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February Angel Dates

February 1      Michael K. McGhee II, son of Kathryn and Michael McGhee,
brother of Michelle Carlton and Katy McGhee,
Poca, WV USA

February 1   Christopher Fox, son of April Clauss, 
Allentown, PA  USA 

February 1    Ethan Levitan, son of Judy and Bill Levitan, 
brother of Haley and Ashley Levitan, 
Buffalo Grove, IL USA 

February 1    Shane Beattie, son of Melody Beattie, 
brother of Nichole Beattie, 
Malibu, CA  USA 

February 1   Shane Wing, son of Belinda Kleeberger, 
brother of Michelle Wing, 
Buckfield, ME  USA

February 2  Rachel Elizabeth Szech, daughter of Vicki and Chester Szech, 
sister of Andrew Szech, 
Green Oaks, IL  USA 

February 2   Kenny Walsh, son of Linda Walsh, 
brother of Scott Walsh, 
Quispamsis, NB, Canada 

February 2   Christopher Fuller, son of Donald Glenn and Jan Fuller, 
brother of Daniel Paul Fuller, 
Brinkley, AR  USA

February 2   Christian Niven, son of Carol Niven,
Norcross, GA USA 

February 3      Tony Probst, son of Lavonne and Alan Probst,
brother of Jenna, Stacey, Rachel and Emily Probst, 
Wheeler, IL USA

February 3  Jeremy Griffin, son of Brenda and Jerry Griffin, 
brother of Timothy Sumner and Becky Watkins, 
Millington, TN  USA 

February 3   Zach Readler, son of Beth Schalles and Joe Castel, 
brother of Luke and Emily Readler, 
Hollidaysburg, PA  USA 

February 3   Todd Michael Jurack, son of Wanda and Marc Jurack, 
brother of Michael Allen Brown, 
York, PA  USA 

February 3   Orion Spear, son of Julia Conicello, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

February 3  Samantha Stieve, daughter of Laura and Tom Stieve, 
sister of Timothy, Adela and Bethany Stieve, 
Lake Mills, WI  USA 

February 3   Frank Joseph Stone, son of Marie and Frank Stone, 
brother of Steve and Michael Stone, 
San Ramon, CA USA

February 4      Kalen Noelle Vannoy, daughter of Kelly and Barry Vannoy,
sister of Christopher Kaleb Vannoy, 
Winston Salem, NC, USA

February 4      Seldon Hazelo, son of Maria and Timothy Hazelo,
brother of Timothy L Hazelo and Kristopher Kaplan,
Oak Harbor, WA USA

February 4   Chyanne Scott, daughter of Kacy and Eric Scott, 
sister of Hope Rose Scott, 
Jackson, TN  USA 

February 4   Chaz Jeffrey Lamar Robinson, son of Christine Robinson, 
brother of Anzalique Robinson 

February 4    David Ratt DeLuca, son of Deborah and Joey Odom, 
brother of Ryan and Brad Odom, 
Jersey, GA USA 

February 4    Matthew Seth Medders, son of Tony and Sheila Medders, 
brother of Joshua Medders, 
Starkville, MS  USA 

February 5   Daniel Black, son of Jo Carol and Donald W. Black, 
brother of Matthew W. Black, 
Loganville, GA  USA 

February 5   Sean P. Logue, son of Debbie and Leslie Logue, 
brother of Tabitha Logue, 
Levittown, PA  USA 

February 5    Kurtis Edward Seaman, son of Alana and Andrew Seaman, 
brother of Brandon Paul Seaman, 
Albany, West Australia 

February 5  Cody Erwin, son of June Byers, 
Bull Shoals, AZ USA

February 6      Amelia Wayman, daughter of Juanita and Willam (BJ) Wayman, 
sister of Tylor, Anthony, Katie, Kelly, Amanda, Chyanne, Amber and Ashley Wayman, 
Marietta, GA  USA

