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January Birthdays 

Today's Birthday

Please remember that today is a special birthday. 
Help them understand that the memories don't go away. 
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care. 
Enable them to listen while I share. 
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain. 
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain. 
Help them....... 
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate, 
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child, 
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay," 
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday! 

January Birthdays

January 1      Matthew Donald Seavers, son of Shannon and Richard Seavers,
brother of Marie Seavers, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

January 1    Ryan Pilgrim, son of Terri and Philip Pilgrim, 
brother of Kyle and Philip Pilgrim, Jr., 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

January 1     Meagan Stoodt, daughter of Julie and Rick Weaver, 
sister of Nicholaus, Stephanie and Sarah Stoodt, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

January 1   Karina Joy Ann Bledsoe, daughter of Amy Bledsoe, 
sister of Aaron Bledsoe, 
Montesano, WA  USA

January 1     Shelby Motes, daughter of Jaynee Motes, 
sister of Robert Burton (deceased), Billy Motes and Tina Motes Brown, 
Trafford, AL  USA 

January 2     Jamie Nicole Walker, daughter of Renee and Thomas Walker, Sr., 
sister of Autumn Richards, Joseph Isbell and Thomas Walker, Jr.,
Huntsville, AL  USA

January 3   Brian Wall, son of Anne Morrow and Keith Wall, 
Jasper, GA  USA

January 3     Debbie Hughes, daughter of Dorothy and Jim Lamb, 
sister of Jim Lamb, III, Mary Discher and Cindy Garrison, 
Flowery Beach, GA  USA 

January 3     Paul-Fulton Robb, son of Cheryl Fulton-Robb, 
brother of Rachel and Michelle Fulton-Robb, 
Newbury, England 

January 4      Rickie Maurice Harris, son of Willie M. and Rickie D. Harris, 
brother of Whitney C. Harris, 
Norton, VA USA

January 4      Rickie Maurice Harris, son of Billie Ann and Rickie D. Harris,
brother of Whitney C. Harris, 
Norton, VA USA

January 4     Elizabeth Fortney, daughter of Julia and Charles Fortney, 
sister of Erin Fortney, Raymond and William Fletcher, 
Zanesville, OH  USA

January 4     Joseph Thomas, son of Meredith and Jimi Thomas, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

January 4     Jason Lewis, son of Julie and Chad Lewis, brother of Jesse Lewis, 
Brooksville, FL  USA 

January 4     Tracy Vreeland, daughter of Pat and Bernie Vreeland, 
sister of Brian Vreeland and Kim Pisel, 
Hudson, FL  USA 

January 4     Cory Griffin, son of Walt and Jody Seilheimer, 
Sandwich, IL USA 

January 4     Dawn Marie Moore, daughter of Nancy Strickland, 
Wewachitchka, FL  USA 

January 4     Nathan Cozby Barrett, son of Mary and John Barrett, 
brother of Rhett and Eli Barrett, 
Hiawassee, GA USA

January 4     Dustin Brand, son of Chris Brand, 
Lake Crystal, MN USA

January 5     Mark Hollingsworth, son of Earlene and Neely Hollingsworth, 
brother of Melissa, Terry and Larry (deceased) Hollingsworth, 
Memphis, TN  USA 

January 5     Joseph David Sorenson, brother of Lynda and Steven Sorenson, 
brother of Robert James and Samantha Leigh Sorenson, 
Marco Island, FL  USA 

January 5     Emily Stokes-Pace, daughter of Amber Stokes, 
Chesnee, SC  USA 

January 5     Kyle Eastham, son of Anita Eastham, 
Douglasville, GA USA 

January 5     Quiellin Eugene "Quint" Horton, son of Katherine Horton, 
College Park, GA USA 

January 6     Jordan Christopher Lee Booher, son of Stacy and Jay Booher, 
brother of Ashley and Tara Booher, 
Chickamauga, GA  USA 

