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September Angel"versaries"



On Memory

When you remember me, it means that you 
have carried something of who I am with you,
that I have left some mark on who I am on who you are.
It means that you can summon me back to your mind
even though countless years and miles may stand between us.
It means that if we meet again, you will know me,
and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart.
For as long as you remember me, I am never entirely lost.
~Frederick Buechner

The Heart hath its own memory, like the mind.
And in it are enshrined the precious keepsakes,
into which is wrought the giver's loving thought.

~H.W. Longfellow

On this Angel Anniversary, may the spirit of the child
who lives so deep within your heart help you through this month
and through every moment of the re-establishing of your life.

September Angel Dates

September 1      Lizbeth Marilu Pena, daughter of Maria Luisa and Luis Alberto Pena, sister of Alberto Josue Pena,
Lima, Peru

September 1   Michelle Elizabeth Fiorello, daughter of Jocelyn and Nick Fiorello, 
sister of Andrew &Julie Fiorello, 
Melbourne, FL USA 

September 1       Cynthia Grant, daughter of Paula and Gene Grant, 
sister of Kyle and Stacy Grant, 
Douglas, GA  USA 

September 1   Patrick Ray Kelly, son of Maggie Kelly, 
Gainesville, GA  USA 

September 1    Justin Stochmal, son of Sannon Stochmal, 
brother of Jeanna, Matthew and Sara Stochmal, Regina, 
Saskatchewan, Canada 

September 1    Luke Blackburn, son of Cassandra Blackburn, 
Marietta, GA USA 

September 2      Palmer Quarles, son of Kristen and Michael Quarles,
brother of Preston, Parker and Pierce Quarles, 
Canton, GA USA

September 2      Wyatt Bradford, son of Lorna and Jason Bradford, 
brother of Jesse and Tiegan Bradford, 
Vancouver, WA  USA 

September 2       Julie Nicole Macedo, daughter of Julie and Gregory Macedo, 
sister of Jamie and Megan Macedo, 
San Luis Obispo, CA  USA 

September 2      Elena Macedo, daughter of Julie Macedo, 
sister of Jamie and Megan Macedo, 
San Luis Obispo, CA  USA 

September 2    Stacie Jo Brown, daughter of Sandy Bennett, 
sister of  Jamie, Jeff, Brad, Colleen and Brett Bennett, 
Lawrenceville, PA USA 

September 2    Michelle Fulton-Robb, daughter of Cheryl Fulton-Robb, 
sister of Paul and Rachel Fulton-Robb, 
Newbury, England 

September 3      Kaitlyn Joy Jenkins, daughter of Sharon Jenkins and Alan Jenkins, 
sister of Jolie Jeurissen, 
Marietta, GA USA

September 3       Lindsey Claire Rogers, daughter of Christine and Tracey Rogers,
sister of Lauren Elizabeth and Lianna Grace Rogers, 
Rome, GA  USA 

September 3      Noah Campbell Edens, son of Cindy and Stephens Edens, 
brother of Leon Anthony, Kaitlyn Fawn and Noel (deceased) Edens, 
Barnwell, SC  USA 

September 3      Christina Nicole Giles, daughter of Patricia Parks, sister of Mary Giles, 
Ozark, AL  USA 

September 3   Tyler Aaron Stupka, son of Don and Dana Stupka, 
Sugar Hill, GA USA 

September 3   Chad Gordon, son of Jayne and Wayne Newton, 
              Brother of Lisa Gordon, Lilburn, GA   USA 

September 3   Paul Gerard Conticchio, son of Ann Marie Conticchio, 
                  Colonia, NJ  USA 

September 4      Kyle Copija, son of Karen and Richard DeLany, 
brother of Ashley DeLany, 
Auburn, GA USA

September 4     Justin Cornelison, son of Patricia and Mike Cornelison, 
brother of Amy Patton, 
Fayetteville, GA  USA 

September 4      Rayven Rose Dalbec, daughter of Kelly and Travis Dalbec, 
sister of Keanu Clark and Adam Nordby, 
Medford, OR  USA 

September 4      Jermaine Golden, son of Elaine Werner and Patrick Golden, brother of Jazmine Golden, 
Kansas City, MO  USA 