February  6    Alexandrea Wayman, daughter of Juanita and Willam (BJ) Wayman,
sister of Tylor, Anthony, Katie, Kelly, Amanda, Chyanne, Amber and Ashley Wayman, 
Marietta, GA  USA

February  6    AustinWayman, son of Juanita and Willam (BJ) Wayman,
brother of Tylor, Anthony, Katie, Kelly, Amanda, Chyanne, Amber and Ashley Wayman, 
Marietta, GA  USA

February 6  Joseph Caleb Staggs, son of Patricia Shultz and Charles Staggs, 
North Charleston, SC  USA

February 6  Heath Glaze, son of Tracey and Keith Glaze, 
brother of Bobby and James Glaze, Joseph and Jessica Moore, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

February 6    Alexis Mayberry, daughter of Tresly Mayberry, 
Chattanooga, TN  USA 

February 6   Robert Andrew Corrigan, son of Linda and John Corrigan, 
Lake Oswego, OR  USA 

February 6   Nickolas Nathanial Mount, son of Carol Lynn and John Kirk,
brother of Dave, Derick and Johnny Kirk, Dillon and Vernicka Mount and Teresa Max,
Bothell, WA  USA 

February 7      Clinton Ron Walker, son of Candace and Clint Walker, 
brother of Diamond LaRae Walker, 
Atlanta, GA USA

February 7      Sharon Vanessa Whaley-Masariegos “Nessa”, daughter of Korie Whaley and Carlos Masariegos, 
sister of Kyle and Erik Whaley and Jessica Torres, 
Dalton, GA USA

February 7      Emma Mae Lockwood, daughter of Gloria and Kim Lockwood, 
brother of Vincent and Elena, 
Ventura, CA USA

February 7     Thomas Matthew Leonard, son of Margaret and Charles Leonard, 
Stillpond, MD  USA

February 7  Sarah Elizabeth Zimmerman, daughter of Llyse and John Zimmerman, 
sister of Kylie Danielle Zimmerman, 
Mountville, PA  USA 

February 7  Patty Burkey, daughter of Kathy and Glenn Burkey, 
son of Willie and Jesse Burkey, 
Diamond, OH  USA

February 7  Ken Thompson, son of Annette and Paul Thompson, 
brother of Bill and Becky Thompson, 
Armada, MI  USA 

February 7   Jerry Lemmond, son of Brenda Estes and Mike Lemmond,
brother of David and Tanya Lemmond, 
Somerville, AL  USA

February 8  Sondra Sheehan, daughter of Diana Neff and Stephen Sheehan, 
Atlanta, GA  USA

February 8   Harley S. Walls, son of Beverly Walls John and Harley A. Walls, 
brother of Johnny and Nicle Walls, 
Middleburg, FL  USA 

February 8  Michael Clifton, son of Angela Miller, 
brother of Jordan and Stephanie Miller, 
Winchester, KY  USA 

February 8   Ansley Sara Flynn, daughter of Kathy and Roger Flynn, 
sister of Andrew and Jack Flynn, 
Kennesaw, GA  USA 

February 8    Bob (SBD) Lilijedahl, son of Ron and Mary Lilijedahl, 
Clinton, MD USA 

February 9      Corwin Farmer, son of Claire and James Farmer, 
brother of Devin, Tiffany and Amber Farmer, 
Smyrna, GA USA

February 9   Dalton Raine Shoemaker, son of Marla and Larry Shoemaker, 
Wichita Falls, TX  USA 

February 9    Nicole Marie Megaloudis, daughter of Gail Megaloudis Rongen and Nick Megaloudis, 
sister of Chris and Nicholas Megaloudis, 
Potomac Falls, VA  USA 

February 9   Paula Todd, daughter of Sharon and Frank Todd, 
sister of Frankie, Penny, Pamela and Gloria Todd, 
Dawson, AL USA 

February 9   Matthew Lane, son of Diana and Randy Lane,
brother of Andy and Dan Lane, 
Snellville, GA  USA 

