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Today's Birthday

Please remember that today is a special birthday.
Help them understand that the memories don't go away.
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care.
Enable them to listen while I share.
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain.
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain.
Help them.......
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate,
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child,
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay,"
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday!


March Birthdays

March 1      Benjamin J. Smith, son of Charisse and Doug Smith, 
brother of Miranda Smith, 
Tyler, TX USA

March 1      Travis Dale Vassar, son of LaNette and William Vassar, 
brother of Sue Ellen and Marsha Vassar,
Mentone, CA USA

March 1   Joshua Carpenter, son of Kim Carpenter, 
Ingleburn, NSW, Australia 

March 1  Anna Y. Colom-Serrano, daughter Yolanda Serrano and Carols Colom, 
sister of Carlos and Guillermo Gomez, Juan & Diana Colom, 
Altamonte Springs, FL  USA 

March 1  Hannah Stringfellow, daughter of Tammy and Bruce Stringfellow, 
sister of Holly Stringfellow, 
Saraland, AL  USA 

March 1      Travis Lee Disspain, son of Sandra Disspain, 
Riceville, TN USA 

March 1      Justin Christopher Childs, son of Rebecca Childs, brother of Jason Childs, 
Roswell, GA USA 

March 2      Joshua E. Ramsey, son of Janell and Michael Ramsey, 
brother of Michelle B. Ransom, 
Winder, GA USA

March 2      Avril Fiona Dixon, daughter of Rose Dixon, sister of Penny Dixon, 
Liverpool UK 

March 2    James T. Kieley, son of Ann Sechrist, 
brother of Tom and Terry Kieley and Ann Sechrist, 
Snellville, GA USA 

March 3      Ashleigh F. Savage, daughter of Loretta and Charles Savage III, 
sister of Carolyn Bachinski, Kelly Morran, Nicole Conti and Tara Marino, 
Holland, PA, USA

May 3      Tyler Gay, son of Tracey and Ron Gay, 
brother of Connor Gay, Ashley and Lauren Traynham,
Seffner, FL USA

March 3   Amy Turner, daughter of Linda Smith and Keith Turner, 
sister of Christie and Keith Turner, Jr., 
Newnan, GA  USA 

March 3 Tia Shuri Townsend, daughter of David Townsend and Karen Gangi, 
Shoreline, WA  USA

March 3   Capt. Randy Roby, son of JoAnne Roby, brother of Jamy Roby Hathcoat, 
Fresno, CA  USA 

March 3   David Aldan Harmon, son of Joyanne Matthes and Donald Wesley Harmon,
brother of Jana Jones, Jasen and Janna Harmon, 
Allenspark, CO  USA 

March 3      Austin Rhodes, son of Becky Rhodes, brother of Justin Rhodes, 
Bay Springs, MS  USA

March 4      Damien Nikolas Pool, son of AmyMarie and Ryan Wayne Pool, 
brother of Mackenzi Kayla Pool, 
Lansing, IL USA

March 4      Allen Shugart, son of Kelli and Henry Shugart, 
brother of Grace Shugart, 
Suwanee, GA, USA

March 4      Brandon K. Griffin, son of Jenny Gillespie and Thomas Griffin, 
brother of Randy and Rusty Griffin, 
Gillsville, GA  USA 

March 4      Tawnya Sue Harwell, daughter of Brenda Harwell, 
sister of Chris and Matthew Lee (deceased) Harwell, 
Marietta, OK  USA

March 4   Robert Allen Hatfield, son of Robert and June Hatfield, 
brother of Jason, Heidi (deceased) and Michael Hatfield,
Tyler, TX USA 

March 5      Marci Dayton, daughter of Kelly and Tony Dayton, 
sister of Mitchell Dayton, 
Cambridge, MD, USA

March 5      Nikki Quarles, daughter of Vickie and Mike Carollo, 
sister of Jennifer Quarles, 
Jackson, MS USA

March 5   Krystal Duss, daughter of Jo Ann and Don Webb, 
sister of Kina Long-Rewis, Karen Lanier and Kelly Duke, 
Orange Park, FL USA

March 5      Theron Keoki Nicodemus, son of Eydie Muromoto, 
brother of Nicolas and Timmy Abaro, 
Aiea, HI  USA

