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December Angel Dates


On Memory

When you remember me, it means that you 
have carried something of who I am with you,
that I have left some mark on who I am on who you are.
It means that you can summon me back to your mind
even though countless years and miles may stand between us.
It means that if we meet again, you will know me,
and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart.
For as long as you remember me, I am never entirely lost.
~Frederick Buechner


The Heart hath its own memory, like the mind.
And in it are enshrined the precious keepsakes,
into which is wrought the giver's loving thought.

~H.W. Longfellow

On this Angel Anniversary, may the spirit of the child
who lives so deep within your heart help you through this month
and through every moment of the re-establishing of your life.


December Angel "versaries"

December 1      Amberly Wright, daughter of Dana and Steven Wright, 
sister of Korbin, Ridge and Jadalyn Wright, 
Suwanee, GA USA

December 1      Frank DeVoy, son of Susan and James Devoy, 
brother of Jim Devoy,
Sterling Heights, MI USA

December 1  Joshua Brestel, son of Diane and Steve Brestel, 
brother of Tyler Hottovy and Jessica Brestel, 
Lincoln, NE  USA 

December 1    Kelly James Carmody, son of Barb and Mitch Carmody, 
brother of Megan Carmody, 
Hastings, MN  USA 

December 1  Stephanie Mets, daughter of Wendy and Michael Mets, 
sister of Leanna Juncaj, 
Macomb, MI  USA 

December 1       Karen Landau, daughter of Bev Landau Giacalone, 
Thompsons Station, TN  USA 

December 1   Jon-Thomas Dodd, son of Susie Dodd, brother of Suni-Brook Elizabeth, 
Midland, TX  USA 

December 1      Amanda Beth Chase, daughter of Debbie and Jeff Chase, 
sister of Brett Chase, 
Streator, IL USA 

December 1      Jill Watson, daughter of Dottie Campbell, sister of Christopher Watson, 
Jessy, Michelle, Ashley and Brittany Campbell, 
Crestview, FL USA 

December 1      Kay Cee Herring, daughter of David and Ginny Herring, 
sister of Chad Herring,
Buford, GA USA

December 1   Alexander Hicks, son of Christina Fabas-Pirie, 
brother of Kassandra (deceased), Zarah (deceased) and Gabrielle (deceased) Hicks, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

December 2       Alison Doering, daughter of Shirley and Richard Doering, 
sister of Michael Doering, Rebecca Jecha and Bethany Fredrickson, 
Apple Valley, MN  USA 

December 2      Mary-Margaret Pickels, daughter of Vickie and Anthony Pickels, 
sister of Jazzi Pickels, Cory and Nickie Myers, 
Morven, GA  USA 

December 2        Sarah Elizabeth Wintz, daughter of Sue and Mike Wintz, sister of Matt Wintz, 
Mesa, AZ  USA 

December 2   Hobert Jadey Dunn, Jr., son of Jean Davis and Hobert Dunn, Sr., 
brother of Charlie Brown, Susan Trivett, Heather Maze, Robin Eillison, Mack and Alicia Dunn, 
Mountain City, TN  USA 

December 2  Imani Wilson, daughter of Carlene Jefferson and Jerry Langston Wilson, 
Capitol Heights, MD  USA 

December 2    Kassandra Hicks, daughter of Christina Fabas-Pirie, 
sister of Zarah (deceased), Gabrielle (deceased), and Alexander (deceased) Hicks, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

December 2       David Michael Fields, son of Pattie Fields, 
Stoneham, MS USA 

December 3      Christopher D. Smith Jr., son of Shuntoya Jones and Christopher D. Smith Sr., 
Milledgeville, GA USA

December 3      Diana Goodman, daughter of Sharon and Ronald Goodman, 
sister of Terry and Bruce Goodman, 
Star City, AR USA

December 3       Albert Joseph Sanchez, son of Josie and Raymond Sanchez, 
brother of Lara Stewart, Gina Geer, Angela Ballejos,  Raymond, David &Phillip Sanches, 
Winslow, AZ  USA 

December 3   Corey Collins, son of Dreama Collins, brother of Joey Collins, 
Clinton, TN  USA 

December 3      Tristan Williams, son of Kitwan Williams, 
Fayetteville, NC USA 

December 3      Nelson Minter, son of Mary Jane Alexander, 
brother of Cynthia and David Minter, 
Potomac, MD USA 

