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September Birthdays 

Today's Birthday

Please remember that today is a special birthday.
Help them understand that the memeories don't go away.
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care.
Enable them to listen while I share.
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain.
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain.
Help them.......
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate,
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child,
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay,"
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday!

September Birthday's

September 1      Kayla Smith, daughter of Pam and Ernie Smith, 
sister of  Jonathan Smith, 
Alto, GA USA

September 1      Jeffrey Burda, son of Brenda and Richard Burda,
brother of Daniel Burda, 
Flint, MI  USA 

September 1      Shane Martin, son of Gail and Hillman Martin, 
brother of Chavine Watkins and Shalon Gass, 
Bethlehem, GA USA

September 1      David Harrison, son of Jean and Kelly Clark, brother of Chrissy Harrison, 
East Alton, IL  USA 

September 2      Demetrius O'Neal Span Jr., son of Tammie Washington and Demetrius O'Neal Span Sr., 
brother of Ashley Span and Toni Jones, 
Lithonia, GA USA

September 2      Dustin Marshall Rawls, son of Patti Rawls, 
brother of Tiffany Rawls Brockenbush,
Katy, TX USA

September 2      Paul Smith, son of Carolyn and Paul Smith, 
brother of Billy and Becky Smith, 
Pekin, IL USA

September 2      Paul Smith, son of Carolyn and Paul Smith, 
Pekin, IL USA

September 2     Dylan Black, son of Angela and Charles Black, 
brother of Molly Anne Ponder, 
Fairburn, GA  USA 

September 2   Colin Rivans Stephens, son of Alice Stephens 
              Ellicott City, MD USA

September 2      Hunter Matthew Manning, son of John and Elizabeth Manning, 
brother of Cassidy Manning, 
Chester, NY USA 

September 2    Russell F. Martin, son of Annette Martin "Monette", brother of 
Cynthia, Bonnie, Ed and Fred 
Martin, TX USA 

September 2    Roger E. Martin, son of Annette Martin "Monette", brother of 
Cynthia, Bonnie, Ed and Fred 
Martin, TX USA 

September 3     Darrell Thomas Cook, son of Mary G. and Eugene Cook, 
brother of Darrell Thomas Cook and Michelle Campbell, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

September 3     PFC Patrick Mikeal McKenney, son of Vescie and Gilbert James McKenney, 
brother of Joyce M. Layton,
McComb, MS  USA 

September 3      Eli Joel Baez Bigio, son of Yolanda Bigio and Eliud Baez, brother of Rafael Marcano, Jr., 
Caguas, PR

September 3      Noah Campbell Edens, son of Cindy and Stephens Edens, 
brother of Leon Anthony, Kaitlyn Fawn and Noel (deceased) Edens, 
Barnwell, SC  USA

September 3   Tyler Aaron Stupka, son of Don and Dana Stupka, 
Sugar Hill, GA USA

September 3    Ryan Evans, son of Pat Evans, 
St. Simons Island, GA USA 

September 3    Angel Zaddach, daughter of Sheri Zaddach, 
sister of Crystal and Tony Zaddach and Michael Downey, 
Wyandotte, MI USA 

September 4     Joshua Allen Hurt, son of Annette Gail and Danny Allen Hurt,
brother of Jessica Leann Brown, 
Waco, KY  USA 

September 4   Jace Gikas, son of Amanda Mcllrath and Dimitri Gikas, 
brother of Joshua Mcllrath, 
Woodstock, GA  USA

September 4   Chancie Lowery, Jr., son of Mildred and Chancie Lowery, Sr., 
brother of Marilyn Cameron, Spring Spears, Angel Sims, James, 
Sondra, Mike and Jeremiah(deceased) Lowery, 
Raeford, NC  USA

September 4      Alonzo Crasper, son of Wendy Crasper, 
brother of David, Ann, Steven, Byron (deceased) and Allison (deceased) Crasper, 
Cass Lake, MN  USA

September 4    Robert James Johnson, son of Larry and Carail Johnson, 
brother of Kyle Jones and Adrian Johnson, 
Waukegan, IL USA 

September 4    Sarah Nichole Johnson, daughter of Keith and Lori Johnson, 
sister of Joshua and Hannah Johnson,
Lubbock, TX USA 

September 4   Shaun Michael Cowan, son of Vicki L. Cowan, 
              Rockhill Furnace, PA  USA 

September 4      Kellie Kay Kemling, daughter of Joannie Kemling, 
sister of Mitchell John Kemling (deceased), 
Shoreview, MN USA 