March 5   Monique Carper Colie, daughter of Mary Lou and William Carper,
sister of Madeline Schaffer, Molly Watts, Michael, Matthew, William and Margo Carper, 
Stone Mountain, GA  USA 

March 5      Chandler Ford Brown, son of Kimberly and Robert Brown, 
brother of Tad, Griffin and Sydney Brown, 
Duluth, GA USA 

March 5   Tiffany Hallsworth, daughter of Tina Hallsworth, 
sister of Josh, Jake, Heather (deceased) and Brittany (deceased) Hallsworth, 
Sun City, CA  USA 

March 5   Brian Connally, son of Sharon and Don Connally, 
brother of Robyn Grider, Scott and Amber Connally, 
New Haven, IN  USA 

March 5      Stevie Burton, son of Dianne and Steve Burton, 
brother of Teresa and Matthew Burton, 
Pinson, AL  USA 

March 5      Michael Cantrell, son of Betty Harris, 
Summerville, SC USA 

March 5      Susan Eileen Lawrence, daughter of Jim and Barbara Lawrence, 
sister of Jim Lawrence, Kathy Cook, Ann Runta and Carol Lambert,
Englewood OH  USA 

March 5    Daniel Brocato, son of Sally and Frank Brocato, 
brother of Keith and Jeremy Brocato, 
Epping, NH  USA

March 6      Kim Walker, daughter of Ruth Walker, sister of Chris Walker, 
New York, NY  USA 

March 6  Grant Borchard, son of Janet and Steve Borchard,
brother of Amy Borchard, 
Germantown, MD  USA 

March 6   Aaron Lynch, son of Tish and Mike Lynch, 
brother of Samantha Lynch, 
Kodiak, AK  USA

March 7      Janalynn Solomon, daughter of Janelle and Mark Solomon, 
sister of Rial Solomon and Samantha Solomon Sherwood, 
Mesa, AZ USA

March 7   Jason A. Masseau, son of Linda Johnson and Michael Masseau, 
brother of Josh Masseau, 
Snellville, GA  USA 

March 7   Ryan Lynn Talkington, son of Susan Mitchell, 
brother of Dawn Talkington and Elizabeth Mitchell, 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

March 7       Fred Robert Strobel, son of Karen Tronecker, 
brother of Albert Fred and Russell Fred Strobel, 
Slinger, WI  USA 

March 8      Tracy Wayne Posey, son of Judy (deceased) and Bill Posey, 
brother of William Todd (deceased), Teri Layne (deceased) and Adam Jess Posey, 
Union Point, GA  USA

March 8      Ryan Eric Schafer, son of Carol and Jim O'Connell, 
Milford, PA  USA

March 9      Jack Levin, son of Sandie and Bob Levin,
brother of Michael Levin, LoriAnn Lawrence and Jill Farr, 
Sparrowbush, NY USA

March 9      Jonathan Maginnis, son of Margaret Wulff,
brother of Stephen Maginnis, Michal Schmitt, Bethany Ohlmann, Christia Mattey, 
St. Louis, MO USA

March 9   Brandon Springer, son of Brenda and Ron Springer, 
Dawsonville, GA  USA 

March 9   Sheldon Shand, son of Marge and Don Shand, 
brother of Del, Randy, Terry, Darly Shand and Gwenda-Dawn Hearn, 
Brandon, MD, Canada 

March 9   Mark A. Noffsinger, son of Ursula E. Williamson and Melvin A. Noffsinger,
brother of Angela Schmidtgall, Diana Jackson and Judy Reser, 
Kennewick, WA  USA 

March 9   Tricia Coursen Ward, daughter of Darlene and Terry Coursen, sister of Josh Coursen, 
Hamsville, PA  USA 

March 9      Talitha Denita Beeman, daughter of Brenda and Tom Beeman, 
sister of Danny and Drew Beeman, 
Meadow, TX USA 

March 9    J. P. Capps, son of Linda Capps, brother of Cindy Capps Lynch, 
Waco TX USA 

March 9    Scott Anthony Willis, son of Sandy Willis, 
Merryville, LA  USA 

March 10     Corey Collins, son of Dreama Collins, brother of Joey Collins, Clinton, TN USA 

March 10    Ian Sharpe, son of Becky and Bob Sharpe, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA 