January 6   Craig Kelly, son of Lorraine and Dan Kelly, 
brother of Jeff (deceased) and Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane Q'ld, Australia 

January 6     Michael Peterson, son of Suzette Massard, 
brother of Rojean Pierce and Christopher Mays, 
Redford, MI  USA 

January 6   Andrew Fike, son of Cynthia Fike, brother of Miranda Fike Barnes, 
Bridgette and Natalie Fike, LA  USA

January 7      Franky Arriaga, son of Virginia Valenzuela, 
brother of Benji, Ruben, Anna and Rebecca Arriaga, 
Safford, AZ USA

January 7      Gracie Tefertiller, granddaughter of Marlene and the late David Parmer, 
Monahans, TX USA

January 7      Brandon Harper, son of Debby and Ray Smith and Ronnie and Sherry Harper. 
Brother to Micki Newton, Matthew Newton, Jessica Smith and Jeremy Harper. 
Father of Nathan Harper and Jacob Sanders, 
Suwanee,  GA   USA

January 7   James Huerter, son of Barbara and Mike Huerter,
brother of Kim and Michelle Huerter, 
Seneca, KS USA 

January 7     Randy Reed Hecox, son of Alice Hecox Isabell, 
brother of Jeffrey, Donald and Donna Wilks, 
Harrisonville, MO  USA 

January 7     Michelle Woody, daughter of Mary and Brian Woody, 
sister of Brandon Woody, Brad and Chris Labes, 
Yakima, WA  USA 

January 7   Jeremiah Joseph Leeper, son of Nancie Leeper, 
Anniston, AL  USA 

January 7   Justin Stochmal, son of Sannon Stochmal, brother of Jenna, 
Matthew and Sara Stochmal, Regina, 
Saskatchewan, Canada 

January 8      De'marcus D. Ramey, son of Detric Reid and Donald Ramey, 
brother of Jared Jordan, Trevion Ramey, Vickia Stringer, Brittany, Alexis, Jasmine and Jada Ramey,
Austell, GA USA

January 8   Dawn Baker, daughter of Candice Fair and Norm Scholes, sister of Chris Pittman, 
Rome, GA  USA 

January 8   Ansley Sara Flynn, daughter of Kathy and Roger Flynn,
sister of Andrew and Jack Flynn, 
Kennesaw, GA  USA 

January 8     Jonathan Marshall Burns, son of Deb and John Martens, brother of Shauna Burns, 
Carl Junction, MO  USA 

January 8    Ryan Duffner, son of Rorry and Lisa Duffner, brother of Erica and Kyle Duffner, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA

January 9      Franklin Brandon Miller, son of Barbara and Steve Garrett, 
brother of Kiley Garrett, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA

January 9     David Bradley Williams, son of Jon Williams, 
Suquamish, WA  USA 

January 9     Lauren Stein, daughter of Cathie and Gregg Stein, 
sister of Erin and Hailey Stein, 
Collegeville, PA  USA 

January 10      Brooke Knapp, daughter of Dianna and Ron Knapp, 
sister of Braden Knapp, 
Villa Rica, GA USA

January 10      Glenn Rideout, son of Jenny Rideout, 
St. Johns, NL, Canada

January 10  Caroline Narvaez Moon, daughter of Terry and Tom Narvaez, 
sister of Cathy Narvaez, 
Whittier, CA  USA 

January 10  Viktor Michael Luning, son of Tara Bartlett and Michael Luning, 
brother of Michael Eugene (deceased), Nicholi Lee-Michael (deceased), and Michaela Luning, 
Yerington, NV  USA 

January 10   Tony Mclemore, son of Sylvia Vaughn and Charles Mclemore, 
brother of Angela Vaughn, 
Elkmont, AL  USA 

January 10   Wayne Robert George Price, son of Alice and Ted Price, 
brother of Charlene Elizabeth-Ann Price, 
Abbotsford, BC Canada

