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August  Angel"versaries"

On Memory

When you remember me, it means that you have carried something of who I am with you, 
that I have left some mark on who I am on who you are. 
It means that you can summon me back to your mind 
even though countless years and miles may stand between us. 
It means that if we meet again, you will know me, 
and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart. 
For as long as you remember me, I am never entirely lost.
~Frederick Buechner


The Heart hath its own memory, like the mind. 
And in it are enshrined the precious keepsakes,
into which is wrought the giver's loving thought.

~H.W. Longfellow

On this Angel Anniversary, may the spirit of the child 
who lives so deep within your heart help you through this month 
and through every moment of the re-establishing of your life.

August Angel"versary" Dates

August 1      Patrick McTague, son of Charlene Paradise and step-son of Joseph J. Urella, 
brother of Timothy Paradise McTague, Matteo and Tia Urella, 
Shrewsbury, MA USA

August 1      Isaiah Hall, son of Barbara and Shawn Hall,
brother of Daniel Cooperrider, Timothy Mccwilliams, William Mcwilliams, 
Tyler Hall,  Jesse Hall, Patrick Hall, Shawn Wright,  Angela Morehouse, Shaila Hall

August 1      Richard James Stoner, II, son of Jamie and Richard Stoner, 
brother of Alexander, Desiree, Heather and Rebecca Stoner, 
Pensacola, FL  USA 

August 1      Robyn Ann Lee, daughter of Lois and Barry Ostroff, 
sister of Seth and Evan Ostroff, 
Lords Valley, PA  USA 

August 2     Courtney Lynn Gallano-Pearson, daughter of Stephanie Osterberg and Scott Pearson, 
sister of Teagan Toft, Brandon and Cole Osterberg, 
Garden Prairie, IL  USA 

August 2      Eric Wood, son of Pat MacDougall and Raymond Wood, 
brother of Kevin Wood, 
Vernon, CT  USA 

August 2      Miechelle Bourgeois, daughter of Jack and Deborah Dahlmann, 
sister of Michael Bourgeois and Cristy Dahlmann, 
Woodstock GA  USA 

August 2      Seth Hansen,  son of Claudette Porter, 
brother of Rachel, Eric, Skip and Luke Hansen, Angie, Trent, Jeana, Jason, 
Bernie and Brandon Porter and Sarah Jennings, Raymond, 

August 3      Sarah Elizabeth Epperson, daughter of Gwen Epperson, 
sister of Erin L Lanes, 
Blue Island, IL USA

August 3     Jacob Wright, son of Christy and David Wright, 
Newnan, GA  USA 

August 3      Richard Durham, son of Edith Bryant and Ray Durham, 
brother of Jim and Todd (deceased) Durham and Kristy Turner, 
Albany, GA  USA 

August 3   Michael Ghakarhi-Aleemh Btembke, son of Ghakarhi-Aleemh Btembke, 
Norcross, GA  USA 

August 3       William Lake, son of Mary Chick and Brian Lake, 
brother of Robert Lake, 
Kirkville, NY  USA 

August 3      Little Ray Adrian Reyes, son of Julie and Ramon Reyes, 
brother of Bryce, Dylan and Antonio Reyes, 
Spokane, WA USA 

August 4      Jody Caraway, son of Melinda and Joe Caraway,
brother of Sandra Caraway, 
McKinney, TX, USA

August 4    Tommy Childress, son of Betty and Myles Childress, 
brother of Heather and Destiny Jo Childress, 
Eldorado, IL USA

August 4      Roland Jones, son of Diane Smith and Wilbert Jones (deceased), 
brother of Kelly Smith, Stacey Smith and Brandi Jones, 
Pine Bluff, AR USA

August 4      Jimmy Chavis, Jr., son of Toni and James Chavis,
brother of Chip Jones, Trish Collins and Amanda Fountain, 
Bonaire, GA  USA 

August 4     J'Muar U. Taylor, son of Cheryl A. Taylor, brother of J'Nai U. Smith, 
Lithonia, GA  USA 

August 4      Autumn Nicole Mendoza, daughter of Pamela and Luis Mendoza, 
sister of Justin Mendoza, 
Batesville, AR  USA 