March 10    Kellie Louise Larivee, daughter of Denise Larivee, 
Chicopee, MA  USA 

March 10    Philip Cutler, son of Sylvia Fried, 
New York, NY USA 

March 10    Zachary Hostetler, son of Norman and Sue Hostetler,
brother of Heidi, Shayne, Lisa, Tyler, Jon and Brook Hostetler,
Glendive, MT USA 

March 11      Corey Don Harris, son of Carol and Wayne Harris, 
brother of Justin and Tyler Harris, 
Stratford, PE Canada

March 11      Phillip W. Cunnagin Jr., son of Leonara and Phillip W. Connagin, 
brother of Mary Maguire and Kat Albritton, 
Palm Harbor, FL, USA

March 11      Corey Don Harris, son of Carol and Wayne Harris, 
brother of Justin and Tyler, 
Charlottetown, PEI Canada

March 11     Katie Burkhart, daughter of Andrea and William Burkhart, 
sister of Jennifer Cunningham and Sharon Wheeler, 
Fort Wayne, IN  USA 

March 11     Matthew Allen, son of Terry and Bill Allen, brother of Kristin Allen, 
Jacksonville, AR  USA 

March 11    Eric Wood, son of Pat MacDougall and Raymond Wood, 
brother of Kevin Wood, 
Vernon, CT  USA 

March 11 Christine Nicole Ricketts, daughter of Nicole and Greg Ricketts,
brother of Joshua Ricketts, 
Norcross, GA USA

March 11     Mattheew Friedman, son of Carol and Curtis Friedman, 
brother of Christopher Friedman and Dustin Roalson (deceased), 
Thompson, Falls, MT  USA 

March 11     Allison Murphy, daughter of Carol Murphy, 
Naples, FL  USA 

March 11    Tracy Campbell, daughter of Carol and Jeff Campbell, 
sister of Toni Campbell (deceased), 
Shelby, IN USA 

March 11    Jason Phillip Howard, son of Bill and Marguerite Howard, 
brother of Michelle and Amanda Howard, 
Cypress, TX USA 

March 11    Katie Galloway, daughter of Rich and Lori Galloway, 
Leesburg, VA USA 

March 11     Jamie Riley, son of Pearlie Wingate and Quinton Riley, 
brother of Gina Walker, Kim Gilbert, Mechelle Yarbrough, Shawn Riley and Scottie Moss, 
Dyersburg, TN  USA

March 12      Adam Craig Hill, son of Melody and Craig Hill,
father of Madilyn Marie Hill, brother of Jared Edwin Hill, 
Philo, OH USA

March 12      Alexander Tread, son of Judy Nichols and Frank Tread, 
brother of Chris Schrader, 
Richmond, VA USA

March 12     Elijah Usungurua Udo, son of Usungurua Udo Ekanem, 
brother of Joseph, Ntiedo and Ekaette Usungurua,
Eket, Aks, Nigeria 

March 12     Robyn Ann Lee, daughter of Lois and Barry Ostroff, 
sister of Seth and Evan Ostroff,
Lords Valley, PA  USA 

March 12    Jonathan Matthew McCombs, son of Christie Nicometo and Jonathan McCombs, 
brother of Avery, Chase and Hannah Lynn (deceased) McCombs, 
Anderson, SC USA

March 12     Hannah Lynn McCombs, daughter of Christie Nicometo and Jonathan McCombs, 
sister of Avery, Chase and Jonathan Matthew (deceased) McCombs, 
Anderson, SC  USA

March 12    Nicholas B. O'Dell, son of Lisa M. O'Dell, brother of R.J. O'Dell, 
Rose, OK USA

March 13     Stephen Canine, son of Terri and William Canine, 
brother of Matthew Canine, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

March 13     Madison Elaine McInerney, daughter of Krista and Brian McInerney, 
sister of Elliott McInerney, 
Seattle, WA  USA

March 13     Michael Andrew Ballejos, son of Angela Ballejos and Frank Reyes, 
brother of Marilena and Jiselle Romero-Ballejos, 
Windslow, AZ  USA

March 13     Whitney Chevalier, daughter of Sharon and Charles Chevalier, 
sister of Jeremy and Brittani Ketcham, Lacie and Abbie Chevalier, 
Brooksville, OH  USA