January 10   Coleman Brant Hoover, son of Brianne and Mike Hoover,
brother of Boone Hoover, 
Griffin, GA USA 

January 10   Joshua Daniel Hull, son of Stacie Hull, brother of Benjamin Hull,
Lewis, NY USA 

January 10   Jason Gibson, son of Tricia Garrett, 
Stone Mountain, GA USA

January 11      Dean Nicholas, son of Maria and Stephen Nicholas, 
brother of Steve and Hollie Nicholas, 
Caerphilly, United Kingdom

January 11  Michael David Prill, son of Cindy and David Prill, 
brother of Michelle and Kellie Prill, 
Coker, AL  USA 

January 11  Cathie Munafo Bodley, daughter of Shirley Mulryan and James Munafo, 
sister of Barbara A. Patterson, Michael and Joseph Munafo, 
Loveland, OH  USA

January 11  Weston Towne, son of G'ail and Rusty Towne,
brother of Salem, Shawn and A'lyce Star Towne, 
Bismark, ND  USA 

January 12      Pageant R Bowling Tucker, daughter of Phyllis and Roy Bowling, 
sister of Greg Bowling, 
Pikeville KY USA

January 12   Adam Patrick Haynie, son of Brenda White and C. Tony Haynie, 
brother of Matthew Alan Haynie (deceased), 
Fort Worth, TX  USA 

January 12   Kevin Dale Kegley, son of Kathy J. and Gary E. Kegley,
Vanceburg, KY  USA 

January 12   Pageant Renee Bowling Tucker, daughter of Phyllis and Roy Tucker, 
sister of Gregory Bowling, 
Pikeville, KY  USA 

January 12   Sarah Elizabeth Corbitt, daughter of Constance and Holland Corbitt, 
sister of Whitney and Morgan Corbitt, 
Loganville, GA  USA 

January 12   Zachary Bell, son of Jenny and Chris Bell, brother of Kayla Boesche and Alyssa Bell, 
Columbus, In  USA

January 12   Jennifer English, daughter of Brenda and Don English, sister of Daniel English, 
Vulcan, Alberta, Canada 

January 12   Austin Michael Morse, son of Tim and Joy Morse, 
brother of Destiny and Alyssa Morse, 
Cheektowaga, NY  USA 

January 12   Darren Kirkland, son of Donna Stephens, 
brother of Deborah Kirkland, Holly and Heather Stephens,
Douglass, TX  USA

January 12    Nicholas Harris, son of Tonia Thrasher, 
brother of Bryan Harris and Dawn Fleming,
Buford, GA USA 

January 13      Robert Joseph Hunley, son of Shirley and Charles Hunley, 
brother of Johnathan, 
Bubba and Kelly Henley, Griffin, GA USA

January 13  Heather Mae Bonham, daughter of Kimberley and Rex Bonham, 
sister of Danielle Anne Bonham, 
Fountain Valley, CA  USA 

January 13   Andrea Jewel Ruth Reynolds, daughter of Juliann and Warren Reynolds, 
sister of Justin Reynolds, 
Cincinnati, OH  USA

January 13   Christopher M. Schuh, son of Carol and Mike Schuh, 
brother of Marc Dilworth, 
Versailles, OH USA 

January 13   Kathy Maynard, daughter of Sharlene E. Allen,
sister of Sharmaine Graves, Dawn,
David and Joann Maynard, 
Bradford, PA  USA

January 14      Nicholas Posey, son of Diana and William Posey, brother of Bryan, 
Lilburn, GA USA

January 14      Justin L. Kavaryants, son of Debra and Leon Kavaryants, 
brother of Brandon Kavaryants, 
Douglasville, GA USA

January 14      Alex “Brett” Powell, son of Melanie Kay Powell-Elton and Gene Powell, 
brother Todd Powell, 
Douglasville, GA USA

