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July Angel Dates 


July 1      Kelly McCormick, daughter of Tamara Morgan and Michael McCormick, 
sister of Nickole McCormick, 
Huber Heights, OH, USA

July 1   Brian Michael Parise, son of Kammi Young, 
brother of Malachy Zinn and Alexa Lyn Young (deceased), 
Kenosha, WI  USA

July 1   Kinsley Taylor  Howard, daughter of Stacie and Jason Howard, 
sister of Kalyn and Allyssa Kaite Howard, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

July 1   Luke Deavers, son of Tawn and Gene Deavers, 
brother of Josh Deavers, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

July 1    Shawn Steffan, son of Elizabeth and Dennis Steffan, 
brother of Scott, Kurt and Kim Steffan, 
Leipsic, OH  USA 

July 1    Dana Goodwin, daughter of Dan and Alice Goodwin, 
sister of Holly Goodwin, 
Statesville, NC  USA 

July 1    Tom Weaver, Jr., son of Kathleen and Tom Weaver, Sr.,
brother of Jarrod Weaver, 
Foxborough, MA  USA 

July 1    Sandy Shelton, daughter of JoAnne Guswiler, 
sister of Tracy December and Leslie Shelton, 
Floral City, FL  USA 

July 1    Jennifer Schnaars, daughter of Pat Kehlbeck, sister of C. J. Schnaars,
Melbourne Beach, FL  USA 

July 2      David William Burns, son of Lydia and David Burns, 
brother of Heather Burns Thomas, 
Crawfordville, FL USA

July 2      Anthony Emmanuel Arritola, son of Janina and Rick Arritola,
brother of Tray Gregory, James Gregory, Lorenzo Arritola, 
Cumming, GA USA

July 2     Bradley Lloyd, son of Suzanne Gray, brother of Robbie Lloyd, 
Alexander, AR  USA 

July 2    Isaiah Windham, son of Vicki Windham, 
brother of Ian and Isaac Windham, 
North Platte, NE  USA 

July 3    Joshua Carpenter, son of Kim Carpenter, 
Ingleburn, NSW, Australia 

July 3   Dustin Lee Fitzer, son of Irene Reeny Fitzer, 
brother of Terry Hodnefield, Ron Kendrick, Yvonne Kendrick, Leslie Doyal and Becky Groves, 
Randlett, OK  USA 

July 3    Russell Scott Ellers, son of Dawne Ellers, brother of Lance Ellers, 
Glenmont, NY  USA 

July 3    Cary John Walker, son of Capri Walker, 
Kenosha, WI  USA 

July 4      Barton Joseph Carroll, son of Liz and Mike Carroll,
brother of Morgan, Marina and Lydia Carroll, 
Portsmouth, RI USA

July 4    John William Smith, son of Mary fletcher and John Smith, brother of Tina Parker, 
Social Circle, GA  USA 

July 4    William Evans Trawick, son of Bill and Betsy Trawick, 
brother of Casey and Lauren Trawick, 
Alpharetta, GA  USA 

July 4    David Lee Root, Jr., son of Dave and Debbie Root, 
brother of Douglas and Dustin Root, 
Vero Beach/Pine Island, FL  USA

July 5   Robert Stokes, son of Linda and Ralph Stokes, 
brother of David and Amy Stokes, 
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada 

July 5   Shawn Liston Towne, son of Gail and Rusty Towne, 
brother of Salem, Weston and Alyce Star Towne, 
Bismarck, ND  USA 

July 5    Heather Ashley N. Ferrer, daughter of Poppy and Art Ferrer, 
sister of AJ, Anthony, Aidan and Anissa Ferrer, 
Whittier, CA  USA 

July 5   Justin Young, son of Amanda Wilson, brother of Allison and Alisha Huey, 
Hampton, GA  USA 

July 5    Michelle Barnett, daughter of Alicia and Ronald Barnett, Sr., 
sister of Ronald Barnett, Jr. and Ashley Stotler, 
Hesperia, CA  USA 

July 5    Matt Conover, son of Noelle and Dave Conover, 
brother of Megan, Alex and Anna Conover, 
Pittsburgh, PA  USA 

July 5    Tyler Anthony Cope, son of Moira Mary Jones, 
brother of Kristy Marie Jones, 
Cardiff South Wales, UK 

