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Today's Birthday 

Please remember that today is a special birthday. 
Help them understand that the memories don't go away. 
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care. 
Enable them to listen while I share. 
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain. 
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain. 
Help them....... 
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate, 
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child, 
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay," 
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday! 


August Birthdays

August 1      Isaiah Hall, son of Barbara and Shawn Hall, 
brother of Daniel Cooperrider, Timothy Mccwilliams, William Mcwilliams, Tyler Hall,  Jesse Hall, Patrick Hall, 
Shawn Wright,  Angela Morehouse, Shaila Hall

August 1      Rodolfo (Rudy) Abila Jr., son of Rita and Rodolfo Abila Sr., 
brother of Jeffery Ben and Elija Deandra Abila, 
Odessa, TX USA

August 1      Larry Hollingsworth, son of Earlene and Neely Hollingsworth, 
brother of Terry, Mark (deceased) and Melissa Hollingsworth, 
Memphis, TN  USA

August 1      Christopher Todd Orr, son of Curtis and Peggy Orr, 
brother of Scott Alan Orr, 
Claremore, OK USA 

August 1      Michael Lindsey, son of Mary Jane Lindsey, 
Gray, GA USA 

August 1      Erica Coffey, daughter of Bud and Barbara Coffey, 
sister of Sarah Coffey, Chev Ell, Charles and Krickett Blachnik, Heather and Jay Weeks, 
Hickory, NC  USA 

August 1      Billy-Gray Petzer, son of Robert and Beverly Petzer, 
brother of Charlene and Abigail Petzer, 
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa 

August 1      Robert Shelton, Jr., son of Robert and Cynthia Shelton, 
brother of Farrah Dawn Gibbons, 
Longwood, FL  USA 

August 2     Mackenzie Lisle, daughter of Jenny Bird and Dareyl Lisle, 
sister of Maggie Lisle, Samantha and Megan Gerber, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA

August 2     Zach Willis, son of Stephanie and Mike Willis, 
brother of Kate Willis,
Pittsburg, KS  USA 

August 2     Charles Douglas Sanders, Jr., son of April and Charles Sanders, 
Union City, GA  USA 

August 2     Caden Haber, son of Kathleen Haber, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

August 2      James F. Horton, son of Wright and Beverly Horton, 
brother of Sarah Horton, 
Herndon, VA USA 

August 3      Nicholas James Duck, son of DeAnna and Paul Duck, 
brother of Michael and David Duck, 
Tucson, AZ USA

August 3      Brian Michael Kees, son of Rita Lambert, 
brother of Reggie, Whitney and Jennifer Kees, Aaron Hatch, Michael Moran and Tina Adamo, 
Pearl, MS, USA

August 3      Thomas Matthew Leonard, son of Margaret and Charles Leonard, 
Stillpond, MD  USA

August 3      Jonathan Edward Holliday, son of Donna Adams and Donald Holliday, 
Kennesaw, GA  USA 

August 3      Blake Samuel Stock, son of Leslie-Marie and Brian Stock,
brother of Connor, Garrett, Rachel and Emma Stock, 
Lake Havasu City, AZ USA 

August 3     Michael Wayne Studdard, son of Norma and Jack Studdard, 
brother of John Patterson, Crystal and Heather Studdard, 
Sullivan, MO  USA 

August 3     Daniel Langley, son of Maryanne and Thomas Langley, brother of Keith Langley, 
Bear, DE  USA 

August 3      Stephanie Mets, daughter of Wendy and Michael Mets, sister of Leanna Juncaj, 
Macomb, MI  USA 

August 3     Aaron Geddings Williams, son of Susan and Todd Williams, 
brother of Averi, Anderson and Ashtyn Williams, 
Charleston, SC 

August 3      Jaymi Lynn Wietsma, daughter of Melody Kennedy, 
sister of Charlie and Jimmy Dickens, Gary; Jannelle and Tarrey Wietsma; Darrin and Sheila Kennedy, 
Fenwick, MI  USA 

August 4      Vanessa Edmonds, daughter of Georgia Young Brown and Stephen Michael Brown,
sister of Justin Derrick Brown, Latoya Simmons and Chasity Brown Keltner, 
Sparta, TN USA