September 5     Morgan Hope Harrison, daughter of Alisha and Joe Harrison, 
sister of Caitlyn, Trinity and Madison Eve (deceased) Harrison, 
Boiling Springs, SC  USA

September 5      Wesley John Wedekind, son of Jacki and Glen Wedekind, 
brother of Tyler and Erika Wedekind, 
Clarkson, NE  USA

September 5      Arron Swan, son of Jodi Burt and Edward Swan, 
brother of Noel and Laura Swan, 
Atlanta, GA USA

September 6      Phillip Silverman, son of Bonnie and Alan Silverman, 
brother of Laura Silverman, 
Marietta, GA USA

September 6     Russell Watson Roberts, son of Shelia and Billy Roberts, 
brother of Becky Roberts,
Monroe, GA  USA 

September 6      Stephen M. Brown, II, son of Marcia Keech and Stephen M. Brown (deceased), 
brother of Scott, Amanda and Melissa Brown, 
Oswego, NY  USA 

September 6      Anne Fenn Porter, daughter of Debby and Michael Fenn, 
sister of Barbara Fenn and Kourtney Norton, 
Des Arc, AR  USA 

September 6      Jay Johnson, son of Joyce and B.J. Wright,
brother of Gregory Paul, Russell, Scott and Kelley Johnson, 
Snellville, GA  USA 

September 6      Paige Morgan McGinty, daughter of Kylie Heagney and Jason McGinty, 
sister of Jayden and Maddison McGinty, 
Melbourne, Vic, Australia

September 6      Alexander Robert Aarons, son of Angela and Jason Aarons,
Charlotte, NC  USA 

September 6    Jimmy Smith, son of Cathy and Jerry Smith,brother of Jerry Smith, Jr.,
Bronx, NY  USA 

September 7      Lucas Jackson, son of Kathy and George Jackson, 
brother of Trey Jackson, 
Ft. Smith, AR USA

September 7 Xavier Khamani Ray, son of Stephanie Ray, 
brother of Elijah Sheppard (deceased), Gino Hall, Cashden Sanders, Ryan, Caleb, Amaris and Amari Clements, 
Snellville, GA  USA

September 7      Tim Kincaid, son of Phyllis Pritchett and Robert Kincaid, 
Dalton, GA  USA 

September 7      Lauren Eileen Green, daughter of Diane and Gordon Green,
sister of Brendan and Kaitlyn Green, 
Holiday, FL  USA

September 7      Joshua Powell, son of Mark Powell and Angie Wilkerson,
brother of Allen and Michelle Wilkerson, Tony, Sammy and Miriam Powell, 
Danville, VA USA 

September 7      Genesis Encisco Dycoco, son of Teresita Hazel Dycoco, 
Carson, CA  USA 

September 7    Tiffany Marie Sisson, daughter of Dawn and Max Sisson, 
sister of Eric Sisson,
Dalton, GA USA 

September 7      Jeffrey T. Arnold, son of Kathi Mullens, 
brother of Kenny Arnold, 
Losantville, IN USA

September 8      John Dion Ridenour-Marvel, son of Sonya and David Marvel, 
Brandon, FL USA

September 8      Diana Goodman, daughter of Sharon and Ronald Goodman, 
sister of Terry and Bruce Goodman, 
Star City, AR USA

September 8     Dustin Oglesby, son of Karen and James Long, 
brother of Wade, Jakob and Britney Oglesby, Jamie, Kyle, Adrian and Shelby Long, 
Hobart, IN USA 

September 8     Glen Smith, son of Gloria and Harry Smith, 
brother of Rodney Smith, Linda Joseph and Elaine Dublose, 
Destreham, LA  USA 

September 8      Stacey McCarter, daughter of Mary Rollins and Jack McCarter, 
sister of Lisa McCarter, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

September 8    Robbie Smith, son of Hamp and Saralyn Smith, brother of Laura Smith,
Dodge City, KS  USA

September 9      Justin Woodly, son of Ann and Donnell Woodly, 
brother of Richard and Deva Woodly, 
Acworth, GA USA

September 9      Cody Hollis, son of LeAnn and Joe Hollis, 
brother of Colton Hollis, 
Quitman, MS USA

September 9      Donald R. Hudson Jr., son of Carol and Donald R. Hudson Sr., 
brother of LaShana & Loleatha Hudson, 
Stone Mountain, GA USA

