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February Birthdays 

Today's Birthday

Please remember that today is a special birthday.
Help them understand that the memories don't go away.
Bless them with ears to hear and hearts that care.
Enable them to listen while I share.
Shelter them, that they may never know my pain.
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain.
Help them.......
to understand that I wish my child were here so we could celebrate,
to understand that I still feel the nearness of my child,
to see beyond my smile and the words, "I'm okay,"
Please let just one remember today is a special birthday!

February Birthdays

February 1      Jeremy “Jerry” Lucien, son of Genevieve Lucien, 
Cleveland, TN USA

February 1  Charlie Wellman, son of Mary and Peter Wellman, 
brother of Pam Wellman, 
Stone Mountain, GA  USA 

February 1   Desiree Latham, daughter of Tammy Latham and Christopher Collins, 
sister of Calvin Latham and Ian Collins, 
Neodesha, KS  USA 

February 1   Jessica Cannoy, daughter of Missy and Eddie Walker, 
sister of Britney Walker, 
Ridgeway, VA  USA 

February 1   Clayton Sechrist, son of Nelson and Ann Sechrist, and brother of James Sechrist, 
Lithonia, GA  USA

February 2     Christopher Joseph Lorenz, son of Bill and Barb Lorenz,
brother of Brian, Jill, Teresa and Mark Lorenz, 
Crete, NE USA 

February 3      Heather Tully, daughter of Wilma and Rick Tully, 
Woodstock, GA USA

February 3   Cory Ryan Shaw, son of Kathy and Charles Shaw, 
brother of Christine Pomeroy, Christopher and Brady Shaw, 
Live Oak, FL  USA 

February 3   Ray Childree, Jr., son of Melba and Ray Childree, Sr., 
brother of Marshall and Angela Childree, Melissa Mesey and Tracy Lomnack, 
Ozark, AL  USA 

February 3   Deryk Peters, son of Kathy Peters, brother of Sarah and Megan Peters, 
Canton, ME  USA 

February 3   Richie Houdek, son of Frank and Joann Houdek,
brother of Mary K. Rakytiak, Kathy Hertelendy, Joann Wirtz, Paul, Bruce, Tom and Frank Houdek, 
Parma, OH USA 

February 4      Gloria Jean Weisgerber- Sessoms, daughter of Beatrice and Max E Weisgerber, 
sister of Kenny Brady, John Brady, Steve Brady, Fred Weisgerber, Kathy Kendrick, Marian Klennert, Peggy Allen and Karen Westfall, 
Norfolk, VA USA

February 4       Adam Powalski, son of Rosemarie and Gregory Powalski, 
brother of Gregg Powalski, Brian Powalski and Carli Hall, 
Hilton Head, SC USA

February 4      Kalen Noelle Vannoy, daughter of Kelly and Barry Vannoy, 
sister of Christopher Kaleb Vannoy, 
Winston Salem, NC, USA

February 4   Lee Templar, son of Jane Whittland and Stephen Templar, 
brother of Jake Whittard, Michael and Shelley Templer, 
Bristol, England 

February 4    Courtney Marie Stewart, daughter of Annette and Michael Stewart, 
sister of Ciarra , Aaron and Cheyanne Stewart, 
Lodi, CA USA 

February 4    Sara Victoria Koski, daughter of Michelle Koski, sister of Megan Alexis Koski, 
Hodges, SC USA 

February 4    Matthew Seth Medders, son of Tony and Sheila Medders, brother of Joshua Medders, 
Starkville, MS  USA 

February 5  David Henshaw, son of Rhonda Henshaw, 
Maumelle, AR  USA 

February 5  Patrick Cochran, son of Cindy and William Cochran, 
brother of Kyle and Emily Cochran, 
Washington, NC  USA 

February 5  Kristin Elizabeth Hugueley, daughter of Suzanne and Bob Hugueley,
sister of Rob Hugueley, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

February 5   Jeremy Abercrombie, son of Linda and Jerry Abercrombie, 
brother of Daniel (deceased), Gina (deceased) and Angela Abercrombie, 
Southwest City, MO USA 

February 5    Fred W. Cooper, son of Frankie Cooper, brother of Justin Helton Cooper,
Waynesville, GA USA 

February 5    Michelle Garner, daughter of Jim and Debbie Garner, 
Mabelvale, AR USA 