August 4      Justin "Derrick" Brown, son of Shirley Young Riddle and Stephen Michael Brown, 
brother of Chasity Brown Keltner, 
Cookeville, TN USA

August 4   Preston Drummond, son of Amanda and Brandon Drummond, 
brother of Dakota Littlejohn and Alivia Drummond, 
Temple, GA  USA

August 5      Brian Christopher Mongell, son of Kelli Mongell, 
Belpre, OH, USA

August 5      Michael Gary Bournazian, son of Linda L. and Steve A. Bournazian, 
brother of Steven, Kevin, David, Lynn and Beth Bournazian, 
Bellingham, MA USA

August 5      Kenneth Allen, son of Danielle Pitts and George Allen, brother of Darrius Pitts, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

August 5     Sean DeBarge, son of Sue Doucet, brother of Chance DeBarge, 
Pearl, MS  USA 

August 5      Michelle Anne Skiest, daughter of Pat Skiest, sister of Steven and Donny Skiest, 

August 6  Buffie Sammons, daughter of Sharon Pogash and Jeff Talbett, 
sister of Ryan Nixon and Erica Pogash, 
Thornville, OH  USA

August 6    Alexandria Nicole Haddock, daughter of Alison and Grant Haddock, 
sister of Hunter, Hayden, Addison and Harrison Haddock, 
O'Fallon, MO  USA 

August 6      Jeffrey Powell, son of Karen and Don Powell, 
brother of Jason Powell, 
Douglasville, GA  USA

August 6      Caden Alexander Mark Reece, son of Leanne and Tony Reece, 
Altadena, CA  USA 

August 6      Christopher Weisgerber, son of Gloria and Thomas Sessoms, 
brother of Dakota Sessoms, 
Norfolk, VA  USA 

August 6      Patrick James Foster, son of Treena Foster, 
Springfield, OR  USA

August 6      Morgan Tiffany Olin, daughter of Lori Olin, 
Northfield, MN USA

August 7     Jonathan Tarvin, son of Shela and Randy Tarvin, 
brother of Joshua and Jessica Tarvin, 
Acworth, GA  USA 

August 7     Heath Glaze, son of Tracey and Keith Glaze, 
brother of Bobby and James Glaze, Joseph and Jessica Moore,
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

August 7     John David Thrune, son of Vicki and David Thrune, 
brother of Lisa Walters, 
Winona, MN  USA 

August 7     Christopher Younts, son of Kari and Wayne Younts, 
brother of Frankie Younts,
Lexington, NC  USA 

August 7      Jennifer Oines, daughter of Pat and Richard (deceased) Oines, 
sister of Nicole Oines Skoloda,
Staten Island, NY  USA 

August 7      Cody Erwin, son of June Byers, 
Bull Shoals, AZ USA 

August 7      Jennifer Schnaars, daughter of Pat Kehlbeck, sister of C.J. Schnaars, 
Melbourne Beach, FL  USA

August 8      Charles J. Humphrey, son of Lori and Charles Humphrey, 
brother of Jonathan Humphrey, 
Savannah, GA USA

August 8      Vaughn Mack Taylor, son of Kimberly and Mack Taylor, 
Augusta, GA USA

August 8      Justin “Derrick” Brown, son of Shirley Young Brown Riddle and Robin Anthony Riddle,
brother of Chasity Brown Keltner, 
Cookeville, TN USA

August 8  Daniel Black, son of Jo Carol and Donald W. (deceased) Black,
brother of Matthew W. Black, 
Loganville, GA USA 

August 8     Douglas Hill, son of Melanie and Richard Hill, 
Burkburnett, TX  USA

August 9      Laurie Michelle Bostedo, daughter of Bill and Joanne Bostedo, 
sister of Beta A. McGee and Robin L. Mefford, 
Bethalto, IL  USA 

August 9      Taylor McDade, daughter of Sarah McDade, 
sister of  Christian & Zachery McDade, 
Rossville, GA USA

August 9      Brandy L. Smith, daughter of Brenda Jacobs and Mickey Stark, 
sister of John S. Wade and Regina A. Evans, 
Vienna, GA USA

August 9     Stacey Beth Pearce, daughter of Laurie and Kim Pearce, 
sister of Jason, Zachary and Jennifer Pearce, 
Matamdras, PA  USA 