December 4       Steven Tauber, son of Pamela and Mike Tauber, brother of Kayla Tauber, 
Stockbridge, GA  USA 

December 4      Jeremy David Carroll, son of Barbara Baker, 
brother of Bonita Jarrod, Jason Baker and Chad Carroll, 
Jonesboro, GA USA 

December 5      Brian Reese, son of Kathy and Fred Reese, brother of David Reese,
Bowie, MD USA

December 5        Matthew Torma, son of Angela Torma, 
brother of Aidan and Krystal (deceased) Torma, 
New York, NY  USA 

December 5       Royal Sage Tapia, son of Celia Glacken and Joaquin Tapia, 
brother of Charlene Tapia, 
Sacramento, CA  USA 

December 5     Sara Rojas, daughter of Kristina and Brian Nolan, 
sister of Zach, Keagan and Karson Nolan, 
Victorville, CA  USA 

December 5    John Christensen, son of Carol White, brother of Tim Christensen, 
Wimberley, TX  USA

December 5    Cory Ryan Shaw, son of Kathy and Charles Shaw, 
brother of Christine Pomeroy, Christopher and Brady Shaw,
Live Oak, FL  USA 

December 5    Byron Crasper, son of Wendy Crasper, 
brother of David, Ann, Steven, Allison (deceased) and Alonzo (deceased) Crasper, 
Cass Lake, MN  USA 

December 5   Allison Crasper, daughter of Wendy Crasper, 
sister of David, Ann, Steven, Byron (deceased) and Alonzo (deceased) Crasper, 
Cass Lake, MN  USA 

December 5   Alonzo Crasper, son of Wendy Crasper, 
brother of David, Ann, Steven, Byron (deceased) and Allison (deceased) Crasper, 
Cass Lake, MN  USA 

December 5       Matthew James Torma, son of Angel Torma, 
Calgary, Alberta 

December 6       Samantha Avery Moore, daughter of Dena and Shane Moore, 
sister of Sydney Hope Moore (deceased), 
Molena, GA  USA 

December 6  Caden Alexander Mark Reece, son of Leanne and Tony Reece, 
Altadena, CA  USA 

December 6   Audra Kidwell, daughter of Brendad and Ronald Kidwell, 
Charleston, NC  USA 

December 7   Lita Lee Virgilito, daughter of Tara and James Virgilito, 
sister of Jamie, Jimmy, Ashley, Mary and Shayla Virgilito, 
Omaha, NE USA 

December 7   Rodney Allen Nisbit, son of Denise S. and Willard H. Nisbit, 
brother of Duane, Sherrill, Leslee, Sandra and Suzanne Nisbit, 
Rochester, MN  USA 

December 7   Mashanda Taylor, daughter of Michelle and Kerwin Scott, Sr., 
sister of Brandon and Kerwin Scott, Jr., Darius and Charlotte Taylor, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

December 7        Luke Noel Gregory, son of Sandy and Daniel Gregory, 
brother of Benjamin, Spike, Noah and Jessie Gregory, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

December 7       Ryan Eric Schafer, son of Carol and Jim O'Connell, 
Milford, PA USA 

December 7       Matthew Joseph Lavigne, son of Kathy Lavigne, 
Enfield, CT USA 

December 8   Rachel Plog, daughter of Susie and Marty Plog,
Hoschton, GA  USA

December 8        Mackenzie Savannah Grindle, daughter of Marie and Jason Grindle, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

December 8       Timothy Rice, son of Martha and Charles Rice, 
Lake Worth, FL  USA 

December 8        Timothy Allmon, son of Ann and Jackie Allmon, 
brother of Amanda Allmon, Pamela Smith and Tina Pickens, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

December 8       Michael Wayne Studdard, son of Norma and Jack Studdard, 
brother of John Patterson, Crystal and Heather Studdard, 
Sullivan, MO  USA 

December 8   Airman First Class Christopher Scott, 
son of Wendi Mendez, brother of Trey and Ashley Scott, 
Snow Hill, NC USA 

December 8       Sydney Hope Moore, daughter of Dena and Shane Moore, 
sister of Samantha Avery Moore (deceased), 
Molena, GA  USA 

December 8     Jason Lewis, son of Julie and Chad Lewis, brother of Jesse Lewis, 
Brooksville, FL  USA 

December 8       Jesse Waters, son of Chris and Stephanie Waters, 
 Canton, GA USA 

