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Today's Birthday

Please remember that today is a special birthday. 
Help them understand that the memories don't go away. 
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care. 
Enable them to listen while I share. 
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain. 
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain. 
Help them....... 
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate, 
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child, 
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay," 
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday!


December Birthdays

December 1      Henry Levin, son of Sandie and Bob Levin, 
brother of Michael Levin, LoriAnn Lawrence and Jill Farr, 
Sparrowbush, NY USA

December 1   Coleman Miller, son of Teresa and Butch Miller, 
brother of Carey and Charlie Miller, 
Flowery Branch, GA  USA 

December 1  Adam Belcher, son of Elizabeth and Pat Belcher,
brother of Chase and Alison Belcher, 
Marietta, GA  USA

December 1  Jack Evan Dilley, son of Mona and Jack Dilley, brother of Erin Dilley, 
Cosmopolis, WA  USA 

December 1  Thomas P. Farris, son of Bernadette Maher, brother of Roger V. Carr, Jr.,
Middletown, NY  USA 

December 1      John Milton Ford, son of Johnnie M. Lewis and Douglas Wayne Ford, 
brother of Doug Ford, Kim Maner, Ben Lewis, Tiffany Lyle, Emily Hartzog , Susie Carr and Tina Blumgart, 
Fayetteville, GA USA 

December 1   Shaun Edward Lupson-Holden, son of Gina Marie Lupson-Holden Young (deceased), 
brother of Joshua Lee Lupson-Young (deceased) 
Silver Spring, MD  USA 

December 1      John Rose, son of Jim and Patty Rose, brother of Elizabeth and Jim Rose, Jr., 
Shelby, NC 

December 2      Ashley Craig, daughter of La Tangie Craig, 
sister of Alexander Craig, 
Hampton, GA USA

December 2      Kristopher Hundt, son of Dee Tennant Evans and
 Kenneth Hundt, brother of Kasey Hundt, Griffin, GA, USA

December 2       Jimmy Chavis, Jr., son of Toni and James Chavis, 
brother of Chip Jones, Trish Collins and Amanda Fountain, 
Bonaire, GA  USA 

December 2   Jessica Ann Mohorko, daughter of Marta D. and Edgar A. Mohorko, Sr., 
sister of Jaliece, Jade D. and Edgar A. Mohorko, Jr., 
Oxnard, CA  USA 

December 2   Ryszard Spakovsky, son of Maria and Viktor Spakovsky, 
brother of Jeremy Johnston and Zackary Cook, 
Whitehouse, TX  USA

December 2    Chris McCaleb, son of Cindy and Charles McCaleb, brother of Joe Robinson, 
Bellville, TX  USA 

December 2     Sara Bradshaw, daughter of Michael and Penni Bradshaw, 
sister of Christopher Bradshaw, 
Winston Salem, NC  USA 

December 3      Connor Devine, son of Kathleen and Owen Devine, 
brother of Brendan and Molly Devine, 
Winder, GA USA

December 3      Brandon Battle, son of Beverly and Harold Battle, 
brother of Brian Battle, 
Cedartown, GA USA

December 3      Jason Daniel Cirafisi, son of Patricia Mullin, 
brother of Kelly Cirafisi, 
Collegeville, PA, USA

December 3       Tony Durham, son of Cindy and Randy Durham, 
brother of Kathryn Durham, 
Decatur, GA  USA

December 3       Tiffany Hicks Pope, daughter of Becky Hicks, 
Dallas, GA USA 

December 3  Belal Abdelrahman, son of Norva Abdelrahman Biery, 
Otto, NC USA 

December 4    Derek Chandler, son of Cheri and Billy Chandler,
Cache, OK  USA 

December 4   Jeremy Wyant, son of Patsy and Leroy Wyant,
brother of Bob and Jenny Wyant, 
Milan, MO  USA 

December 5       Michael Kirby, son of Diane and Tim Kirby, brother of Kellie Kirby,
Vonore, TN  USA 

December 5       Justin Brown, son of Candice and Art Brown, 
Johns Island, SC  USA 

December 5   Robert Justin Ross, son of Vickie and Rob Ross, 
brother of Austin Allen Ross, 
Charleston, MS USA 

December 5       Jenni Polk, daughter of Vicki and Ed Polk, sister of Karen Brown, 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