January 14  Jason Highet, son of Alice and Ed Highet, 
brother of Allison Highet, 
Chandler, AZ  USA 

January 14   Katie Cleveland, daughter of Sherry and David Cleveland, 
sister of Meghan Cleveland, 
Alma, GA  USA 

January 14   Ericca Denise Monroe, daughter of Trezan and Vernon Monroe,
sister of Chris Monroe, 
Baton Rouge, LA  USA 

January 15   Freddie Allen, Jr., son of Sandy and Freddie Allen, Sr., 
Chatsworth, GA  USA 

January  15  Daniel Bruce Richards, son of Karen L. and Thomas Lyle Richards, 
brother of Ronald C., Martin A. Richards and Georgia M. Cain, 
Austell, GA  USA 

January 15  Tim Reynolds, son of Gayle and Jeff Reynolds, 
brother of Erin Reynolds, 
Little Rock, AR  USA 

January 15   Nicholas Edward Williams, son of Lisa and Rudy Williams, 
brother of Benjamin and Kelli Williams, 
Decatur, GA  USA 

January 15   Eugene Conner, son of Billy Conner, brother of Connie Conner, 
Union Mills, NC  USA 

January 15   Dustin Eric McDine, son of Debbie Freeman and Dennis McDine,
brother of Blain Freeman and Devin McDine, 
Birlington, KY  USA 

January 15   Thomas Scopa, son of Bernadette Scopa,
brother of Patrick and Candice Scopa,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 

January 16      Daniel Wilson, son of Marie and Darrell Wilson, 
brother of Darrell C. Wilson, Douglas Wilson, Ke shia Snow and Krista Payne, 
Cambridge City, IN USA

January 16  Samual Whitmore, son of Lori and Martin Whitmore, 
brother of Joshua Whitmore (deceased), 
Emlenton, PA  USA 

January 16   Jay Dean Christiansen, son of Myrna Christiansen, 
Hutchinson, KS  USA 

January 16   Brooklyn Hope Peters, daughter of Pete Peters, 
sister of Rodney, Eric and Alexis Peters, 
Hampton, GA  USA 

January 16  Shannon Lloyd, daughter of Anne and Russell Lloyd,
sister of John Lloyd, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

January 16   Chris Knight, son of Nancy and Keith T. Knight, 
Spring Valley, OH USA 

January 16   Breck Whitman, son of Kathy Knudsen and Michael Whitman, 
Lyme, NH  USA 

January 16    Shelby Howard, daughter of Linda and Dwayne Howard, 
sister of James and Whitney Howard, 
Texarkana, TX  USA 

January 16   Bob (SBD) Lilijedahl, son of Ron and Mary Lilijedahl, 
Clinton, MD USA 

January 16   Jesse Keegan White, son of Maureen White, 
Boulder, CO  USA 

January 17  Jack Poppe, son of Suzanne and Mike Poppe, 
brother of Cole and Reese Poppe, 
Dallas, GA  USA

January 17   Bradley Lloyd, son of Suzanne Gray, brother of Robbie Lloyd, 
Alexander, AR  USA 

January 18      Randall Roe, son of Debbie Dellinger and Teddy Roe, 
brother of Luke and Lesh Ruff, 
Cartersville, GA USA

January 18    Brandon Kenneth Blackwell, son of Danny and Susie Blackwell, 
brother of Kerri Blackwell, 
Pride, LA  USA 

January 18   Paul Burash, son of Robert and Sandra Burash, 
brother of Andrea Campbell, 
Severn, MD  USA

January 19      Bucky Wade Rookstool, son of Denise and David Rookstool, 
brother of Michael Rookstool and Jenifer Stewart, 
Topeka, KS USA

January 19    Michael D. Johnson, son of Susan L. and Carl B. Johnson, 
brother of Saida Johnson, 
Silver Spring, MD  USA 