February 9   Jason Dale Sanders, son of Tina Sanders Tew and Mike Sanders, 
brother of Khara Marie Sanders, Madison Danielle and Forrest Gabrielle Tew, 
Dothan, AL  USA

February 9    Russell F. Martin, son of Annette Martin,
brother of Cynthia, Bonnie, Ed and Fred 
Martin, TX USA

February 10      Corey Don Harris, son of Carol and Wayne Harris, 
brother of Justin and Tyler, 
Charlottetown, PEI Canada

February 10     Kalie S. Watkins, daughter of Stacy Otto and Keith Watkins, 
sister of Sierra Otto, 
Burkburnett, TX  USA 

February 10   Mystic Lynn Eide, daughter of Heather Eide, 
sister of Lon Rodenberg, Jace, Seth and Rob Eide, 
Grand Rapids, MN USA 

February 11       Patrick Tainsh, son of Deborah and David Tainsh, 
brother of Phillip Moore, 
Midland, GA  USA 

February 11  Gregory Jon Lusignan, son of Dileta Mary McNally,
brother of Andrew Michael and Aimee Lynne Lusignan, 
Shrewsbury, MA  USA 

February 11  Richard Mascarenhas, son of Kathy and Lazarus Mascarenhas, 
brother of Steven Avila, Eric Mascarenhas and Stephanie Velazquez,
San Bernardino, CA USA 

February 11   Nolli Pippin, daughter of Vicki and Eddie Pippin, 
sister of Justin Pippin, 
Dalton, GA  USA

February 11    Danny Trissel, son of Sandra and Bill Trissel,
Fort Collins, CO  USA 

February 11      Jasper Burns, son of Susie Cross, 
brother of Michelle Childers and Kevin Burns, 
Barling AR, USA 

February 11     Andrew Moore, son of Cindy Bonner, 
Fayette, AL  USA 

February 12      Austin Verville, son of Christine and Matthew Verville, 
brother of Jason Verville, 
Huntington, NY USA

February 12      Christopher Stahl, son of Joy and Art Stahl, 
brother of Marty Stahl and Stephen Stahl, 
Bloomingdale, GA, USA

February 12   Jane Renouf, daughter of Joe Renouf, sister of Rosslyn 
Smart, Maria, Christena, Joseph and Donna Renouf, Stawell, Vic 

February 12   Jen Crew, daughter of Kathie Crew, sister of Alex Crew, 
East Falmouth, MA  USA 

February 12      Mark Alan Standard, son of Nancy and Jim Standard,
brother of Kelly Standard, 
San Diego, CA USA 

February 12      Davey Teoh, son of Audrey Kuang, 
brother of Dylan, Dilys and Deryn Teoh, 

February 12      Angela Pressly George, daughter of Cheryl and Bucky Pressly, 
Morrow, GA USA 

February 12      Sophia Ruth Mulloy, daughter of Jan and Pat Mulloy, 
sister of Emma Claire Mulloy, 
Jupiter, FL  USA 

February 13      Colin Doran, son of Marguerite Mullin and Clive Doran, 
brother of Ryan Mullin, Erin McCarthy, Jennifer Mullin, Meghan Doran & Briana Mullin, 
Foxboro, MA USA

February 13      Greg MacEwen, son of Lynn and Silson MacEwen, 
brother of Christine MacEwen, 
Sumter, SC  USA 

February 13    Daniel Huddleston, son of Jodi and Albert Huddleston, 
brother of Matt and Kelli Hansen, Amanda and Joanne Huddleston, 
Debbie Stein and Lynette Ramsey, 
Fort Collins, CO  USA

February 13      Tula Ellard, daughter of Nancy Cameron, sister of Quinn Ellard, 
White Rock-British Columbia, BB.C. 