August 4      Kenneth Charles Ryan Gosse, son of Sharon and Kenneth Gosse, 
brother of Stephen, Renee and Bryanna Gosse, 
Conyers, GA  USA 

August 4      Marina Lelu Slama, daughter of April-Joy Earle and Porter Slama, 
sister of Raistlin Slama, 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

August 4      Kevin Jeffrey Stanley, son of Janice Hutsell, 
brother of Darren Johnson and Justin Stanley, 
Blue Springs, MO USA 

August 4      Jim Vincent Sciarra, son of Bunny L. Mason, 
brother of Tom, Tami and Jeff Sciarra, 
Santa Fe Springs, CA USA 

August 5      Trent William Johnson, son of Cindy and Toby Johnson, 
brother of Jacob, Lindsay and Victoria Johnson, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

August 5       Michael Parks, son of Karen Parks, 
brother of Robert Parks and Tyler Thormahlen, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

August 5      Monique Carper Colie, daughter of Mary Lou and William Carper, 
sister of Madeline Schaffer, Molly Watts, Michael, Matthew, William and Margo Carper, 
Stone Mountain, GA  USA 

August 5      Trent William Johnson, son of Cindy and Toby Johnson, 
brother of Lindsay Johnson, 
Alpharetta, GA USA 

August 5      Michael Cantrell, son of Betty Harris, 
Summerville, SC USA 

August 5      Peggy Floyd, daughter of Joyce Floyd, 
sister of Vickie, Randy, Donna and David Floyd, 
Lake Havasu City, AZ USA

August 6     Robyn Robichaud Stewart, daughter of Gail and Jerry Robichaud, 
sister of Keri Robichaud Streetmon, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

August 6      James Anthony Gordon, son of Phyllis and James Gordon, 
brother of Tracy Gordon Shilt, 
Dayton, OH  USA 

August 6      Christal Gibson, daughter of Cheryl Holley, 
sister of Steven Parker and Valerie Sanns, 
Flint, MI  USA 

August 6      Patrick James Foster, son of Treena Foster, 
Springfield, OR  USA 

August 6      Paul Fulton-Robb, son of Cheryl Fulton-Robb, 
brother of Rachel and Michelle Fulton-Robb, 
Newbury, England 

August 6      Tommy Biondo, son of Jane Nelson, 
brother of Dawn Boindo, Crystal and Brandi Nelson, 
St. Louis, MO  USA 

August 7      Justin L. Kavaryants, son of Debra and Leon Kavaryants, 
brother of Brandon Kavaryants, 
Douglasville, GA USA

August 7      Janalynn Solomon, daughter of Janelle and Mark Solomon,
sister of Rial Solomon and Samantha Solomon Sherwood, 
Mesa, AZ USA

August 7     Rory Evan Dul, son of Glenn Dul, brother of Daniel Aden Dul, 
Westlock, Alberta, Canada 

August 7      Terry Lee Claunch, son of Mary Stinson Claunch-Lane and James Claunch, 
brother of Robert Claunch, 
Fort Worth, TX  USA 

August 7      Arlyn Maria Beal, daughter of Karyl Chastain and Ronnie Beal, 
sister of Ron Beal, 
Pavo, GA  USA 

August 7   Shawn Russell, son of Laquitta and Ernest Brooks, 
Beaver, OK  USA 

August 7      Thomas Scopa, son of Bernadette Scopa, 
brother of Patrick and Candice Scopa, 
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 

August 7      Capt. Randy Roby, son of JoAnne Roby, 
brother of Jamy Roby Hathcoat, 
Fresno, CA USA 

August 7      Marissa Gabrielle Myers, daughter of Laurie and Frank Myers, 
sister of Matthew Myers, 
Arabi, LA  USA 

August 7      Kenny Bowen-Keogh, son of Cathy Bowen, 
brother of Eileen Bowen-Keogh, 
New York City, NY  USA 

August 7      Scott Pawline, son of Janet Meskers, 
brother of Kenny Pawline and Adam Meskers, 
Levittown, PA  USA


August 8      Vaughn Mack Taylor, son of Kimberly and Mack Taylor, 
Augusta, GA USA