December 5  Michael Thomas Ghormley, son of Linda Ghormley, 
Doraville, GA  USA 

December 5  Jeffery Bryant Slaughter, son of Edith Deese,
brother of Kennety Amos Slaughter (deceased), 
Cedartown, GA  USA 

December 5   David Teddlie, son of Anne and Don Teddlie, brother of Lynn Teddlie Trippe, 
Decatur, GA  USA 

December 6      Shaun Anthony Ortiz, son of Helen Ortiz, 
brother of Shayne and Mark Ortiz, 
San Jose, CA USA

December 6       Samantha Avery Moore, daughter of Dena and Shane Moore, 
sister of Sydney Hope Moore (deceased), 
Molena, GA  USA

December 6       Jacob Carithers, son of Melanie Sutter and Josh Carithers, 
McDonough, GA  USA 

December 6 Chaz Jeffrey Lamar Robinson, son of Christine Robinson, 
brother of Anzalique Robinson 

December 6      Leslie Shelton, daughter of JoAnne Guswiler, 
sister of Tracy December and Sandra Shelton, 
Floral City, IL USA 

December 6      Christopher Brannon, son of Carol and Joe Brannon, brother of Joe Brannon, Jr., Jesse Marcus,
Jana Elmora, Nancy Holcomb, Patty McLaughlan and Vickey Green, 
Southaven, MS  USA 

December 7      Brian Anderson, son of Linda and Tom Anderson, 
Snellville, GA USA

December 7       Michael Fili, son of Luanne and Joseph Fili, brother of Jonathan and Christy Fili, 
Little Rock, AR  USA 

December  7      Benjamin Eli Ward, son of Denise Lynch and Frank Ward,
brother of Gabriel Aaron Ward and Tonya Leona Penner, 
St. Louis, MO  USA

December 7       Justin Young, son of Amanda Wilson, brother of Allison and Alisha Huey, 
Hampton, GA  USA 

December 7   Kimberly Ann Moore, daughter of Yolanda and Rodney Moore, 
sister of Tavia Lyn Moore Hatfield, 
Lubbock, TX  USA 

December 7  Logan Alexander Lehmann, son of Tonya Bannister, 
Kirbyville, MO  USA 

December 7    Amy Michele Clutts, daughter of Michele Joann Macy,
sister of Kristina Clutts Macy and Laura J. Clutts,
Dallas, GA  USA

December 7  Anne Lebovitz-Williams, daughter of Richard and Kathryn Lebovitz, 
sister of Gilian Lebovitz Tyndall, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

December 7      Jeremy David Carroll, son of Barbara Baker, 
brother of Bonita Jarrod, Jason Baker and Chad Carroll, 
Jonesboro, GA USA

December 7       Kimberly Ann Moore, daughter of Yolanda Moore, 
Lubbock, TX USA 

December 7      Dustin Hay, son of Lisa Bybee, brother of Matt and Brook Hay, 
Hawesville, KY USA

December 8      Amanda Eleine Guerrero, daughter of Normita and John Benedict Guerrero,
brother of Sebastian Guerrero, 
Manilla, Philippines

December 8      Clarissa Bobbette Cunningham, daughter of Judy and Winston Cunningham, 
sister of Grace Cunningham, 
Tucker, GA USA

December 8       Nancy Louise Jacobson, daughter of Shirley McGraw Zoeller and Dean Jacobson, 
sister of Denise Jacobson, Cindy Harvath and Jean Mattson, 
Iron Mountain, MI  USA 

December 8       Francis Ian Spinka, son of Jean Fuller and Francis J. Spinka, 
brother of C. Paul Spinka, 
Cedar Rapids, IA  USA 

December 8       Zachery James Ferguson, son of Marilyn and Michael Ferguson, 
brother of Jacob and Emmy Ferguson, 
Hiram, GA  USA 

December 8       Airman First Class Christopher Scott, son of Wendi Mendez, 
brother of Trey and Ashley Scott, 
Snow Hill, NC  USA 

December 8       Sydney Hope Moore, daughter of Dena and Shane Moore,
sister of Samantha Avery Moore (deceased), 
Molena, GA  USA

December 8       Charles Leo Williams,  son of Jean and Floyd L. Williams,
brother of Angela Harper, 
Smithdale, MS  USA 

December 8 Chadworth Michael Smith, son of Brenda Dalin and Mike Smith, 
Clayton, GA  USA 