September 9      Hans Christian Thomhave, son of Karen and BJ Thomhave, 
brother of Johannes, Tobias and Kalena Thomhave, 
Niceville, FL, USA

September 9   Lita Lee Virgilito, daughter of Tara and James Virgilito, 
sister of Jamie, Jimmy,  Ashley, Mary and Shayla Virgilito, 
Omaha, NE USA 

September 9     Duane Earl Turner, son of Tina and Earl C. Turner, Jr., 
brother of Jamie, Daniel and Cameron Turner, 
Meansville, GA  USA 

September 9      Nicole Estes, daughter of Linda and David Estes, sister of David Estes, II, 
Danville, IL  USA 

September 9      Timothy Eugene Rigney, son of Beulah and John Herman Rigney, 
brother of Johnny, Roger, Tommy Rigney, Carolyn Gammon (deceased), Margaret Smith, Linda Echols and Angie Wilkerson,
Danville, VA  USA

September 10    Kevin A. Barnes, son of Bonnie Stephen, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

September 10    Phillip Roger McKenney, son of Vescie and Gilbert James McKenney, 
brother of Joyce M. Layton,
McComb, MS  USA 

September 10    Paula Joanne Normore, daughter of Betty and Dennis Normore, sister of Brent Normore, 
Lanse Au Loup, NL Canada 

September 10    Joshua Wallis Horizon, son of Laume and Jeff Zekas,
brother of William Zekas, Noel Horizon, Sam and Joe Dawson, 
Susanville, CA USA 

September 10    Jameson Jacob Donovan-Laney, daughter of Megan Laney, 
sister of Jared Donovan, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

September 10    Stephen Allen, son of Julie Allen, 
brother of Richard Baggett, 
Marietta, GA USA

September 10    Jessica Smyth, daughter of Vicki Smyth, 
sister of Nicole and Joe Smyth, 
Texarkana, TX  USA

September 11      Scott McCaughn, son of Kathy and Larry McCaughn,
brother of Wayne and Barry McCaughn, 
Sayner, WI, USA

September 11      Sivine Melhem, daughter of Samar Labban and Hisham Melham, 
sister of Ramzi and Sandra Melhem,
Beirut, Lebanon

September 11      Kimberly Bright Holst, daughter of Vicki Reynolds and Miller Bright, 
Atlanta, GA USA

September 11      Jason Cole, son of Donna Paugh, brother of Tonay Hamil, 
Odessa, TX USA

September 11      David William Burns, son of Lydia and David Burns, 
brother of Heather Burns Thomas, 
Crawfordville, FL USA

September 11    David White, son of Lynda and George White, 
brother of Kevin White, 
Lexington, SC  USA 

September 11    Haka Hetherington-Husband, son of Christine Hetherington and Steve Husband, 
Sydney, NSW, Australia 

September 11    Stephen Connelly, son of Carol and Tom Connelly, 
brother of Matt, Michelle and Jennifer Connelly, 
Morrisville, PA  USA 

September 11    Jared Baker, son of Lori and Jeff Baker, 
brother of Christopher and Lauren Baker,
Bend, OR  USA

September 11    Colby Ivey, son of Gala and Shaun Ivey, 
brother of J. T. Orand and Brady Ivey, 
Ackerman, MS  USA 

September 11    Allison Crasper, daughter of Wendy Crasper, 
sister of David, Ann, Steven, Byron (deceased) and Alonzo (deceased) Crasper, 
Cass Lake, MN  USA

September 11    Daniel L. Large, Jr., son of Kathryn Large, brother of Kristen Large Maggio, 
Acworth, GA USA 

September 12      Alicia Merriweather, daughter of Rhonda and Darrell Walker, 
Stone Mountain, GA USA

September 12       Christopher Thomas, son of Patsy and Clifton Thomas, 
Okolona, MS USA

September 12   Shane A. Hughes, son of Pamela and Joseph Hughes, 
brother of Heather Hughes, 
Watertown, CT USA

September 12    Randy Lee Davis, son of Dorothy and Jack Davis, 
Cumberland, MD  USA 

September 12    Wester, son of Christy & Doug, brother of Savanah and Chance, CO  USA 

September 12    Hillary Jane Roach, daughter of Jackie Griffin,
sister of Sara Jane Griffin, 
Hoover, AL  USA 

September 12    Todd Alden Feeney, son of Linda and Ted Feeney,
brother of Kelly and Stacy Feeney,
Villa Rica, GA USA 

September 12   Julie Chilton, daughter of Donna and Clyde Chilton, 
sister of Clyde, Jr., Christopher and Shelley Chilton, 
Olivehurst, CA USA