March 13     Gwendolyn Hartsell Metz, daughter of Sandra and Donald Hartsell, 
sister of DJ Hartsell and Kim French, 
Oil City, PA  USA 

March 13    Michael James Scruggs, son of Barbara Fitch, 
brother of Amanda Christine Raulerson, 
St. Augustine, FL  USA 

March 14      Kristen “Kristi” Bunch, daughter of Saundra Frank, 
sister of Kevin Bunch,
Senoia, GA, USA

March 14   Lorraine Norris Atkins, daughter of Edward and Wilda Norris, 
sister of Lynise Parrish, Lynette Murphy and Lisa Galyean, 
Lebanon, OK USA 

March 14     Johnny Canada, son of Cathy and Frank Canada, brother of Lori Canada,
Beford, IN  USA 

March 14   Scotti Mooney, daughter of Jill-Acey Callender, sister of Jacey Callender, 
Raymond, MS USA 

March 14     Caitlyn White, daughter of Christianne and Douglas White, sister of Tyler Kolb, 
Brick, NJ  USA 

March 14     Jesse Lee Nixon, son of William and Linda Peterson, 
brother of Brandi Nixon, Richard and Anita Mills,
Sacramento, CA  USA 

March 14     Lindsey Erin Barkow, daughter of Tina Marie Barkow, 
sister of Alicia Kohler, 
Michigan City, IN  USA

March 14    Johnny Roy Corbitt, son of Wanda and Mark Corbitt, 
brother of Missy Delp, Ashley, Harley, Danny and Cody Corbitt, 
Lake Worth, FL  USA 

March 15     Todd Pennington, son of Ellouise and John Pennington, Sr., 
brother of John Pennington, Jr., 
Troy, AL  USA 

March 15     Julie Nicole Macedo, daughter of Julie and Gregory Macedo, 
sister of Jamie and Megan Macedo, 
San Luis Obispo, CA  USA 

March 15     Dion A. James, son of Faith and Richard Klatt,
brother of Jarett James and Marissa Lashua, 
Irma, WI  USA 

March 15     Elena Macedo, daughter of Julie Macedo, 
sister of Jamie and Megan Macedo, 
San Luis Obispo, CA USA 

March 15    Kyle Poe, son of Joeann Poe, 
brother of Sherri Lynn (deceased), John (deceased) and Chris Poe, 
Lima, OH USA 

March 16      Jonathan Lane Yahze, son of Ann and Dawsee Skidmore, 
Whiteriver, AZ USA

March 16    Ernest Elton Moran, son of Peggy Moran, 
Gainesville, GA USA 

March 16    Jasper Burns, son of Susie Cross, 
brother of Michelle Childers and Kevin Burns, 
Barling, AR USA 

March 16    Raymond Ketelsen-Grube, son of Mary Ketelsen, brother of Ryan Potts, 
Lynwood, WA USA 

March 17     Anna Katherine Grudziecke, daughter of Rhonda and Robert Grudziecke, 
sister of Will and John Grudiecke, 
Waller, TX  USA 

March 17    Kariann Backhaus Womack, daughter of Brenda and Karl Backhaus, 
Anderson, SC  USA

March 17     Skylar Coppernall, son of Clarissa Coppernal, 
brother of Michael and Melinda Coppernall, 
Boscobel, WI  USA 

March 17    Jason Simmons, son of Ann and Jimmy Simmons, 
brother of Michael Simmons and Sallie King,
Camben, SC USA

March 18      Calli B. Medlock, daughter of Shonda Sikes and Rickey Sikes, 
sister of Kie Sikes, Hannah Medlock and Zoey Sikes, 
Cobbtown, GA USA

March 18     Matthew Alan Haynie, son of Brenda White and C. Tony Haynie, 
brother of Adam Patrick Haynie (deceased), 
Fort Worth, TX  USA

March 18     Bobby Jo Lauter, son of Evelyn and James F. Lauter,
brother of Jeri and Jamie Lauter, 
Palm Beach, FL  USA 

March 18     Jen Crew, daughter of Kathe Crew, sister of Alex Crew, 
East Falmouth, MA  USA 