December 8    Sammy Garnet, son of Nancie White, brother of Christy Gibson,
Bristol, TN  USA 

December 8      Matthew S. Irons, son of Lora Irons, brother of Jeffrey, Christine and Kayla Irons, 
Newark, DE USA 

December 8      Kelsey Leeann Mayo, daughter of Tom and Tina Mayo, 
sister of Makayla, Alec and Lucas Mayo,
Gwinn, MI  USA 

December 8   Michael Steven Kolcun, son of Ann and Larry Jewell, 
Amherst, OH  USA

December 8       Jesse Waters, son of Chris and Stephanie Waters, 
Canton, GA  USA 

December 9       Audrey Canady, daughter of Amy and Allen Canady, sister of Anna Smith, 
Nakina, NC  USA

December 9   Sarah Ann Elizabeth Malone, daughter of Lea Owens, 
sister of Sammuel and Brittney Malone, 
Beech Island, SC  USA

December 9       Toby Michael Gizzonio, son of Christine Lutz and James Gizzonio, 
brother of Mia Gizzonio Carnevale, 
Boston, MA  USA 

December 9       Little Ray Adrian Reyes, son of Julie and Ramon Reyes, 
brother of Bryce, Dyaln and Antonio Reyes, 
Spokane, WA USA 

December 9       Beth Ferriter, daughter of Barb and Dave Ferriter, 
Penfield, NY USA

December 10      David A McDaniel, son of Patty and David McDaniel,
brother of Joshua Rogers and Rachel McDaniel, 
Sharpsburg, GA USA

December 10     Ashanti Keino Smith, son of Dr. Muriel M. Wade and Oland Smith, 
brother of Gareth and Maria Smith, 

December 10    Andrew C. Hooker, son of Craig and Doris Hooker,
brother of Megan Hooker, 
Columbus, IN USA 

December 11      Mitchell Ian Frost, son of Linda Turner, 
brother of James and Chelsea Frost, 
Parkes, NSW Australia

December 11      Larissa Beisner, daughter of Diane Shuff and Lonnie Beisner, 
sister of Derek Beisner, 
Arcanum, OH  USA

December 11      Nicholas A. Piscitelli, son of Linda and Anthony Piscitelli, 
brother of Anthony, Paul, Michael, Christopher and Elissa Piscitelli, P
hiladelphia, PA  USA 

December 11     Rory Brown, daughter of Jennifer Brown and Adam Landry, sister of Drew Landry, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA

December 11     Kristina Williams MacArthur, daughter of Linda and Marty Williams, 
sister of Angela Williams Lackey, 
Fayetteville, GA  USA 

December 11     Chantel Plante, daughter of Shirley Plante, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada 

December 12     Andy Oglesby, son of Cathy and Francis M.. Oglesby, Jr., 
Baton Rouge, LA  USA 

December 12     Kyle Gilbert, son of Pamela and Michael Gilbert, 
brother of Cyrus Doherty, Megan and Morgan Gilbert, 
El Segundo, CA  USA 

December 13      Steven E Giacinto, son of Ann and Peter Giacinto, 
brother of Mark A Giacinto, 
Harrison, AR USA

December 13      Jody Caraway, son of Melinda and Joe Caraway, 
brother of Sandra Caraway, 
McKinney, TX, USA

December 13     Joshua Brestel, son of Diane and Steve Brestel, 
brother of Tyler Hottovy and Jessica Brestel, 
Lincoln, NE  USA

December 13     Angelina Daunt Bennefield, daughter of Patricia and Michael Daunt, 
sister of Maria Blackwell,  Nicholas and Gina Daunt, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

December 13     Michael Pesqueira, son of Danielle and Keith Almich,
brother of Ryan and Brittany Almich, Tyler and Hunter Pesqueira, 
Vail, AZ  USA 

December 13     Stephen John Iverach, son of Carol and John Iverach, 

December 13     Jamie Winchell, daughter of Tammy and Galen Winchell,
sister of Lindsay and Nikki Winchell, 
Newman, GA  USA 

December 13     Randy Mas, son of Karla Hillman, brother of Sara and Darcy Mas,
Lake Worth, FL  USA 

December 14      Emily Elizabeth Bowling, daughter of Jennifer Domrose-Bowling and Roy M. Bowling, 
sister of Michael and Kristina Bowling, 
Goose Creek, SC USA