August 9     Rodney Powell, son of Ruby and Jack Powell, 
brother of Alan Powell, Kathy Jordan, 
Troy, AL  USA

August 9      Jeremiah Lowery, son of Mildred and Chancie Lowery, Sr., 
brother of Marilyn Cameron, Spring Spears, Angel Sims, James, 
Sondra, Mike Lowery and Chancie Lowery, Jr.(deceased) 
Raeford, NC  USA

August 9      Glovelis Pat Wells, son of Joan Wells, 
Brandon, MS  USA

August 9      Jason Edgar Rodriquez, son of Rebecca Faulkner and Michael John Rodriquez, 
brother of Matthew, Timothy, Teresa and Alicia Rodriquez, 
San Francisco, CA  USA

August 9      Laurie Michelle Bostedo, daughter of Bill and Joanne Bostedo, 
sister of Beta A. McGee and Robert L. Mefford, 
Bethalto, IL  USA 

August 9      Matthew Gerth, son of Gretchen Gerth, brother of Melody and Megan Gerth, 
West Branch, MI  USA 

August 9      Connor Flanagan, son of Kim and Tom Flanagan,
brother of Hanna Flanagan, 
Phenix, AL  USA

August 9      Joshua Kyle Beeman, son of Drew and Laura Lynn Beeman, 
Lubbock, TX  USA 

August 9      Christopher E. duCasse, son of Robbie Bowman, 
brother of Brooke, Emily, Logan and Taylor Myers (deceased) duCasse, 
Snellville, GA USA 

August 10      Barton Joseph Carroll, son of Liz and Mike Carroll, 
brother of Morgan, Marina and Lydia Carroll, 
Portsmouth, RI USA

August 10    Andrew J. Cowart, son of MaDonna and Roger Cowart, 
brother of Joseph Cowart, 
Hoschton, GA  USA 

August 10    Jeremy Imrie, son of Cheryl and Roger Imrie, 
brother of Jody(deceased) and Ellen Imrie, 
Ashtabula, OH  USA 

August 10    Gina Abercrombie, daughter of Linda and Jerry Abercrombie, 
sister of Jeremy (deceased), Daniel (deceased) and Angela Abercrombie, 
Southwest City, MO 

August 10    John Sistrunk, son of Sarah and Lewis Sistrunk, 
brother of Robert and Annie Sistrunk, 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

August 11,      Bryan McAllister, son of Judy Freund, brother of Amy McAllister,
Corona, CA  USA

August 11    Kyndra Casteel, daughter of Candie Collier, 
sister of Nathan Briggs and Dakota Collier, 
Tooele, UT  USA 

August 11    Gaberiel Bradford-McGlinchey, son of Hanna Bradford and Shawn McGlinchey, 
brother of Xavier and Ariannah Ulanski, 
Calhoun, GA  USA 

August 11    Luke Jordan, son of Erica Beltz and Steve Jordan, 
brother of Lakin Jordan, 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

August 11  Deuce Roberts, son of Pam Wright and Kenneth Roberts, 
brother of Aimee Beck and Mandy Rogers, 
Jefferson, GA  USA 

August 11    Stephen Roux, son of Dolores Roux, brother of Tiffany Stanley, 
Apalachicola, FL  USA 

August 11    William Michael Coulter, son of Sharon and Bill Coulter, 
brother of Kimberly Coulter Mullins, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

August 11    Eric Toomey, son of Julie Dennis, 
brother of Kimberly and Heather Lawson, Nick Dennis and Jamie Hiles, 
Crooksville, OH  USA 

August 11    Danny Trissel, son of Sandra and Bill Trissel, 
Fort Collins, CO  USA 

August 11    Matthew S. Kimble, son of Richard and Terry Kimble, 
brother of Drew, Felicia and Christine Kimball, 
Webster, TX  USA 

August 12      Brenna Jane McKinney Garrison, daughter of Ginger and Ervan Garrison, 
sister of Ian Garrison, 
Athens, GA USA

August 12      Brenna Garrison, daughter of Ginger and Ervan Garrison, 
Athens, GA USA

August 12      Kevin Manders, son of Dorothy Sullivan and Harold Manders,
Cumming, GA USA

August 12      Julian Carter, son of Julette and Bryan Carter, 
brother of Adrian and Nicholas Carter, 
Stone Mountain, GA USA