September 4    Tiffany Marie Sisson, daughter of Dawn and Max Sisson, 
sister of Eric Sisson, 
Dalton, GA USA 

September 4    Abigail Melanie Johnson, daughter of Elizabeth and James Johnson, 
sister of Triston James, Triton Chance and Olivia Gabrielle Johnson, 
Jackson, MO USA

September 5      Philip Helm, son of Stephanie Helm and Philip Sisco, 
brother of Juwan and Denina Helm,
Blackwood, NJ USA

 September 5     Philip Helm, son of Stephanie Helm and Phillip Sisco, brother of Juwan and Denina Helm, 
Turnersville NJ USA

September 5   Bret Stadel, son of Mary Jo and Mike Stadel, 
brother of Brad and Lisa Stadel, 
Odell, IL USA 

September 5     Morgan Hope Harrison, daughter of Alisha and Joe Harrison, 
sister of Caitlyn, Trinity and Madison Eve (deceased) Harrison,
Boiling Springs, SC  USA

September 5     Tim Reynolds, son of Gayle and Jeff Reynolds, 
brother of Erin Reynolds, 
Little Rock, AR  USA 

September 5      Wesley John Wedekind, son of Jacki and Glen Wedekind, 
brother of Tyler and Erika Wedekind, 
Clarkson, NE  USA 

September 6      Steven Grimm, son of Debra and Mark Grimm, 
Brother of Leanne Grimm, Erin Grimm-Strobeck and Ashlee Grimm, 
Jasper, GA, USA

September 6     Richard D. Kempston, son of Naomi and Clifford D. Kempston, 
brother of Karen Tegtmeier, Clifford J. and Darold L. Kempston, 
Beatrice, NE  USA 

September 6      Brandon Springer, son of Brenda and Ron Springer, 
Dawsonville, GA  USA 

September 6       Shea Jarrard, son of Becki and Mike (deceased) Jarrard, brother of Casey Jarrard, 
Oakwood, GA  USA 

September 6      Paige Morgan McGinty, daughter of Kylie Heagney and Jason McGinty, 
sister of Jayden and Maddison McGinty, 
Melbourne, Vic, Australia

September 6      Andrea Dawn Virginia Renner, daughter of Shirley-Ann Hardie and Mike Eldridge, 
sister of Amanda Renner, 
Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada 

September 6      Alexander Robert Aarons, son of Angela and Jason Aarons, 
Charlotte, NC  USA 

September 6      Amy Turner, daughter of Linda Smith and Keith Turner, 
sister of Christie and Keith Turner, Jr., 
Newnan, GA  USA 

September 6    Patrick Ray Kelley, son of Maggie Kelley, 
brother of Steven Kelley and Mallory Whitaker, 
Gainesville, GA USA 

September 6      Jared Bryan Webb, son of Debby Webb, brother of Jason Michael Webb, 
Kennesaw, GA USA 

September 7      Craig Kelly, son of Lorraine and Dan Kelly, 
brother of Brian Kelly, 
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

September 7     Ramon Angel R.J. Badillo, Jr., son of Betsy L. Morales and Ramon Badillo, Sr., 
brother of Jaka Lynn Marie Badillo, 
Newark, NJ  USA 

September 7      Craig Kelly, son of Lorraine and Dan Kelly, 
brother of Jeff (deceased) and Brian Kelly,
Brisbane Q'ld, Australia 

September 7      Blake Samuel Stock, son of Leslie-Marie and Brian Stock, 
brother of Connor, Garrett, Rachel and Emma Stock, 
Lake Havasu City, AZ USA

September 7      Justin Himes, son of Melinda Himes, brother of Jackie Neal Crystal Coker, 
Windsor, MO  USA 

September 7       Andrew J. Cowart, son of MaDonna and Roger Cowart, 
brother of Joseph Cowart, 
Hoschton, GA  USA 

September 8      Elliot Joseph Matos, Jr., son of Donna J. and Elliot J. Matos, Sr., 
brother of Brittany C. Matos, 
Somerville, MA  USA 

September 8      Lauren Eileen Green, daughter of Diane and Gordon Green, 
sister of Brendan and Kaitlyn Green, 
Holiday, FL  USA 

September 8      Jill Gieseke, daughter of Judith Gieseke, 
sister of Ryon Gieseke (deceased), Lisa Schaumburg and KariAnn Keller, 
McIntosh, MN USA 