December 14      Kylee Clayton, daughter of Heather and Kwanza Clayton, 
sister of Thomas and Julie Clayton, 
Broad Brook, CT USA

December 14     Holli Pippin, daughter of Vicki and Eddie Pippin, sister of Justin Pippin, 
Dalton, GA  USA 

December 14     Dana Goodwin, daughter of Dan and Alice Goodwin, sister of Holly Goodwin, 
Statesville, NC  USA 

December 14     Franklyn Keniry, son of Marty and Ella Keniry, 
brother of David, Dana, Martella, Michael and Patrick Keniry, 
Lake Elsinore, CA  USA 

December 14    Carl Walter Pueschel, son of Aaron and Debby Pueschel, 
brother of Carrie Hope Pueschel, 
Visalia, CA USA 

December 15      Dawson Roberts, son of Michelle and Donald Roberts, 
brother of Cody, Kolby, Amy and Faith Roberts, 
Statesboro, GA USA

December 15     Ricky Wareham, son of Laure Wareham, 
brother of Derek and Jordan Wareham,
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada 

December 15     Heather Hallsworth, daughter of Tina Hallsworth, 
sister of Josh, Jake, Tiffany (deceased) and Brittany (deceased) Hallsworth, 
Sun City, CA USA 

December 15     Jessi Hawkins, son of Kim Backman, 
Gainesville, GA USA

December 15    Kaitlyn Claire Medders, daughter of Sheila Medders, sister of Joshua Medders, 
Starkville, MS USA 

December 15    Sean Alan Baumgarden, son of Shannon R. Delapp, 
brother of Misty Chamberlain and Angel Nathan Chamberlain, 
Raymore, MO USA 

December 16     Mary-Margaret Pickels, daughter of Vickie and Anthony Pickels,
sister of Jazzi Pickels, Cory and Nickie Myers, 
Morven, GA  USA

December 16     Lindsay Jerdo, daughter of Deborah and Douglas Jerdo, 
sister of Melanie Wheaton, Brent and Joshua Jerdo, 
Saranac Lake, NY  USA

December 16     Shane Wing, son of Belinda Kleeberger, brother of Michelle Wing, 
Buckfield, ME  USA

December 17      Jeff Kelly, son of Lorraine and Dan Kelly, 
brother of Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

December 17     Ron D. Ballou Jr., son of Judy Lucas, 
Camarillo, CA USA

December 17     Alison Doering, daughter of Shirley and Richard Doering, 
sister of Michael Doering, Rebecca Jecha and Bethany Fredrickson, 
Apple Valley, MN  USA

December 17     Jeff Kelly, son of Lorraine and Dan Kelly, 
brother of Craig (deceased) and Brian Kelly,
Brisbane, Q'ld Australia 

December 17     Lennox Laron McKenney, son of Vescie and Gilbert James McKenney, 
brother of Joyce M. Layton, 
McComb, MS  USA 

December 17     Joshua Caleb Brooks, son of Sharon Brooks, Wagga Wagga, Australia

December 17     Roberto Licea, son of Leah and Pablo Licea, 
brother of Christopher, Jon-Paul, Emily and Tessa Licea, 
Fontana, CA  USA 

December 17     Jeff Kelly, son of Loraine Kelly, brother of Craig (deceased) and Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane, O'ld, Australia 

December 17     Jeff Kelly, son of Lorraine Kelly, brother of Craig (deceased) and Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

December 17     Elaine Nix, daughter of Becky Nix, sister of David Nix, Jr., 
Gainesville, GA USA

December 18      Abigail Powery, daughter of Sarah and Alberto Powery, 
sister of Julian, Brittany and Jayda Powery, 
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

December 18     David M. Hoegler, son of Doreen and Jim Hoegler, 
brother of Lori and Denise Hoegler, 
Loganville, GA

December 18     Bradley Miller, son of Stephanie and Russell Barnes, 
Norfolk, VA USA 

December 18     Samantha Burket, daughter of Jeanette and Mark Burket, 
sister of Ryan and Adriane Burket, 
New Braunfels, TX  USA 

December 18    Donald P-Nut Bailey, son of Don and Joyce Bailey, 
brother of Carey, Carroll and Donna Bailey, 
Cameron, LA  USA 

December 19      Matthew James Davel, son of Erica and James Davel, 
Lawton, OK USA

December 19     Mason Stacey, son of Audrey and Randy Thompson, 
brother of Courtney DiLeo and Chelsey Thompson, 
Rochester, NY  USA 