August 8      Charles J. Humphrey, son of Lori and Charles Humphrey,
brother of Jonathan Humphrey, 
Savannah, GA USA

August 8   Wesley Carithers, son of Susan and John Carithers, 
brother of Jennifer and Brooke Carithers, 
Ellenwood, GA USA 

August 8    Crystal Hartery, daughter of Celine and Carl Hartery, 
sister of Carlton Hartery, 
Portugal Cove South, Newfoundland, Canada 

August 8      Lindsey Garretson, daughter of Harold and Diane Coggins, 
sister of Jamie Garretson, Roger and Tracey Coggins, 
Kingston Springs, TN  USA 

August 8      Angel Lee Nason, daughter of Jim and Jessica Nason, 
West Palm Beach, USA 

August 8      Paul Burash, son of Robert and Sandra Burash, 
brother of Andrea Campbell, 
Severn, MD  USA 

August 9      Michael Pesqueira, son of Danielle and Keith Almich, 
brother of Ryan and Brittany Almich, Tyler and Hunter Pesqueira, 
Vail, AZ  USA

August 10      Brandon Lee Pingleton, son of Kathy and Ken Pingleton, 
brother of Amanda, Andrea and Megan Pingleton, 
Largo FL, USA

August 10    Mackenzie Lisle, daughter of Jenny Bird and Dareyl Lisle,
sister of Maggie Lisle, Samantha and Megan Gerber, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA

August 10    Jack Lovett, son of Richard Battjes and Mari Lovett, 
brother of Ruestasia Walker and Kiya Lovett, 
Big Rapids, MI  USA 

August 10    Glenn Lewis, son of Paula Lewis, 
Warwick, NY USA 

August 10    Jeffrey T. Blenker, Jr., son of Jeff and Mary Blenker, 
brother of Jamie, Nikki and Matthew Blenker, 
Holland, NY USA 

August 10    Christopher Joseph Van Derlaske, son of Barbara and Gerry Van Derlaske, 
brother of Matthew and Steven Van Derlaske, 
Mastic, NY USA

August 11      K. Lee Sheffield-Peavy, son of Sherry and E. Ray Peavy, 
brother of David Smith, Mindy Newman and Amanda Peavy, 
Hillsboro, GA USA

August 11    Hannah Grace Keeton, daughter of Cindi and Terry Keeton, 
sister of Brian and Lisa Keeton, 
New Douglas, IL  USA 

August 11   Kenneth Simmonds, son of Arleen and Roy Simmonds, 
brother of Keith, Kent and Kelly Simmonds, 
Kamloops, B.C. Canada 

August 11     Larry Hollingsworth, son of Earlene and Neely Hollingsworth, 
brother of Terry, Mark (deceased) and Melissa Hollingsworth, 
Memphis, TN  USA 

August 11    Cory James Chappell-Dunning, son of Janine Chappell, 
New Zealand

August 12      Rickie Maurice Harris, son of Willie M. and Rickie D. Harris, 
brother of Whitney C. Harris, 
Norton, VA USA

August 12      Dartey Ford, son of Beverly and Olin Ford Jr., 
brother of Dustin Starkey, Dylan Ford, Mark Ford, Trey Cordell,
Summerville, GA USA

August 12      Rickie Maurice Harris, son of Billie Ann and Rickie D. Harris,
brother of Whitney C. Harris, 
Norton, VA USA

August 12    Hunter Barnes, son of Ashley and Adam Barnes, 
brother of Mikayla Barnes, 
Prattville, AL  USA 

August 12    Rael Rankin, son of Suzanne Girouard and Marc Rankin, 
Lafayette, LA  USA 

August 12    David Anthony Conticchio, son of Ann Marie Conticchio, 
Colonia, NJ USA 

August 12    Remi Elaine Harvey, daughter of Jade Harvey and Danny Marshall, 
sister of Billie Jason Lee Harvey, East-Anglia-Lowestoft, 
Suffolk, UK

August 13      Paul Burden, son of Lynn Burden, 
brother of Michael Burden and Lori Roberts, 
Palm Springs, CA USA

August 13     Brian Michael Kees, son of Rita Lambert, 
brother of Reggie, Whitney and Jennifer Kees, Aaron Hatch, Michael Moran and Tina Adamo,
Pearl, MS, USA