December 8      Charles Pendleton, son of Mary Catherine Jones, brother of David Pendleton, 
Angela Pendleton Neff and Troy Jones, 
Mound City, MO USA 

December 9      William P (Billy) Mollica Jr., son of Nancy L and William P Mollica,
brother of Lisa M Mollica,
Red Hook, NY  USA

December 9        Kenneth Allen, son of Danielle Pitts and George Allen, 
brother of Darrius Pitts, 
Marietta, GA  USA

December 9   Alexandra Emerson, daughter of Vicki and Bill Emerson, 
sister of Krista Wilson, Sean, Ashley and Kylie Jo (deceased) Emerson, 
Port Allegany, PA  USA 

December 9   Sarah Ann Elizabeth Malone, daughter of Lea Owens, 
sister of Sammuel and Brittney Malone, 
Beech Island, SC  USA 

December 9   Kiera Hesson, daughter of Kim and Robert Hesson, 
sister of Adam and Sandi Hesson, 
Beverly, OH  USA 

December 9   Travis Gene Berlin, son of Gene and Tracy Berlin, 
brother of Ryan Berlin (deceased),
Manheim, PA  USA 

December 9  Ryan Berlin, son of Tracy and Gene Berlin, 
brother of Travis Berlin (deceased), 
Manheim, PA  USA 

December 9       Timothy Michael Williamson, son of Mike and Juanita Williamson, 
                        Dunwoody, GA USA 

December 9       Brandon Dazey, son of Dawn Dazey, brother of Michael, Jakob,
Shawn, Jr., and Austin Dazey, 
Watertown, NY USA 

December 9      Angela Sayers, daughter of Terri Snyder, sister of Tara Knapp, 
Krystan and Megan Bazzett, 
Grayling, MI USA 

December 10      Alexis Batastini, daughter of Tammy Jones and Chris Batastini, 
sister of Zachary and Morgan Batastini, 
Buford, GA USA

 December 10      Alexis Batastini, daughter of Tammy Jones and Chris Batastini, 
sister of Zachary and Morgan Batastini,
Buford, GA USA

December 10      Anthony James Cox, son of Carol and Daniel Cox,
brother of Daniel, Brandon, Cody and Aleah Cox, 
Whiteville, NC USA

December 10      Kristopher Hundt, son of Dee Tennant Evans and Kenneth Hundt,
brother of Kasey Hundt, 
Griffin, GA, USA

December 10     Sam Peek, son of Carol and Bobby Peek, 
brother of Jessica Peek Rogers, 
Palmetto, GA  USA 

December 10     Heather Mae Bonham, daughter of Kimberley and Rex Bonham, 
sister of Danielle Anne Bonham, 
Fountain Valley, CA  USA 

December 10    Ebony Weldon, daughter of Cheryl Weldon-Beebe, 
sister of Chemeeka Weldon, 
Baltimore, MD  USA 

December 10     Heather Mae Bonham, daughter of Kimberley and Rex Bonham, 
sister of Danielle Anne Bonham, 
Fountain Valley, CA  USA 

December 10     Christina Ball, daughter of Cinda and Leroy Ball, 
sister of Douglas Houghland and Tina Chambless, 
Sacramento, CA  USA 

December 10    Krystal Duss, daughter of Jo Ann and Don Webb, 
sister of Kina Long-Rewis, Karen Lanier and Kelly Duke, 
Orange Park, FL USA 

December 10      Kipp Colclough, son of Kim and Charles Colclough, 
brother of Kyle Colclough, Cyndee Buss and Megan Lenning, 
Oneida, NY  USA 

December 10     Stacey McCarter, daughter of Mary Rollins and Jack McCarter, 
sister of Lisa McCarter, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

December 10     Bobby Day, son of Darlene Day, brother of Dwane and Stephen Day, 
San Martin, CA  USA 

December 10   Kipp Colclough, son of Kim Colclough, 
brother of Kyle, Cyndee and Megan Colclough, 
Oneida, NY USA 

December 11      Laura Henson, daughter of Diane and Steve Henson, 
sister of Lance Henson, 
Rabun, GA  USA 

December 12     Meagan Stoodt, daughter of Julie and Rick Weaver, 
sister of Nicholaus, Stephanie and Sarah Stoodt, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

December 12     Nathan R. Penn, son of Laura and Frank Penn, 
brother of Josh Penn, 
Miamisburg, OH  USA 