January 19  Darryl Tahtinen, son of Gloria and Norman Tahtinen, 
brother of Sharon Kent, Norma Kokko, Patrice Mayo, JoAnn Muma, John and Norman Tahtinen, Jr., 
Baraga, MI  USA

January 19   Airman First Class Christopher Scott, son of Wendi Mendez, 
brother of Trey and Ashley Scott, 
Snow Hill, NC USA 

January 19   Moya Vaun Jacobson, daughter of Joan Murphy, sister of Leif Sean Jacobson, 
Belfast, North Ireland 

January 19   Allison McCauley, daughter of Mike and Jane McCauley, 
sister of Michael McCauley, 
Rome, GA USA 

January 19   Jessica Lyn Bryl,  daughter of Dan and Betty Bryl, sister of Sarah Bryl,
Bluffton, SC USA

January 19   Jamie Hughes, son of Lois and Marvin Hughes,
brother of Emma and Kameron James Hughes-Black, 
Lancaster, OH USA 

January 19 John Daniel Pettyjohn, son of Julia Moon Pettyjohn, 
Decatur, GA USA

January 20   Christopher J.S. Yohannes, son of Inge A. and Daniel K. Yohannes, 
brother of Rebecca C. Yohannes,
Wheatridge, CO  USA 

January 20   Elizabeth Ann Bauer, daughter of Angela Zytniowski Bauer and Anthony Bauer, 
Chicago, IL  USA

January 20   Lisa Atkins, daughter of Barbara and Mark Atkins, sister of Amy Atkins, 
McDonough, GA  USA 

January 21  Robert Schoff, Jr., son of Patricia Schoff Moore and Robert Schoff, Sr.,
brother of Sarah Schoff, 
Baltimore, MD  USA 

January 21   Greyson Schulte, son of Kimberly and Allen Schulte, 
brother of Ashley and AJ Schulte, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

January 21   William Justin Curry, son of Venessa Nabors and Timothy Curry, 
brother of Michael Powell, Jakiel and Nikiel Curry, 
Loney, AL  USA

January 21   Paul Gubitosi, son of Agnes and Guy Gubitosi, 
brother of Thomas and Christine Gubitosi, 
Hillsborough, NJ  USA 

January 21   Kurt Alan Miller, son of Pat McDougle, 
brother of Kevin J. Connley (deceased), Debi Floyd and Dawn Ball, 
Bealeton, VA USA 

January 21 Stevie Friend, son of Terry Murphy-Latta, 
Cleveland, MO USA 

January 21   J.R. Bailey, son of Penny Bailey, 
Fort McMurray, AL USA 

January 22      Kim Foster, daughter of Evelyn and Jerry Asay, 
sister of Mike Asay, Monte Asay, Kathy Andersen, Karen Morgan and Kristi Harder, 
Lander, WY, USA

January 22   Michael Beall, son of Suzy and Charlie Beall, 
brother of Paul, Tony, Jack and Missy Beall, 
Peachtree City, GA  USA 

January 22   Mikhail Phillips, son of Sara and Paul Phillips, 
brother of Stephen and Kelly Phillips, 
Hildebran, NC  USA 

January 22   Steven Curtis, son of Janet and Don Curtis, Tucker, GA  USA 

January 22   Andy Dunbar, son of Sharon Bryant, brother of Amy and Randy Bryant, 
Greenpond, AL  USA 

January 22   Brandon Michael Thomason, son of Georgann B. Lord,
Cumming, GA  USA 

January 22   Sylvia Cassidy, daughter of Diana Zambory, sister of Hank Cook, 
Newport, NC  USA

January 23   Ashleigh Nicole Bruner, daughter of Judy Bruner, sister of Sarah Bruner, 
Mentone, IN  USA 

January 23   Scott Kimsey, son of Chen Menter, brother of Trisha Peterson, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