August 13      Jason Gregory, son of Kathy Southard and Danny Gregory, 
brother of Shannon, Tyler and Danielle Gregory, 
Crestline, OH USA

August 13      Jason Gregory, son of Kathy Southard and Danny Gregory,
brother of Shannon, Tyler and Danielle Gregory, 
Crestline, OH USA

August 13      Kenny Smith, son of Linda and Ken Smith, brother of Ronald Burgess, 
Vanna Smith and Linette Caroselli, 
Jackson, NJ  USA

April 13       Michelle Christine Knopka Mazzagatti, daughter of Connie and Mike Knopka, 
sister of Debbie Oler, Denise Hart, Barbara Ramirez, Michael and Mark Knopka, 
Sicklerville, NJ  USA 

August 13    Sheldon Shand, son of Marge and Don Shand, 
brother of Del, Randy, Terry, Darly Shand and Gwenda-Dawn Hearn, 
Brandon, MD, Canada 

August 13    Grant Borchard, son of Janet and Steve Borchard, 
brother of Amy Borchard, 
Germantown, MD  USA 

August 13    Ami Sue Higginbotham, daughter of James Higginbotham, Sr. and Paula White, 
sister of James Higginbotham, Jr. and Jami Johnson, 
South Charleston, WV  USA 

August 13    Ryan Anthony Streem, son of Barbara and Marc Streem, 
brother of Joe and Jeremy Streem, 
Rootstown, OH  USA 

August 13    David James Ryan, son of  Donna and David Ryan, 
brother of Christopher (deceased) and Christina Ryan, 
Prague, OK USA 

August 13    Billy Ben Smith, II., son of Denise Sipes, 
brother of Jessica Smith, 
Rootstown, OH  USA 

August 13    Greg Lopez, son of Shirley and Raymond Lopez, 
brother of Anita Seagraves, Guy and Lamar Lopez, 
Savanah, GA USA

August 14    Nicole Prescott, daughter of Anne and Brian Prescott,
sister of Devin Prescott, 
Oneonta, NY  USA 

August 14     Aidan Catherine Hegseth Grew, daughter of Karen and Michael Grew, 
sister of Malcolm and Morgan Grew, 
Port Orchard, WA  USA 

August 14    Glovelis Pat Wells, son of Joan Wells, 
Brandon, MS  USA 

August 14    Brian Teasley, son of Andrew and Shelia Teasley, 
brother of Robin Bannister, 
Hartwell, GA USA 

August 14     Linda Alford Dalgleish, daughter of Rev. Clarence and Willie Alford, 
sister of Kaye Alford Des'Omeaux, Wayne, Michael 
and Tim Alford and Teresa Alford Guidry, 
Hackberry, LA  USA 

August 15,      Bryan McAllister, son of Judy Freund, brother of Amy McAllister, 
Corona, CA  USA

August 15    Chelsea Serafini, daughter of Stacey and Joshua Serafini, 
Pittsburgh, PA  USA

August 15    Chad Day, son of Vicki Day Koontz and Bob Day, 
brother of Monica Day Hofbauer, 
Hermiston, OR  USA 

August 15    William H. Cox, II, son of Beverly Cox, 
brother of Angela Cox, Aleasha Smith, Brandy Armour, 
Arlington, TN  USA 

August 15    Luke Kokko, son of Norma and Jim Kokko, 
Baraga, MI USA 

August 15    Mandi Lynn Mast, daughter of Diane D. Mast, 
sister of Eric Daniel Mast, 
Newborn, GA USA 

August 15    Jivoni Alexander Quinones, son of Yvette Quinones-Hill, 
brother of Armani Hills, 
Acworth, GA USA 

August 16    Anthony Eck, son of Lisa and Jeff Morrison, 
brother of Corey Eck and Aaron Morrison, 
Salem, OR  USA 

August 16    CW2 Jeffrey B. Knight, son of John and Janet Knight, 
brother of  Jared and John, Jr., Knight, 
Green Valley, IL USA 

August 16    Dustin Brand, son of Chris Brand, 
Lake Crystal, MN  USA 

August 17      Jeff Kelly, son of Lorraine and Dan Kelly, 
brother of Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