December 12     Christopher J.S. Yohannes, son of Inge A.and Daniel K. Yohannes, 
brother of Rebecca C. Yohannes, 
Wheatridge, CO  USA 

December 12     Joshua Medina, son of Lela and Tim Chipman, 
brother of  Amanda Chipman, Jacob and Ellen Medina, 
Phoenix, AZ  USA 

December 12     Marc Darby, son of Steve and Lori Darby, 
brother of Cody, Austin, and Benjamin Darby 
Valrico, FL  USA 

December 12     John Kendell Landry, son of Crescentia Cindy Landry, 
Lithonia, GA USA 

December 13      Kyan Grezik-Hodge, son of Casey Grezik and Jay Hodge, 
brother of Jordyn Grezik, 
Rapid City, SD  USA 

December 13   Josh Pelick, son of Lynn and Dave Pelick, 
brother of Brett, Stephanie, Alissa Pelick and Tom Kernoschak, 
Forest City, PA USA 

December 13   Michael Turritin, son of Connie and Mike Turrittin, 
brother of Roy and Nikki Turritin, 
Pleasant View, TN  USA 

December 13    Skip Umstead, son of Candy Umstead, brother of Samantha Umstead,
Pleasant Hill, MO USA 

December 13    Jamie Leigh Armstrong, daughter of Kim Cornell, 
sister of Ramon, Dale, Christopher, Mark Otero and Patrick Armstrong, 
Zephyrhills, FL USA 

December 14    Amber Leigh Thompson, daughter of Sylvia S. Thompson, 
sister of Tommy and Tara Thompson, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

December 14     Mark Massie, son of Sandi and Tom Massie, 
brother of Jill Bohaty and Becky Massie, 
Wahoo, NE  USA 

December 14     Sally Hines, daughter of Bob and Jo Hines, 
Bentley, LA USA 

December 15        Ashley Barnett, daughter of Lori and Jerry Barnett, 
Tunnel Hill, GA  USA 

December 15      Cory Pilat, son of Debbie and Eugene Pilat, 
brother of Zachary and Kelly Pilat, 
Moulton, TX  USA 

December 15       Rodney Michael Majdic, son of Stephanie and Lawrence Majdic, 
brother of Brandy Majdic Moeller, 
Green River, WY  USA 

December 15     Heather Hallsworth, daughter of Tina Hallsworth, 
sister of Josh, Jake, Tiffany (deceased) and Brittany (deceased) Hallsworth, 
Sun City, CA USA 

December 15    Patrick Kent, son of Deborah Strozier, brother of Adam Poore and Tyler Strozier, 
Fayetteville, GA USA 

December 15     Michael Sean O'Berry, son of Mike and Valerie O'Berry, 
brother of Christopher Shane O'Berry, 
Riverview, FL  USA 

December 15    Hailey Melancon, daughter of Angel Melancon, 
sister of Brittany and Kody Melancon, 
New Iberia, LA USA

December 16      Adam Craig Hendelson, son of Maxine Heller, 
brother of Jason Rothman and Jessica Heller, 
Coconut Creek, FL, USA

December 16      Connor Devine, son of Kathleen and Owen Devine, 
brother of Brendan and Molly Devine, 
Winder, GA USA

December 16      Adam Craig Hendelson, son of Maxine Heller, 
brother of Jason Rothman and Jessica Heller, 
Coconut Creek, FL USA

December 16      David M. Hoegler, son of Doreen and Jim Hoegler, 
brother of Lori and Denise Hoegler, 
Loganville, GA 

December 16      Joe Simpson, son of Ellen and William Simpson, 
brother of Billy Simpson, Buffy Sullens, Helen Fouts and Lenora Jordan, 
Dahlonega, GA 

December 16      Aaron Geddings Williams, son of Susan and Todd Williams, 
brother of Averi, Anderson and Ashtyn Williams, 
Charleston, SC 

December 16     Jason Brake, son of Wanda Brake, brother of Julie Howard, 
Marion, OH  USA 

December 16     Sarah Schaefer, daughter of Paula Schaefer, sister of D.J. and Angel Schaefer, 
Sommerville, SC USA 

December 17      Jessica Spiro, daughter of Sandy and Ken Spiro, 
sister of Pat and Drew Spiro, 
Euharlee, GA USA

December 17      Travis Dale Vassar, son of LaNette and William Vassar,
brother of Sue Ellen and Marsha Vassar, 
Mentone, CA USA

