 
brother of Shaun Roberson, 
Phoenix, AZ  USA 

June 14  Ernest Izquierdo, III, son of Crystal and Ernest Izquierdo, 
McDonough, GA  USA

June 14   Gary Lowder, Jr., son of Debbie Dewitt and William Gary Lowder, Sr., 
Florence, SC  USA

June 15   Dustin Lovett, son of Cheryl and Barry Lovett, 
brother of Zach and Kyle Lovett, 
Fayetteville, GA   USA

June 15   Bret Stadel, son of Mary Jo and Mike Stadel, 
brother of Brad and Lisa Stadel, 
Odell, IL USA 

June 15  Jennifer Hoffman, daughter of Jane and Ray Hoffman,
Bloomsburg, PA USA

June 15   Tim Howland, son of Judy and Whit Howland, 
brother of Whitney and Heath Howland, 
Greenbank, WA  USA 

June 15  Darrell Taylor, son of JoAnn and Glenn Taylor, 
brother of Stewert, Phillip and Melody (deceased) Taylor, 
Mountain Home, AR  USA

June 15   Everett Daniel Devilbiss, son of Kelly Denise Devilbiss Robles and Frank Robles, 
brother of Eric Devilbiss and Erin Devilbiss Maltone, 
Bakersfield, CA USA 

June 15   Nickolas Nathanial Mount, son of Carol Lynn and John Kirk, 
brother of Dave, Derick and Johnny Kirk, Dillon and Vernicka Mount and Teresa Max, 
Bothell, WA  USA 

June 15      Joanne Kathleen Collins, daughter of Win Collins, 
Sunny Queensland, Australia

June 16      Maverick Thomas Nicoletta, son of Shannon L. and Michael A. Nicoletta, 
brother of Colton R. Nicoletta, 
Woodstock, GA USA

June 16      Lizbeth Marilu Pena, daughter of Maria Luisa and Luis Alberto Pena, 
sister of Alberto Josue Pena, 
Lima  Peru

June 16       Rob Holt, son of Georgea McKenna, 
brother of Bailey Holt (deceased), 
Destin, FL  USA 

June 16   Reese Ambrose, son of Cheryl and Jason Ambrose,
Simpsonville, SC  USA 

June 16       Brade Lindsay, son of Kathy and Randy Lindsay, 
brother of Brett, Brandon and Brooks Lindsay, 
Manhattan, KS  USA 

June 16   Joshua Warren, son of Regina and Tony Warren, 
brother of Calvin Holmes, Jazmin and Jessica Welch, 
Homewood, AL  USA 

June 16 Amber Lockley, daughter of Tammy and Jimmy Lockley, 
sister of Alecia Lockley, 
Brundridge, AL  USA 

June 16   Walt Prettyman, son of Maryann and Walt Prettyman, 
brother of Jackie Prettyman, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA

June 16  Joshua Warren, son of Regina and Tony Warren, brother of Jazmin and Jessica Welch, 
Birmingham, AL  USA 

June 16      Adam Kidd, son of Susan and Tad Kidd, 
brother of Rachel, Brian and Molly Kidd, 
Santa Rosa, CA  USA

June 17      Brittany Knoch, daughter of Susan and James Knoch, 
sister of Christopher Knoch, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA

June 17      Stephen Motley, son of Mary Motley,
brother of Allston and Myles McLaughlin, 
Anniston, AL USA

June 17       Vicki Oxford, daughter of Brenda and Earl Oxford, 
sister of Connie Oxford, 
Marietta, GA  USA

June 17   Ryan Gallant, son of Joanne and Gary Gallant, 
brother of Steve, Melanie, Laura Gallant and Kim Casavant, 
Swalwell, AB, Canada 

June 17   Jeremy Gillen, son of Connie Harper and Hunter Gillen, 
brother of Lindsay Harper, 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

June 17      Corrie Jill Dean, daughter of Gary and Shirley Dean,
sister of Amanda Jenkins, 
Jasper, GA USA 

June 17      Tommy Messer, son of Kelly Hoover, 
brother of Jamey Messer and Maryann Messer Watkins, 
Carrollton, OH USA 

June 18       Brittany Knoch, daughter of Susan and James Knoch, 
sister of Christopher Knoch, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

June 18        Paul Thomas Engman, son of Virginia and Kevin Engman, 
brother of Kristine Engman, 
Virginia, MN  USA 

June 18  Susan Jones, daughter of Kristi Valis and David Jones, 
sister of Dwight Valis, II, Curtis Rhodes, Matthew and Amanda Jones, 
Summerville, SC  USA

June 18   Robbie Benedict, son of Tammy McClellan, 
brother of Julian John Charles Benedict, 
Birmingham, AL  USA 