September 13      Joey Scarpa, son of Linda and Greg Scarpa, brother of Linda Schiro, 
Staten Island, NY USA

September 13      Joshua Eugene Hedglin (adopted 12/4), son of Monika and Clinton (doc) Hedglin, 
Sedalia MO USA

September 13    Lori Brown, daughter of Linda nnd Wayne Brown, Sr., 
sister of Tiffany and Wayne Brown, Jr., 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

September 13    Karen Rene Riley-Miller, daughter of Linda McDougal, sister of Kevin Riley, 
Sherman, TX  USA 

September 13    Marissa Dawn Kamienski, daughter of Terri Kamienski, 
sister of Nathan and Shanna Kamienski, 
Ware, MA  USA 

September 13    Michael Sean O'Berry, son of Mike and Valerie O'Berry, 
brother of Christopher Shane O'Berry, 
Riverview, FL  USA 

September 14      Vanessa Mae Johnson-Saunders, daughter of Jeri Johnson-De Cola and Van Johnson, 
sister of Calvin, Mark and Steven Johnson and Belinda Guerra and Trudy Clark, 
Payson, AZ, USA

September 14      Jamie Britt, daughter of Judy and James Britt Sr. (deceased), 
sister of Kenny Keen, Michael Coleson, James Britt III, Stacie Lewis and Kelie Abalos, 
Vidor, TX USA

September 14    Fiona Lee MacViar, daughter of Heather and Conrad MacViar,
sister of David, Conrad, Pauline and Brittany MacViar, 
Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman 

September 14    Dustin E. Kish, son of Richard J. Kish, 
brother of Missy Kish, 
Jacksonville, FL  USA 

September 14  Shawn Michael Walker, son of Capri Walker
              Kenosha, WI  USA

September 14   Matthew Ray Cook, son of Dan and Melanie White,
brother of Jason Cook and David White, 
Gainesville, GA USA 

September 15      Hannah Leigh Boyd, daughter of Lisa and Scott Martin,
sister of Dylan Boyd, Derek Boyd, Collin Boyd, Kyle Martin, Tyler Martin, 
Buford, GA USA

September 15      Seldon Hazelo, son of Maria and Timothy Hazelo, 
brother of Timothy L Hazelo and Kristopher Kaplan, 
Oak Harbor, WA USA

September 15    Keirlin Burton, daughter of JoEllen Ellis, 
sister of J. Cody, Staceylynn and Cameron Fox, 
Bloxom, VA  USA 

September 15    James Torrence, son of Sarah Johnson, 
brother of Ellen, Jane, Elizabeth Torrance and Edythe Dama, 
Tucker, GA  USA 

September 15    Jason Anthony Sang, son of Mary Ann and Robert Sang, 
brother of Bobby Sang, 
Portland, OR  USA 

September 15   Nelsen Minter, son of Mary Jane Alexander, 
brother of Cynthia and David Minter, 
Potomac, MD  USA 

September 16    Tarren Jean Horne, daughter of Robin Horne and Darren Boudreaux, 
sister of Blakeleigh Boudreaux, 
Buford, GA  USA

September 16    Cheri Lynn Thompson, daughter of Deborah and Harold Moffat, 
Summerfield, FL  USA 

September 16    Mark Clement Daniel, son of Beth and Jim Daniel, 
Jacksonville, AR  USA 

September 16    Lauren Oliver Palmer, daughter of Debbie and Wes Palmer, 
sister of Alex Palmer and Lisa Shepard, 
Sarasota, FL  USA

September 16    John Z. Powery, son of Ella Powery, 
brother of Faith Powery, Ruth McBride and Esther Ebanks, 
Grand Cayman, BWI, Cayman Islands 

September 16    David Famurewa, son of Janet and Emmanuel Famurewa, 
brother of Isaac,  Kevin, Brandon, Daniel (deceased) and Jennifer Famurewa, 
Detroit, MI  USA

September 16    Stacie Jo Brown, daughter of Sandy Bennett,
sister of Jamie, Jeff, Brad, Colleen and Brett Bennett, 
Lawrenceville, PA  USA 

September 16    Tom Grove, son of Norma Grove, 
brother of Maribeth, Steve, Theresa and Barbara, 
Tucson, AZ  USA 

September 16    "Buddy" Clifford Dale Pingleton, son of John and Carrie Hastings, 
            Lathrop, MO  USA 