December 17     Todd Eller, son of Debora and Jerry Anderson, 
brother of Richard and Jessica Anderson, Chandra and Michelle Eller, 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

December 17     Joshua Caleb Brooks, son of Sharon Brooks, Wagga Wagga, Australia 

December 17    Nicholas B. O'Dell, son of Lisa M. O'Dell, 
brother of R. J. O'Dell, 
Rose OK  USA

December 17     Dr. Robin Royster, daughter of Yvonne and Ronald Royster, 
sister of Ronald D. Royster, Jr., 
Valley College, NY USA 

December 17    Tina Robling Dearing, daughter of Judy Robling, sister of Morgan, 
Emily and Rachel Robling, 
Winslow, IN USA 

December 18      Maison-Elizabeth M. Hall, daughter of Nancy Hall and Mark G. Hall (deceased), 
sister of Ryan Laurin, Patrick Hall, Brendan Hall & Case W. Hall, 
Covington, GA USA

December 18     Jennifer Oines, daughter of Pat and Richard (deceased) Oines, 
sister of Nicole Oines Skoloda, 
Staten Island, NY  USA 

December 18     Cassondra Marie Kammerer, daugthter of Elizabeth J. Kammerer,
sister of Madeline E. Kammerer, 
Brodheadsville, PA  USA 

December 18    John Anusavage, son of Janet Anusavage, 
brother of Stacy Michalski and Kori Anusavage, 
Canton, Mi USA 

December 18     Toby James Edwards, son of Kathleen Mary Kuhn and Dan Edwards 
                        Macomb, IL USA 

December 18     Richard Price, son of Richard and Geraldine price, 
brother of Jamie Price, 
English HR. West Nfld, Canada 

December 18    Dennis J. White, Jr., son of LuAnn and Bob Douglas, 
Stockton, IL  USA 

December 18    Jacob Michael Rick, son of Lara and Michael, Jr., brother of Emily Rick, 
Milwaukie, OR  USA 

December 19      Michelle Stanton Turner, daughter of Kristy and David Turner, 
sister of Austin and James Turner, 
San Antonio, TX USA

December 19      Steven Hall, son of Sandra Harper and Ronald Hall, 
brother of Bobby Harper and Rondel Lepley, 
Orrville OH USA

December 19     Rosalind Brown, daughter of Demetrea and Delano Brown, 
sister of Delano and Amora Brown, 
Morrow, GA  USA

December 19     Peter Ma, son of Heather Ma, brother of Kayla and Kristina Ma,
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada 

December 19     Allana Joann Daughterty, daughter of Brandy Daugherty, 
sister of Austin and Amber Daugherty, 
Thomaston, GA  USA

December 19      Danny Pedro, son of Sandra and John Pedro, brother of James and Wendy Pedro, 
Seymour, TN  USA 

December 19     Noah Jamison Oliver, son of Marsha and Rich Oliver, 
brother of Lauren Wells and Melia Oliver, 
Ringgold, GA USA 

December 19    Gilford Doucet, son of Joyce Bailey, brother of Steve, Danny, Kennth, Joann Doucet, 
Branch, LA  USA

December 20      Jonathan Frederick Barch, son of Becky and Doug Barch, 
Tallahassee, FL USA

December 20     Joshua Whitmore, son of Lori and Martin Whitmore, 
brother of Samual Whitmore (deceased), 
Emlenton, PA  USA

December 20     Samual Whitmore, son of Lori and Martin  Whitmore, 
brother of Joshua Whitmore (deceased), 
Emlenton, PA  USA

December 20     Christopher Younts, son of Kari and Wayne Younts, brother of Frankie Younts, 
Lexington, NC  USA 

December 20     Mario Napolitano, son of Bettie Lou and Joseph D. Napolitano Sr., 
brother of Nicholas T, Christina, Joseph D. Napolitano, Jr., and Christina Borgony, 
Turtle Creek, PA  USA 

December 21      Matthew James Davel, son of Erica and James Davel, 
Lawton, OK USA

December 21     Jeremy Imrie, son of Cheryl and Roger Imrie,
brother of Jody(deceased) and Ellen Imrie, 
Ashtabula, OH  USA 

December 21     Grayson Ryan Dean, son of Darryl and Darla Dean, 
brother of Tyler Ray and Mykenzie Hope Dean, 
Prosper, TX USA 