July 6     Brandi Leigh Varnadore Parker, daughter of Debbie and Rayford Varnadore, 
sister of Nick Varnadore, 
Macon, GA  USA 

July 6   Hannah Nicole Buchanan, daughter of Tammie and Timothy Buchanan, Jr., 
sister of Brittany Jenea Buchanan, 
New Cumberland, WV  USA

July 6    Evan Jamison Schmidt, son of Sue and Steve Schmidt, 
brother of Nick, Drew, Weston, Courtney, Kristen Schmidt and Andy Smet, 
Oskosh, WI  USA 

July 6    Michael Joseph Gailey, Jr., son of Alison and Michael Gailey, 
brother of Michaella, Jenna and Alexander Gailey, 
Cresson PA  USA 

July 6    Richie Houdek, son of Frank and Joann Houdek, 
brother of Mary K. Rakytiak, Kathy Hertelendy, Joann Wirtz, Paul, Bruce, Tom and Frank Houdek, 
Parma, OH USA 

July 7      Pamela Reid, daughter of Ceceilia and David Reid, 
sister of David Reid, Brian Reid, Anthony Chase, Arther Chase, Susan (Reid) Gould, Valeire Chase, 
DeFuniak Springs, FL USA

July 7      Bryan Michael Richards Ober Duncan, son of Donna Richards Duncan and Robert A. Duncan,
brother of Meagan Ober Duncan, 
Pineville, LA USA

July 7   Nikki McFadden, daughter of Angela and Max McFadden, 
sister of Heather McFadden, 
Macomb, IL  USA

July 7    Skylar Coppernall, son of Clarissa Coppernall, 
brother of Michael and Malinda Coppernall, 
Boscobel, WI  USA 

July 7      Matthew Chase Weeks, son of Marie Doss and Johnny Weeks, 
brother of Austin Rogers, John Weeks and Hannah Cummings, 
Ringgold, GA USA 

July 7    Heather Rebecca Evarts, daughter of Laura Evarts, 
sister of Melanie, Sarah, Emily and Daniel Evarts, 
Montgomery, NJ  USA

July 8      Caroline Moon, son of Terry and Tom Narvaez, sister of Cathy Narvaez, 
Whittier, CA USA

July 8  Shawna Dempsey, daughter of Kathy and Kerry Dempsey, 
sister of Andrew Dempsey, 
Vancouver, BC

July 8   Caroline Narvaez Moon, daughter of Terry and Tom Narvaez, 
sister of Cathy Narvaez, 
Whittier, CA  USA 

July 8    Megan Ashlynn Sullivan, daughter of Jackie and Vickie Sullivan, 
Murphy, NC  USA 

July 8    Kellie Kay Kemling, daughter of Joannie Kemling, 
sister of Mitchell John Kemling (deceased), 
Shoreview, MN  USA 

July 8    Shawn A. Dempsey, daughter of Kathy Dempsey, 
sister of Andrew Dempsey, 
Vancouver, BC

July 9      Brett Anthony Ginder, son of Cheryl and Bob Ginder,
brother of Shawn, James, Kyle and Kelsey Ginder, 
Olney, IL USA

July 9      Steven E. Ketterer, son of Gail and Steven W. Ketterer, 
brother of Tara and Kimberly Ketterer, 
Ottsville PA USA

July 9   Tanna Novack, daughter of Betsy Nichols Johnson and Winston Tooke, 
Cadiz, KY  USA 

July 9   Courtney Belt, daughter of Terre and John Belt, 
sister of Eryn Belt, 
Davidsonville, MD  USA 

July 9    Melissa Carolyn Heinly, daughter of Sharon Heinly, 
sister of Michelle Heinly and Ryan Matson, 
Naples, FL  USA 

July 9    Tyler Reynolds, son of Melanie Reynolds, 
Fayetteville, AR USA 

July 10      Daniel Wilson, son of Marie and Darrell Wilson, 
brother of Darrell C. Wilson, Douglas Wilson, Ke shia Snow and Krista Payne, 
Cambridge City, IN USA

July 10   Alexis Kunik Smith, daughter of Mary Ellen and Jeff Lambert Smith (deceased), 
sister of Jennifer Jett Smith, 
Charlotte, NC  USA 