February 13      James Fritz, son of Beth Blackwell,
Charleston, SC USA

February 14      Jamarr Jordan, son of Janet Mitchell, 
brother of Rogers Mitchell III and Antonina Florence, 
Lithonia, GA, USA

February 14   Ricky Wareham, son of Laure Wareham, 
brother of Derek and Jordan Wareham, 
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada 

February 14   Kristin Elizabeth Hugueley, daughter of Suzanne and Bob Hugueley, 
sister of Rob Hugueley, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

February 14   Mark Hollingsworth, son of Earlene and Neely Hollingsworth, 
brother of Melissa, Terry and Larry (deceased) Hollingsworth, 
Memphis, TN  USA 

February 14 Russell McIntosh, son of George and Patricia McIntosh, 
Lincoln, AR USA 

February 14   Richard Howard Bernstein, son of Barbara and Merwyn Bernstein, 
brother of Amy Bernstein, 
New Orleans, LA  USA

February 14   Samuel Robert Holmes, son of Jim and Beth Holmes, 
brother of Emma Holmes, 
Athens, GA USA 

February 15      Ashley Curt Buchanan, son of Carolyn and Ed Buchanan, 
brother of Eddie Buchanan, 
Clinton, MS, USA

February 15   Roy Scott Rowe, son of Sharon adn Roy Rowe, 
brother of Robert Matthew Rowe, 
Florence, SC  USA

February 15      Melanie Thompson, daughter of Kathy and Hugh Thompson,
Tuckasegee, NC USA 

February 16      William Todd Posey, son of Judy (deceased) and Bill Posey, 
brother of Adam Jess, Tracy Wayne (deceased) and Teri Layne (deceased) Posey, 
Union Point, GA  USA 

February 16      Rob Holt, son of Georgea McKenna, brother of Bailey Holt (deceased), 
Destin, FL  USA 

February 16       Joshua Allen Hurt, son of Annette Gail and Danny Allen Hurt, 
brother of Jessica Leann Brown, 
Waco, KY  USA 

February 16      Tim Malone, son of Jean and Frank Malone,
brother of Janet Hall, 
Spartanburg, SC  USA 

February 16       Kyle Gilbert, son of Pamela and Michael Gilbert, 
brother of Cyrus Doherty, Megan and Morgan Gilbert,
El Segundo, CA  USA 

February 16    Alexandria Nicole Haddock, daughter of Alison and Grant Haddock, 
sister of Hunter, Hayden, Addison and Harrison Haddock, 
O'Fallon, MO  USA 

February 16    Robert Timothy Smith Fuqua, son of Kathy Marie and Stephen D. Fuqua,
brother of Jason Smith, Nathan Walker, Corey and Shane Fuqua, 
Rome, GA  USA 

February 16  Tiffany Miles, daughter of Simone and Mark West,
sister of Brandon Miles and Savannah West, 
Loganville, GA  USA 

February 16   Belal Abdelrahman, son of Norva Abdelrahman Biery, 
Otto, NC  USA 

February 16      Robert C. Cowart, son of Rose Cowart, 
brother of James and William Cowart, Jr.,
 Belle Vernon, PA  USA 

February 16   Tom Clarke son of Thomas Clarke, Dinah and Rick Rucker, 
brother of Tara and Troy, 
Lawrenceville Ga, USA

February 17      Vernon Jetta Hayden, son of Donnal and Nathan Hayden, 
brother of Jordan, Ashton and Cody Hayden, 
High Wycombe Perth, Western Australia, Australia 

February 17       Patrick Cox, son of Carol Hallman and Jesse Baker, 
brother of Ryan Nolff and Crystal Cox, 
Carleton, MI  USA 

February 17   Donald Dalton, son of Sandra Shreve and Donald Dalton,
brother of Rick Dalton and Cindy Riley, 
Kenosha, WI  USA 

February 17      Allison McCauley, daughter of Mike and Jane McCauley, 
sister of Michael McCauley, 
Rome, GA USA 

February 17      Austin Rhodes, son of Becky Rhodes, 
brother of Justin Rhodes, 
Bay Springs, MS USA 