December 21     Jerry L. Tanner, Jr., son of Linda Kesterson and Jerry L. Tanner, Sr., 
brother of Stacie Ann and Jeffrey N. Tanner, 
Clinton, TN  USA 

December 22      Logan McCrary, son of Suzanne and Jason McCrary, 
Lawrenceville, GA, USA

December 22     James Torrence, son of Sarah Johnson,
brother of Ellen, Jane, Elizabeth Torrance and Edythe Dama,
Tucker, GA  USA 

December 22     Lilly Ann Charles, daughter of Heidi and Bart Charles, 
sister of Lora Marie Charles (twin deceased),
Opelousas, LA  USA 

December 22     Lora Marie Charles, daughter of Heidi and Bart Charles, 
sister of Lilly Ann Charles (twin deceased), 
Opelousas, LA  USA 

December 22     Christopher Patterson, son of Bill and Carol Patterson, brother of Amber Patterson, 
Monroe, GA  USA 

December 22     Jared Black, son of Karen and David Black, brother of Kandace and Adam Black, 
Cullman, AL  USA 

December 22     Brandon Kenneth Littlefield, son of Carrie and Kenneth Littlefield, 
brother of Summer and Bradley Littlefield, 
Bremen, GA USA 

December 22    Michelle Anne Skiest, daughter of Pat Skiest, 
sister of Steven and Conny Skiest, MA  USA 

December 22    Kaitlyn Claire Medders, daughter of Sheila Medders, sister of Joshua Medders, 
Starkville, MS  USA 

December 22    Brandon C. Binns, son of Renee Cooper, brother of Jason Floyd and Cherrita Binns, 
Monroe, GA USA 

December 23      Catherine Amiss, daughter of Martha and Don Copeland, 
sister of Robert Amiss,
Lawrenceville, GA USA

December 23      Michael Walker, son of Arlene and Dale Walker, 
brother of Darian Walker, 
Aumsville, OR, USA

December 23,      Ricky Ainsworth, son of Marti Walker, 
brother of Rochelle Markos and Maggie Bristol,
Loganville, GA  USA

December 23     Wayne Roper, son of Susan Roper, 
Derbyshire, England 

December 23     Micki Henderson, daughter of Judy McElreath, 
Tyrone, GA  USA 

December 23      Jeffrey Burda, son of Brenda and Richard Burda, brother of Daniel Burda, 
Flint, MI  USA 

December 23     Craig Mayes, son of Debbie Mayes, 
Point Pleasant, WV USA 

December 23        Samantha McKensie Smith, daughter of Kellie and Edward Smith, 
sister of Kristina Alexis Colon, 
Suwanee, GA  USA 

December 23   Jeremiah Lowery, son of Mildred and Chancie Lowery, Sr., 
brother of Marilyn Cameron, Spring Spears, Angel Sims, James, 
Sondra, Mike Lowery and Chancie Lowery, Jr (deceased) 
Raeford, NC  USA 

December 23     Keith Graham, son of Darla Wilson, 
Verden, OK  USA 

December 23     Kathryn Alline Birge, daughter of Marilyn Lowery, sister of 
                        Jennifer Marie Evans and Kimberly Ann Bonner, 
Peachtree City, GA USA 

December 24      Ben Bonnie, son of Marilyn and Gregg Bonnie, 
brother of Jacob Bonnie, 
Jefferson City, MO, USA

December 24       Sarah Hicks, daughter of Amanda and Danny Hicks, 
sister of Tyler and Danny Hicks, Jr., 
Covington, GA  USA 

December 24     Adriana Marie Perez, daughter of Stephanie Brannan and Omar Perez, 
sister of Omar Xavier Perez, 
Kissimmee, FL  USA 

December 24     Nicolas Philippe Godbout, son of Bernadette and Lucien Godbout, 
Drummond, NB, Canada 

December 24     Dyton Oneil Bailey, son of Beverly Miller and Samuel Bailey, 
brother of John Bailey, III, Robin Miller and Chardae Bailey, 
Los Angeles, CA  USA 

December 24     Ryan Soper, son of Deborah Martin and Troy Soper, 
brother of Christine Soper, Sarah and Lee Martin, 
Bayville,  NJ  USA 

December 24     Lindsay Jerdo, daughter of Deborah and Douglas Jerdo, 
sister of Melanie Wheaton, Brent and Joshua Jerdo, 
Saranac Lake, NY  USA 