July 10  Karen Ann Laney, daughter of Gail and Charles Laney, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

July 10    Jason Allen Moffitt, son of Louise Saunders, 
brother of Bobby, Shane and Gregg Moffitt, 
Hendersonville, NC  USA 

July 10     Bailey Klein, daughter of Sharon Klein, 
Utica, IL  USA 

July 10     Michael Potter, son of Michelle Potter Smith,
brother of Jacquelyne, Sheri and Lonnie (deceased), 
Midhurst, Ontario Canada 

July 10     Sammi Moss, daughter of Debbie Moss, 
Cincinnati, OH  USA 


July 11  Zachery Cohen, son of Patty and Stephen Cohen, 
brother of Daniel and Alana Cohen, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

July 11    Eric Joseph Brown, son of Dale L. and Robert L. Brown, 
brother of Ellen Joy Golla, 
Paso Robles, CA  USA 

July 11  Daniel Amos, son of Virginia and Richard (deceased) Amos, 
brother of Rebecca Amos Campbell and Rick Amos, 
Stoneboro, PA  USA

July 12   William Boyd Matthews, Jr., son of Mable Jane and William Boyd Matthews, Sr., 
brother of Christopher Matthews, 
Lexington, KY  USA 

July 12   Debbie Jenesky Nolker, daughter of Carol and Bob Jenesky, 
sister of Ron Jenesky, 
Cheswick, PA  USA 

July 12    Genna Watson, daughter of Mari and Gene Watson, 
sister of Paul, Alexandra, Maleigh, Kaelyn and Gabryele Watson, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

July 12   Jeff McCullough, son of Linda McCullough, brother of Stan McCullough, 
Lilburn, GA  USA 

July 13      Sydney Pollock, daughter of Julie and Luke Pollock,
sister of Brennan, Taylor and Mallory Pollock, 
Douglasville, GA USA

July 13 Jason Cirafisi, son of Patricia Mullin, brother of Kelly Cirafisi 
Collegeville, PA USA 

July 13  Rebecca Wilson, daughter of Jennifer and Gary Wilson, Sr., 
sister of Gary Wilson, Jr., 
Dallas, TX  USA

July 13   Pamela Loving, daughter of Mary Olson and Donald Loving,
sister of Julie Mullinax, Chris, Mark, Stephanie and Jennifer Loving, 
Suwanee, GA USA 

July 13   Debbie Hughes, daughter of Dorothy and Jim Lamb, 
sister of Jim Lamb, III, Mary Discher and Cindy Garrison, 
Flowery Beach, GA  USA 

July 13  Moya Vaun Jacobson, daughter of Joan Murphy, sister of Leif Sean Jacobson, 
Belfast, North Ireland 

July 14      Jolene Johnson, daughter of Jeri Johnson-De Cola and Van Johnson, 
sister of Calvin, Mark and Steven Johnson, Belinda Guerra, Trudy Clark and Vanessa Johnson-Saunders (deceased), 
Payson, AZ USA

July 14,       Dean Nicholas, son of Maria and Stephen Nicholas, 
brother of Steve and Hollie Nicholas, 
Caerphilly, United Kingdom

July 14 Jason Highet, son of Alice and Ed Highet, 
brother of Allison Highet, 
Chandler, AZ  USA 

July 14  Lisa Atkins, daughter of Barbara and Mark Atkins, sister of Amy Atkins, 
McDonough, GA  USA 

July 14  Kimberlee Anne Foster, daughter of Treena Foster, 
Springfield, OR  USA 

July 15  Andy Oglesby, son of Cathy and Francis M. Oglesby, Jr., 
Baton Rouge, LA  USA 

July 15  Cindy M. Richards, daughter of Debbie Minor and Jassim Al-Kazraji, 
sister of BobbyJo Richards and LeAnn Sadlon, 
Windber, PA  USA 

July 15  Ryon Gieseke, son of Judith Gieseke, 
brother of Jill Gieseke (deceased), Lisa Schaumburg and KariAnn Keller, 
McIntosh, MN  USA 

July 15     Wayne Johnson, Jr., son of Lindamay and Wayne Johnson, 
brother of Kimberly Harding and Julie Johnson, 
Rochester, WA  USA 