March 18    Bake Waters, son of Stephanie and Chris Waters, 
Canton, GA USA

March 19      Lisa Renee Strozewski, daughter of Marie and Larry Strozewski, 
sister of Larry Strozewski, Jr., Carrie Kent and Jacalyn Strozewski, 
Orchard Park, NY USA

March 19      Steven Hall, son of Sandra Harper and Ronald Hall, 
brother of Bobby Harper and Rondel Lepley, 
Orrville OH USA

March 19   Matthew Lee Harwell, son of Brenda Harwell, 
brother of Chris and Tawnya Sue (deceased) Harwell, 
Marietta, OK USA 

March 19     Elizabeth Bald, daughter of Betsy and Mike Bald, 
Tulsa, OK  USA 

March 20    Robyn Robichaud Stewart, daughter of Gail and Jerry Robichaud, 
sister of Keri Robichaud Streetmon, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

March 20     Owen Wheeler, son of Christie and Christopher Wheeler, 
brother of Grant Wheeler, 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

March 20     John William Parker, son of Tina and Wyatt Parker, 
brother of Jesse Ryan, Amber Marie and Mary Elizabeth Parker, 
Shiloh, GA  USA 

March 21      James A. Bunch Jr., son of Margie Shippey, 
brother of Wright Bunch and Karen Guest, 
Atlanta, GA, USA

March 21      K. Lee Sheffield-Peavy, son of Sherry and E. Ray Peavy, 
brother of David Smith, Mindy Newman and Amanda Peavy, 
Hillsboro, GA USA

March 21     Cory Kibodeaux, son of Jeanine and Robert Kibodeaux, 
brother of Toby Kibodeaux, 
Eunice, LA  USA 

March 21   Timothy Lane Murphy, son of Lynette and Craig Murphy, 
brother of Shelbie Murphy, 
Madill, OK USA 

March 21     Steven Starks, son of Ginger and Richard Starks, 
brother of Clint Starks and Trisha Erxleben, 
Omaha, NE  USA 

March 21    Boyd Bryant, son of Barbara Harper and Raymond Bryant,
brother of Kim Rowe, Tammy elliott and VaLinda Leoney, 
Warm Springs, GA USA 

March 21    Heather Lager, daughter of Pam Lager, sister of Jennifer Lager, 
Schererville, IN USA 

March 21    Amy Lisa Kinard, daughter of Jean Corriher, 
Timmonsville, SC USA 

March 21    Alexander Crawford, son of Dawn Crawford,
brother of Sierra Crawford, 
Sabina, OH USA

March 22    Glenn Price, son of Jodi Price, brother of James Price, 
Newnan, GA  USA 

March 22    Sondra Sheehan, daughter of Diana Neff and Stephen Sheehan, 
Atlanta, GA  USA

March 22    Lauren Marshall, daughter of Donna and Ralph Goodrich, 
sister of Mike Marshall, 
Ashburn, VA  USA 

March 22    Jessie Jones, son of Engie Tench and Bryan Jones, 
brother of Chelsea Tench and Chenoa Cook, 
Gainesville, GA  USA

March 22     Jonathan Andreew Furino, son of Marion Cepican and Ben Furino,
brother of Randy Furino, Kristyn Furino-Hume and Samantha Cepican, 
Downers Grove, IL  USA 

March 22     Travis Gene Berlin, son of Gene and Tracy Berlin, brother of Ryan Berlin (deceased), 
Manheim, PA  USA 

March 22    Abigail Renee Sheeder, daughter of Erika Burdge, 
Mount Union, PA  USA 

March 22    John Schockemoehl, son of Susan Schockemoehl, 
brother of Jennifer Schockemoehl, 
Northfield, MN USA

March 23      Brian McWright, son of Coretta and Stevie McWright,
brother of Steven, Casey and Shantell McWright, 
Lancaster, CA USA

March 23      Jan Sebastian Narvaez, son of Solangel and Edwin Narvaez, 
brother of Edwin Angel and Jay Deangelo Narvaez, 
Naranjito, Puerto Rico

March 23    Laci Renee Spence, daughter of Pamela and Willard Spence, 
sister of Justin Spence,
Man, WV  USA 

March 23    Joshua Bryan Coomes, son of Rebecca and Vincent Coomes, 
brother of Brandon Yocum and Noah Coomes, 
Lawrenceburg, KY  USA