September 8    Richard Milton, son of Doris McDonald, brother of Ryan Milton, 
Huntsville, AL  USA 

September 9      Bradley McNeil, son of Jutta and Edward McNeil,
brother of Anja McNeil, 
Mallorca, SPAIN

September 9     Loria Caulder, daughter of Susan and Richard Balcer, 
sister of Crystal Getty's, 
Conover, NC  USA 

September 9      Jack Evan Dilley, son of Mona and Jack Dilley, brother of Erin Dilley, 
Cosmopolis, WA  USA 

September 10      Ashley Butler, daughter of Mishell and Bobby Butler, 
sister of Terrance Gardner, Devin Butler and Britteny Jaobs, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

September 10    Mandy Nestor, daughter of Susan Vacinek, 
Palmetto, GA USA 

September 10      Daniel Merritt Fisher son of Wanda and Wiley Fisher, 
brother of Ryan Fisher Knight (deceased) and Tonya Fisher Hicks, 
Yazoo City, MS, USA

September 10  James F. Horton, son of Wright & Beverly Horton, 
 brother of Sarah Horton, 
Herndon, VA  USA 

September 10  Jessi Hawkins, daughter of Kim Backman, 
Gainesville, GA USA 

September 10   Melissa Marie Sampias, daughter of Cheri Sampias, 
sister of Sarah and Jennifer Sampias, 
Apple Valley, CA USA 

September 10    Jameson Jacob Donovan-Laney, daughter of Megan Laney, 
sister of Jared Donovan, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

September 11      Jason Frazier, son of Theresa Weaver, 
Melbourne, AR USA

September 11    Ryan Pilgrim, son of Terri and Philip Pilgrim, 
brother of Kyle and Philip Pilgrim, Jr., 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

September 11    Michael Bonds, Jr., son of Susan and Mike Bonds, 
brother of Jennifer Bonds (deceased), 
Clinton, AR  USA 

September 11    Matthew M. Flocco, son of Sheila E. and Michael P. Flocco, 
Newark, DE  USA 

September 11    Austin Michael Morse, son of Tim and Joy Morse, 
brother of Destiny and Alyssa Morse, 
Cheektowaga, NY  USA 

September 11    Hunter Matthew Manning, son of John and Elizabeth Manning, 
brother of Cassidy Manning, 
Chester, NY USA 

September 11   Rex Allen Lackey, son of Joan Lackey, 
brother of Ron, Kyle and Dan Lackey, 
Moscow, LA USA 

September 11   Cameron Jacob Bryan, son of Christine Bryan, 
brother of Christopher, P.J. and Ethan Bryan, 
Cartersville, GA USA 

September 12    Brooklyn Hope Peters, daughter of Pete Peters, 
sister of Rodney, Eric and Alexis Peters, 
Hampton, GA  USA 

September 12   Jamie Winchell, daughter of Tammy and Galen Winchell, 
sister of Lindsay and Nikki Winchell, 
Newman, GA  USA 

September 12   Shane A. Hughes, son of Pamela and Joseph Hughes, 
brother of Heather Hughes, 
Watertown, CT USA 

September 12     David Jeff Beck, son of Carol Dumas and David Beck, 
brother of Kristy Beck, John and Katherine Hastings, 
Pleasant Grove, UT  USA 

September 12    Stephen Roux, son of Dolores Roux, brother of Tiffany Stanley, 
Apalachiocola, FL  USA 

September 12    Steffen Michael Surber, son of Staci Griffin, 
brother of McKenzy Griffin, 
Ottawa, KS  USA 

September 13    Joseph Matthew Tennyson Goad, son of Debbie and Donnie Goad, 
brother of Mitch Goad, 
Charleston, MS  USA

September 13        Jordan Wright, son of Valerie and Tim Wisniewski, 
brother of B.J. Wright and Corrina Wisniewski, 
Grayson, GA  USA 

September 13    Christopher James Smith, son of Melody Tucker and Bryan Smith, 
brother of Justin Tucker, Jared and Mason Smith, 
Corning, NY  USA 

September 13    Marie Victoria Boucugnani, daughter of Lynda Boucugnani Whitehead, 
sister of David Boucugnani, 
Fayetteville, GA  USA 