February 17    Bruce Noss, Jr., son of Valerie Noss,
Norfolk, VA USA 

February 18      Ariana Payne, daughter of Jamie Hallam, 
sister of Tyler Payne (deceased), Raymond Hayes and Autumn Raine McMahon, 
Tucson, AZ USA

February 18      Joseph Angelo Scerati Jr., son of Kathleen and Joseph Scerati Sr., 
brother of Deanna Scerati Dirtion and Jaclyn Scerati, 
Philadelphia, PA, USA

February 18    Paul Gubitosi, son of Agnes and Guy Gubitosi, 
brother of Thomas and Christine Gubitosi, 
Hillsborough, NJ  USA 

February 18   Coleman Brant Hoover, son of Brianne and Mike Hoover, 
brother of Boone Hoover, 
Griffin, GA USA 

February 18   Spencer Blake Youngblood, son of Julie and Bryan McAlister, 
brother of Dillon and Lane Youngblood, Porter, Ali and Cassidy McAlister, 
Sapulpa, OK  USA

February 18      Christopher S. Asbrock, son of Jessica Loeb, 
brother of Nicole Asbrock-Isgrig and Brian Loeb, 
Cincinnati, OH USA 

February 18      Peter Lansburg, son of Debbie and Vinny Lansburg, 
brother of Lory Lansburg,
Ansterdam, NY USA 

February 18      Marsha Wilson, daughter of Brenda Wilson, 
sister of Christa, Mark and Scott Wilson, 
Potosi, Mo USA 

February 18     Ralph J. LaBrack, son of Ralph H. LaBrack, 
brother of Bill LaBrack, 
Glendale Heights, IL USA

February 19      Richard J. Knapp, son of Roni Pierce and Richard J. Knapp, 
brother of Jordan, Jayde, Hannah, Kiana and Skyler Knapp, 
Bennington, VT  USA

February 19    Derrick Plankenhorn, son of Billie Jean and Donald Plankenhorn,
brother of Brian and Dustin Plankenhorn, 
Brooklet, GA  USA 

February 19  Glenn James Treakle, son of Roberta and James Treakle, 
brother of Pamela Treakle, 
Overland Park, KS  USA 

February 19   Lance Ward, son of Tricia Coursen and Jeffrey Ward, 
Hamsville, PA  USA

February 19   Tricia Coursen Ward, daughter of Darlene and Terry Coursen, 
sister of Josh Coursen, 
Hamsville, PA  USA 

February 19    Brian Mayronne,  son of Reuben and Melinda Mayronne,
brother of Sara Gill, Matthew and Casey Mayronne, 
Morganton, NC  USA

February 19      Bobby Law, son of Hortensia and John Law,
brother of Stephanie, Johnny and Jennifer Law, 
Indiatlantic, FL  USA 

February 19      Adam Kidd, son of Susan and Tad Kidd, 
brother of Rachel, Brian and Molly Kidd, 
Santa Rosa, CA USA 

February 19      Jason Simmons, son of Ann and Jimmy Simmons,
brother of Michael Simmons and Sallie King, 
Camben, SC USA 

February 20      Sherry Burdette, daughter of Sharon Kolodzej, 
sister of the late Fred Burdette Jr. and Sarah Burdette, 
Rome, GA USA

February 20      Benji West, son of Sonja and Kenny West, 
brother of Crystal West, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

February 20   Ava Isabella Lourdes McIsaac, daughter of Theresa Gianna and S.F. McIsaac,
sister of Andrew McIsaac,
Braintree, MA USA 

February 20      Baby Stoner, baby of Jamie and Rich Stoner,
sibling of Alexander, Desiree, Heather and Rebecca Stoner, 
Pensacola, FL  USA

February 20      Quincy Schoos, son of Elizabeth and Martin Schoos, 
Everett, WA  USA 

February 20      Kendyl Smith, daughter of Susan Smith, 
sister of Robbie Smith,
Austin, TX USA 

February 20   Clayton Sechrist, son of Nelson and Ann Sechrist, 
brother of James Sechrist, 
Lithonia, GA  USA