September 17    Dana Brown, Jr., son of Candis Robinson Smith and Dana Brown, Sr., 
brother of Celeste Smith, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

September 17    Matthew Lee Smith, son of Gail L. and Rodney Smith, Sr., 
brother of Rodney Smith, Jr., 
Carrollton, GA  USA

September 17      Craig Kelly, son of Lorraine Kelly, brother of Jeff (deceased) and Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane, Oueensland, Australia 

September 17    John William Goodman, son of Betty Goodman, 
brother of Paulette Maners, Pam Floyd and Jim Goodman, 
Ripley, TN USA 

September 17   Kimberly Jo Gerz, daughter of Mary Lou and Charles Gerz, 
sister of Christopher Gerz, 
Bokeelia, FL  USA 

September 17    Brad Koster, son of Elaine and Randy Koster,
Marietta, GA USA

September 17   Krystan Bazzett, daughter of Terri Snyder, 
sister of Tara, Angela and Megan Bazzett, 
Grayling, MI  USA

September 18    Matthew Torma, son of Angela Torma,
brother of Aidan and Krystal (deceased) Torma, 
New York, NY  USA

September 18    Jennifer Bleisch, daughter of Janice and Roger Bleisch, 
sister of Jayne Bleisch, 
Cumming, GA  USA 

September 18    Matthew Torma, daughter of Angela Lynn, 
brother of Krystal (deceased), and Stephanie Torma, 
New York, NY  USA 

September 18    Justin Craig Wilmont, son of Lori Wilmont, 
brother of Samantha Vernon and Amber Wilmont, 
Loganville, GA  USA 

September 18    Dustin Joe Ornelas, son of Jeri Ornelas Jones and Bud Jones, 
brother of Melissa and Kristen Jones, 
Iola, KS  USA 

September 18    Tim Malone, son of Jean and Frank Malone, 
brother of Janet Hall, 
Spartanburg, SC  USA 

September 18     Abbigail Reilly Dennis, daughter of Casey and Scott Dennis, 
sister of Seth Allen Elrod, 
Bowling Green, KY  USA 

September 18    Jared Black, son of Karen and David Black, brother of Kandace and Adam Black, 
Cullman, AL  USA 

September 18    Orion Spear, son of Julia Conicello, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

September 18    Harold Adcox, son of Flora Adcox Magee and Henry G. Adcox (deceased),
brother of Peggy Adcox Miller, 

September 18  Matthew James Torma, son of Angel Torma 
              Calgary, Alberta Canada

September 18  Joshua "Josh" Lewis Darna, son of Tracy Leigh Darna, 
Bokeelia, FL  USA

September 19      Lucinda Allen, daughter of Linda and Ronald Powell Sr.,
sister of Jeremy Wiggins, Ronald Powell Jr. and Kenneth Powell, 
Roseburg, OR USA

September 19      Andre Lemons, son of Veronica Lemons, 
Lithonia, GA USA

September 19      Sherry Burdette, daughter of Sharon Kolodzej, 
sister of the late Fred Burdette Jr. and Sarah Burdette, 
Rome, GA USA

September 19      Lucinda Allen, daughter of Linda and Ronald Powell Sr.,
sister of Ronny and Kenny Powell and Jeremy Wiggins, 
Roseburg, OR  USA

September 19    Steven Tauber, son of Pamela and Mike Tauber, 
brother of Kayla Tauber, 
Stockbridge, GA  USA 

September 19    Katherine Rose Hill-Jones, daughter of Eunice Hill, 
sister of Julius Hill-Jones, 
Riverdale, GA  USA 

September 19    Sam Peek, son of Carol and Bobby Peek, 
brother of Jessica Peek Rogers, 
Palmetto, GA  USA 

September 19    Danny Harper, son of Sandy and Reggie Harper, 
brother of Jack, Ben and Ashley Harper,
Prattville, AL  USA 

September 19    Troy Diebel, son of Kathy and George Charles, 
brother of Todd Diebel, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

September 19   Justin Himes, son of Melinda Himes, brother of Jackie Neal Crystal Coker, 
Windsor, MO  USA 

September 19    Jason Kostelnik, son of John and Judy Kostelnik, brother of Jennifer Kostelnik, 
Longmont, CO  USA

September 19    Jason Allen Moffitt, son of Louise Saunders, 
brother of Bobby, Shane and Gregg Moffitt, 
Hendersonville, NC  USA 

September 19  Stephen Bradley Turley, son of Joyce Brooks, 
              Conyers, GA  USA