March 23     Jan Sebastian, son of Solangel and Edwin Narvaez, 
brother of Edwin Angel and Jay Deangelo Narvaez,
Fort Worth, TX  USA 

March 23     Amber Marie Rittinger, daughter of Traci Rittinger and Justin Babin, 
Kenner, LA  USA

March 23     Aaron James Lauter, son of Jamie Lee Lauter, 
Royal Palm Beach, FL  USA 

March 23    Javus Crane, son of Chris and Jackie Crane, 
Salisbury, NC USA 

March 23    Richard Kendall McCurdy, son of Lynn and Mac McCurdy,
brother of Cam McCurdy, 
Lilburn, GA USA 

March 23    Jennifer Breaux, daughter of Ron and Chrissy Breaux, 
Lake Charles, LA  USA

March 24      Sarah Elizabeth Epperson, daughter of Gwen Epperson, 
sister of Erin L Lanes, 
Blue Island, IL USA

March 24      Austin Verville, son of Christine and Matthew Verville, 
brother of Jason Verville,
Huntington, NY USA

March 24    Justin Cornelison, son of Patricia and Mike Cornelison, 
brother of Amy Patton,
Fayetteville, GA  USA 

March 24    Kim Boylston Gelly, daughter of Wanda and Bobby Boylston, 
sister of Rob Boylston and Laurie Rogers, 
Duluth, GA  USA 

March 24    Destiny Christanna Mae Powell, daughter of Sandra and James Powell, 
sister of David and Matthew Powell, 
Weyers Cave, VA  USA

March 24     Donald Calvin Mear, son of Lorraine and Bob Mear, 
brother of Janet Kennedy and Cheryl Wilson, 
Elkford, BC  Canada 

March 24     Michael Anthony George, son of Cathy and Al George, 
brother of Matthew, Stephanie and Danielle George,
Stratford, CT  USA 

March 24    Steven W. Simmons, son of Sheila Simmons,
Dallas, GA USA 

March 24     Dexter Ashworth, II, son of Sandra and Dexter Ashworth I, 
brother of Richard Ashworth, 
Starks, LA  USA

March 24    David Unzicker, son of Patricia Unzicker, 
brother of Daniel, Donna and Dennis Unzicker,
Palm Bay, FL  USA 

March 25      Xavier Lorenzo Nieto, son of Gina and David Nieto, 
brother of Enrique Nieto, 
North Platte, NE USA

March 25      Xavier Lorenzo Nieto, son of Gina and David Nieto, 
brother of Enrique Niego, 
North Platte, NE, USA

March 25     Michael Capper, son of Elizabeth and Phillip Capper, 
brother of Peter, Francesca, Daniella and Alicia Capper,
Rochdale, England 

March 25    Marc Darby, son of Lon Darby, 
brother of Cody, Austin and Benjamin Darby, 
Valrico, FL  USA 

March 26      Carolyn Tackett, daughter of Corrina & Sam Murphree,
Edgemont, AK USA

March 26     Matt Renfro, son of Ralph and Carol Renfro,  brother of Mike Renfro,
Knightstown, IN  USA 

March 26    Andrew Donahue, son of Mark and Cynthia Donahue, 
brother of Brian Donahue,
Bishop, TX USA

March 27      Dustin Varnedore, son of Ann & David Varnedore Jr.,
brother of Kayla Varnedore and Roseanne Varnedore, 
Ocilla, GA USA

March 27     Morgan Keith Farris, son of Sandra and Larry Farris, 
Austell, GA  USA 

March 27     Jimmy Hiughes, son of Spring and Eddie Spears, brother of David Spears, 
Fayetteville, NC  USA 

March 27     Kathryn Mary Cook, daughter of Tanya and Michael Cook, 
Severna Park, MA  USA

March 27     Gerrow R. Powery, son of Priscilla Powery, brother of Jodi Hydes, 
Cayman Islands

March 27    Eric Joseph Brown, son of Dale L. and Robert L. Brown, 
brother of Ellen Joy Golla, 
Paso Robles, CA  USA

March 27    William Walter Beckett, Jr., son of William and Carol Beckett, 
brother of Michelle Holland, Noah, Rock, Alvin, Mouse and Hazel Beckett,
Groveland, FL  USA