August 17      Jason Maham, son of Patricia (Trish) Maham,
Buford, GA USA

August 17    Jeff Kelly, son of Lorraine and Dan Kelly, 
brother of Craig (deceased) and Brian Kelly,
Brisbane, Q'ld, Australia 

August 17 Scotti Mooney, daughter of Jill-Acey Callender,
sister of Jacey Callender, 
Raymond, MS  USA 

August 17    Jeff Kelly, son of Lorraine Kelly, 
brother of Craig (deceased) and Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

August 17    Robert Oxtoby, son of Major William and Sara Oxtoby, 
brother of Andrew Oxtoby, 
Honolulu, HI  USA 

August 17    Jeffrey T. Arnold, son of Kathi Mullens, 
brother of Kenny Arnold, 
Losantville, IN USA

August 18      Kenny Smith, son of Linda and Kenneth Smith, 
brother of Ronald Burgess, Linette Caroselli and Vanna Smith, 
Jackson, NJ USA

August 18      Andrew Topham, son of Lisa Gottlieb, 
brother of Kenneth Topham and Adam Zapasnik, 
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

August 18     Kevin Lassetter, son of Pamela Lassetter, 
brother of Courtney Lassetter, 

August 18      Jeffrey Pugh, son of Patricia Hasselberth and Julian Pugh, 
brother of Jeremy and Julian Pugh, III, 
Richmond, KY  USA 

August 18    Christopher Ryan, son of Donna and David Ryan, 
brother of David James (deceased) and Christina Ryan, 
Prague, OK USA 

August 18    Bradley Bakle, son of Walt and Deb Bakle,
brother of Tonia Bakle, 
Paulding, OH USA 

August 18    Nathan Manz, son of John and Brenda Manz, 
brother of Jonathan, Timothy and Jeremy Manz, 
Charlotte, NC  USA 

August 18    Dougal Stuart, son of Virginia Stuart, 
brother of Taffy Todd, 
Princeton, NJ USA 

August 19      Taylor Green-Sillers, daughter of Kay and Roger Green, 
sister of William King, 
Tarkio, MO, USA

August 19      Lauren Cooper, daughter of Nancy and Jack Cooper, 
Woodstock, GA, USA

August 19    David Patterson, Jr., son of Kathryn and David Patterson, Sr.,
brother of Kevin Patterson, 
Cabot, AR  USA 

August 19    Matthew Etheridge, son of Mindy and Dan Etheridge, 
brother of Emma Etheridge, 
Woodridge, IL  USA 

August 19  Marjorie Mae Bowen, daughter of Norma Jean and Gerald Kimbel, 
sister of Eric B. Bowen and Karen Bowen Stovall, 
Shortsville, NY  USA 

August 19    Mariah Claire Tendall, daughter of Gudrun Ohlig and Dan Owen Tendall, 
sister of Danny Tendall, 
Lawton, OK  USA 

August 20      Clarissa Bobbette Cunningham, daughter of Judy and Winston Cunningham,
sister of Grace Cunningham, 
Tucker, GA USA

August 20   Tony Mclemore, son of Sylvia Vaughn and Charles Mclemore, 
brother of Angela Vaughn, 
Elkmont, AL  USA 

August 20     Kariann Backhaus Womack, daughter of Brenda and Karl Backhaus, 
Anderson, SC  USA 

August 20    Rhonda Acero, daughter of Kathy Winn, 
sister of Bob and Michael Gilbert, 
Vallejo, CA USA 

August 21      Carrie Ann Plumley, daughter of Deborah Plumley and Norman Plumley (Deceased), 
sister of Kevin Plumley, 
Locust Grove, GA USA

August 21      David Russell son of Linda and Mike Russell, 
brother of Dustin Russell, Larry Baldwin and Aaron Russell, 
Tucumcari, NM USA

August 21      John Armore, Jr., son of Cheryl and John Armore, Sr., 
brother of Ryan Amore and Kelley Burroway, 
Annandale, VA  USA

August 21     Brian Patrick Devine, son of Eileen and Patrick Devine, 
brother of Colleen Devine, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

August 21    Kendyl Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Susan Smith, 
sister of Robbie Smith, 
Austin, TX  USA 