February 6      Amelia Wayman, daughter of Juanita and Willam (BJ) Wayman, 
sister of Tylor, Anthony, Katie, Kelly, Amanda, Chyanne, Amber and Ashley Wayman, 
Marietta, GA  USA

February  6    Alexandrea Wayman, daughter of Juanita and Willam (BJ) Wayman, 
sister of Tylor, Anthony, Katie, Kelly, Amanda, Chyanne, Amber and Ashley Wayman, 
Marietta, GA  USA

February  6    AustinWayman, son of Juanita and Willam (BJ) Wayman, 
brother of Tylor, Anthony, Katie, Kelly, Amanda, Chyanne, Amber and Ashley Wayman, 
Marietta, GA  USA

February 6  Joseph Caleb Staggs, son of Patricia Shultz and Charles Staggs,
North Charleston, SC  USA

February 6   Nicholas Jacovitch, son of Peggy Davis and Nick Jacovitch, 
brother of Thomas and Nicole Jacovitch, Jim and Ernie Davis,
Roxboro, NC  USA 

February 6  Jason Black, son of Linda and Bob Black, brother of Jessica Black, 
Louisville, KY  USA 

February 6   Andrew Porter, son of Pamela and Greg Porter, 
brother of Jessica Porter,
Cedar Hill, TX USA 

February 6   Kelsie Marie Fathke, daughter of Memarie and Varinder Dhillon, 
sister of Ryan John Dhillon, 
Tacoma, WA  USA 

February 6   Sam Reed, son of Donna and Doug Taylor,
brother of Fred Reed, Terrie Townsend, Shelly Ford and Holly Taylor, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

February 6    Ryan Champney, son of Lisa Diehl, brother of Cory Champney, 
Cleveland, GA USA

February 7      Matthew Steven Jones, son of Roxzann Lester and Leonard Jones,
brother of Kevin Johnes, Alexis Jones and Alexandria Lester, 
Temple, GA USA

February 7  Sarah Elizabeth Zimmerman, daughter of Llyse and John Zimmerman, 
sister of Kylie Danielle Zimmerman,
Mountville, PA  USA 

February 7      Evan Charles Throckmorton, son of Jane and Don Throckmorton, 
brother of Mike McTaggart, Aaron Throckmorton and Caitlin Throckmorton,
Douglasville, GA USA

February 7  Patty Burkey, daughter of Kathy and Glenn Burkey, son of Willie and Jesse Burkey, 
Diamond, OH  USA

February 7   Bonnie C. Haddock, daughter of Linda and David Haddock,
sister of Jeff Haddock and Amanda Haddock Dunn, 
Clinton, MS  USA 

February 8   Alexis Kunik Smith, daughter of Mary Ellen and Jeff Lambert Smith (deceased), 
sister of Jennifer Jett Smith, 
Charlotte, NC  USA 

February 8  Kimberley Dawn Leir, daughter of Adaline and Herb Leir, 
Regina, SK, Canada 

February 8   Clayton Barrett Shadinger, son of Jean Shadinger Godfrey, 
Lilburn, GA USA 

February 8    Nicholas Jacovitch, son of Peggy Davis and Nick Jacovitch, 
brother of Thomas and Nicole Jacovitch, Jim and Ernie Davis, 
Roxboro, NC  USA 

February 8    Jolene Dawn McKenna, daughter of Charlene Kvech, Glen 
Burnie, MA  USA 

February 8    Jennifer Leah Chronister, daughter of Wayne and Linda Chronister,
sister of Holly, Andrea, Scott, Stacy, Kelly and Michael Chronister, 
Sherwood, OR  USA 

February 8    Tyler Anthony Cope, son of Moira Mary Jones, brother of Kristy Marie Jones,
Cardiff South Wales, UK

February 9      Ashley Butler, daughter of Mishell and Bobby Butler, 
sister of Terrance Gardner, Devin Butler and Britteny Jaobs, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

February 9  Katie Bug Marlow, daughter of Paula Page and  Mike Herrera, 
sister of Michael and Mindy  Marlow, 
Madera, CA  USA

February 9   Dalton Raine Shoemaker, son of Marla and Larry Shoemaker, 
Wichita Falls, TX  USA 