June 18    Tyler Wayne Tilley, son of Johnny and April Tilley, 
brother of Trenton Wayne and Trace Lee Tilley, 
Winston-Salem, NC  USA 

June 18   Wendy Lynn Sunderlin, daughter of Sharon Throop, 
Geneva, OH  USA 

June 18      Triton Chance Johnson, son of Elizabeth and James Johnson, 
brother of Tristin James, Olivia Gabrielle and Abigail Melani Johnson, 
Jackson, MO USA

June 18      Mike Halverson, son of Barb Halverson, brother of Matt Halverson, 
Oregon City, OR  USA 

June 18      Tula Ellard, daughter of Nancy Cameron, sister of Quinn Ellard, 
White Rock, British Columbia, BBC

June 18      Scott Pawline, son of Janet Meskers, 
brother of Kenny Pawline and Adam Meskers,
Levittown, PA  USA 

June 19   Kristin Gillis, daughter of Gail McCant and Danny Gillis, 
sister of Jake and Ashley McCant, 
Dublin, GA  USA 

June 19   Lindsey Kae James, daughter of Janice and Robert James,
sister of Kara and Molly James, 
Toledo, OH  USA 

June 19   Kim Walker, daughter of Ruth Walker, sister of Chris Walker, 
New York, NY  USA 

June 19      Shawn-Bert Little, son of Gene and Vivian Little, brother of Neil Little, 
Aurora, CO  USA

June 20      Myles Bullock, son of Nita and Michael Bullock, 
brother of Beth Barrington, 
Acworth, GA USA

June 20      Anthony James Cox, son of Carol and Daniel Cox, 
brother of Daniel, Brandon, Cody and Aleah Cox, 
Whiteville, NC USA

June 20      Ashley Barnett, daughter of Lori and Jerry Barnett, 
Tunnel Hill, GA  USA 

June 20   Meshael Al Ali, daughter of Gail Richardson, 
London, England

June 20    James Anderson Bell, III, son of Patricia Ann Bell, brother of Selina Ann Bell,
Rosedale, MD  USA 

June 20      Patrick T. O'Malley, son of Kathy O'Malley, brother of Shawn O'Malley, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

June 20      Mick Murray, son of Jack and Carol Murray,
Tryon, OK USA 

June 21       Ella Frederick, daughter of Heather and Michael Frederick, 
sister of Ian, Evelyn, Loren and Faith Frederick, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

June 21   Nicholi Lee-Michael Luning, son of Tara Bartlett and Michael Luning, 
brother of Viktor Michael (deceased), Michael Eugene (deceased) and Michaela Luning, 
Yerington, NV  USA

June 21       Brett Stacey, son of Chaunacey (deceased) and Mason Stacey, 
Rochester, NY  USA 

June 21      Cory Pilat, son of Debbie and Eugene Pilat, brother of Zachary and Kelly Pilat, 
Moulton, TX  USA 

June 21  Aaron Richert, son of Jay and Beth Richert, brother of Jarrett and Ryan Richert, 
Clinton, OK USA 

June 21     Carli Tallman, daughter of Sheila Tallman, 
sister of Alex and Austin Tallman, 
Mishawaka, IN  USA 

June 21     Matthew Corley, son of Shawn and Beverly Corley,
brother of Rachel and Phillip Land and Lauren Corley,
Kennesaw, GA USA 

June 22      Sarah McDade, daughter of Melanie Horsley and Ronnie Milligan, 
sister of Jessica Kalbach, 
Rossville, GA  USA

June 22   Michelle Bozer, daughter of Kathy and James Bozer, 
sister of Robert Bozer, 
Union City, TN  USA 

June 22      Cole Allen Onnen-Gossard, son of Bethany Onnen, 
brother of Abigail and Maggie Onnen and Caleb Onnen-Gossard, 
Port Charlotte, FL USA

June 23  Lauren Diane Mills, daughter of Tammy Allen-Schenke and Bruce Schenke,
sister of David and Nichole Mills, 
Kennesaw, GA USA

June 23    Evan Sheffield, son of Cathy and Webb Spraetz, 
brother of Christopher, Thomas and Mary Beth Sheffield, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

June 23   Jennifer Hower, daughter of Sharon Fischer and Cliff Hower, 
sister of Jeff Hower and Julie Hower Fischer, 
Spartanburg, SC USA 

June 23      Timothy Jacobs, son of Mazie and Lester Jacobs, 
brother of Katrina Jacobs, 
Lake Waccamaw, NC  USA 

June 23   Kevin Blowey, son of Carla and Stann Blowey, 
brother of Jason, Amber and Megan Blowey,
Montrose, CO  USA 

June 23   Eddie Hughes, son of Robin and Eddie Hughes, Sr., 
brother of Christopher and Casey Hughes, 
Augusta, GA  USA 