December 19     Mindy Leigh Clark, daughter of Brenda and Stanley Clark, 
Nortonville, KY   USA

December 19     Noah Jamison Oliver, son of Marsha and Rich Oliver, 
brother of Lauren Wells and Melia Oliver, 
Ringgold, GA USA

December 19     Roberta Jo Brookbank, daughter of Karen I. Brookbank, 
Sun Prairie, WI  USA 

 December 20      Kyle Copija, son of Karen and Richard DeLany, 
brother of Ashley DeLany, 
Auburn, GA USA

December 20      Kenny Smith, son of Linda and Ken Smith, 
brother of Ronald Burgess, Vanna Smith and Linette Caroselli, 
Jackson, NJ  USA

December 20      Sara L. Foulk, daughter of Kathy Matkin and Richard A. Foulk Jr., 
sister of Richard A. Foulk III and Christopher J. Foulk, 
Winchester, KS, USA

December 20      Andrew Topham, son of Lisa Gottlieb, 
brother of Kenneth Topham and Adam Zapasnik, 
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

December 20     Brandon Whitfield, son of Susan and Wayne Harden, 
brother of Matt Harden, Cody and Ashley Whitfield, 
Vidalia, GA  USA 

December 20     Kristine Monroe Bezner, daughter of Karen and Charles Monroe, 
sister of Terri Haun, Michael and Charles J. Monroe, 
Peoria, AZ  USA

December 20     Matthew Joseph Lavigne, son of Kathy Lavigne, 
Enfield, CT USA 

December 20     Alexa Noel G., daughter of Janine A., 
Boston, MA USA 

December 20     Johnnie Donnet, son of Teri Goucher and Bill Donnet, 
brother of Linda and Jermery Daniels, Wendy Finley, Robin Norris and Donna Pope, 
Vinton, OH USA 

December 21 Jason McCoy, son of Glenda and Eddie McCoy,
brother of Jeff McCoy, 
Mooresville, NC USA 

December 21     Jon-Thomas Dodd, son of Susie Dodd, brother of Suni-Brook Elizabeth, 
Midland, TX  USA

December 21     Thomas Bryan Hostetler, son of Joyce and Bryan Hostetler, brother 
                        of Brandy, Cassandra and Elizabeth Hostetler, 
Helena, MT USA 

December 21    Roger "Bubba" Porter, Jr., son of Jack and Carol Murray, 
brother of Jenifer Porter, Dillon, Briar and Anastiasia Murray, 
Tryon, OK USA

December 22      Tony Probst, son of Lavonne and Alan Probst, 
brother of Jenna, Stacey, Rachel and Emily Probst, 
Wheeler, IL USA

December 22     Harley S. Walls, son of Beverly Walls John and Harley A. Walls, 
brother of Johnny and Nicle Walls, 
Middleburg, FL  USA 

December 22     Vanessa Weiss, daughter of Mary Weiss, 
sister of Joseph and Sarah Weiss,
Minneapolis, MN  USA 

December 22     Jeffrey Edward Cabena, son of Deborah Cabena and Richard Toth, 
brother of Breann Toth, Christopher and Cory Cabena, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

December 22     Dustin Sumner, son of Sue Roberson and Charles Sumner, 
brother of Corey Roberson and Kelly Sumner Weeks, 
Tifton, GA  USA 

December 22     Lilly Ann Charles, daughter of Heidi and Bart Charles, 
sister of Lora Marie Charles (twin deceased),
Opelousas, LA  USA

December 22     Lora Marie Charles, daughter of Heidi and Bart Charles, 
sister of Lilly Ann Charles (twin deceased), 
Opelousas, LA  USA

December 22     Justin Robert van Brakle, son of Pam and John van Brakle,
brother of Zachery van Brakle, 
Brecksville, OH  USA 

December 22     Brandon Kenneth Littlefield, son of Carrie and Kenneth Littlefield, 
brother of Summer and Bradley Littlefield, 
Bremen, GA USA

December 23     Rob Schuppert, son of Bobbie and Al Schuppert, brother of Tiki Cain, 
Edgewater, CO  USA 

December 23     Timothy Allmon, son of Ann and Jackie Allmon, 
brother of Amanda Allmon, Pamela Smith and Tina Pickens, 
Conyers, GA  USA