February 9   Ava Isabella Lourdes McIsaac, daughter of Theresa Gianna and S.F. McIsaac, 
sister of Andrew McIsaac, 
Braintree, MA USA

February 9  Paula Todd, daughter of Sharon and Frank Todd, 
sister of Frankie, Penny, Pamela and Gloria Todd, 
Dawson, AL USA

February 9   Erin Scott Anderson, son of Rhoda and Tom Anderson, 
Pikeville, KY USA 

February 9   Royce Medina, son of Jennifer and Faustino Medina, 
brother of Faustino (deceased), Rico (deceased) and Oscar Medina,
McKinleyville, CA  USA 

February 9  Jonathan Wayne Kilgoar, Sr., son of Sally Lambreise and Virgil Kilgoar, 
brother of Robin Beckner, Joey Vinson, Denise Laurie, Diane Branham,
Debbie Bobbitt and Pam Kaczmarek, 
Woodstock, GA USA 

February 10      Frank DeVoy, son of Susan and James Devoy, 
brother of Jim Devoy, 
Sterling Heights, MI USA

February 10 Maxim Zelinsky, son of Alla and Igor Slukvina, 
brother of Anna and Igor Slukvina, Jr., 
Madison, WI USA 

February 10   Ben Sanderson, son of Larry and Gayle Sanderson, 
brother of Joel Sanderson,
Byron, MN USA 

February 11      Spencer Trousdale, son of Lesa and Bill Trousdale, 
brother of Ashley Boothe (Trousdale), 
North Little Rock, AR USA

February 11       Brian Dale Miller, son of Linda Sutton and Benny Miller, 
brother of Kimberly Mimm and Erika Hamdy, 
Buford, GA  USA 

February 11       Patrisha Lee Ann Osipovitch, daughter of Paula and George Osipovitch, II, 
sister of George Osipovitch, III, 
Carteret, NJ  USA 

February 11       Mattilyn LaMar, daughter of Mindy and Matthew LaMar, 
Texhoma, OK  USA 

February 11       Steven Dobarzynski, son of Ann Dobarzynski and John Lester, 
Troy, AL  USA

February 11   Todd Durham, son of Edith Durham Bryant and Ray Durham, 
Jim and Richard (deceased) Durham, Krystal Brooke Durham Turner,
Albany, GA  USA

February 11     Sophia Ruth Mulloy, daughter of Jan and Pat Mulloy, 
sister of Emma Claire Mulloy,
Jupiter, FL  USA 

February 12      Terrell Wilson, son of Tracy Wilson,
brother of Tyquan Wilson, 
Lawrenceville, GA USA

February 12   Kyle Albanese, son of Carol Albanese, 
Fond du Lac, WI  USA 

February 13      Yvette Finn, daughter of Lisa Bermudez and Jason Finn,
sister of Jesse, Joey and Vanessa Fin, 
San Jacinto, CA  USA

February 13      Rachel Anna Campbell, daughter of Debbie and Michael Campbell, 
sister of Elizabeth Campbell, 
New Castle, PA  USA

February 13      Bradley Thornton, son of Kris and Ernie Thornton, 
brother of Gregory Thornton, 
Martinez, GA  USA 

February 13   Thomas Edward O'Neill, Jr., son of Janna Sybil Proux,
brother of Amanda O'Neill and Jennie McDonald, 
Grantville, GA  USA 

February 13      April Peterson, daughter of Cathy Peterson, sister of Justin Peterson, 
Westboro, WI  USA 

February 14   Peter Ma, son of Heather Ma, brother of Kayla and Kristina Ma,
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada 

February 14   Brian Lee Stevens, son of Anna and Jack Boose, 
brother of Tom Stevens, IV, & RoRy Montgomery, 
Altoona, PA  USA 

February 14   Diana Marie Gamble, daughter of Martha Marie and Harvey Charles Gamble, Sr.,
sister of Harvey Charles Gamble, Jr., Eileen Marie Lyons and Vicky Ann Dryness, 
Victorville, CA  USA

February 14      Marissa Gabrielle Myers, daughter of Laurie and Frank Myers, 
sister of Matthew Myers, 
Arabi, LA  USA

February 14      James McAtamney, son of Kathy and Hugh McAtamney, 
brother of Kelly and Michael McAtamney, 
Lowell, MA  USA 