January 23  Tristan Phillips, son of Robyn Boyce and Sydney Phillips, 
brother of Cassidy, Shelby, Cheyenne and Cherokee (deceased), Phillips, Courtney Hayden, 
Bruce Rock, W.A., Australia

January 23  Stevie Phillips, son of Robyn Boyce and Sydney Phillips, 
brother of Cassidy, Shelby, Cheyenne and Cherokee (deceased), Phillips, Courtney Hayden, 
Bruce Rock, W.A., Australia

January 23   Jeffrey Alan Thiltgen, son of Roger Thiltgen, brother of Michael Thiltgen, 
Houston, TX  USA

January 23   Kenny Bowen-Leogh, son of Cathy Bowen, brother of Eileen Bowen-Keogh,
New York City, NY USA 

January 23   Dru Reed, daughter of Sheri Reed, sister of Stewart, Kris, Jackallynn, Ryanne
and Angel Rose Reed, Bethany, 
Ontario, Canada 

January 24   Rory Evan Dul, son of Glenn Dul, brother of Daniel Aden Dul, 
Westlock, Alberta, Canada 

January 24   Todd Eller, son of Debora and Jerry Anderson, 
brother of Richard and Jessica Anderson, Chandra and Michelle Eller, 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

January 25      Taylor Green-Sillers, daughter of Kay and Roger Green, sister of William King, 
Tarkio, MO  USA

January 25      Todd Lee Hill, son of Glenda and John Loose, brother of Craig Hill, 
sister of Robyn Frazier, Tonya Dawson, Tracie Loose, 
Lawton, OK USA

January 25   Dakota Cruz Colbert, son of Katina and Pernell Colbert, 
brother of Nicholas Brown and Toria Colbert, 
Murphy, NC  USA 

January 25   Arlyn Maria Beal, daughter of Karyl Chastain and Ronnie Beal, 
sister of Ron Beal, 
Pavo, GA  USA 

January 25   Anthony Talton, Jr., son of Angela H. Cornelius, 
Macon, GA  USA 

January 25   Wester, son of Christy & Doug, brother of Savanah and Chance, 

January 25   Marne "Mary Elisabeth" Harris, daughter of Jane Harris,
sister of Melanie Harris, Bleem, 
Havana, IL USA 

January 26   Gabriel Naumann son of Barbara Clements, 
brother of Jacob, Breanna and Lindsay Naumann, 
Baltimore, MD  USA

January 26   James Edward Kendig, III, son of Brun Dirk and James Edward Kendig, Jr., (deceased), 
brother of Mona Wenker, Michael and Toby Kendig, 
Cut Bank, MT  USA 

January 26   Tyler Moyer, son of Michele Moren, 
brother of Matthew Moyer and Madison Moren, 
Crowly, TX  USA 

January 26   Justin Tyler Murphy, son of Jami Murphy and Henry Johnson, 
Charleston, WV  USA

January 26   Mystic Lynn Eide, daughter of Heather Eide, 
sister of Lon Rodenberg, Jace, Seth and Rob Eide, 
Grand Rapids, MN  USA 

January 26   Lane McCord, son of Rex and Faye McCord, 
Terry, MS USA 

January 26   Stephanie Jean-Hunt Wright, daughter of Paula Wright, 
sister of Alan, Emily and Brian Wright, 
St. Paul, MN 

January 27      Michael ‘Kyle’ Davis, son of Mary Ann Davis, 
brother of Michelle Leigh Davis (deceased), 
Tucker, GA USA

January 27      Jamarr Jordan, son of Janet Mitchell, 
brother of Rogers Mitchell III and Antonina Florence,
Lithonia, GA, USA

January 27   Alec Butler, son of Jennifer and Brodie Butler, 
brother of Gabriella (deceased) and Bryce (deceased) Butler,
Oklahoma City, OK USA 

January 27   Bryce Butler, son of Jennifer and Brodie Butler,
brother of Gabriella (deceased) and Alec (deceased) Butler, 
Oklahoma City, OK USA