February 20      Donnie Stone, son of Linda Williamson,
brother of Bobby and Larry Richards and Ellen Parks, 
Stockbridge, GA USA 

February 21     Pageant R Bowling Tucker, daughter of Phyllis and Roy Bowling, 
sister of Greg Bowling, 
Pikeville KY USA

February 21      Pageant Bowling Tucker, daughter of Phyllis and Roy Bauling,
sister of Gregory Bowling, 
Pikeville, KY  USA 

February 21      Robert Brown, son of Cathy Brown, 
brother of Tabitha Rushing, 
Fordyce, AR  USA 

February 21    Pageant Renee Bowling Tucker, daughter of Phyllis and Roy Tucker, 
sister of Gregory Bowling, 
Pikeville, KY  USA 

February 21      Jim Gorman, IV, son of Mildred Demarest, 
brother of Robin Gorman, Ron Carbone, Juli Cage and Jon Demarest, 
Morris Plains, NJ USA 

February 21      David Lanham, son of Howard and Judy Lanham,
brother of Kevin and Howard, Jr., Lanham,
Hedgesville, WV USA

February 22      Sandra Fain Disspain, daughter of Ollie and Edgar Fain,
sister of Ronnie Fain, Belinda Cavett and Pam Parker, 
Athens, TN USA

February 22      Michael Beall, son of Suzy and Charlie Beall, 
brother of Paul, Tony, Jack and Missy Beall, 
Peachtree City, GA  USA 

February 22      Brandi Leigh Varnadore Parker, daughter of Debbie and Rayford Varnadore, 
sister of Nick Varnadore, 
Macon, GA  USA 

February 22      Baby Galeano, daughter of Anna and Ramon Galeano, 
sister of Jonathan Colon and Brianna Galeano,
South Ozone Park, New York, USA 

February 22  Zachary Allen Simon, son of Sheri and Hal Simon, 
brother of Jarin Simon, 
Marietta, GA USA 

February 22   Aaron Richert, son of Jay and Beth Richert, 
brother of Jarrett and Ryan Richert, 
Clinton, OK USA 

February 22      Brandi Leigh Varnadore Parker, daughter of Debbie Varnadore, 
brother of Nick Varnadore, 
Macon, GA USA 

February 23      Cheri Lynn Thompson, daughter of Deborah and Harold Moffat, 
Summerfield, FL  USA 

February 23    Michael George Miles, son of Liz and Bill Miles, 
brother of Jonathan, Jeremy, Jeffery and Marilyn Miles, 
Midland, GA USA 

February 23   Elisha Gayle Yarbrough, daughter of Debbie and Joe Yarbrough, Sr., 
sister of Joe Yarbrough, Jr., Kristy McDaniel and Holly Mackie, 
Covington, GA USA 

February 23      Michael Miles, son of Liz and Bill Miles,
brother of Jonathan, Jeremy, Jeffrey and Marilyn Miles, 
Midland, GA  USA 

February 23      Shelley Sparks, daughter of Sharon and Donnie Sparks, 
sister of Liz Sparks, 
Lockwood, MO  USA 

February 23 Aaron James Lauter, son of Jamie Lee Lauter, 
Royal Palm Beach, FL  USA 

February 23   Alec Butler, son of Jennifer and Brodie Butler, 
brother of Gabriella (deceased) and Bryce (deceased) Butler, 
Oklahoma City, OK  USA 

February 23      Tanya Montana Smith, daughter of Missy Smith, 
sister of Paul, Chris, Matt and Taylor Smith, 
Buena Vista, VA USA 

February 24      Joshua Jerdo, son of Debbie and Doug Jerdo, 
brother of Melanie Wheaton, Brent and Lindsay (deceased) Jerdo, 
Saranac Lake, NY  USA 

February 24    Zachary Yurich, son of Barb and Stefan Yurich, 
brother of Carrie Acuff, Jacob and Jessica Yurich, 
Aurora, CO USA