September 13  Lane McCord, son of Rex and Faye McCord, 
Terry, Mississippi  USA 

 September 14      Laura Donley, daughter of Ida Cunningham, 
sister of Ryan Stow and Melinda Donley, 
Powder Springs, GA USA

September 14   Jason A. Masseau, son of Linda Jamison and Michel Masseau,
brother of Josh Masseau, 
Snellville, GA USA 

September 14    Bo Layton, son of Joyce M. and Billy Layton, brother of Scott Layton, 
Pearl, MS  USA 

September 14    Danial Jason Evans, son of Kathy and Danny Evans, brother of Shaun Evans, 
Oak Grove, LA  USA 

September 14    Amy Michele Clutts, daughter of Michele Joann Macy, 
sister of Kristina Clutts Macy and Laura J. Clutts, 
Dallas, GA  USA 

September 14   Karen E. Baker, daughter of William and Betty Baker, 
sister of William K. Baker, 
Aragon, GA USA 

September 15      Terrell Wilson, son of Tracy Wilson, 
brother of Tyquan Wilson,
Lawrenceville, GA USA

September 15    Dylan Rhodes, son of Adrienne and Jeremy Rhodes, 
brother of Logan Rhodes, 
Hampton, GA  USA 

September 15    Rob Everett, son of Heidi Everett and Brent Chorneyko, 
brother of Mikki Everett (deceased), 
Sioux Falls, SD  USA 

September 15    Paul Bryan Grahovac, son of Susa Swaim, 
brother of Anthony and Samuel Grahovac, 
Eben Junction, MI USA 

September 15  Jesse Lee Simmons, son of Lynne Simmons, 
              St.Xenia, OH  USA 

September 15   Nicholas Harris, son of Tonia Thrasher, 
brother of Bryan Harris and Dawn Fleming, 
Buford, GA USA

September 16      Sergio Rubio Jr., son of Marcy and Sergio Rubio Sr., 
brother of Carlos, Alex, Alexis and Natalie Rubio, 
Clewiston, FL, USA

September 16      Cheyene Terrill, daughter of Ericka Tremblay and Rhys Terrill, 
sister of Devin, Laura, Bridget, Jelena and Charlie, 
Westminster, SC USA

September 16    Sergio Rubio, Jr., son of Marisela and Sergio Rubio, Sr., 
brother of Carlos, Alex, Lexis and Natalie Rubio, 
Clewiston, FL  USA 

September 16    Travis Frye, son of Betsy and David Frye, 
brother of Benjamin Frye, 
Saint Leonard, MD  USA 

September 16    Shannon Stephens, daughter of Sandra Stephens, 
Lawrenceville, GA  USA 

September 16    Evan Thompson, son of Rose and William Thompson, 
brother of Allison Thompson, 
Knoxville, TN  USA 

September 16   James G. Dean, son of Jams G. Dean, 
brother of Debbi Hart and Laura and Eric Dean, 
Philo, CA USA 

September 16    Mark Grove, son of Norma Grove, 
brother of  Maribeth, Steve, Theresa and Barbara, 
Tucson, AZ USA 

September 16    Dennis Christopher Tucker, son of Dolores Tucker, brother of Dale 
 Louis and David Charles Tucker, 
Lee, MA USA 

September 17      Andrea Warner Jones, daughter of Beth and David Warner, 
sister of Teena Hardwick, 
Cedartown, GA USA

September 17    Steven Winfrey, son of Wanda Brooks and Steven Winfrey, 
brother of Jeffrey and Samantha Brown, 
Greenbrier, TN  USA 

September 17    Michael Anthony Spooner, son of Patricia and Mitch Bird, 
brother of Jessica Spooner, Charity Shore, Christian and Kitty Bird, 
Harrisonville, MO USA 

September 17     Jamie Nicole Walker, daughter of Renee and Thomas Walker, Sr., 
sister of Autumn Richards, Joseph Isbell and Thomas Walker, Jr., 
Huntsville, AL  USA 

September 17     Craig Kelly, son of Lorraine Kelly, brother of Jeff (deceased) and Brian Kelly, 
Brisbanek, Queensland, Australia 