September 19   Benjamin Barrett, son of Paula Schaeffer,
brother of Sarah Barrett, 
Richey, FL  USA 

September 19    Jeffrey T. Blenker, Jr., son of Jeff and Mary Blenker, 
brother of  Jamie, Nikki and Matthew Blenker, 
Holland, NY  USA 

September 19   Skip Umstead, son of Candy Umstead, 
brother of Samantha Umstead,
Pleasant Hill, MO USA 

September 19    Jennie Cathryn Blevins, daughter of Jeanine Blevins, 
Fox Mtn Crozet, VA   USA

September 20   Jennifer Griffin, daughter of Dana Isbell and Delane Griffin, 
sister of Chase Griffin, 
Fort Payne, AL  USA 

September 20   Amy Lynn Alsofrom, daughter of Shelley and Norm Topf, 
sister of Stacey Mercado, 
Rocky Hill, CT  USA 

September 20   William Harrison Smith, son of Bunnie and John Ohman,
brother of Adam Ohman, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

September 20   Leah Brooke Carlena Ossowski, daughter of Michelle and Steve Ossowski, 
sister of Seth, Travis and Ryleigh Ossowski, 
Roca, NE  USA

September 20   Madison Tayler Carlena ossowski, daughter of Michelle and Steve Ossowski, 
sister of Seth, Travis and Ryleigh Ossowski,
Roca, NE  USA

September 20    David Jeff Beck, son of Carol Dumas and David Beck, 
brother of Kristy Beck, John and Katherine Hastings, 
Pleasant Grove, UT  USA

September 20    Daniel Famurewa, son of Janet and Emmanuel Famurewa, 
brother of Isaac, David (deceased), Kevin, Brandon and Jennifer Famurewa, 
Detroit, MI  USA 

September 20    Nicholas Donley, son of Gary and Lisa Donley, 
brother of Emily Donley, 
Acworth, GA USA 

September 20  Leah Brooke & Madison Tayler Carlena, daughters of
              Michelle Ossowski, sisters of Seth and Travis Ossowski,
              Hickman, NE  USA

September 20    John Poe, son of Joeann Poe, 
brother of Sherri Lynn (deceased), Kyle (deceased) and Chris Poe, 
Lima, OH  USA 

September 21      Brandon Lee Pingleton, son of Kathy and Ken Pingleton, 
brother of Amanda, Andrea and Megan Pingleton, 
Largo FL, USA

September 21      George Fulguirinas, son of Sarah Johnson and Dario Fulguirinas, 
brother of Ian and Xavier Fulguirinas, 
Christchurch, New Zealand

September 21    Addie Alikpong Ogah, son of Antonia Usungurua Udo and Mrs Alikpong Ogah, 
brother of Joseph and Rose Usungurua Udo, 
Cross River State, AKS

September 21  David Alexander Haizlip, son of Dona Robertson
             Griffin, GA  USA

September 21  Jamie J. Adams, son of Julie Adams, 
brother of Summer Adams,
Hull, GA  USA

September 21   Christopher Perigo, son of Valene Valich, 
brother of Joel and Aaron Perigo, 
Oak Harbor, WA  USA 

September 22      Scott Emmert, son of Shelia Emmert, 
brother of Donald Henson, Christopher Emmert and Amber Emmert, 
Sherwood, AR USA

September 22   Mark Lowery East, son of Liz East, Jackson, MS and Jeff East, 
brother of Jennifer East, 
Atlanta, GA

September 22    JJ Wade, son of Diane Craddock and James Wade, 
brother of Michele Wade (deceased), 
Carrsville, VA  USA 

September 22   Mandy McBride, daughter of Jill and Gary McBride, 
sister of David and Kinsey McBride, 
Duluth, GA  USA 

September 22   Michelle Christine Knopka Mazzagatti, daughter of Connie and Mike Knopka, 
sister of Debbie Oler, Denise Hart, Barbara Ramirez, Michael and Mark Knopka, 
Sicklerville, NJ USA 

September 22    Greg Job, son of Dora Sweigart, 
brother of Tami Parker and Michele Pirkle, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

September 22    Samuel Todd Peppers, son of Michelle and Britt Peppers, 
brother of Toby Wayne (deceased) and Austin Peppers, 
Talking Rock, GA  USA

September 22    Toby Wayne Peppers, son of Michelle and Britt Peppers, 
brother of Samuel Todd (deceased) and Austin Peppers, 
Talking Rock, GA  USA