December 23     Zachary Wright, son of Joanna and Peter Wright, 
brother of Stefanie Krukowski, 
Griffith, IN  USA 

December 24      Andre' Graves, son of Janice and Abraham Boyd, 
brother of Angela Abney and April Watson, 
Jonesboro, GA USA 

December 24     Adriana Marie Perez, daughter of Stephanie Brannan and Omar Perez, 
sister of Omar Xavier Perez, 
Kissimmee, FL  USA 

December 24     Jeffrey Lynn Galamb, Jr., son of Ramona and Jeff Galamb, Sr., 
Pittsburg, PA  USA 

December 24     Khalil Malik Jones, son of Lisa Michelle and Reginald Malik Jones,
Baltimore, MD  USA 

December 24    Hayden Greenlee, son of Colette and Jon Greenlee, 
brother of Rachel Ann Greenlee, 
Prescott, AZ USA 

December 25      A. Keith Smith, son of Sue Smith Guilbeau, 
brother of Darien Smith, 
Sylvester, GA USA

December 25     Pamela Janae Thomas, daughter of Lynette Thomas,
sister of Jana Williams,
Alexander, AR  USA 

December 25     Adrienne Nichelle Nelson, daughter of Nichelle and Alvin Nelson, 
sister of Tre', Brandice and Charis Nelson, 
Cedar Park, TX  USA

December 25    Luke Noel Gregory, son of Sandy and Daniel Gregory, 
brother of Benjamin, Spike, Noah and Jessie Gregory, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

December 25     Jenna Noel Afroilan, daughter of Robin and Brian Afroilan, 
sister of Kaeli Puopolo, Stephen and Alissa Afroilan, 
Exton, PA  USA 

December 26     Amanda Quick, daughter of Pam Terry and Travis Pattillo, sister of Krystal Quick, 
Buford, GA  USA 

December 26     Jessika Christopher, daughter of Angela and Lawrence Christopher, 
brother of Kasey and Lyndsi Christopher, 
Troy, KS  USA

December 26     Evan Thompson, son of Rose and William Thompson, brother of Allison Thompson,
Knoxville, TN   USA 

December 27      Sarah Ann Henschel, daughter of Allison and Walt Henschel, 
sister of Robert, Derek and Heather Henschel, Amy Lee and Aminat Dawad, 
Maumelle, AR USA

December 27      Sharon Vanessa Whaley-Masariegos “Nessa”, daughter of Korie Whaley and Carlos Masariegos, 
sister of Kyle and Erik Whaley and Jessica Torres, 
Dalton, GA USA

December 27      Joshua Simon Perez, son of Esmeralda Garza and Carlos Perez, 
brother of Carlos Perez Jr., Lydia Marines, Mary Rodriguez, Sara Rangel and Julie Perez, 
Corpus Christi, TX USA

December 27     Elliot Joseph Matos, Jr., son of Donna J. and Elliot J. Matos, Sr., 
brother of Brittany C. Matos, 
Somerville, MA  USA 

December 27     Dustin Patrick Chandler Howard, son of Laurie and William Howard, 
brother of Cathi McCarthy, Sarah and Jodi Howard, 
Chelmsford, MA  USA 

December 27     Keith Graham, son of Darla Wilson, 
Verden, OK  USA

December 28      Jason Frazier, son of Theresa Weaver, 
Melbourne, AR USA

December 28     Joseph Edward Doyle, son of Pat and Bill Doyle, 
brother of Jim and John Michael Doyle, 
Dunwoody, GA  USA 

December 28     Julian King, son of Cara King and John Riggio, 
Homer Glen, IL USA 

December 28     Chelsea Serafini, daughter of Stacey and Joshua Serafini, 
Pittsburgh, PA  USA 

December 28     Bobbi Jo Sisk Jones, daughter of Judy and Jim Sisk, 
sister of Larry Ray (deceased) and Jami Rae, 
Waynesville, MO  USA 

December 28     Jennifer Huddleston, daughter of Cheryl and James Simmons, 
sister of Michael Brunnet, Katie and Kristie Johnson, 
Daytona Beach, FL  USA

December  28    Jacob Drollinger, son of John and Virginia Drollinger, 
brother of John Matthew Drollinger, 
Kennesaw, GA  USA 

December 28     Derek Lee Jones, son of Gretchen L. Jones, brother of Steven D. Jones, 
Huntsville, AL  USA 