September 17   Christopher Brannon, son of Carol and  Joe Brannon, 
brother of Joe Brannon, Jr., Jesse Marcus, Jan Elmora, Nancy Holcomb, Patty McLaughlan and Vickey Green, 
Southaven, MS  USA 

September 18      Michael Kyle Murphree, son of Pamela and Michael Murphree, 
brother of Brittany Murphree, 
Pottsboro, TX USA

September 18      A. Keith Smith, son of Sue Smith Guilbeau, brother of Darien Smith, 
Sylvester, GA USA

September 18    Joshua Bryan Coomes, son of Rebecca and Vincent Coomes, 
brother of Brandon Yocum and Noah Coomes, 
Lawrenceburg, KY  USA 

September 18    Justin Craig Wilmont, son of Lori Wilmont, 
brother of Samantha Vernon and Amber Wilmont, 
Loganville, GA  USA 

September 18    Angel Domenic Grajeda, Jr., son of Monica Ann and Angel Grajeda, Sr., 
brother of Guadalupe, Estevan and Marco Grajeda, Forest Grove, OR  USA 

September 18    Nicholas John Truhamchuk, son of Fay Reuhamchuk, 
brother of Jason and Natasha Truhamchuk, 
Speuce Grove, Alberta 

September 19     Donald Calvin Mear, son of Lorraine and Bob Mear, 
brother of Janet Kennedy and Cheryl Wilson, 
Elkford, BC  Canada 

September 19    Damion Carter, son of Donna Curtis and James Carter, 
brother of Tata and Ely Curtis, Jr., Kawanna Johnson and Folayan D'antignac, 
Compton, CA USA 

September 19    Darin James Moore, son of Sherry Norman, 
brother of Jennifer Ongers and Michelle Moore, 
Prescott, WA  USA 

September 19    Jennie Cathryn Blevins, daughter of Jeanine Blevins, 
Fox Mtn Crozet, VA   USA 

September 20      Amanda Eleine Guerrero, daughter of Normita and John Benedict Guerrero,
brother of Sebastian Guerrero, 
Manilla, Philippines

September 20      Eric Antonio Fleming, son of Olvia Garcia and Jason Fleming, 
brother of David Fleming and Angelina Garcia, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

September 20      Cydney Ross, daughter of Bernestine and Gregory Ross, 
sister of Clifford Ross and Monica Ross,
Atlanta, GA USA

September 20      Kayla Varnedore, daughter of Ann & David Varnedore Jr., 
brother of Dustin Varnedore and Roseanne Varnedore,
Ocilla, GA USA

September 20      Dustin Varnedore, son of Ann & David Varnedore Jr., 
brother of Kayla Varnedore and Roseanne Varnedore, 
Ocilla, GA USA

September 20    Karla Leija, daughter of Carmen and Enrique Leija, 
sister of Erika and Daniela Leija, 
San Antonio, TX  USA 

September 20      William Reynolds (REYN) Carroll IV, son of Frances Alterman Carroll and Bill Carroll, 
brother of Rivers Carroll and Elizabeth (Stream) Carroll, 
Dunwoody, GA USA

September 20   Leah Brooke Carlena Ossowski, daughter of Michelle and Steve Ossowski, 
sister of Seth, Travis and Ryleigh Ossowski, 
Roca, NE  USA

September 20   Madison Tayler Carlena ossowski, daughter of Michelle and Steve Ossowski, 
sister of Seth, Travis and Ryleigh Ossowski, 
Roca, NE  USA

September 20   Timothy Jacobs, son of Mazie and Lester Jacobs, 
brother of Katrina Jacobs, 
Lake Waccamaw, NC  USA 

September 20    Jessica Mae Hernandez, daughter of Charlotte Mitchell, sister of Kenneth Mitchell, 
Davenport, IA  USA 

September 20    Robert Allen Hatfield, son of Robert and June Hatfield, 
brother of Jason, Heidi (deceased) and Michael Hatfield, 
Tyler, TX  USA 

September 20   Leah Brooke & Madison Tayler Carlena, daughters of 
              Michelle Ossowski, sisters of Seth and Travis Ossowski, 
              Hickman, NE  USA 

September 21      Samuel Kelley, son of Anita Chastain, 
brother of Shawn Kelley, 
Ball Ground, GA USA