January 28   Brian Allen Bakle, son of Larry and Joyce Bakle, 
brother of Michael Clayton Bakle (deceased), 
Dry Ridge, KY  USA

January 28   John Kendell Landry, son of Crescentia Cindy Landry, 
Lithonia, GA USA

January 29      Stephanie Marie Strohl, daughter of Josie and Duane Strohl, 
sister of Sean Matthew Strohl, 
Palm Desert, CA USA

January 29      Shane Aleck Hartzog, son of Emily and Shane Hartzog, 
brother of Haisten, Aiden, Amber and Brenna Hartzog, 
Douglasville, GA USA

January 29      Sean Rice, son of Gwen and George Rice,
 Shelton, CT USA

January 29   Terry Hatten, son of Barbara Prescott and Richard Hatten,
brother of Charlie and Mike Hatten, 
Natchitoches, LA  USA 

January 29   Nathan Mares, son of Mary Mares Lewallen and Mark Mares, 
brother of Casandra Mares-Green and Mandie Jo Mares-Crane, 
Casper, WY  USA 

January 29   Stephen Ronald Goebel, son of Patricia and George Goebel,
brother of Scott, Robin and Peggy Goebel, 
Atco, NJ  USA 

January 29   Christopher Boyd, son of Mickey Crawford, brother of Denisia Boyd, 
Winder, GA  USA 

January 29   Bruce Noss, Jr., son of Valerie Noss, 
Norfolk, VA USA 

January 29   Angel Rose Reed, daughter of Sheri Reed, sister of Dru, Stewart, Kris, Jackallynn
and Ryanne Reed, Bethany, 
Ontario, Canada 

January 29   Gilbert Wee, son of Rober and Sylvia Wee, brother of Melissa, 
Angela and Michelle Wee, 
Soldiers Grove, WI  USA 

January 29   Bruce Dickson, son of Llma Dickson, brother of Jonathan and Emma Dickson, 
Durban, South Africa

January 29   Vernon Creamer, Jr., son of Vernon and JoAnn Creamer, 
brother of Stephanie Creamer Kurpa, 
Southport, FL USA

January 29    Shane Aleck Hartzog, son of Emily Hartzog, 
brother of Amber, Brenna and Haisten Hartzog, 
Douglasville, GA USA 

January 30      Jeneca Purl, daughter of Valerie Brittain-Wiese, 
sister of Jordan Wiese and Jacque Solis, 
La Vista, NE USA

January 30   Jace Parker, son of Jacqueline Parker, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA

January 30      Trent William Johnson, son of Cindy and Toby Johnson, 
brother of Jacob, Lindsay and Victoria Johnson, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

January 30   Kevin Jeffrey Stanley, son of Janice Hutsell, 
brother of Darren Johnson and Justin Stanley, 
Blue Springs, MO USA 

January 30    Tara Marie Mauler, daughter of Penny Mauler, 
Sargent, NE USA 

January 30   Shane Beattie, son of Melody Beattie, brother of Nichole Beattie,
Mailbu, CA  US

January 31      Bridget Mari O’Connor, daughter of Brenda and Tom O’Connor, 
sister of Phillip O’Connor and Sabrina Moxley, 
Atlanta, GA USA

January 31      Clinton Ron Walker, son of Candace and Clint Walker, 
brother of Diamond LaRae Walker, 
Atlanta, GA USA

January 31      Jason Gregory, son of Kathy Southard and Danny Gregory, 
brother of Shannon, Tyler and Danielle Gregory, 
Crestline, OH USA

January 31   Jerima Roper, daughter of Alison and Simon Roper, 
sister of Kieran and Haydn Roper, 
West Drayton, United Kingdom 

January 31  Heather Mae Bonham, daughter of Kimberley and Rex Bonham, 
sister of Danielle Anne Bonham, 
Fountain Valley, CA  USA 