February 14   Michael H. Columbus, Jr., son of Lynne Columbus-Wright,
brother of Karen Nelson and Tammy Copes,
Eugene OR  USA 

February 14   Samuel Robert Holmes, son of Jim and Beth Holmes, brother of Emma Holmes, 
Athens, GA USA

February 14      Jim Keaton, son of Margaret Keaton, brother of Dawn and Dan Keaton, 
Southport, NC USA 

February 15      Justin Spurgeon, son of Lynn and Paul Spurgeon, 
brother of Steven and Joni Spurgeon, 
St. James, MO USA

February 15      Cynthia Grant, daughter of Paula and Gene Grant, sister of Kyle and Stacy Grant,
Douglas, GA  USA 

February 15   Roy Scott Rowe, son of Sharon adn Roy Rowe, brother of Robert Matthew Rowe, 
Florence, SC  USA

February 15   Christopher Patterson, son of Bill and Carol Patterson, brother of Amber Patterson, 
Monroe, GA USA

February 15    Mandy Baker, daughter of Leonard and Karen Baker, 
sister of Leonard Baker, Chad Cyphert and Holly Rockburn, 
Mercer, PA  USA

February 15      Katie Callahan, daughter of Michelle and Pat Callahan,
sister of Brian, Andrea and Carissa Doty,
Lynnwood, WA USA

February 15      Trevor Speed, son of Tucker and Burkett Mikell, brother of Chandler Speed, 
Hattiesburg, MS USA 

February 15      Jordan Tironie, son of Christine Mullins, brother of Justin and Alysha Ragone, 
Berwick, PA USA 

February 15     Mandy Renee Edwards, daughter of Christi W. Roe and David L. Edwards, 
Pleasant Grove, AL  USA

February 16      Chelsey Ebert, daughter of Stephanie Ebert and Jay Ebert, 
sister of Justin Ebert, Michael Ebert, Robert Goode, Jordan Ebert, Christina Goode and Katelyn Goode, 
Ferndale, WA USA

February 16      Jennifer Coyne, daughter of Julie Simonds and Kevin Coyne,
sister of Kyle and Kristin Coyne, 
Broadlands, VA USA

February 16      Stacey Marie Vindigni, daughter of Kathy Westpy, 
sister of Michael Westpy, 
Mesa, AZ USA

February 16      Kevin Kelly II, son of Carol and Kevin Kelly Sr., 
brother of Ryan and Tiffany Kelly, 
Worcester, MA USA

February 16      Arthur Jordan, son of Ann Asbell,
brother of Emily Jordan, 
Atlanta, GA USA

February 16      Terrence T. Martin, son of Gayle and Terrance Martin, 
brother of Clinton Martin, 
Canadensis, PA  USA 

February 16      Donnie Stone, son of Linda Williamson, 
brother of Bobby and Larry Richards and Ellen Parks, 
Stockbridge, GA USA 

February 17      Ralph Acie Hershman Jr., son of Diane Sue Nickoson-Hershman and Ralph Acie Hershman Sr.,
brother of Valerie Lynn Hershman-Oiler, 
Smithers, WV, USA

February 17      Ralphie Hershman Jr., son of Diane Hershman/White and Ralph Hershman, 
brother of Valerie Hershman/Oiler, 
Smithers, WV USA

February 17      Bradley Hesch, son of Linda and Dennis Hesch, 
brother of Joel Hesch, 
Cochrane, WI USA

February 17   Ralph Acie Hershman, Jr., son of Diane Hershman White and Ralph Hershman,
brother of Valerie Hershman, 
Smithers, WV USA 

February 17      Karen E. Baker, daughter of William and Betty Baker, sister of William K. Baker,
Aragon, GA USA 

February 17      Ryan Koerner, son of Karen and Kip Koerner, brother of Brooke and Ally Koerner, 
Meadville, PA USA 

February 17      Matthew Koenniing, son of Earl and Carolyn Koenning, 
brother of Melissa Kennemer and Melanie Wilson, 
Orange Grove, TX USA

February 18      Jennifer O'Hearn, daughter of Darlene Sharpe and Richard O'Hearn, 
sister of Christopher Hadley, Erik Sharpe and Krystal O'Hearn, 
Hampton, VA  USA 

February 18      Kayla Elizabeth Dykes, daughter of Rachel Ann and James Lee Dykes, 
sister of Cory Russell Paul and Ashley Nicole Dykes, 
Sylvania, GA  USA 