September 21      Jennifer O'Hearn, daughter of Darlene Sharpe and Richard O'Hearn, 
sister of Christopher Hadley, Erik Sharpe and Krystal O'Hearn, 
Hampton, VA  USA 

September 21    Janelle Murphy, daughter of Cindy and Keith Murphy, 
sister of Keith, Steven, Erika and Deanna Murphy, 
Cancandaigua, NY  USA 

September 21    Dougie George, son of Donna and Douglas George, 
brother of David and Dawn George, 
Powers Lake, WI  USA 

September 21    Addie Alikpong Ogah, son of Antonia Usungurua Udo and Mrs Alikpong Ogah, 
brother of Joseph and Rose Usungurua Udo, 
Cross River State, AKS 

September 21    Trey Peskor, son of Kathy and Carl Peskor, 
Farmington, NM  USA 

September 21       Jason Webb, son of Donna Plank and Sid Webb, Jr., 
brother of Jeremy, Josh and Cyd Marie Webb, Dustin and Kyndal Outlaw, 
Walker, LA  USA

September 22   Quinntin Albert Jason Crosswell, son of Tanya Medley and Jason Crosswell, 
Invercargill, NA, New Zealand 

September 22    Monty Raymond Smith, son of Bonnie and Cameron Smith, 
brother of Sean Smith and Cindy Hollins,
Winnipeg, MB,  Canada 

September 22    Samuel Todd Peppers, son of Michelle and Britt Peppers,
brother of Toby Wayne (deceased) and Austin Peppers, 
Talking Rock, GA  USA 

September 22    Toby Wayne Peppers, son of Michelle and Britt Peppers, 
brother of Samuel Todd (deceased) and Austin Peppers, 
Talking Rock, GA  USA 

September 22   Amanda Sullivan,daughter of Mike & Debbie Sullivan, 
              Duluth, GA  USA 

September 22   James R. Avery, III, son of Meg Avery, 
              Sugar Hill, GA USA 

September 22    Thomas McDonald, son of Jerri McDonald, 
brother of Les McDonald, 
Loganville, GA  USA 

September 22   Ian Hartman, son of Audrey and Ken Hartman, 
              Guy Mills, PA USA 

September 22   Christopher Todd Orr, son of Curtis and Peggy Orr, 
brother of Scott Alan Orr, 
Claremore, OK  USA 

September 23      Nicholas James Duck, son of DeAnna and Paul Duck, 
brother of Michael and David Duck, 
Tucson, AZ USA

September 23      Luis Fernando Santos, son of Maria Guzman and Fernando Santos, 
brother of Christopher Santos, 
Atlanta, GA USA

September 23      Benjamin Wieczorek, son of Jennifer Welch and Peter Wieczorek, 
brother of Andrew Wieczorek, 
Winona, MN, USA

September 23   April Yingst, daughter of Helen and Carl Yingst, sister of Faith Yingst, 
Richmond, IN  USA 

September 23    Jennifer Leigh Bonds, daughter of Susan and Mike Bonds, 
sister of Michael Bonds, Jr., (deceased), 
Clinton, AR  USA 

September 23    Melanie Barasso, daughter of Diane and Raymond Barasso, 
sister of Brian Levering, Tammy and Amy Barasso, 

September 23  Jarrod Michael Norman, son of Vickie & Bill Norman, 
              Marietta, GA USA 

September 23  Chantel Plante, daughter of Shirley Plante 
              Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada 

September 24   Teresa Fetter, daughter of Carolyn Broyles and Foster Bethea, 
sister of Wendy Tipi, Christy Haynes and Angelique Broyles, 
Myrtle Beach, SC  USA

September 24   Lauren Aldridge, daughter of Lisa and Troy Aldridge,
sister of Jim and Kayla Aldridge,
Willacoochee, GA  USA 

September 24   Chad Thomas Buckley, son of Patricia Shewmaker and Stan Buckley, 
brother of Tommy McKinnon, Richard Shewmaker, Kim Whitmire, Angel Coltrain and Gwen Plano,
Jacksonville, AR  USA 

September 24      Jeffrey Lee Lowdermilk, son of Deirdre and John Lowdermilk, II, 
brother of John L. Lowdermilk, III, 
Jacksonville, TX  USA 