March 28      Randy Lee Stahl II, son of Jeanette Burton and Randy Stahl, 
brother of Elisha Stahl, Brandi Branham, Keysha Stahl, Makayla and McKenzie Burton, 
Albert Lea / Williar MN USA

March 28      Jose Ignacio Garcia, son of Paulina del Rio and Francisco Garcia,
brother of Felipe and Juan Andres Garcia,
Santiago, RM Chile

March 28  Stephanie Self, daughter of Elaine and James Self, 
Little Rock, AR  USA 

March 28    Sarah Elizabeth Wintz, daughter of Sue and Mike Wintz, sister of Matt Wintz, 
Mesa, AZ  USA 

March 28     Charles Smith, son of Sally and Larry Smith,
McKee, KY  USA

March 28     Nikki McFadden, daughter of Angela and Max McFadden, 
sister of Heather McFadden,
Macomb, IL  USA 

March 28     Travis Munn, son of Jean and Stewart Munn, brother of Todd Munn, 
Vero Beach, FL  USA

March 28    Jason Webb, son of Donna Plank and Sid Webb, Jr., 
brother of Jeremy, Josh and Cyd Marie Webb, Dustin and Kyndal Outlaw, 
Walker, LA  USA 

March 28    Nicholas R. Nelson, son of Kathryn and Mark Nelson, 
brother of Tricia Nelson, 
Brighton,   MI USA

March 28    Ray Buczek, son of Carole Ward, 
Vermillion, OH USA 

March 28    Joey Strino, son of Maria Strino,
brother of Frankie, Jake and Mia Strino, 
Crown Point, IN USA 

March 29     Tammy Renee Smith, daughter of Debbie Baker,
sister of Kevin and Robert Smith, Michael and Stephen Crandall, 
Belmont, NY  USA 

March 29     Robin Ann Craney, daughter of Cindy and Tony Cinocco,
sister of Christopher Craney, 
Aurora, CO  USA

March 30      Michael Dionne, son of Anne and Steven Dionne,
brother of Kelly,
Lunenburg, MA USA

March 30      Jessica Spiro, daughter of Sandy and Ken Spiro, 
sister of Pat and Drew Spiro, 
Euharlee, GA USA

March 30     Christopher Mainhart, son of Paula and Robert Mainhart, 
brother of Victoria Mainhart, 
Sarver, PA  USA 

March 30    Jordyn Ashleigh Fitzpatrick, daughter of Christy and Chad Fitzpatrick, 
sister of Jacob Kindrick Fitzpatrick,
Riley, KS USA 

March 30    Jennie Ann Locricchio, daughter of Nancy Prillaman, 
sister of Theresa Miller and Gina Ellington, 
Springfield, IL  USA 

March 30     Ashley Hull, daughter of Sandy Lavender, sister of Christopher Hull, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

March 30    Andrew Moore, son of Cindy Bonner, 
Fayette, AL  USA 

March 30     Ethan Hunger Mefford, son of Kendale and Melissa Mefford,
brother of Rebecca and Allison Hayden, 
Portsmouth, OH  USA 

March 30     Whitney Hope Taylor,  daughter of Tim and Sherri Taylor, 
sister of Hutch and Wes Taylor, 
Rockmart, GA  USA 

March 30     AC Lawrence, son of Peggy Dellinger,
Columbia, MO USA 

March 30    Karen Kjetsaa, daughter of Kathy and Walt Kjetsaa,
sister of Justin Kjetsaa,
Red Hook, NY USA 

March 30     Jeffrey Johnson, son of Barbara and Don Johnson,
brother of Terry Johnson,
Kettering, OH USA 

March 31     Carrie Ann Beams, daughter of Jackie and Joe Beams, 
sister of Aaron Joseph Beams (deceased), 
Greensburg, KY  USA 

March 31 Alyssa Marie Monahan, daughter of Lindsey and William Monahan, 
sister of Tommy Monahan, 
Merrimack, NH USA 

March 31      Davey Allison Dunavant, son of Anita Dunavant Harris and Darren Dunavant, 
brother of Stephen Dunavant, Justin and Stormi Harris, 
Lexington, KY  USA 

March 31    Roy Edward Cleveland, son of Melinda Cleveland,
Phonexiville, PA USA 


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