September 22   Christopher Joseph Van Derlaske, son of Barbara and Gerry Van Derlaske, 
brother of Matthew and Steven Van Derlaske, 
Mastic, NY USA 

September 22  Brandon Christopher Shane Bliss, son of Hollis & Sandy Bliss, Brother of Kim Bliss, 
Lawrenceville, Ga USA

September 23      Thomas Holmes, son of Carolyn and Phil Holmes, 
brother of Randy Holmes and Pam Smith, 
Stockton, CA USA

September 23      Luis Fernando Santos, son of Maria Guzman and Fernando Santos,
brother of Christopher Santos, 
Atlanta, GA USA

September 23      Gabriel Zion McFadden, son of Cletrius Sade Scott and Gabriel McFadden Jr., 
Columbia, SC USA

September 23    Michael Anthony Spooner, son of Patricia and Mitch Bird, 
brother of Jessica Spooner, Charity Shore, Christian and Kitty Bird, 
Harrisonville, MO USA

September 23    Christopher Fox, son of April Clauss, 
Allentown, PA  USA 

September 23  Lisa Elaine Mewbourne, daughter of Faye Martin 
              Atlanta, GA   USA

September 23    Tom Holmes, son of Carolyn Holmes, 
brother of Pam and Randy 
            Holmes, Stockton, CA  USA

September 24      Julie Jobe, daughter of Joy and Jerry Jobe, sister of Jenni Jobe, 
Riverdale, GA USA

September 24      Martin Ridley, son of Pam and the late Ron Ridley, 
brother of Calvin Ridley and Sonia, Leeanne and Geneve Mailey,
Perth, W.A. Australia

September 24   Sarah Elizabeth Schildroth, daughter of Mindy and Jason Schildroth, 
sister of Logan Schildroth, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

September 24   Steven Winfrey, son of Wanda Brooks and Steven Winfrey,
brother of Jeffrey and Samantha Brown, 
Greenbrier, TN  USA

September 24    Kyle Waites, son of Judy Waites, 
Edmonton, AB Canada 

September 24    Steven Greaux, son of Phyllis Dohmyer and George Greaux, 
brother of Frank and Danielle Pirrone, 
Iverness, FL  USA 

September 24    Audra Kidwell, daughter of Brenda and Ronald Kidwell, 
Charleston, NC  USA 

September 24  Chip Whitley, son of Marie White 
              Knoxville, TN   USA 

September 24  CW2 Jeffrey B. Knight, son of John & Janet 
              Knight, brother of John, Jr., and Jared Knight 
              Green Valley, IL   USA

September 24  Kathleen Mary Kuhn Edwards, daughter-in-law of Kris Herb Edwards 
Macomb, IL  USA 

September 24  Kristina "Nina" Westmoreland, daughter of Cathy Seehuetter, 
St. Paul, MN   USA

September 24   Benjamin Koopmans, son of Rachel Koopmans, 
brother of Michael and Olivia Koopmans,
Adelaide, South Australia

September 25   Jessica Dodge, daughter of Tamie and Daniel Dodge, 
sister of Daniel Dodge, Jr., 
Lilburn, GA  USA 

September 25    Makinzie Murphy, daughter of Jennifer Murphy, sister of Justin Cecil, 
McKinney, TX  USA 

September 25    Trent Harris, son of Marci Harris, brother of Shae Harris,
Dickson, TN  USA 

September 25    Christopher Ryan, son of Donna and David Ryan, 
brother of David James (deceased) and Christina Ryan, 
Prague, OK USA 

September 25  Cory Lee Shcolnik, son of Jana Baxley, 
Columbia, SC USA

September 25    Michael Wayne Hager, son of Bea and Larry Hager, 
brother of Kathy 
Lynn and David Wayne Hager, 
Tucson, AZ USA 

September 25    Jill Watson, daughter of Dottie Campbell, 
sister of Christopher Watson, Jessy, Michelle, Ashley and Brittany Campbell, 
Crestview, FL USA

September 26      Catherine Amiss, daughter of Martha and Don Copeland, sister of Robert Amiss,
Lawrenceville, GA USA

September 26      Steven Schult, son of Denyse and Kelly Schult,
brother of Eric Schult, 
Waterloo, NE USA

September 26   Joseph Matthew Tennyson Goad, son of Debbie and Donnie Goad, 
brother of Mitch Goad, 
Charleston, MS  USA

September 26    Frances Orsini Handschuh, daughter of Rosa and Lous Orsini, 
sister of Marh Bearzi, Helen Palmer, Gloria martini, Delores Tucker, Carmela Manna, Charles and Louis Orsini, 
Palm Springs, CA  USA 