July 15     Tyler Buss, son of Cyndee and Mark Buss, 
brother of Alycia Buss, 
Verona, NY USA 

July 15     Jeremiah Joseph Leeper, son of Nancie Leeper, 
Anniston, AL  USA 

July 16   Desiree Latham, daughter of Tammy Latham and Christopher Collins,
sister of Calvin Latham and Ian Collins, 
Neodesha, KS  USA 

July 16 Wyatt Austin Mayfield, son of Elizabeth and Michael Mayfield, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

July 16  Jason Wade Adams, son of Martha Maurine Washburn, 
brother of Jana Birenbaum, John and Jeff Adams, 
Denison, TX  USA 

July 16  Jamie Riley, son of Pearlie Wingate and Quinton Riley, 
brother of Gina Walker, Kim Gilbert, Mechelle Yarbrough, Shawn Riley and Scottie Moss,
Dyersburg, TN  USA 

July 16     Brandon Peale, son of Frankie Gibbs and John Roger Peale, 
Destin, FL  USA 

July 16     Sara Victoria Koski, daughter of Michelle Koski, 
sister of Megan Alexis Koski, 
Hodges, SC  USA 

July 16  Gabriella Butler, daughter of Jennifer and Brodie Butler, 
sister of Alec (deceased) and Bryce (deceased) Butler, 
Oklahoma City, OK USA

July 17      Chris Murtagh, son of Linda Murtagh, 
brother of Tracy Janiak, 
Afton, MN USA

July 17  Andrew Surace, son of Judith Fisher and Andrew Surace, 
brother of Delanie and TJ Libro, Bethanie, Gabriele and Ryan Surace,
Sea Isle City, NJ  USA 

July 17 Stephen M. Brown, II, son of Marcia Keech and Stephen M. Brown (deceased),
brother of Scott, Amanda and Melissa Brown, 
Oswego, NY  USA 

July 17   Ben James Allman, son of Pauline and Peter Allman, 
brother of Dale, Jane, Amy and Lucy Allman, 
Adelaide, SA, Austrialia

July 17  Jennifer Leigh Bonds, daughter of Susan and Mike Bonds, 
sister of Michael Bonds, Jr., (deceased), 
Clinton, AR  USA 

July 17  Joshua Bradley McGuirt, son of Jacinda and Shawn McGuirt, 
brother of Hannah McGuirt, 
Mableton, GA  USA 

July 17  David Bower, son of Priscilla Hall, brother of Stacy Gregory, 
Freeport, PA  USA 

July 17     Brody Carrick, son of Melinda Carrick, 
brother of Brock Hunter, 
Australia, NSW 

July 17     James Wilson Reaves, III, son of Jim and Faye M. Reaves, 
brother of John N. McRainey and Sallie Ann McRainey Wilwert, 
St. Pauls, NC  USA

July 18      Bradley Hesch, son of Linda and Dennis Hesch, brother of Joel Hesch, 
Cochrane, WI USA

July 18  Charles Hobby, III, son of Barbara and Charles Hobby, II, 
brother of Catherine and Jessica Hobby, 
Savanah, GA USA

July 18   Bobbi Jo Sisk Jones, daughter of Judy and Jim Sisk, 
sister of Larry Ray (deceased) and Jami Rae, 
Waynesville, MO  USA

July 18  Michael Capper, son of Elizabeth and Phillip Capper, 
brother of Peter, Francesca, Daniella and Alicia Capper, 
Rochdale, England 

July 18     Greg Kinnaird, son of Cherri Bell, 
brother of Melissa Bell, Amy, Jennifer and Jamie Kinnaird, 
Cedar Hill, TN  USA 

July 18     Justin Padgett, son of Lee and Janice Padgett, 
brother of Rebecca Padgett Kasmir, 
Needville, TX  USA 

July 18     Jennifer Kilgoar, daughter of Dorothy and Jonathan Wayne Kilgoar, Sr.(deceased) 
sister of Jonathan Kilgoar, Jr., 
Woodstock, GA USA 

July 18     Nicholas Maloney, son of Lise Villeneuve,  brother of Kim 
and Krista Maloney,  Buckingham, Quebec, Canada 

July 18  Harold Adcox, son of Flora Adcox Magee and Henry G. Adcox (deceased), 
brother of Peggy Adcox Miller, 