December 24    Melissa Renee Davis, daughter of Virginia Goodale, 
sister of Joe and Christina Davis and Jennifer Chrome, 
Porterville, CA USA 

December 24     Larry "Travis" Shaun Carter, son of Judy Craig, 
West Memphis, AR  USA 

December 24     Kathleen Mary Kuhn Edwards, daughter of Kris and Herb Edwards, 
 Macomb, IL USA 

December 25      Bill Mann, son of Barbara and Harry Mann, 
Clinton, AR USA

December 25       Stephanie Marie Strohl, daughter of Josie and Duane Strohl, 
sister of Sean Matthew Strohl, 
Palm Desert, CA USA

December 25 Cherokee Phillips, daughter of Robyn Boyce and Sydney Phillips, 
sister of Cassidy, Tristan (deceased), Stevie (deceased), Shelby and Cheyanne Phillips, Courtney Hayden, 
Bruce Rock, W.A., Australia 

December 25       Rico Medina, son of Jennifer and Faustino Medina, 
brother of Faustino (deceased), Royce (deceased) and Oscar Medina, 
McKinleyville, CA  USA 

December 25      Royce Medina, son of Jennifer and Faustino Medina, 
brother of Faustino (deceased), Rico (deceased) and Oscar Medina, 
McKinleyville, CA  USA 

December 25       Faustino Medina, son of Jennifer and Faustino Medina, 
brother of Royce (deceased), Rico (deceased) and Oscar Medina, 
McKinleyville, CA  USA 

December 25    Ricky Davis, son of Ricky and Beth Davis, brother of Rhonda Davis, 
Good Hope, GA USA 

December 25    Hayden Greenlee, son of Colette and Jon Greenlee,
brother of Rachel Ann Greenlee, 
Prescott, AZ USA 

December 26      Chelsey Ebert, daughter of Stephanie Ebert and Jay Ebert, 
sister of Justin Ebert, Michael Ebert, Robert Goode, Jordan Ebert, Christina Goode and Katelyn Goode, 
Ferndale, WA USA

December 26      Jason Allan Moore, son of Cheryl Jones Moore and Jerry Moore, 
Cabot, AR USA

December 26      Henry Levin, son of Sandie and Bob Levin, 
brother of Michael Levin, LoriAnn Lawrence and Jill Farr, 
Sparrowbush, NY USA

December 26   Coleman Miller, son of Teresa and Butch Miller, 
brother of Carey and Charlie Miller, 
Flowery Branch, GA  USA 

December 26  Craig Lemoine, son of Liz and Dan Lemoine, 
brother of Todd, Eric and Danielle Lemoine, 
Chalmette, LA  USA 

December 26     Matthew James Eldridge, son of Debbie S. Eldridge, 
Clinton, MS USA 

December 27 Jennifer Hower, daughter of Sharon Fischer and Cliff Hower, 
sister of Jeff Hower and Julie Hower Fischer, 
Spartanburg, SC USA 

December 27     Kristine Monroe Bezner, daughter of Karen and Charles Monroe, 
sister of Terri Haun, Michael and Charles J. Monroe, 
Peoria, AZ  USA 

December 27     Sydney Steinberg, daughter of Amy Steinberg, 
sister of Shelby and Brady Steinberg, 
Albuquerque, NM  USA 

December 27     Jesse Keegan White, son of Maureen White, 
Boulder, CO  USA 

December 27     Laura Maria Hayes, daughter of Laura C. Hayes, 
Breaux Bridge, LA USA 

December 27    Aaron Weddington, son of Paula Weddington Conley, 
brother of Alex Roberts, 
Mableton, GA USA 

December 28      Douglas Brannon Springer, son of Kelley Springer and the late Douglas Walton Springer, 
brother of Brent Springer, 
Monroe, GA, USA

December 28     Ben Smith, son of Kathy Doerr, brother of Tiffany Bohnet, Roger and Grant Smith, Jr., 
Escalon, CA  USA 

December 28     Rachael Chan, daughter of Gary and Susan Chan, sister of Jeffrey Chan, 
Topeka, KS  USA 

December 28    Justin Christopher Childs, son of Rebecca Childs, brother of Jason Childs, 
Roswell, GA USA 

December 29      Heather Lee Franco, daughter of Leslie and David (dec) Franco,
sister of Hannahlynne Xoel Gallimore,
Lexington, NC  USA 