January 31   Lauren Woodbury, daughter of Ean and Rob Woodbury, 
sister of Lindsey Woodbury, 
Park City, UT  USA

January 31   Donald Dalton, son of Sandra Shreve and Donald Dalton, 
brother of Rick Dalton and Cindy Riley, 
Kenosha, WI  USA

January 31   Ashley Sockwell, daughter of Barbara and John Sockwell, 
sister of Lee, Lisa, Mark, Brannon and Adam Sockwell,
Snellville, GA  USA 

Winter Memories

The days are getting colder

and the first snow’s not too far off.

It used to be so pretty,

gently falling from aloft.

But the snow won’t be as pretty,

as it gathers on the ground,

‘cause there’ll be a snowman missing,

my son is not around.

The playing children’s laughter

used to be a special song,

but this year will be different,

without my son along.

The song has lost its music

and it’ll be just another day,

as I gaze down from my window

and watch the children play.

But the snow will again be pretty

in a far off distant time,

and we’ll build snowmen together

and we’ll never look behind.

For now, I’ll remain with memories

but the melting show will fade.

And he builds snowmen to his heart’s content,

‘cause he lives where it’s made.

~Jeremiah Sundown

TCF, Nashville, TN

Like a Fluttering Butterfly

A Butterfly is a messenger, sent from above,
To share Heaven's beauty, and show God's love.

It represents how delicate, our lives can be,
One moment you are here, then an Angel you'll see.

God send His best, to give us the news,
Our time is up, but He did not choose.

Like the Butterfly, we are born, and set free,
To share God's gift, in the great human sea.

We grow with guidance, from our parent's care,
Each new step forward, gives them a scare!

Sometimes we age, for decades we're here,
Some of us don't make it, to the very first year.

But in our time on Earth, we leave our own mark,
If you mention our name, it kindles a spark.

Our image and smiles, appear as a thought,
Our memories and deeds, and the battles we fought.

Tears come forth, of both great sadness and much joy,
As we remember the precious girl, or the darling boy.

When you see a Butterfly, take a moment to gaze,
At the beauty before you, it will truly amaze!

And remember how delicate, a life can be,
Don't waste a moment, is my heartfelt plea.

For our loved ones can leave us, at any time,
Life a fluttering Butterfly, on a Heavenly climb!

~Created In Memory of Jessica Lyn Bryl
January 19, 1977 - April 3, 2000
By Jessica's father - Dan Bryl

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Is this the first day
when you can bear to remember
how you smiled together,
that day in spring,
that morning in the rain?

Are you discovering 
how many gifts of comfort
he left behind,
this child who died 
too soon?

His life is gone,
but he endows your time
from this day forward,
with all the faithful treasures
of remembrance.

~words of Sascha from her book Wintersun

A Love Song

The mention of my child’s name

May bring tears to my eyes,

But it never fails to bring

Music to my ears.

If you are really my friend,

Please, don’t keep me

From hearing the beautiful music.

It soothes my broken heart

And fills my soul with love.

~Nancy Williams


A New Year's Prayer

God grant us this year a wider view
So we see other' faults through the eyes of You..
Teach us to judge not with hasty tongue,
Neither the adult...nor the young,

Give us patience and grace to endure
And a stronger faith so we feel secure,
And instead of remembering, help us forget
The irritations that caused us to fret

Freely forgiving for some offense
And finding each day a rich recompense
In offering a friendly, helping hand
And trying in all ways to understand

That all of us whoever we are
Are trying to reach an unreachable star..
For the great and small...the good and bad,
The young and old...the sad and glad

Are asking today, "Is life worth living?"
And the answer is only in loving and giving..
For only love can make us kind
And kindness of heart brings peace of mind,

And by giving love we can start this year
To lift the clouds of hate and fear.

Author Unknown - shared by Meg Avery, Sugar Hill, Ga

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