September 24     Christopher Williams, son of Quida and Joseph Williams, 
brother of Tonja Brawner, Tracy and Joseph D. Williams, III, 
Hiram, GA  USA 

September 24   Elizabeth O'Brien, daughter of Melissa and Tim O'Brien, 
sister of David and Austin O'Brien, 
Maumelle, AR  USA

September 24    Ryan Conklin, son of Marsha and Ted Conklin, 
brother of Scott Conklin and Connie Conklin Lynn, 
Michigan City, IN  USA 

September 24   Benjamin Koopmans, son of Rachel Koopmans, 
brother of Michael and Olivia Koopmans, 
Adelaide, South Australia 

September 25   Adam Heitz, son of Theresa and Glenn Heitz, 
brother of John, Erin and Laura Heitz, 
Ashburn, VA USA 

September 25      Kristina Williams MacArthur, daughter of Linda and Marty Williams, 
sister of Angela Williams Lackey, 
Fayetteville, GA  USA 

September 26      Wesley Hardin, son of Rita and Steve Hardin, 
Acworth GA USA

September 26   Michelle Ala Reeves, daughter of BJ and Jim Reeves, 
sister of Becca Reeves, 
Roswell, GA  USA 

September 26   Devin Parks, son of Cheryl and Jim Parks, 
brother of Justen Parks, 
Arlington Heights, IL  USA 

September 26   Scott Tarbell, son of Sandy and Ray Tarbell, 
brother of Brian Tarbell, 
Alpharetta, GA  USA 

September 26  Colleen Marianacci, daughter of Judy and Jim Marianacci, 
sister of Nicole Marianacci Eldridge, 
Bloomfield, NY  USA 

September 26    David McCallum, son of Diann and Robert McCallum, 
Arkadelphia, AR  USA 

September 26    Bobby Jo Lauter, son of Evelyn and James F. Lauter, 
brother of Jeri and Jamie Lauter, 
Palm Beach, FL  USA 

September 26    Sadie Barrett, daughter of Scott and Lynn Barrett, 
sister of Maggie Barrett,
Carrolton, GA USA 

September 26    Michael Wayne Hager, son of Bea and Larry Hager, 
brother of Kathy Lynn and David Wayne Hager, 
Tucson, AZ USA 

September 26   Donald P-Nut Bailey, son of Don and Joyce Bailey, 
brother of Carey, Carroll and Donna Bailey, 
Cameron, LA  USA 

September 27      Dustin Marshall Rawls, son of Patti Rawls, 
brother of Tiffany Rawls Brockenbush, 
Katy, TX USA

September 27      Ashley Craig, daughter of La Tangie Craig,
sister of Alexander Craig, 
Hampton, GA USA

September 27    David Famurewa, son of Janet and Emmanuel Famurewa, 
brother of Isaac, Kevin, Brandon, Daniel (deceased) and Jennifer Famurewa, 
Detroit, MI  USA 

September 27    Lindsey Kae James, daughter of Janice and Robert James, 
sister of Kara and Molly James, 
Toledo, OH  USA 

September 27    Karla Lane, daughter of Diana Miller, sister of Evan Miller, 
Warsaw, IN  USA 

September 27   John Daniel Pettyjohn, son of Julia Moon Pettyjohn, 
Decatur, GA USA

September 28   Amy Lynn Alsofrom, daughter of Shelley and Norm Topf, 
sister of Stacey Mercado, 
Rocky Hill, CT  USA 

September 28   Julie Rachel Mitrani, daughter of Karen and Bruce Mitrani, 
Hillsborough, NJ  USA 

September 28  Joshua Raymond Walker, son of Capri Walker 
              Kenosha, WI  USA 

September 28  Shelley Marie Beasley,daughter of Peggy S.Martin, 
              Walker, LA  USA 

September 29    Yvette Finn, daughter of Lisa Bermudez and Jason Finn, 
sister of Jesse, Joey and Vanessa Fin, 
San Jacinto, CA  USA

September 29    Nancy Louise Jacobson, daughter of Shirley McGraw Zoeller and Dean Jacobson,
sister of Denise Jacobson, Cindy Harvath and Jean Mattson, 
Iron Mountain, MI  USA 

September 29   Andreew Hawthorne Witherell, son of Carol and Stewart Witherall, 
brother of Michael, Matthew and Nathan Witherell, 
Suwanee, GA  USA 