February 18    Amanda Leah Butcher, daughter of Stephanie and Loyd Butcher, 
sister of Loyd and Leah (deceased) Butcher, Richard Robert, Scott Turner and Katie Robert,
Westerly, RI  USA 

February 18   Joshua Bradley McGuirt, son of Jacinda and Shawn McGuirt,
brother of Hannah McGuirt, 
Mableton, GA  USA 

February 18   Eddie Walls, son of Peggy Walls, brother of Bill and Melissa Walls, 
Auburn, AL  USA 

February 18   Jason Isaac Linkins, son of Diana Jill Brendle, 
Gettysburg, PA  USA 

February 18     Phillip Dover, son of Debbie Wiley, 
Memphis, TN USA

February 19      Richard J. Knapp, son of Roni Pierce and Richard J. Knapp, 
brother of Jordan, Jayde, Hannah, Kiana and Skyler Knapp, 
Bennington, VT  USA

February 19  Christopher Dover, son of Sherry and Roy Dover, 
brother of Jodi, Carrie and Haley Recor Dover, 
Dahlonega, GA  USA 

February 19   Kaleb Mewbourn, son of Sonya and Bobby Mewbourn, 
Hollypond, AL USA 

February 19   Kiera Hesson, daughter of Kim and Robert Hesson, sister of Adam and Sandi Hesson, 
Beverly, OH  USA 

February 19    Cole Johnson, son of Denise Magee, 
brother of Noah Johnson and Brian Pea, 
Milwaukie, OR  USA 

February 20      Drew Adams, son of Carole Adams and Mike Ethridge, 
brother of Melissa, Christy, Jessica and Amber Ethridge, 
Loganville, GA USA

February 20      Baby Stoner, baby of Jamie and Rich Stoner, 
sibling of Alexander, Desiree, Heather and Rebecca Stoner, 
Pensacola, FL  USA

February 20      Freddy Camarillo, Jr., son of Martha and Fred Camarillo, 
brother of Tina Camarillo, 
Odessa, TX  USA 

February 20   Gilly Caro, son of Irma and Gilberto Caro, brother of Jason and Christina Caro, 
Dover, NJ  USA 

February 20      Tiffany Johnston, daughter of Sherrel and Mike Johnston,
sister of Jeremy Johnston and Zackary Cook, 
Whitehouse, TX  USA

February 20      Ryszard Spakovsky, son of Maria and Viktor Spakovsky, 
brother of Jeremy Johnston and Zackary Cook, 
Whitehouse, TX  USA 

February 20  Allan Hobbs, son of Phyl Sowerby and Anthony Hobbs (deceased), 
brother of Murray and Charlie Hobbs,
New Zealand 

February 20   Sydney Steinberg, daughter of Amy Steinberg, sister of Shelby and Brady Steinberg,
Albuquerque, NM  USA

February 20      Quincy Schoos, son of Elizabeth and Martin Schoos, 
Everett, WA USA

February 21      Ian Speidell, son of Gail and Bill Speidell, 
brother of Jay Speidell, 
Lynchburg, VA  USA 

February 21      Kevin Lassetter, son of Pamela Lassetter, 
brother of Courtney Lassetter, 

February 21   Melanie Barasso, daughter of Diane and Raymond Barasso, 
sister of Brian Levering, Tammy and Amy Barasso, 

February 21   Trey Dion Swan, son of Sherry-Lynn and Brian Hyland Swan, 
brother of  Shaun and Stefon Swan and Sharai Parris,

February 21      Dustin Ellis, son of Melanie Woolum, brother of Natasha Ellis,
Man, WV USA 

February 21      Benjamin Jason Thomason, son of Linda Henao, 
brother of Kelly and Victoria Henao, 
Conyers, GA USA 

February 21      Richard Milton, son of Doris McDonald, brother of Ryan Milton, 
Huntsville, AL  USA 

February 22      Cindy Brannan Derenthal, daughter of Cathy Brannan Morris and Bobby Brannan (deceased), 
sister of Crissy Brannan Powell and Cathleen Brannan Hatch,
Riverdale, GA  USA 

February 22      Baby Galeano, daughter of Anna and Roman Galeano, 
sister of Jonathan Colon and Brianna Galeano, 
South Ozone Park, New York, USA 