July 18     Jonathan Wayne Kilgoar, Sr., son of Sally Lambreise and Virgil Kilgoar, 
brother of Robin Beckner, Joey Vinson, Denise Laurie, 
Diane Branham, Debbie Bobbitt and Pam Kaczmarek, 
father of Jennifer Kilgoar (deceased) and Jonathan Kilgoar, Jr. 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

July 18     Patrick Kent, son of Deborah Strozier, 
brother of Adam Poore and Tyler Strozier,
Fayetteville, GA USA 

July 19      Brandy L. Smith, daughter of Brenda Jacobs and Mickey Stark, 
sister of John S. Wade and Regina A. Evans, 
Vienna, GA, USA

July 19  Abigail Grace Hamilton, daughter of Kelly and Frank Hamilton, 
Cleveland, TN  USA 

July 19   Deuce Roberts, son of Pam Wright and Kenneth Roberts, 
brother of Aimee Beck and Mandy Rogers, 
Jefferson, GA  USA 

July 19    Joseph David Sorenson, brother of Lynda and Steven Sorenson, 
brother of Robert James and Samantha Leigh Sorenson, 
Marco Island, FL  USA 

July 19  Anne Lebovitz Williams, daughter of Richard and Kathryn Lebovitz, 
sister of Gilian Lebovitz, Tyndall, 
Atlanta, GA USA

July 20      Jonathan Bourne, son of Patricia and John Bourne, 
Dawsonville, GA USA

July 20  Teri Layne Posey, daughter of Judy (deceased) and Bill Posey,
sister of Tracy Wayne (deceased), William Todd (deceased) and Adam Jess Posey, 
Union Point, GA  USA 

July 20 Jeremy Gage, son of Judy and John Hick
Beaverton, OR  USA 

July 20  Danny Harper, son of Sandy and Reggie Harper, 
brother of Jack, Ben and Ashley Harper, 
Prattville, AL  USA 

July 20  Jeryd Jamison Page, son of Andi and Kevin Page, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

July 20  Christopher Dover, son of Sherry and Roy Dover, 
brother of Jodi, Carrie and Haley Recor Dover,
Dahlonega, GA  USA

July 20     Tara Marie Mauler, daughter of Penny Mauler, 
Sargent, NE  USA 

July 20     Todd Alden Feeney, son of Linda and Ted Feeney, 
brother of Kelly and Stacy Feeney, 
Villa Rica, GA  USA 

July 20     Brad Koster, son of Elaine and Randy Koster, 
Marietta, GA USA 

July 20     Mike Halverson, son of Barb Halverson, 
brother of Matt Halverson, 
Oregon City, OR  USA 

July 21      Vernon Jetta Hayden, son of Donnal and Nathan Hayden, 
brother of Jordon, Ashton and Cody Hayden, 
High Wycombe, WA, Australia

July 21      Benjamin J. Smith, son of Charisse and Doug Smith, 
brother of Miranda Smith, 
Tyler, TX USA

July 21      Laurie Medlock, daughter of Micki and Tom Medlock,
sister of David Medlock,
Rome, GA USA

July 21  Michael David Prill, son of Cindy and David Prill, 
brother of Michelle and Kellie Prill, 
Coker, AL  USA 

July 21   Justin Steadman, son of Laurie and Skip Steadman, 
brother of Leslie Hamilng, Mathew and Jamie Steadman,
Council Bluffs, IA  USA 

July 21      Verrnon Jetta-Hayden, son of Donnal and Nathan Hayden, 
brother of Jordan, Ashton and Cody Hayden, 
Perth, Western Australia, Australia 

July 21    Andrew Porter, son of Pamela and Greg Porter, 
brother of Jessica Porter, 
Cedar Hill, TX USA 

July 21  Anna Katherine Richards, daughter of Alan and Becky Richards, 
Lilburn, GA USA 

July 21     Shane Michael Roser, son of Paul P. and Patty Roser, 
brother of Paul Christian Roser, 
Slidell, LA  USA 

July 21     Robert James Johnson, son of Larry and Carail Johnson 
brother of Kyle Jones and Adrian Johnson, 
Waukegan, IL USA

July 22      Paul Smith, son of Carolyn and Paul Smith, 
brother of Billy and Becky Smith, 
Pekin, IL USA