August 12      Aiden Hunter Bonville, son of Allison Prisco & Jason Bonville, 
Port Saint Lucie, FL USA 

August 12    Nigel Wentworth, son of Joann and Hal Wentworth, 
brother of Yancey Wentworth, 
Meadville, MS  USA

August 12    Seth Goodling, son of Jessie and Kenneth Goodling, 
brother of Kenneth Edward, Kent Eugene and Anthony James Goodling,
Millerstown, PA  USA 

August 12    Amy Nicole Martin, daughter of Rita and Jeff Martin, 
son of Zack and Austin Martin,
Dawsonville, GA  USA 

August 12   Steven Alexander Branda, son of Angel and John Dadabo, 
brother of Vanessa and Gloria Branda, 
Jacksonville, FL USA 

August 12    Stephen Christopher Shane Smith, son of Peggy Schnurr, 
Vogler's Cove, NS, Canada 

August 12    David N. Beaulieu, son of Joyce Beaulieu, 
brother of Patricia Silva, Maryanne Eddy and Glen Beaulieu, 
Belchertown, MA  USA 

August 12    Remi Elaine Harvey, daughter of Jade Harvey and Danny Marshall, 
sister of Billie Jason Lee Harvey, 
East-Anglia-Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK 

August 12    Nathan Olien, son of Lynne and Curtis Olien, 
brother of Ryan, Justin and Becca Olien, 
Fargo, ND  USA 

August 13      Andrea Warner Jones, daughter of Beth and David Warner, 
sister of Teena Hardwick, 
Cedartown, GA USA

August 13    Mashanda Taylor, daughter of Michelle and Kerwin Scott, Sr., 
sister of Brandon and Kerwin Scott, Jr., Darius and Charlotte Taylor,
Conyers, GA  USA 

August 13    Isaac Dawkins, son of Francine and Sammy Dawkins, 
brother of Samantha Dawkins, 
Armurchee, GA  USA

August 13    Ami Sue Higginbotham, daughter of James Higginbotham, Sr. and Paula White, 
sister of James Higginbotham, Jr. and Jami Johnson, 
South Charleston, WV  USA

August 13    Jason LaPierre, son of John and Donna LaPierre, brother of Scott LaPierre, 
Susanville, CA  USA 

August 13    Tyler Powell, son of Lois Powell, 
McKee, KY  USA 

August 13    Mya Williams, daughter of Jennifer Williams, sister of Shyla Williams, 
Ottawa, Canada 

August 13    Ryan Fry, son of Wanda Fry, 
brother of Patrick and Megan Fry, 
Tucson, AZ  USA 

August 14      Neal Motz, son of Linda Scorggins and the Barry Neal (deceased), 
brother of Jason N. Motz, Randy Webb and Emily Rogers, 
Walton, KY  USA

August 14      Austin Burke, son of Lori and James Burke, 
brother of Ashley Burke, 
Idaho Falls, ID USA

August 14    Amy Martin, daughter of Rita and Jeff Martin, 
sister of Zack and Martin Martin, 
Dawsonville, GA  USA 

August 14    Brodie McKee, son of Debbie and Brian McKee, 
brother of Sam and Jessie McKee, 
Long Branch, NJ  USA 

August 14    Neal Motz, son of Linda Scroggins, 
brother of Jason Motz, Randy and Emily Webb, 
Walton, KY USA

August 14    Mark James Cerminara, son of Cristina McLellan, 
Townville, PA  USA 

August 14    Amanda Sullivan, daughter of Mike and Debbie Sullivan, 
Duluth, GA USA 

August 14    Abigail Melanie Johnson, daughter of Elizabeth and James Johnson, 
sister of Tristin James, Triton Chance and Olivia Gabrielle Johnson, 
Jackson, MO USA 


August 15      David Swindle, son of Judy and Donnie Swindle, 
brother of Donnie Swindle Jr., Ronnie Swindle, Kenny Leeder, Mamie Creed, Melissa Swindle, 
Cindy Mitchell, Tabatha Marxman and Angie Clark,
Houston, MO USA

August 15    Mackenzie Savannah Grindle, daughter of Marie and Jason Grindle, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

August 15    Brian Coletti, son of Virginia and Donald Coletti, 
brother of Neil, Bob and Suzanne Coletti, 
Sunnyvale, CA  USA 