September 26    Sarah Schaffer, daughter of Paula Schaefer, 
sister of D.J. and Angel Schafer, 
Sommerville, SC USA 

September 26   Paul Drew McGrath, son of Linda and James McGrath, 
brother of Alan J. McGrath, 
Matamoras, PA  USA 

September 27    Sarah Louise Farrel, daughter of Franklin Andy and Susan Farrel, 
sister of Franklin and Courtney Farrel, 
Locust Grove, VA  USA 

September 27   Kaitlyn Marie Ferguson, daughter of Vicki Ferguson, 
sister of Adam, Kari and Robert Ferguson, 
Columbus, Ohio, USA

September 28      Amber Manley, daughter of Glenda and Chris Manley, 
sister of Brent Manley,
Dadeville, AL USA

September 28      Clarence Rogers “Clay” McKemie, IV, son of Kristyleigh Cramer McKemie, 
brother of John-Robert and Kyndall McKemie, 
Macon, GA, USA

September 28      Jamila Jones, daughter of Valerie and Jonathan Jones, 
sister of Jelani Jones, Jabara Jones and Pedra Bailey, 
College Park, GA USA

September 28   Johnie R. Martin, III, son of Monica and John R. Martin, II, 
brother of Christopher Kelly, 
Ann Arbor, MI  USA 

September 28    Clifton Henry Cutlip, son of Carol Cutlip Manthe, 
brother of Brian Cutlip and Christina Adorni, 
Lakemore, Ohio  USA 

September 28    Tony Martin, son of Janice Hadaway, brother of Jody Martin, 
Valley, AL  USA 

September 28   Jim Reese, Jr., son of Jim Reese, Sr., 
brother of Wendy, Laura, Katie Lance 
and Stephan Reese and Natalie Lancaster, 
Columbia, SC USA 

September 28  Stephanie Leigh Marino, daughter of Joe and Patti
              Marino, Roswell, GA  USA 

September 28   Kyle Vigil, son of Terri Hooker, 
Lewisville, TX USA

September 29   Joseph Viggiano, son of Carmella Marzano, brother of John Biggiano, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

September 29   Jill Michiko Nakawatse, daughter of Eileen and Ken Nakawaste, 
sister of Denise Nakawatse, 
Lodi, CA  USA 

September 30  Teresa Fetter, daughter of Carolyn Broyles and Foster Bethea, 
sister of Wendy Tipi, Christy Haynes and Angelique Broyles, 
Myrtle Beach, SC USA

September 30    Frank Herbst, son of Lois and William Herbst, 
brother of Karen and Linda Herbst,
Shoshoni, WY  USA 

September 30    William P. Lake, son of Mary Chick and Brian Lake, 
brother of Robert Lake, 
Kirkville, NY  USA 

September 30    Ryan Anthony Streem, son of Barbara and Marc Streem, 
brother of Joe and Jeremy Streem, 
Rootstown, OH  USA 

September 30    Daniel Abercrombie, son of Linda and Jerry Abercrombie, 
brother of Jeremy (deceased, Gina (deceased) and Angela Abercrombie, 
Southwest City, MO USA 

September 30    Steven Grant, son of Teresa Grant, 
brother of Brandon, Brittany, Taylor, Bryanna and Mekayla Grant, 
Kingsland, GA  USA 

September 30    Marina Lelu Slama, daughter of April-Joy Earle and Porter Slama, 
sister of Raistlin Slama, 
Powder Springs, GA  USA

What is a memory? 

It is the faculty of beholding the golden rays 
of the sunset after the night has fallen.

It is the ability to bear in mind the sweet melody 
after the instruments have ceased playing. 

It is a conversation with someone who can no longer speak 
and seeing a smile on a face no longer here.

written by Karen Russell
Executive Director National Grief Support Services


Every day we build a bridge
It may reach anywhere
Across a stream or bed of rocks
No obstacle now there

Today I found a special bridge
That seemed to call to me
Picture perfect structure
Fulfills life's harmony

Walk across this special bridge
Love now gathers there
Compassion and a gentle smile
With friendship we declare

Join me on the other side
Our journey will begin
All will greet as heart repeats
Each step we take we win

No longer are we all alone
We join in peaceful prayer
Hands reach out to fill a space
With loyalty aware

Journey to the other side
With joy we reach the bend
Place our feet upon the earth
Where friendship has no end.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission



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