December 29     Steven Crocker, son of Jan Crocker,
brother of Ted Crocker, Gina C. Shawley, Angie C. Petit and Sherry C. Foster, 
Spartanburg, SC  USA 

December 29     Diana Marie Gamble, daughter of Martha Marie and Harvey Charles Gamble, Sr., 
sister of Harvey Charles Gamble, Jr., Eileen Marie Lyons and Vicky Ann Dryness, 
Victorville, CA    USA 

December 29     Shawn Michael Walker, son of Capri Walker, 
Kenosha, WI USA 

December 29     Karl James Ryan Heneberry, son of Gladys (ksmom) and Phil Heneberry, 
brother of Myles Heneberry,
Kirkland Lake Ontario Canada 

December 29    Amanda Jolyne Jones, daughter of Tammy Craig, 
Eugene, OR  USA 

December 30      Asheigh Danelutt, daughter of Debbie and Rick Danelutt, 
sister of Justin Danelutt and the late Jennifer Danelutt, 
Sylacauga, AL USA

December 30     Jason Pettus, son of Venitha and Kent Pettus, 
brother of Rebecca Pettus, 
Duluth, GA  USA 

December 30     Courtney Thompson Minor, daughter of Janet and Ralph Thompson, II,
sister of Scott and Ralph Thompson, III, 
Marietta, GA  USA 

December 30     Amber Rose Dickey, daughter of Roberta Dickey and Michael Smith, 
sister of Michael, Mitchel and Matthew Smith, 
Freeport, OH  USA 

December 30     Mikhail Phillips, son of Sara and Paul Phillips, 
brother of Stephen and Kelly Phillips,
Hildebran, NC  USA

December 30     Randy Maycock, son of Nancy Kunes and Jim Maycock, 
Seneca Castle, NY  USA 

December 30     Tracy Elizabeth Ryan, daughter of Jerry and Connie Ryan, 
sister of Scott Ryan, 
Beavercreek, OH USA 

December 30    MaryAnn D'Albis, daughter of Rosaria D;Albis,
sister of Filomena, Diana and Ralphy D'Albis, 
Brooklyn, NY USA 

December 31    Alexander Zachary Matthew Saladino, son of Sue and Jim Saladino,
brother of Zachary, Matthew and Samantha Saladino, 
Loves Park, IL  USA

December 31     Chris Collins, son of Renee and Daryl Collins, brother of Philip Collins, 
Lake Wylie, SC  USA 

December 31      Owen Wheeler, son of Christie and Christopher Wheeler, 
brother of Grant Wheeler, 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

December 31      Robby Gibbs, son of Christine Shockley,
brother of Scott Shockley,  Shawn and Ryan Gibbs, 
Sebring, FL  USA 

December 31     Robert Casey McCoy, son of Vickie McCoy Stewart and Robert M. McCoy, 
brother of Joshua McCoy and Kaz Stewart, 
Clarksville, GA  USA 

December 31    Kelsey Leeann Mayo, daughter of Tom and Tina Mayo, 
sister of Makayla, Alec and Lucas Mayo, 
Gwinn, MI USA 

December 31   Noel Edens, daughter of Cindy and Stephen Ebens, 
sister of Leon Anthony and Kaitlyn Fawn and Noah Campbell (deceased) Edens, 
Barnwell, SC  USA 

I wrote this for the Compassionate Friends Holiday Candlelighting Ceremony 
for all who have suffered the loss of a child. 

Angels in Heaven

We have angels in heaven 
Who look down on us here 
while the world all around us says 
"Be of good cheer!" 

Everyone else is bustling about 
We simply watch it go by, 
yet we just want to shout~ 
Don't you know it's not merry
at this time of year, 
when our lives feel so empty 
and our eyes fill with tears.

We can't bear the thought of another holiday 
without our precious loved one 
who was taken away. 
But your child's spirit does live on, 
though their physical being may be gone. 
Look around and you will see 
their soul lives on in your memory. 
You'll see your child's eyes so bright 
In every twinkling Christmas light. 

There are angels in heaven
Who look down on us here 
And they are trying to tell us, 
Don't worry we're near! 
We love you and miss you, 
we'll never be far... 
Just look to the sky 
and the bright Christmas star. 

Take a special moment 
throughout these blessed days 
to remember me in the kindest of ways... 
Give my smile to a person, 
who needs it like you, 
and my spirit will live on 
through the things that you do. 

Tammy L. Tobac 1993 

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