August 15    Eric L. Tillman, Jr., son of Darlene Hamilton and Eric L. Tillman, Sr., 
brother of Casey Tillman, Leah Bonneau, Allison Hamilton, Jeff and Michael Bagwell, 

August 15    Jaryn Halley Harrison, daughter of Nina and Fritz Harrison, 
Oak Island, NC  USA 

August 15    Lindsay Elder, daughter of Nancy and Stan Elder, sister of Haley Elder, 
Marietta, GA USA 

August 15    Rhonda Gwin Hardin, daughter of Judy Bennett, sister of Gary Hardin,
Monroe, GA USA

August 16      Kelly McCormick, daughter of Tamara Morgan and Michael McCormick, 
sister of Nickole McCormick,
Huber Heights, OH, USA

August 16      Cindy Ross Jordan, daughter of Judy and Ronald Ross, 
sister of Mark Ross, 
Atlanta, GA USA

August 16    Andrew Surace, son of Judith Fisher and Andrew Surace, 
brother of Delanie and TJ Libro, Bethanie, Gabriele and Ryan Surace, 
Sea Isle City, NJ  USA 

August 16    Brett Alan Mims, son of Sharon Gladden and Amiel Mims, Sr., 
brother of Amiel Mims, Jr.,
Marietta, GA  USA 

August 17    Michael Fronek, son of Brenda and Fred Fronek, 
brother of Elisabeth Fronek, Joliet, IL  USA 

August 17    Jenna Caffrey, daughter of Lorri and Scott Caffrey, 
Verona, NJ  USA 

August 17    Kristy Leonard, daughter of Janet Leonard, 
Jeanette, PA  USA 

August 17    Jason Hill, son of Linda Veley, brother of Whitney Hill, 
Williamsburg, Ontario Canada 

August 18      Miguel Espinoza, son of Maria G. Chavarria and Ricardo Chavarria, 
brother of Roman David Espinoza, Anna Maria, Diana Laura and Irene Pena, 
Laredo, TX USA

August 18   Harold Bubba McCarty, Jr., son of Karen and Harold McCarty, Sr., 
brother of Jessica Hayes and Jacqueline McCarty, 
Fitzgerald, GA  USA 

August 18    DeAnna Eckstein, daughter of Sherryl and Ed Fink, 
sister of Ryann Fink, Colin and Melinda Newton, 
Mission, TX  USA 

August 18    Jason Bennett, son of Barbara Bennett Kemp and James Bennett, 
brother of Adam Bennett, 
Burdett, NY  USA 

August 18    David Patterson, Jr., son of Kathryn and David Patterson, Sr., 
brother of Kevin Patterson, 
Cabot, AR  USA

August 18    Kevin James Bogert, son of Gloria and Richard Bogert, 
brother of Suzanne Fellows, Michael and Marisa Bogert, 
Mission Hills, CA  USA 

August 18    Delora Anne Byford, daughter of Ruth and Larry Quinones, 
sister of Dempsey Stanton,  Springdale, AR  USA

August 19      Asheigh Danelutt, daughter of Debbie and Rick Danelutt, 
sister of Justin Danelutt and the late Jennifer Danelutt, 
Sylacauga, AL USA

August 19      Mathew Jameson, son of Kelly Jameson, 
brother of Chantel Jameson, 
Ontario, Canada

August 19    Duane Clinton Byrd, son of Linda Byrd, Ellenwood, GA  USA 

August 19    Jamie Leigh Armstrong, daughter of Kim Cornell, 
sister of Ramon, Dale, Christopher, Mark, Jerome, Otero and Patrick Armstrong, 
Zephyrhills, FL  USA 

August 20   Joshua Whitmore, son of Lori and Martin Whitmore, 
brother of Samual Whitmore (deceased), 
Emlenton, PA  USA 

August 20   Kevin G. Auker, son of Delores-Avalos and Patric R. Corcoran, 
brother of Brian P. Auker, 
Texas City, TX  USA 

August 20   Anthony Nelson, son of Lori McMillan, brother of Melanie Ehrlich, 
New Smyma Beach, FL  USA 

August 20    Brian Roney, son of Judy and Bill Roney, brother of Jeni Austin, 
Plant City, FL  USA 