July 22  Tony Durham, son of Cindy and Randy Durham, 
brother of Kathryn Durham, 
Decatur, GA  USA 

July 22 Reese Ambrose, son of Cheryl and Jason Ambrose, 
Simpsonville, SC  USA 

July 22  Nancy Fox, daughter of Joan Simons, sister of Carol Uden, 
Yuma, AZ  USA 

July 22   Jared Chandler Mullins, son of Vicki and Chester Mullins, 
brother of Eric, Joey and Kara Dotson, Kayla, Ladawna and Tonya Mullins, 
Avondale, WV  USA 

July 23      Kevin Christopher Smith, son of LuAnn Smith,
brother of Kim Claussen, 
Ida Grove, IA USA

July 23     Katherine Ramirez, daughter of Anna Wade and Faustino Ramirez, 
sister of Christopher Wade, Matthew Ramirez and Brianna Felipe, 
Victorville, CA USA

July 23      Allen Shugart, son of Kelli and Henry Shugart, 
brother of Grace Shugart, 
Suwanee, GA, USA

July 23   Sarah Moore, daughter of Chandra and Jerry Moore, 
sister of Noah, Jonah and Hannah Moore, 
Coweta, OK  USA 

July 23      Darrel Jants, son of Debbie and Todd Jants, 
brother of Tonya Hogan and Jerica Jants, 
Florence, SD  USA 

July 23  Angelina Daunt Bennefield, daughter of Patricia and Michael Daunt, 
sister of Maria Blackwell,  Nicholas and Gina Daunt,
Atlanta, GA  USA 

July 23      Markell Genard Kelly, son of Margaret Kelly Washington and Michael Kelly, 
brother of Mikell Kelly and Symonia Shelby, 
Dallas, TX  USA 

July 23   Christopher Boyd, son of Mickey Crawford, brother of Denisia Boyd, 
Winder, GA  USA 

July 23  Gracie Elizabeth Booth, daughter of Jeremiah and Keri Booth, 
Boardman, OH USA 

July 23  Randy Reed Hecox, son of Alice Hecox-Isabell, brother of Jeffrey, Donald and Donna Wilks, 
Harrisonville, MO  USA 

July 23     Clint Michael Usie, son of Donna Usie, 
brother of Clay C. and Molly L. Usie, 
Houma, LA  USA 

July 23     Katie Callahan, daughter of Michelle and Pat Callahan, 
sister of Brian, Andrea and Carissa Doty, 
Lynnwood, WA USA 

July 24      Steven R. Hulsey II, son of Candace and Steven R. Hulsey I, 
brother of Amy Dolinski, 
Charlotte, NC, USA

July 24      Jennifer Coyne, daughter of Julie Simonds and Kevin Coyne, 
sister of Kyle and Kristin Coyne, 
Broadlands, VA USA

July 24   Diana Suzanne Horne Re, daughter of Barbara Horne Brittle and Smith Horne, Jr., 
sister of Elizabeth Bridgewater, Thomas and Robin Horne, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

July 24   Eugene Stuto, son of Suzanne and Gene Stuto, 
brother of Nick and Jessica Termini, Dean, Kim and Andrea Stuto,
Wading River, NY USA 

July 24   Eugene Stuto, son of Suzanne and Gene Stuto, 
brother of Nick and Messica Termini, Dean, Kim and Andrea Stuto, 
Wading River, NY  USA 

July 24      Violet Anna Carey, daughter of Tara and Heath Carey, 
sister of Iris Mary Carey (deceased) , 
Onset, MA  USA

July 24    Iris Mary Carey, daughter of Tara and Heath Carey, 
sister of Violet Anna Carey (deceased), 
Onset, MA  USA 

July 24  Kenneth Amos Slaughter, son of Edith Deese, 
brother of Jeffery Bryant Slaughter (deceased), 
Cedartown, GA  USA 

July 24     Michael Joseph Oursler, Jr., son of Jean and Mike Oursler, 
Onalaska, TX USA 

July 24     Evan D. Lowery, son of Kim Keller, 
Norcross, GA USA 

July 24     Mark Grove, son of Norma Grove, 
brother of Maribeth, Steve, Theresa and Barbara Grove, 
Tucson, AZ USA 