December 28    Kenny Plouff, son of Patti and Ted Plouff, brother of Ryan Plouff, 
Cumming, GA USA

December 29      Christopher Robin Wibeto, son of Debra and Robin Wibeto,
brother of Shane Wibeto, Wendy Valdez and Brianna Wibeto,
San Jose, CA USA

December 29      Jonathan Bourne, son of Patricia and John Bourne, 
Dawsonville, GA USA

December 29      Dennis Michael Auman, Jr. son of Denise Trimble and Dennis Auman Sr., 
Warminster, PA, USA

December 29   Daven Edward Guettler, son of Mark & Jean (Guettler) Luchtefeld
brother of Jon-Patrick Bennett, Jayne Luchtefeld, and Matthew Luchtefeld
Edwardsville, IL  USA

December 29     Tiffany Johnston, daughter of Sherrel and Mike Johnston, 
sister of Jeremy Johnston and Zackary Cook, 
Whitehouse, TX  USA

December 29     Allana Joann Daughterty, daughter of Brandy Daugherty, 
sister of Austin and Amber Daugherty, 
Thomaston, GA  USA

December 29     Amanda Jolyne Jones, daughter of Tammy Craig, 
Eugene, OR USA 

December 29    Jennifer Kilgoar, daughter of Dorothy and Jonathan Wayne Kilgoar, Sr.,
sister of Jonathan Kilgoar, Jr., 
Woodstock, GA  USA

December 30      Shane Mohney, son of Connie and Robin Mohney, 
brother of Ryan Mohney, 
Lawton, MI USA

December 30     Nicole Prescott, daughter of Anne and Brian Prescott, 
sister of Devin Prescott, 
Oneonta, NY  USA 

December 30     J'Muar U. Taylor, son of Cheryl A. Taylor, brother of J'Nai U. Smith, 
Lithonia, GA  USA 

December 30     Chad Thomas Buckley, son of Patricia Shewmaker and Stan Buckley, 
brother of Tommy McKinnon, Richard Shewmaker, Kim Whitmire, Angel Coltrain and Gwen Plano, 
Jacksonville, AR  USA 

December 30     Elizabeth Haher, daughter of Chris and Richard Haher,
sister of George Haher,
Colchester Essex, England 

December 30     Tracy Elizabeth Ryan, daughter of Jerry and Donnie Ryan, 
sister of Scott Ryan,
Beavercreek, OH  USA 

December 31     Michele Wade, daughter of Diane Craddock and James Wade, 
sister of JJ Wade (deceased), 
Carrsville, VA  USA 

December 31     Jamie Nicole Aleccia, daughter of Jim and Kerry Aleccia, 
sister of Nicholas and Amanda Aleccia,
Anniston, AL USA 

December 31     Kathryn Alline Birge, daughter of Marilyn Lowery, 
sister of Jennifer Marie Evans and Kimberly Ann Bonner,
Peachtree City, GA USA

December 31     William Carter Revert, son of Leslie Plyler,
brother of Claudia and Samantha Revert, 
Cartersville, GA USA 

December 31     Noel Edens, daughter of Cindy and Stephen Ebens, 
sister of Leon Anthony, Kaitlyn Fawn and Noah Campbell (deceased) Edens, 
Barnwell, SC  USA


I wrote this for the Compassionate Friends Holiday Candlelighting Ceremony
for all who have suffered the loss of a child. 

Angels in Heaven

We have angels in heaven 
Who look down on us here 
while the world all around us says 
"Be of good cheer!" 

Everyone else is bustling about 
We simply watch it go by,
yet we just want to shout~ 
Don't you know it's not merry 
at this time of year, 
when our lives feel so empty 
and our eyes fill with tears. 

We can't bear the thought of another holiday 
without our precious loved one 
who was taken away. 
But your child's spirit does live on, 
though their physical being may be gone. 
Look around and you will see 
their soul lives on in your memory. 
You'll see your child's eyes so bright 
In every twinkling Christmas light. 

There are angels in heaven 
Who look down on us here 
And they are trying to tell us, 
Don't worry we're near! 
We love you and miss you, 
we'll never be far... 
Just look to the sky 
and the bright Christmas star. 

Take a special moment 
throughout these blessed days 
to remember me in the kindest of ways... 
Give my smile to a person, 
who needs it like you, 
and my spirit will live on 
through the things that you do. 

Tammy L. Tobac 1993 

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