August 20    Christopher Jordan Ballard, son of Leslie Ballard, 
brother of Stephanie Ballard, 
Myrtle Beach, SC USA

August 21      Kyle Gregory Redd, son of Mitzi and Greg Redd, 
brother of Lucas and Cody Redd, 
Jefferson, GA USA

August 21      Laurie Medlock, daughter of Micki and Tom Medlock,
sister of David Medlock, 
Rome, GA USA

August 21    Robert Galvan, son of Lucy and Bobby Galvan, 
brother of Monica Galvin, 
Texas City, Texas  USA 

August 21    Debbie Jenesky Nolker, daughter of Carol and Bob Jenesky, 
sister of Ron Jenesky, 
Cheswick, PA  USA 

August 21    Kenneth Charles Ryan Gosse, son of Sharon and Kenneth Gosse, 
brother of Stephen, Renee and Bryanna Gosse, 
Conyers, GA  USA

August 21    Kendyl Smith, daughter of Susan Smith, sister of Robbie Smith, 
Austin, TX  USA 

August 22      Michael Kyle Murphree, son of Pamela and Michael Murphree, 
brother of Brittany Murphree, 
Pottsboro, TX USA

August 22      Connor Caracappa, son of Jennifer and Glenn Caracappa, 
brother of Kate Caracappa,
Atlanta, GA USA

August 22      Andrew Ayo, son of Maxine Ayo, father of Ellis Ayo, 
brother of Laura Ayo and Jazz-min Oke,
Leeds England

August 22   Becky Hamilton, daughter of Pam and Buddy Hamilton, 
Chattanooga, TN  USA 

August 22    Kimberly Kay Wilkinson, daughter of Donna and Dan Wilkinson, 
sister of Thomas Wilkinson, 
Riverton, WY  USA 

August 22    Jeff McCullough, son of Linda McCullough, brother of Stan McCullough, 
Lilburn, GA  USA 

August 22    Chris Simpson, son of Tricia Simpson, 
brother of Luke Simpson, 
Auburn, GA USA 

August 22    Spencer Blake Youngblood, son of Julie and Bryan McAlister,
brother of Dillon and Lane Youngblood, Porter, Ali and Cassidy McAlister,
Sapulpa, Ok USA

August 22    Matthew A. Burns, son of Gwenn Burns,
brother of Julie Burns, 
Gretna, NE  USA

August 22    Seth Hansen, son of Claudette Porter, 
brother of Rachel, Eric, Skip and Luke Hansen, Angie Trent, Jeana, Jason, Bernie 
and Brandon Porter and Sarah Jennings, Raymond, NH  USA 

August 22    Mario Hartwell, son of Sherry Hartwell, 
Anchorage, AK  USA 

August 23      Timothy Webster, son of Darlene and Timothy Webster,
brother of Eric Webster and DeeLynn Ratliff, 
Carleton, MI USA

August 23   Angel Marie Woods, daughter of Nina Woods and roger Lutric, 
sister of Joshua, Eddie and Adam Woods, 
Mamou, LA

August 23    Todd Brandon Wehunt, son of Wanda Wehunt, brother of Angie Wehunt, 
Duluth, GA USA 

August 23    Shane E. Kuhn, son of Carolyn Eaton, brother of Shannon Kuhn, 
Douglas, WY  USA 

August 23    Jacob Aaron Oakes, son of Twila Christopher, 
brother of Zachery Oakes and Sierra Christopher, 
Prairie Home, MO USA

August 24      Adam Dean Kepner, son of Mary Ann and Dennis Dean Kepner, 
brother of Lisa A. Crumpton, 
Kennesaw, GA USA

August 24   Nicolas Philippe Godbout, son of Bernadette and Lucien Godbout, 
Drummond, NB, Canada 

August 24   Dustin Lee Fitzer, son of Irene Reeny Fitzer, 
brother of Terry Hodnefield, Ron Kendrick, Yvonne Kendrick, Leslie Doyal and Becky Groves, 
Randlett, OK  USA 

August 24    Elizabeth Evans, daughter of Jay Evans and Lisa Luster, 
sister of Taylor Luster and Christopher Evans, 
Columbus, OH  USA 

August 24    Michelle Marie Greever, daughter of David and Cindyjo Greever,
Colbert, WA  USA 