June 23  Melody Taylor, daughter of JoAnn and Glenn Taylor, 
sister of Stewert, Phillip and Darrell (deceased) Taylor, 
Mountain Home, AR  USA

June 23 Alayna Griffin, daughter of Jerry and Karren Griffin, 
sister of Ethan and Kathryn Griffin, 
Blue Springs, MO  USA 

June 23     David Lanham, son of Howard and Judy Lanham, 
brother of Kevin and Howard, Jr.,
Lanham, Hedgesville, WV USA 

June 23   Gracie Elizabeth Booth, daughter of Jeremiah and Keri Booth, 
Boardman, OH USA

June 24      Laura Donley, daughter of Ida Cunningham, 
sister of Ryan Stow and Melinda Donley, 
Powder Springs, GA USA

June 24   Kathryn Stauffer, daughter of Linda and Carl Stauffer, 
sister of Christine Stauffer, 
Quakertown, PA  USA 

June 24   Kathryn Stauffer, daughter of Linda and Carl Stauffer, 
sister of Christine Stauffer, 
Quakertown, PA  USA 

June 24 Adam Heitz, son of Theresa and Glenn Heitz, 
brother of John, Erin and Laura Heitz, 
Ashburn, VA USA 

June 24   Angela Zytniowski-Bauer, daughter of Elizabeth Zytniowski Calabretta and Henry Lopez, 
Chicago, IL  USA 

June 24   Jesse Gochez, son of Susan Morley, brother of Will Gochez, 
Forest Lake, MN  USA 

June 24    Zachary Thomas Schwabe, son of Carl and Tricia Schwabe, 
brother of Caroline, Jeremy, Alex and Adam Schwabe and Neal Hartman,
Waynetown, IN USA 

June 24     Christian Niven, son of Carol Niven, 
Norcross, GA USA 

June 25      Ashley Curt Buchanan, son of Carolyn and Ed Buchanan, 
brother of Eddie Buchanan, 
Clinton, MS, USA

June 25      Christian Antonio Benitez, son of Nydia and Charles John Benitez,
brother of Kaitlyn Rose Benitez and the late Jocelyn Roxanne Benitez, 
Stockbridge, GA USA

June 25      Caroline Gable Cooley, daughter of Erin and Michael Cooley,
sister of Will Cooley, 
Newnan, GA USA

June 25   Joseph Beatty, son of Nancy and Robert Long,
brother of Lori Baker and John Beatty and Julie Clay, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

June 25   Jeremy Griffin, son of Brenda and Jerry Griffin, 
brother of Timothy Sumner and Becky Watkins,
Millington, TN   USA

June 25      Nicholas Docu, son of Christine and Tom Docu, 
brother of Tommy and Alexandra Docu, 
Bronx, NY  USA 

June 25   Nicholas C. Gallegos, son of Virginia and Sam Gallegos, 
brother of Danielle Gallegos,
Price, UT  USA 

June 25   Richard Mascarenhas, son of Kathy and Lazarus Mascarenhas, 
brother of Steven Avila, Eric Mascarenhas and Stephanie Velazquez, 
San Bernardino, CA  USA 

June 25      Charles Pendleton, son of Mary Catherine Jones, 
brother of David Pendleton, Angela Pendleton Neff and Troy Jones, 
Mound City, MO USA

June 25      Brandon Kenneth Blackwell, son of Danny and Susie Blackwell, 
brother of Kerri Blackwell, 
Pride, LA  USA 

June 26      Paul Barbour, son of Stephanie and Christopher Ray, 
brother of Christina Ray and Hailey Ray, 
Bowdon, GA USA

June 26      Karla Leija, daughter of Carmen and Enrique Leija, 
sister of Erika and Daniela Leija, 
San Antonio, TX  USA 

June 26 Brian Patrick Devine, son of Eileen and Patrick Devine, 
brother of Colleen Devine, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

June 26      Alexandra Landon, daughter of Chastity Streets and Alan E. Landon, 
sister of MaKayla Butler Landon, 
Private, IN  USA 

June 26      Christina Ball, daughter of Cinda and Leroy Ball, 
sister of Douglas Houghland and Tina Chambless, 
Sacramento, CA  USA 

June 26      Christopher J. Lynch, son of Susan L. Johnson and Jerry L. Johnson, 
brother of Marty Johnson, Jason McMillan and Karen Hackerson, 
Kennesaw, GA USA

June 26   Caroline Lone, daughter of Ellen and Ricky Lone, 
sister of Shawn Dougherty, Steven Parker, Ricky (deceased), Trent and Autumn Lone, 
New Albany, IN  USA