August 21    Melissa Ann Bankston, daughter of Marilyn Bankston, 
Gretna, LA  USA 

August 21    Jennifer Megan Gryzinski, daughter of Lisa and Tom Gryzinski, 
sister of Jeffrey Gryzinski,
Lilburn, GA  USA

August 21    Marcus Pearson, son of Misty and Ryland Pearson, 
brother of Joshua, Roman, Natasha, Jacquelynne, Jullianna Pearson and Felicia Adams,
Wolcott, IN  USA 

August 21    Sammy Garner, son of Nancie White, 
brother of Christy Gibson,
Bristol, TN  USA 

August 21    Jamie Hughes, son of Lois and Marvin Hughes, 
brother of Emma and Kameron James Hughs-Black, 
Lancaster, OH USA 

August 22      Kevin Aguilar, son of Pamela and Antonio Aguilar, 
brother of Anthony Aguilar, 
North Little Rock, AR USA

August 22   Toby Michael Gizzonio, son of Christine Lutz and James Gizzonio, 
brother of Mia Gizzonio Carnevale, 
Boston, MA  USA 

August 23   Michael D. Johnson, son of Susan L. and Carl B. Johnson, 
brother of Saida Johnson, 
Silver Spring, MD  USA 

August 23    Nicolas Riconoscuito, son of Marie and Jim Anderson, 
brother of Mark, Ryan and Joshua Riconoscuito, 
Ormond Beach, FL  USA 

August 23   Freddy Camarillo, Jr., son of Martha and Fred Camarillo, 
brother of Tina
Odessa, TX  USA 

August 23   Deidre West, daughter of Frances Gonzalez and Winfred West,
sister of Alexis and April West, 
Clarksville, AR USA 

August 23    Stephen Connelly, son of Carol and Tom Connelly, 
brother of Matt, Michelle and Jennifer Connelly, 
Morrisville, PA  USA 

August 23    Daniel L. Large, Jr., son of Kathryn Large,
brother of Kristen Large Maggio, 
Acworth, GA USA 

August 23    Brandon Muir, son of Penney Carey, 
brother of April Muir, 
Chattanooga, TN  USA 

August 23    Diamond Natasha Demianycz, daughter of Laura Heughins, 
sister of Mariah Lu and John Lucas Demianyca, 
Greely, CO  USA 

August 24    Julian King, son of Cara King and John Riggio, 
Homer Glen, IL USA 

August 24   Angel Marie Woods, daughter of Nina Woods and Roger Lutric, 
sister of Joshua, Eddie and Adam Woods, 
Mamou, LA 

August 24    Christopher Mainhart, son of Paula and Robert Mainhart,
brother of Victoria Mainhart, 
Sarver, PA  USA 

August 24    David Bradley Williams, son of Jon Williams, 
Suquamish, WA  USA 

August 24    James Daniel Bruce, son of Knight and Patricia Bruce, 
Jackson, MS  USA 

August 24    Trian Jones, daughter of Jolene Harris, 
sister of Kristin and Karmin Jones, 
Texarkana, AR  USA 

August 24    Stevie Friend, son of Terry Murphy-Latta, 
Cleveland, MO USA 

August 24    Jerome Charron, son of Judith and Jean Marc Charron, 
brother of Sophie and Alexandre Charron, 
Ottawa, Ontario Canada 


August 25      Megan Wulff-Chapman, daughter of Kelley and Don Wulff, 
Newnan, GA USA

August 25      Maverick Thomas Nicoletta, son of Shannon L. and Michael A. Nicoletta, 
brother of Colton R. Nicoletta, 
Woodstock, GA USA

August 25   Amy Uhland, daughter of Mary and Bill Uhland, 
sister of Jacqi Uhland Barker, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

August 25    Michael Thomas Ghormley, son of Linda Ghormley, 
Doraville, GA  USA 

August 25   Michael Powell, son of Jackie Marks and Ritchie Powell, 
Sheldon, MO  USA 

August 25    William Michael Coulter, son of Sharon and Bill Coulter, 
brother of Kimberly Coulter Mullins, 
Omaha, NE  USA