July 24     Bradley John Kampa, son of Judy and John Kampa, 
brother of Brenda Kampa, 
Arcadia, WI  USA

July 25      Chelsea Martin, daughter of Merry and Butch Martin,
sister of Chris and Nicole Martin, 
Jacksonville, FL USA

July 25    Kevin Justin Kawainui Liaga, son of Dwayne and Kimberly Vogel-Liaga, 
brother of Ashley Sharina-Ann Vogel and Devin Austin Kamaheleokekai Liaga, 
Wahiawa, HI  USA 

July 25  Erica Casey Shelton, daughter of June Gibbs, 
sister of Nikki Shelton Vanderyt and Erin Shelton Webb, 
Knoxville, TN  USA 

July 25  Gina Abercrombie, daughter of Linda and Jerry Abercrombie, 
sister of jeremy (deceased), Daniel (deceased) and Angela Abercrombie,
Southwest City, MO USA 

July 25     Bryan Holl, son of Jan Lehman, brother of Steven Holl, 
Beavercreek, OH USA 

July 25     Dylan Allred, son of Donna McCroskey, 
brother of Crystal, Amanda and Justin Allred,
Mableton, GA USA 

July 25     Jason Kostelnik, son of John Kostelnik, 
brother of Jennifer Kostelnik, 
Longmont, CO  USA 

July 25     Dustin Klauss, son of Dean and Debbie Klaus, 
brother of Danielle, Dyreka and Dormilee Klaus, 
McMinnville, OR  USA 

July 25  Tony Martin, son of Candace Martin, brother of Timothy Martin, 
Hammond, LA  USA 

July 25 Caleb Jackson McCrary, son of Andrea McCrary, 
Charlotte, NC  USA 

July 26      Gloria Jean Weisgerber- Sessoms, daughter of Beatrice and Max E Weisgerber,
sister of Kenny Brady, John Brady, Steve Brady, Fred Weisgerber, Kathy Kendrick, Marian Klennert, Peggy Allen and Karen Westfall, 
Norfolk, VA USA

July 26      Joshua E. Ramsey, son of Janell and Michael Ramsey, 
brother of Michelle B. Ransom, 
Winder, GA USA

July 26  Jordan Buitenhuis, daughter of Jenni Brant and Jason Buitenhuis,
sister of Jasmine (deceased) and Jayden (deceased) Buitenhuis,
Middlebury, IN USA 

July 26     Taylor Brooke Rowe, daughter of Kim and Scott Rowe, 
sister of Dylan, Tyler and Kayleigh Rowe, 
Warm Springs, GA USA 

July 26     Beau Mardis, son of Jill Marks, 
brother of Gabriel Smith, Emily Speicher, Cody and Casey Mardis, 
Clearwater, FL  USA

July 26     Nathan Michael Chamberlain, son of Shannon R. Delapp, 
brother of Misty Chamberlain and Angel Sean Baumgarden, 
Raymore, MO USA

July 26     Sean Alan Baumbarden, son of Shannon R. Delapp, 
brother of Misty Chamberlain and Angel Nathan Chamberlain, 
Raymore, MO USA 

July 27      Chase Mathew Rumachik, son of Jackie and Matt Rumachik, 
brother of Hunter Rumachik, 
South Elgin, IL USA

July 27 Clint Jones, son of Carol Camp, brother of Eric Medlin and Kevin S. Jones, 
Libby, MT  USA 

July 27   Brody Austin Allan Carrick son of Melinda and Allan Carrick, 
brother of Brock Grahm and Allana Brodie Carrick, 
Tamworth, NSW, Australia 

July 27 Dr. Thomas Brown, IV, son of Lillie Brown, 
Stone Mountain, GA  USA 

July 27  Stevie Burton, son of Dianne and Steve Burton, 
brother of Teresa and Matthew Burton,
Pinson, AL  USA 

July 27    Robert Shelton, Jr., son of Cynthia and Robert Shelton, Sr., 
brother of Farrah Dawn Gibbons, 
Longwood, FL  USA 

July 27   Stevie Burton, son of Dianne Burton, brother of Teresa and Matthew Burton,
Birmingham, AL  USA 

July 28      Cody Hollis, son of LeAnn and Joe Hollis, 
brother of Colton Hollis, 
Quitman, MS USA