August 25      Bryan Michael Richards Ober Duncan, son of Donna Richards Duncan and Robert A. Duncan, 
brother of Meagan Ober Duncan, 
Pineville, LA USA

August 25   Patrick Tainsh, son of Deborah and David Tainsh, 
brother of Phillip Moore, 
Midland, GA  USA

August 25   Michelle Elizabeth Fiorello, daughter of Jocelyn and Nick Fiorello, 
sister of Andrew & Julie Fiorello,
Melbourne, FL USA 

August 25   Michael Rondel Watson, son of Donna and Michael Watson, 
brother of Elizabeth Watson, 
Louisville, KY USA 

August 25    Kristi Parks, daughter of Lori and David Parks,
sister of Grant and Derek Parks, 
Moore, OK  USA 

August 25    Jessica Hoehn, daughter of Donna and Paul Hoehn, 
sister of Jennifer Hoehn White, Jordan and Joanna Hoehn,
Evansville, IN  USA 

August 25    Steffen Michael Surber, son of Staci Griffin, brother of McKenzy Griffin, 
Ottawa, KS  USA 

August 25    Kim Gatti, son of Denese and Denny Kjargaard, 
brother of Kyle Gatti and Trevor Kjargaard, 
Oak Harbor, WA USA

August 26      Benjamin Wieczorek, son of Jennifer Welch and Peter Wieczorek, 
brother of Andrew Wieczorek, 
Winona, MN, USA

August 26    Ebony Weldon, daughter of Cheryl Weldon-Beebe, 
sister of Chemeeka Weldon, 
Baltimore, MD  USA 

August 26    Aaron Joseph Beams, son of Jackie and Joe Beams, 
brother of Carrie Ann Beams (deceased), 
Greensburg, KY  USA 

August 26    David Harrison, son of Jean and Kelly Clark, brother of Chrissy Harrison, 
East Alton, IL  USA 

August 26    Ricky Lone, son of Ellen and Ricky Lone, 
brother of Shawn Daughterty, Steven Parker, Trent and Autumn Lone, 
New Albany, IN  USA 

August 26   Courtney Belt, daughter of Terre and John Belt, 
sister of Eryn Belt, 
Davidsonville, MD  USA 

August 27   Christie L. Johnston, daughter of Angelynn Johnston, 
sister of Samantha Fox, 
Austin, TX  USA 

August 27   Janelle Murphy, daughter of Cindy and Keith Murphy, 
sister of Keith, Steven, Erika and Deanna Murphy, 
Cancandaigua, NY  USA 

August 27    Justin Pierce, son of Loran Pierce, brother of Joshua Pierce, 
Orlando, FL  USA 

August 27    Gunnar Alexander Bartnick, son of Mikey and Deb Bartnick, 
brother of Lauren, Joseph, Brendan, Zachary and Lucas Bartnick, 
Marshall, IL  USA 

August 27    Mary Katherine Nelson, daughter of Rosemary Nelson, 
sister of Roger Nelson, 
Seattle, WA USA

August 27    Jim Gorman, IV, son of Mildred Demarest, 
brother of Robin Gorman, Ron Carbone, Juli Cage and Jon Demarest, 
Morris Plains, NJ  USA 

August 27    Philip Norman Brown, son of Horace and Marie Brown,
brother of Karen Brown, 
Lilburn, GA  USA

August 28      Amy McGee, daughter of Gail and Mike McGee,
sister of Zachary and Jessica McGee, 
Atlanta, GA USA

August 28      Emma Castle, daughter of Debby and Bradley Castle, 
sister of Levi, Caleb, Anton, Josephine and Vanessa Castle, 
Henderson, AKL, New Zealand

August 28      Brayden Michael Eanes, son of Kelly and Thomas Eanes, 
Grayson, GA, USA 

August 28      John Armore, Jr., son of Cheryl and John Armore, Sr., 
brother of Ryan Amore and Kelley Burroway, 
Annandale, VA  USA

August 28   Brandon Marquis Williams, son of Selena Randolph and Anthony Williams, 
brother of Geidi Bashir, 
Norcross, GA  USA 

August 28    Amy Rose Fithen, daughter of Shirley J. and Charles R. Fithen, Jr.,
sister of Charles A. Fithen, 
Moundsville, WV  USA 