August 26      Ralph Acie Hershman Jr., son of Diane Sue Nickoson-Hershman and Ralph Acie Hershman Sr., 
brother of Valerie Lynn Hershman-Oiler, 
Smithers, WV, USA

August 26      Ralphie Hershman Jr., son of Diane Hershman/White and Ralph Hershman, 
brother of Valerie Hershman/Oiler, 
Smithers, WV USA

August 26      Sarah Edwards, daughter of Regina and Michael Earles, 
sister of Katie Edwards and Morgan Edwards, 
Locust Grove, GA, USA

August 26    Ralph Acie Hershman, Jr., son of Diane Hershman White and Ralph Hershman, 
brother of Valerie Hershman, 
Smithers, WV USA 

August 26    Jeffrey Lynn Galamb, Jr., son of Ramona and Jeff Galamb, Sr., 
Pittsburg, PA  USA 

August 26    Savannah Janique Hagen, daughter of Milagro Morales and Darnell Hagen, Sr., 
sister of Savion, Daniel, Danielle and Darnell Hagen, Jr., 
West Palm Beach, FL  USA 

August 26    Tanya K. Suchanek, daughter of V. Karl and Kathy L. Suchanek, 
sister of Brittany K. Suchanek, 
Cumming, GA USA 

August 26    William Joseph Zaharchuk, son of Joyce Kenny-Zaharchuk, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

August 27      Michael Alexander (Alex) Costley, son of Janet and Milton Costley, 
brother of Adam Costley, 
Kite, GA USA

August 27      Vanessa Mae Johnson-Saunders, daughter of Jeri Johnson-De Cola and Van Johnson,
sister of Calvin, Mark and Steven Johnson and Belinda Guerra and Trudy Clark,
Payson, AZ, USA

August 27   Jeff Thomas, son of Brenda Thomas-Hoye and Ralph Thomas (deceased), 
brother of Kelly Thomas, 
Perrysburg, OH  USA 

August 27    Gunnar Alexander Bartnick, son of Mike and Deb Bartnick, 
brother of Lauren, Joseph, Brendan, Zachary and Lucas Bartnick, 
Marshall, IL  USA 

August 27    Cari Ann Olejnik, daughter of Janice and Harry Olejnik, 
sister of Tracy Bates, Laura Shearer, Michelle, Christy and Ashley Olejnik, 
Covington, GA USA 

August 28   Victor Duarte, Jr., son of Damiana and Victor H. Duarte, Sr., (deceased), 
brother of Victor R. Duarte, Patricia C. Pagan, Edna C. Stacey and Melba L. Pacheco, 
Chicago, IL  USA 

August 28    Sam Reed, son of Donna and Doug Taylor, 
brother of Fred Reed, Terrie Townsend, Shelly Ford and Holly Taylor, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

August 28   Benjamin Eli Ward, son of Denise Lynch and Frank Ward, 
brother of Gabriel Aaron Ward and Tonya Leona Penner, 
St. Louis, MO  USA 

August 29      Christopher Robin Wibeto, son of Debra and Robin Wibeto,
brother of Shane Wibeto, Wendy Valdez and Brianna Wibeto,
San Jose, CA USA

August 29      David Swindle, son of Judy and Donnie Swindle, brother of Donnie Swindle Jr., 
Ronnie Swindle, Kenny Leeder, Mamie Creed, Melissa Swindle, Cindy Mitchell, Tabatha Marxman and Angie Clark, 
Houston, MO USA

August 29    Frankie Brohm, son of Kathy and Dan Brohm, 
brother of Anna Leah and Elizabeth Brohm, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

August 29    Donna Ann Hussell, daughter of Connie and Edward Hussell, 
sister of Debbie mayes, Darlene Hussell and Deana Marcum, 
Point Pleasant, WV USA

August 29    Stephanie Jean Phillips, daughter of Rebecca A. Schickel, 
sister of Curtis and James Phillips, 
Hobe Sound, FL  USA 

August 29    Michael Steven Kolcun, son of Ann and Larry Jewell, 
Amherst, OH USA 

August 30      Steven E Giacinto, son of Ann and Peter Giacinto, 
brother of Mark A Giacinto, 
Harrison, AR USA