July 28      Ryan Seaberg, son of Kim and Jeffrey Seaberg,
brother of Jimmy and Gina Seaberg, 
Fox River Grove, IL, USA

July 28       Alex “Brett” Powell, son of Melanie Kay Powell-Elton and Gene Powell,
brother Todd Powell, 
Douglasville, GA USA

July 28      Jonathan Lane Yahze, son of Ann and Dawsee Skidmore, 
Whiteriver, AZ USA

July 28  Marcus Riley Mendoza, son of Amy Grimshaw, 
Redwood Valley, CA  USA 

July 28  Jeremy Wyant, son of Patsy and Leroy Wyant, brother of Bob and Jenny Wyant, 
Milan, MO  USA 

July 28   William Dale Collins, son of Billy and Susan Collins, 
brother of David, Daniel and Dean Collins,
Jamestown, KY USA 

July 29      Olivia-Grace Owens, daughter of Yolanda R. Owens and John K. Owens,
sister of Wesley and Justin Owens, 
McDonough, GA USA

July 29      Joey Knowles, son of Diane and Dusty Bridges, brother of Jessica Shepherd, 
Ringgold, GA USA

July 29  William James Sansalone, son of Maria and Jim Sansalone, 
Springfield, MA 

July 29   Jason Ray Thompson, son of Ginger Nichols and Jimmie Thompson,Sr., 
brother of Sidney Nichols and Jimmie Thompson, Jr., 
Cache, OK  USA 

July 29   Derek Chandler, son of Cheri and Billy Chandler, 
Cache, OK  USA 

July 29  Hannah Stringfellow, daughter of Tammy and Bruce Stringfellow, 
sister of Holly Stringfellow, 
Saraland, AL  USA 

July 29  Clifford Eslick, son of Elsie Chaussee, 
Sioux, City, IA  USA 

July 29     Stephen Bradley Turley, son of Joyce Brooks, 
Conyers, GA USA

July 30      Rebecca Lynn Fitzer-Groves, daughter of Irene (Reeny) and Ray Fitzer, 
sister of Terry Hodnefield, Ron Kendrick, Duston Fitzer (deceased), Yvonne Kendrick and Leslie Fitzer-Keith, 
Randlett, OK, USA

July 30      Martin Ridley, son of Pam and the late Ron Ridley, 
brother of Calvin Ridley and Sonia, Leeanne and Geneve Mailey, 
Perth, W.A. Australia

July 30  Dylan Black, son of Angela and Charles Black, 
brother of Molly Anne Ponder, 
Fairburn, GA  USA 

July 30  Madison Elizabeth Paige Claypool, daughter of Kellee and Rob Claypool, 
sister of Hunter, Connor and Skyler Claypool, 
Elsmere, KY  USA 

July 30  Joey Matthew Knowles-Shepherd, son of Diane and Dusty Bridges and James Shepherd, 
brother of Jessica Shepherd, 
Ringgold, GA  USA

July 30    Stephen Allen, son of Julie Allen, brother of Richard Baggett, 
Marietta, GA USA

July 31      Larissa Beisner, daughter of Diane Shuff and Lonnie Beisner, 
sister of Derek Beisner, 
Arcanum, OH  USA

July 31   Gabriel Harry Mordecai, son of Sarah Pacatte and Blair Mordecai, 
brother of Gregory and Samuel Mordecai, Elizabeth and Arthur Golden, III, 
Paradise, CA  USA

July 31  Michael Pisarek, son of Mary Biancuzzo, 
brother of Gina Biancuzzo, 
Muskego, WI USA 

July 31    Randy Wright, son of Lorene and Mason Wright, 
brother of Pamela Wright, 
Clarkdale, GA  USA 

July 31      John Milton Ford, son of Johnnie M. Lewis and Douglas Wayne Ford, 
brother of Doug Ford, Kim Maner, Ben Lewis, Tiffany Lyle, Emily Hartzog , 
Susie Carr and Tina Blumgart, 
Fayetteville, GA USA 

July 31     Evan Vela, son of Jill Coyne, 
Vallejo, CA  USA 

July 31  Cole Johnson, son of Denise Magee, 
brother of Noah Johnson and Brian Pea, 
Milwaukie, OR  USA 

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