June 26      Taylor Myers duCasse, son of Robbie Bowman, 
brother of Brooke, Emily, Logan and Angel Christopher duCasse,
Snellville, GA USA 

June 27      Michael Walker, son of Arlene and Dale Walker, 
brother of Darian Walker, 
Aumsville, OR, USA

June 27      Robert C. Martin, III, son of Patricia and Robert C. Martin, Jr., 
brother of Daniel and Laurie A. Martin, Mary C. Davis, 
Cumming, GA  USA 

June 27   Gavin Coleman Davis, son of Misti and Scott Davis, 
brother of Zachary Scott Davis, 
Ringgold, VA  USA

June 27  Laurel Marie Reamer, daughter of Angie and Larry Reamer, 
sister of Danielle and Haley Reamer, 
Spiceland, IN  USA

June 27      Benjamin Bangert, son of Pam and Bobby Sloan, 
brother of Tiffany, Michael and Troy Sloan, 
Oklahoma City, OK USA 

June 27    Jerome Charron, son of Judith and Jean Marc Charron, 
brother of Sophie and Alexandre Charron,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

June 27      Christopher Hopper, son of Richard Hopper, 
brother of Richard and Christina Hopper, 
Rogers, AR USA

June 28      Diana Suzanne Horne Re, daughter of Barbara Horne Brittle and Smith Horne, Jr.,
sister of Elizabeth Bridgewater, Thomas and Robin Horne, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

June 28      Kyan Grezik-Hodge, son of Casey Grezik and Jay Hodge, 
brother of Jordyn Grezik, 
Rapid City, SD  USA 

June 28   Rayven Rose Dalbec, daughter of Kelly and Travis Dalbec, 
sister of Keanu  Clark and Adam Nordby, 
Medford, OR  USA 

June 28   Alyson Marie Wood, daughter of Natalie and David Wood, 
sister of Christopher, Abby and Jenna Wood,
Ft. Bliss, TX  USA 

June 28      Cathy Christian Hayes, daughter of Helen Christian, 
Loganville, GA USA 

June 28      Keith Jones, son of Diane Marion, brother of Michael and Greg Marion,
Van Buren, AR USA 

June 28      Jefferey Armstrong Patterson, son of Ann Armstrong and David Evan Patterson, 
brother of Christopher Evan and Michael Jonathan Patterson, 
Marietta, GA USA 

June 28      Dedra Jo Clark, daughter of Eddie and Belinda Yates,
sister of Allyson Clark and Sam Yates, 
Lexington, NC  USA 

June 29      Mikal Tackett, son of Corrina & Sam Murphree, 
Edgemont, AK USA

June 29      John Thomas Clayton Jones, son of Amber Durden and Terry Jones,
brother of Anna Lora Jones,
Milan, GA  USA 

June 29   Josh Morgan, son of Amanda Fair and Timothy Morgan,
Kilgore, TX  USA 

June 29      Ryan Bowers, son of Pam Bowers, brother of Robert Bowers, III,
Snellville, GA USA 

June 29      Ashley Romer, daughter of Terri and Chip Romer,
sister of Jesse Olson and Matthew Romer, 
Lake Havasu City, AR USA 

June 29      Mandi Lynn Mast, daughter of Diane D. Mast, sister of Eric Daniel Mast, 
Newborn, GA USA

June 30      Tommy Childress, son of Betty and Myles Childress, 
brother of Heather and Destiny Jo Childress, 
Eldorado, IL USA

June 30      Aubrey “Tajhee” Gilbert, son of Tunnica Jenkins, 
South Pittsburg, TN USA

June 30     Jeffrey Ciongoli, son of Emily Kephart and Dennis Logue,
brother of Dawn Parsons, 
Black Diamond, WA  USA

June 30      Earl Paul Roberts, III, son of Brenda Pearson and Earl Paul Roberts, Jr., 
brother of Melinda Beal, 
New Orleans, LA  USA 

June 30    James Parfitt, son of Barbara & Robert Parfitt, 
Essex, England

June 30   Iris Mary Carey, daughter of Tara and Health Carey, 
sister of Violet Anna Carrey (deceased), 
Onset, MA  USA 

June 30   Rebecca Lynn Steinbach, daughter of Dawn Steinbach, sister of Frances Steinbach, 
Tucker, GA  USA

June 30   Aaron Woodruff, son of Susan Matney and Michael Woodruff, 
brother of Rachel Woodruff, Jessica and Jasmin Matney, 
Fort Collins, CO  USA 

June 30   Mikayla Cain, daughter of Brandy Cain, sister of Patrick Dain, 
Wheatland, WY  USA

June 30      Jessica Jean Ussery, daughter of Marie Ussery Boehm, 
sister of Cory Ussery and Diane Lawson,
Pine Bluff, AR USA 


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