August 30      Geary Benson Lewis Jr., son of Johnnie and Geary Benson Lewis Sr.,
brother of Doug Ford, John Ford, Kim Maner, Emily Hartzog, Tina Blumgart, Suzie Carr and Tiffany Hancock,
Fayetteville GA USA

August 30    Cory Kibodeaux, son of Jeanine and Robert Kibodeaux, 
brother of Toby Kibodeaux, 
Eunice, LA  USA 

August 30   Patrick Cochran, son of Cindy and William Cochran, 
brother of Kyle and Emily Cochran, 
Washington, NC  USA 

August 30   Jonathan Wineburgh, son of Carolee and Bill Windburgh, 
brother of Joe Wineburgh, 
Saccasunna, NJ  USA 

August 30    Justin Pierce, son of Loran Pierce,
brother of Joshua Pierce, 
Orlando, FL  USA 

August 30    Zachary Thomas Schwabe, son of Carl and Tricia Schwabe, 
brother of Caroline, Jeremy, Alex and Adam Schwabe and Neal Hartman, 
Waynetown, IN USA 

August 30    Cory Griffin, son of Walt and Jody Seilheimer, 
Sandwich, IL  USA 

August 30    Michael James Scruggs, son of Barbara Fitch, 
brother of Amanda Christine Raulerson, 
St. Augustine, FL  USA 

August 30    Mary Maree Wilson, daughter of Jennifer and Deshayn Wilson, 
sister of Devin Wilson, 
Muskogee, OK USA 

August 31      Caroline Gable Cooley, daughter of Erin and Michael Cooley, 
sister of Will Cooley, 
Newnan, GA USA

August 31      Emma Powell, daughter of Michele and Chris Powell, 
sister of Patrick Powell,
Kennesaw, GA USA

August 31     Michael Fili, son of Luanne and Joseph Fili, 
brother of Jonathan and Christy Fili, 
Little Rock, AR  USA

August 31 Christopher Pereida, son of Kimmi Hargrove, 
brother of Marci Pereida, 
Lubbock, TX USA 

August 31    Todd Brandon Wehunt, son of Wanda Wehunt, 
brother of Angie Wehunt, 
Duluth, GA USA 

August 31    Erica Coffey, daughter of Bud and Barbara Coffey, 
sister of Sarah Coffey, Chev Ell, Charles and Krickett Blachnik, Heather and Jay Weeks, 
Hickory, NC  USA 

August 31    Dexter Ashworth, II, son of Sandra and Dexter Ashworth I, 
brother of Richard Ashworth, 
Starks, LA  USA

August 31    Christopher Jack Marris, son of Dianna Marris, 
brother of Bobby and Billy Marris, 
Okmulgee, OK  USA 

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My Butterfly Child 
by Elaine Roebuck, TCF Queensland, Australia 2001 

I watched you laying there in stillness, 
the nothingness of your cocoon ... in death. 
I find no beauty in the world at this time. 
Was there ever beauty? 
It seems not. 
Little did I know what beauty was to come, 
Not only for you ..... 
But the lessons you would teach would bring beauty to my life. 
Then you come to me. 
You're reborn, You've emerged ... Now my beautiful butterfly. 
At times you come playfully, 
Reminding me of your childhood ... and wonderful memories. 
Sometimes you even bring your friends ... darting about as you did in 
life. You seem to say "We're here, we're happy ". 
Darting about on the wind with mischief, 
But also showing the freedom you've gained. 
Showing your different colours, 
like the many personalities you have. 
Pastels for peace ... for compassion ... for serenity ... your 
gentleness ... the peace you enjoy, 
For love.... for fun ... happiness ... sunlight ... beautiful 
sunsets ... rainbows. 
You come to me, show yourself. 
Your beauty ... the beautiful woman you were ... 
the beautiful spirit you are. 
Sometimes you just sit quietly on my window ... 
you seem to say ... 'Be still, look around you ...
look at this world of ours ... breathe it all in ... enjoy' 
And at times I can enjoy, my beautiful butterfly .... 
I just wish that you'd not be so elusive, 
But stay a while ... let me hold you gently in my hands. 
Till then... ....I must hold you in my heart. 
Our precious Katie.... lovingly remembered on your birthday 
sweetheart, from all your family xxx 

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