February 25      Lisa Renee Strozewski, daughter of Marie and Larry Strozewski, 
sister of Larry Strozewski, Jr., Carrie Kent and Jacalyn Strozewski, 
Orchard Park, NY USA

February 25      Jace Gikas, son of Amanda Mcllrath and Dimitri Gikas, 
brother of Joshua Mcllrath,
Woodstock, GA  USA

February 25      Christopher Logan, son of Nancy and Joseph Logan, 
brother of Joseph Logan, II, 
Varney, KY  USA 

February 25    Greg Kinnaird, son of Cherri Bell, 
brother of Melissa Bell, Amy, Jennifer and Jamie Kinnaird, 
Cedar Hill, TN  USA 

February 25    Khalil Malik Jones, son of Lisa Michelle and Reginald Malik Jones, 
Baltimore, MD  USA 

February 25   Arron Swan, son of Jodi Burt and Edward Swan, 
brother of Noel and Laura Swan,
Atlanta, GA  USA 

February 25   Kurtis Edward Seaman, son of Alana and Andrew Seaman, 
brother of Hanna Rose and Brandon Paul Seaman,
Albany, West Australia 

February 25 Julie Anglavar, daughter of Rita and Jerry Studzinski, 
sister of Jyll Studzinski, 
Peru, IL USA 

February 25      Brian Shores, son of Deborah and Jerry Shores, 
brother of Carrie Littlefield, 
Robyn and Diana Shores,
Bremen, GA USA 

February 25      Nathan Cozby Barrett, son of Mary and John Barrett, 
brother of Rhett and Eli Barrett, 
Hiawassee, GA USA

February 26      Abigail Powery, daughter of Sarah and Alberto Powery, 
sister of Julian, Brittany and Jayda Powery, 
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

February 26        Earl Paul Roberts, III, son of Brenda Pearson and Earl Paul Roberts, Jr., 
brother of Melinda Beal, 
New Orleans, LA  USA 

February 26      Sara Elizabeth Krejci, daughter of Debra Grudziecke-Blake, 
sister of Adam Philip Blake, Zachery Allen Krejci and Paul Edward Jones (deceased), 
Sugar Land, TX  USA

February 26   Aaron Joseph Beams, son of Jackie and Joe Beams, 
brother of Carrie Ann Beams (deceased), 
Greensburg, KY  USA

February 26   Carrie Ann Beams, daughter of Jackie and Joe Beams, 
sister of Aaron Joseph Beams (deceased), 
Greensburg, KY  USA 

February 26   Corey C. Vaughan, son of Sue and Gene Vaughan, 
brother of Stephanie Vaughan,
Jacksonville, AR  USA 

February 26   Romelo A. Rodriquez, son of Danielle Caban and Carmelo Rodriquez,
brother of Amber Rosado, Matthew and Michael Rodriquez, 
Newark, NJ  USA

February 26    Jasmine Buitenhuis, daughter of Jenni Brant and Jason Buitenhuis, 
sister of Jordan (deceased) and Jaden (deceased) Buitenhuis, 
Middlebury, IN USA 

February 26   Joe Gonzales, III, son of Joe and Ida Gonazles, 
brother of Ashley Gonzales, 
Pasadena, TX  USA

February 26      John Rose, son of Jim and Patty Rose, 
brother of Elizabeth and Jim Rose, Jr., 
Shelby, NC  USA 

February 27      Sean Wilkinson, son of Vicki and Kip Faulk, 
brother of Cristi Wilkinson, 
Kennesaw, GA USA

February 27      Matthew Steven Jones, son of Roxzann Lester and Leonard Jones,
brother of Kevin Johnes, Alexis Jones and Alexandria Lester, 
Temple, GA USA

February 27      Robert Galvan, son of Lucy and Bobby Galvan, 
brother of Monica Galvin, 
Texas City, Texas  USA 

February 27      David Matthew Arndt, son of Lisa and Matthew Arndt, 
Blairsville, GA  USA 