August 28    Robert Timothy Smith Fuqua, son of Kathy Marie and Stephen D. Fuqua, 
brother of Jason Smith, Nathan Walker, Corey and Shane Fuqua,
Rome, GA  USA 

August 28    Rico Medina, son of Jennifer and Faustino Medina, 
brother of Faustino (deceased), Royce (deceased) and Oscar Medina,
McKinleyville, CA  USA

August 28    Robert Andreew Corrigan, son of Linda and John Corrigan, 
Lake Oswego, OR  USA 

August 28    Jason Edgar Rodriquez, son of Rebecca Faulkner and Michael John Rodriquez,
brother of Matthew, Timothy, Teresa and Alicia Rodriquez, 
San Francisco, CA  USA 

August 28    Michael Potter, son of Michelle Potter Smith, 
brother of Jaquelyne, Sheri and Lonnie(deceased) Potter,
Midhurst, Ontario Canada 

August 28    Susan Kimberly Wofford, daughter of Linda McQuaig, 
Brunswick, GA USA

August 28    Matthew Daniel Patterson, son of Loretta and Daniel Patterson, 
brother of Dylan Patterson, 
Crandall, GA  USA 

August 29   Justin Allen Melton, son of Linda Melton-Murray, 
Marks, MS  USA 

August 29    Sean Mathieu, son of Anne and Paul Mathieu, 
brother of Angela Mathieu, 
Charlton, MA  USA 

August 29    David Lee Root, Jr., son of Debbie and Dave Root, 
brother of Douglas and Dustin Root, 
Vero Beach/Pine Island, FL  USA 

August 29    Lee Fletcher, son of Linda Eriksen, 
brother of Larry Fletcher and Linda Eriksen,
Wilmington, DE  USA 

August 29    Tina Robling Dearing, daughter of Judy Robling,
sister of Morgan, Emily and Rachel Robling, 
Winslow, IN  USA

August 30   JaVon McKinney, son of Cherese and JaMarvel McKinney, 
Augusta, GA  USA 

August 30    Linda Alford Dalgleish, daughter of Clarence and Willie Alford, 
sister of Kaye Alford Desormeaux, Wayne, Michael and Tim Alford and Teresa Alford Guidry, 
Hackberry, LA  USA 

August 30    Brandon Peale, son of Frankie Gibbs and John Roger Peale, 
Destin, FL  USA 

August 30    Mary Maree Wilson, daughter of Jennifer and Deshayn Wilson, 
sister of Devin Wilson, 
Muskogee, OK  USA 

August 30    Brett Stamos, son of Teri Stamos,
brother of Blake Stamos,
Bend, OR  USA 

August 31      Wendy Nicole Dickens McCammon, daughter of Brenda Cooper-McKnatt, 
Olive Branch, MS USA

August 31      Nicholas Werhofnik, son of Ann Sidwa and Frank Werhofnik, 
brother of Frank Werhofnik and Britany Sidwa,
Cartersville, GA USA

August 31      Rhonda Estelle Elliott Gray, daughter of Linda Elliott, 
sister of Duncan W. and Kara E. Elliott, 
Houston, TX USA

August 31      Emma Powell, daughter of Michele and Chris Powell,
sister of Patrick Powell, 
Kennesaw, GA USA

August 31    Rilee Andrew Sexton, son of Kaye Davis and Jerry,
brother of Sara Sexton, 
Las Vegas, NV  USA 

August 31    Wyatt Bradford, son of Lorna and Jason Bradford, 
brother of Jesse and Tiegan Bradford, 
Vancouver, WA  USA 

August 31    James Scroggins, son of Sherry and Rick Blevins,
brother of JoAnna Scroggins, 
Borger, TX  USA 

August 31 Christopher Pereida, son of Kimmi Hargrove, brother of Marci Pereida,
Lubbock, TX USA

August 31      Clay Miller, son of Gerald and Phyllis Conrad, 
brother of Michael (deceased), Butch, Johnny, & Steve Miller, Calli Henley, Lee Drake, Cyndi Preacher, Kevin and Kirk Conrad, 
Madison, MS USA 

August 31    Thomas McDonald, son of Jerri McDonald, brother of Les McDonald, 
Loganville, GA USA 


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