February 23      Christopher Stahl, son of Joy and Art Stahl, 
brother of Marty Stahl and Stephen Stahl, 
Bloomingdale, GA, USA

February 23      Gianna Nieves, daughter of Falene Nieves, 
sister of D.J., Chach and Michele Nieves, 
Palo Alto, CA  USA 

February 23  Christal Gibson, daughter of Cheryl Holley, sister of Steven Parker and Valerie Sanns,
Flint, MI  USA 

February 23      Melvin Shannon, son of Lillian Smith, brother of Juanita White,
Decatur, GA USA 

February 23      Gianna Nieves, daughter of Falene Nieves, 
sister of Michele Nicole, D.J. and Chacho Nieves, 
Santa Clara, CA USA

February 24      Christopher Solomon, son of Edie and Lee Solomon, 
brother of Ashley Solomon, 
Cary, NC  USA 

February 24      Hannah Grace Keeton, daughter of Cindi and Terry Keeton, 
sister of Brian and Lisa Keeton, 
New Douglas, IL  USA 

February 24      Amy Hodges, daughter of Kathy and Randall Hodges, sister of Dane Hodges, 
Meadville, MS  USA 

February 24    James Anthony Gordon, son of Phyllis and James Gordon, 
brother of Tracy Gordon Shilt, 
Dayton, OH  USA 

February 24   Karen Ann Laney, duaghter of Gail and Charles Laney, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

February 24      Ian Hartman, son of Audrey and Ken Hartman,
Guy Mills, PA USA 

February 24      Billy Ben Smith, II, son of Denise Sipes, brother of Jessica Smith, 
Rootstown, OH USA

February 25      Dean McDaniel, son of Cristi Bell and Cecil McDaniel, 
brother of Natalie Brunson, Liz McDaniel and Gina McCarthy, 
Barnesville, GA USA

February 25      Hunter Barnes, son of Ashley and Adam Barnes, brother of Mikayla Barnes, 
Prattville, AL  USA 

February 25    Ian Christopher Gruber, son of Tessa Gruber, 
Meadville, PA  USA 

February 25   Nancy Fox, daughter of Joan Simons, sister of Carol Uden, 
Yuma, AZ  USA 

February 25   Jasmine Buitenhuis, daughter of Jenni Brant and Jason Buitenhuis, 
sister of Jordan (deceased) and Jaden (deceased) Buitenhuis, 
Middlebury, IN USA

February 25      Wayne Johnson, Jr., son of Linda May and Wayne Johnson, 
brother of Kimberly Harding and Julie Johnson, 
Rochester, WA USA

February 26      Sara Elizabeth Krejci, daughter of Debra Grudziecke-Blake, 
sister of Adam Philip Blake, Zachery Allen Krejci and Paul Edward Jones (deceased), 
Sugar Land, TX  USA

February 26   Stephen Allgod, son of Sheila and Billy Allgod, 
brother of Tate Allgod, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA

February 26   Jason Pennington, son of Lucy and Donald Pennington, 
brother of Shauna Coyle, 
Tyner, KY  USA 

February 26   Michael Parks, son of Karen Parks, 
brother of Robert Parks and Tyler Thormahlen, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

February 26  Matthew Meehan, son of Vicki Webb and Michael Meehan, 
brother of Christopher Meehan, 
Lilburn, GA  USA 

February 26  Bo Briscoe, son of Randi and Tom Briscoe, brother of Harley Briscoe, 
Denver, CO  USA 

February 26   Romelo A. Rodriquez, son of Danielle Caban and Carmelo Rodriquez,
brother of Amber Rosado, Matthew and Michael Rodriquez, 
Newark, NJ  USA

February 26     Brian Shores, son of Jerry and Deborah Shores, 
Brother of Carrie Littlefield , Robyn Shores, and Diana Shores,
Ocala, Fla USA

February 26     Trevor Estes, son of Buddy and Tamara Estes, 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

February 27      David Russell,  son of Linda and Mike Russell, 
brother of Dustin Russell, Larry Baldwin and Aaron Russell, 
Tucumcari, NM USA

February 27      Keith Blanks, son of Donata and the late Richard Blanks,
brother of Kevin & Kasey, 
Riverdale, GA, USA