February 27      Francis Ian Spinka, son of Jean Fuller and Francis J. Spinka,
brother of C. Paul Spinka, 
Cedar Rapids, IA  USA 

February 27   Stephen Allgod, son of Sheila and Billy Allgod, 
brother of Tate Allgod, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

February 27  Matthew Daniel Patterson, son of Loretta and Daniel Patterson, 
brother of Dylan Patterson, 
Crandall, GA  USA 

February 27 Marc Atkins, son of Marcia Atkins, 
Washington, KY  USA

February 27   Thomas P. Farris, son of Bernadette Maher, 
brother of Roger V. Carr, Jr., 
Middletown, NY USA 

February 27   Lindsey Erin Barkow, daughter of Tina Marie Barkow, 
sister of Alicia Kohler, 
Michigan City, IN  USA 

February 27      Francis Ian Spinka, son of Jean Fuller, 
brother of Paul Spinka, 
Monticello, IA  USA

February 28      Clarence Rogers “Clay” McKemie, IV, son of Kristyleigh Cramer McKemie,
brother of John-Robert and Kyndall McKemie, 
Macon, GA, USA

February 28      Breana Matthews, daughter of Lori and Dan Matthews,
sister of James and Joseph Matthews, 
Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada

February 28      Kevin James Bogert, son of Gloria and Richard Bogert, 
brother of Suzanne Fellows, Michael and Marisa Bogert, 
Mission Hills, CA  USA 

February 28      PFC Patrick Mikeal McKenney, son of Vescie and Gilbert James McKenney, 
brother of Joyce M. Layton, 
McComb, MS  USA 

February 28   Lenny Newby, son of Debra and Brent Newby, 
brother of Brady Newby, Brenna Heath and Kristyn Monroe, 
Salina, UT  USA 

February 28      Katie Galloway, daughter of Rich and Lori Galloway,
Leesburg, VA USA

February 28    Sylvia Cassidy, daugther of Diana Zambory, sister of Hank Cook,
Newport, NC  USA 

February 29      Rachel Hayes, daughter of Carol and Craig Hayes, 
sister of Ryan, Tyler and Megan Hayes, 
Bethalto, IL USA

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Here Comes The Dawn

Another Mother's Day without me, 
I know that you were sad,
Having lost your baby boy,
 how can anyone be glad?

Then comes my birthday, 
just a short time after,
A day that our family had, 
to celebrate with laughter!

These days are remembered fondly, 
by three women in my life,
You my darling mother, a dear sister, 
and a forever loving wife!

Thank God I can be many places, 
all through a busy day,
For I try to visit all of you,
 in a very special way!

My thoughts are with you always,
although it's just not the same,
To think of how I'd like to be there,
 when you call my name.

Following the Atlanta Braves is easier, 
with truly the best view,
But nothing compares to the times,
 I sat watching them with you.

I miss that furry friend of mine 
and all the fun we had,
I try to make him happy,
 but sometimes he looks so sad.

Another night has passed 
and here comes the dawn I see,
A day filled with good wishes and with love sent by me.

Created In Memory of Chad Gordon
May 21, 1972 – Sept 3, 1996
Son of Wayne and Jayne Newton and 
Brother of Lisa Gordon

-written by Dan Bryl, Atlanta TCF

In Memory of Christopher M. Schuh

All too quickly,

You were out of my arms
That held you so close
And you were standing at my side
Holding on to my hand.

All too quickly,

You let go of my hand
and placed your arms around my shoulders,
Hugging me as time went by.

All too quickly,

You were standing tall and strong on your own.
Independent and self assured
Letting me see the person that you had become,
Knowing that I couldn't have been more proud.

All too quickly,

You were taken from me,
Four years ago today.
Those days of your sweet presence have come....
and gone,
But in my Heart you will ALWAYS be
My BEAUTIFUL, Loving, Caring, Precious Son.


Carol Schuh Loving, Grieving Mom to Chris

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