September 29    Marc Aaron Bryne, son of Karen and Martin Bryne, 
brother of Matthew Conway and Sinead Bryne, 
Maidenhead, Berks, England 

September 29    Marc Bryne, son of Karen Conway and Martin Bryne, 
brother of Matthew Conway and Sinead Bryne, 
Maidenhead, England 

September 29    Kaleb Mewbourn, son of Sonya and Bobby Mewbourn, 
Hollypond, AL USA 

September 29    Elaine Nix, daughter of Becky Nix, 
sister of David Nix, Jr.,
Gainesville, GA USA 

September 29   Cole Allen Onnen-Gossard, son of Bethany Onnen, 
brother of Abigail and Maggie Onnen and Caleb Onnen-Gossard, 
Port Charlotte, FL USA 

September 30      Henry Cart, son of Roberta and Rob Cart, 
brother of Jessie and Heyward Cart, 
Atlanta, GA USA

September 30       Scott Robert Watkins, son of Evelyn (Wendy) Barnett, 
brother of Phillip, Andrew, Craig, John, Ian and Barry Watkins and Andrea Faye Southam, 
Mount Helena, WA Australia

September 30,    Richie Faxon, son of Patricia Mahoney and Richard Faxon, 
brother of Andy and Chad Faxon, Merle Winters, Stacy Waller and April Detmar, 

September 30    Matthew Meehan, son of Vicki Webb and Michael Meehan, 
brother of Christopher Meehan, 
Lilburn, GA  USA 

September 30    David Charles Hernandez, son of Jessica Mae (deceased) and Amodo Hernandez, 
Davenport, IA  USA 

September 30    Adam Nelson Henry, son of Charles and Nina Henry, 
brother of Ryan Henry, 
Pipersville, PA USA 

September 30     Beth Ferriter, daughter of Barb and Dave Ferriter, 
              Penfield, NY USA

September 30   Lawrence (Lonnie) Potter, son of Michelle Potter Smith, 
brother of Jaquelyne, Sheri and Michael (deceased) Potter, 
Midhurst, Ontario Canada 

September 30   Danny Myles, son of Marita Myles, 
brother of Earl Crawford Myles, Jr., and Marita Myles,
Spokane, WA USA 


On Remembering Your Son, James

At the rising of the sun and its going down, 
You will remember him. 

In the rebirth of spring, the warmth of summer and the rustling leaves of autumn,
You will remember him. 

When the blowing wind and chill of winter are upon you, 
 You will remember him. 

As a room longs to be filled with the sound of laughter, 
  You will remember him. 

When you have joys you crave to share, 
   You will remember him. 

When you are weary and in need of strength, 
 You will remember him. 

When you have decisions that are difficult to make, 
You will remember him. 

When you have achievements that are based on his, 
 You will remember him. 

As long as you live, he too will live, for he is now a part of you, 
 As you remember him. 

In Memory of James Avery II 
July 15, 1983 - September 22, 1997
  written by Karen Russell 
Executive Director National Grief Support Services and

Look Both Ways

When I was just a small child, 
I heard my Momma say, 
before you cross the street, my love, 
be sure You look both ways. 

Well, I treasured those words she said. 
I buried them deep within my soul. 
I thought about the dangers in life. 
Momma's words made me whole. 

When I was about to encounter fear, 
Momma's words came to mind. 
I knew if I heeded Momma's advice, 
No dangerous perils would I find. 

When I had children of my own, 
I warned them of the dangers too. 
I told them to always look both ways, 
So no harm would come to you. 

Oh Momma, I carried your words with me. 
I taught them to be strong. 
I warned them to look both ways. 
So where did I go wrong? 

My child was taken from me, Momma. 
Oh can't you see my pain today?
When I brought this child into this world, 
did I fail to LOOK BOTH WAYS? 

I don't understand how it all happened. 
He had so much love to share. 
He wasn't one to face danger head on. 
He wasn't one to take a dare. 

Yet, he was taken from me. 
Leaving me with an everlasting scar. 
Now, my son forever looks both ways... 
While he protects us from afar! 

Kaye Des'Ormeaux 
Copyright 2000 
Dedicated to Jayne 
In memory of her son, Chad
May 21, 1972 - September 3, 1996


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