February 27 Marc Atkins, son of Marcia Atkins, 
Washington, KY  USA

February 27 Glenn James Treakle, son of Roberta and James Treakle, brother of Pamela Treakle, 
Overland Park, KS  USA

February 27   Kurtis Edward Seaman, son of Alana and Andrew Seaman, 
brother of Hanna Rose and Brandon Paul Seaman, 
Albany, West Australia

February 27   Ricky Ronal Murphy, Jr., son of Vanessa Moss, 
brother of Alma T. Edwards and Khisa Gooden,
Decatur, GA USA 

February 27   Thea Williams, daughter of Kathy and John Williams, 
sister of Andy and Michelle Williams, 
Union, MO USA 

February 27   Jim Vincent Sciarra, son of Bunny L. Mason, 
brother of Tom, Tami and Jeff Sciarra, 
Santa Fe Springs, CA  USA

February 27      Angel Lee Nason, daughter of Jim and Jessica Nason, 
West Palm Beach, FL  USA 

February 27      Kurtis Edward Seaman, son of Alana and Andrew Seaman, brother of Brandon Paul Seaman, 
Albany, West Australia 

February 27  Julie Duncan, daughter of Tony Duncan, sister of Dana Brummel, 
Snellville, GA  USA

February 28      Timothy Matthew Landers, son of Bonnie and Raymond Salvatore, 
brother of Dawn Landers Ey and Lynn Landers Thompson,
Stockbridge, GA  USA 

February 28   Charles Andrew Spinks, III, son of Chris Spinks, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

February 28      Haley Marie Parker, daughter of Frank and Carol Parker, 
sister of Nick Parker, 
St. Argo, AL  USA 

February 28      MaryAnn D'Albis, daughter of Rosaria D'Albis, 
sister of Filomena, Diana and Ralphy D'Albis, 
Brooklyn, NY USA 


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Wishing I Could Share

Hi mom, my birthday was great, but was sad too,
Because I really missed, celebrating it with you.

Six years is coming up soon, but please never fear,
For time sure is different, way up and over here.

It seems like only yesterday, that I felt your loving touch,
I wish you could hear me say:  “I love you so very much!”

Please know that I am with you, each morning as you wake,
At your side I try and help, with each decision that you make.

So if you are not sure, just remember I am near,
Close your eyes gently, and I’ll whisper in your ear.

Tell dad and little brother, that I am with them always too,
Being up in Heaven has advantages, more than just a few!

 Tell my friends I miss them so, a big ache in my heart,
But let them know I still create, my music and my art!

I can do anything I want, and many places I can be,
You’ll understand more, when you come join with me.

My favorite time is in the night, I gently touch your hair,
Thinking such loving thoughts, wishing I could share.

 In Memory of Clayton Sechrist
February 1, 1980 - February 20, 1996

                    - Created February 2002 for the Sechrist Family

                                                                      -   by Dan Bryl

My Son

So many days....
Have passed me by....
I want you back....
I sit down and cry....

How do I cope....
I really don't know.....
I want to fall in a heap...
But I keep on the go.....

Thinking of memories...
I end up with a tear....
I know you can see me.....
I can feel you are near....

You send me signs....
To brighten my day.....
To let me know.....
That you are ok....

My broken heart aches....
It is oh so sore....
I think of you....
And the tears just pour....

Well I must go.....
To fight another day....
Please don't forget....
You're in my heart to stay....

In Memory of  Kurtis Seaman
February 27, 1996 - February 5, 2001
~written by Alana Seaman


In Memory of Jennifer Leah Chronister 
February 8, 1977 - May 6, 1999

Jennifer has red hair and a brilliant smile... 
God lent her to us for just a short while.

There wasn't a thing she couldn't do... 
An artist...a writer...she danced and sang too.

One of many children in a family filled with love... 
  Which she's still a part of from way up above.

Always happy and willing to help where she could... 
 Now doing heavenly deeds like we knew she would.

When you see a daisy think of her please... 
  Her favorite flower in God's gentle breeze.

The energy drained when she became ill... 
 A battle was fought that gives us a chill.

For lost are her chances to reach her dreams... 
 Crossing the challenges of this life's streams.

But now she appears as a bright, shining star... 
  Casting her radiance on all from afar.

~written by Dan Bryl, Lawrenceville, GA TCF


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