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April Angel Dates 


April Angel Dates

April 1      Christian Antonio Benitez, son of Nydia and Charles John Benitez, 
brother of Kaitlyn Rose Benitez and the late Jocelyn Roxanne Benitez, 
Stockbridge, GA USA

April 1      Daniel Juse Tovar Dias, son of Michelle and Savio Tovar Dias, 
brother of Maria Isabella Tovar Dias, 
Dubai, UAE

April 1   Ce'Driyana Debraya Sims, daughter of Coretta Cooks and Ce'Dric Sims, 
sister of Alexis Jones and Chandrea Sargeant, 
Orlando, FL  USA 

April 1   Jeff Sanderson, son of Michele and Joe Sanderson, 
brother of Nikki Schweisberger, Andy and Ben Sanderson, 
Kansas City, MO  USA 

April 1  Eric Toomey, son of Julie Dennis, brother of Kimberly and Heather Lawson, 
Nick Dennis and Jamie Hiles, 
Crooksville, OH  USA 

April 2      Derek L. Brown, son of Denice and Gerald Brown, 
Radcliff, KY, USA

April 2      Jack Levin, son of Sandie and Bob Levin,
brother of Michael Levin, LoriAnn Lawrence and Jill Farr,
Sparrowbush, NY USA

April 2      Dean McDaniel, son of Cristi Bell and Cecil McDaniel, 
brother of Natalie Brunson, Liz McDaniel and Gina McCarthy, 
Barnesville, GA USA

April 2  Joseph Viggiano, son of Carmella Marzano, brother of John Biggiano, 
Philadelphia, PA  USA 

April 2   Gwendolyn Hartsell Metz, daughter of Sandra and Donald Hartsell, 
sister of DJ Hartsell and Kim French, 
Oil City, PA  USA 

April 2  Presley S. Mikaela, daughter of Shawna Coleman, 
Diana, TX USA 

April 2  Philip Cutler, son of Sylvia Fried, 
New York, NY USA 

April 2  Allison Nicole Rudy, daughter of Lora Rudy, 
Troy, OH USA 

April 2  Joshua Calaway, son of Bonnie and Joe Calaway, brother of Justin Calaway, 
DePere, WI  USA 

April 3      Mark Mueller, son of Shirley and Alex Mueller,
brother of Shar, 
Jackson, MI USA

April 3      Ron D. Ballou Jr., son of Judy Lucas, 
Camarillo, CA USA

April 3   Angela D. Ricci, daughter of Linda L. Freeman, 
Jonesboro, GA  USA 

April 3   Kyle Weatherford, son of Shirley and Ricky Weatherford, 
brother of Kody Weatherford, 
Burnside,  KY  USA 

April 3  Jessica Lyn Bryl, daughter of Dan and Betty Bryl, sister of Sarah Bryl, 
Bluffton, SC USA 

April 3  Roy Edward Cleveland, son of Melinda Cleveland, 
Phonexiville, PA USA 

April 3  Benjamin Jason Thomason, son of Linda Henao, 
brother of Kelly and Victoria Henao, 
Conyers, GA USA 

April 4      Bridget Mari O’Connor, daughter of Brenda and Tom O’Connor, 
sister of Phillip O’Connor and Sabrina Moxley,
Atlanta, GA USA

April 4      Xavier Lorenzo Nieto, son of Gina and David Nieto, 
brother of Enrique Niego, 
North Platte, NE, USA

April 4  Shawn Gordon, daughter of Bonnie L. Gordon, 
Lakewood, CO  USA

April 4    Justin Wood, son of Mary and Cliff Wood, brother of Jacob and Jessica Wood, 
Braselton, GA  USA 

April 4   Brian Connally, son of Sharon and Don Connally, 
brother of Robyn Grider, Scott and Amber Connally, 
New Haven, IN  USA 

April 4  Morgan Tiffany Olin, daughter of Lori Olin, 
Northfield, MN USA 

April 4  Erick George, son of Joan George, 
Essington, PA  USA 

April 5      Sivine Melhem, daughter of Samar Labban and Hisham Melham, 
sister of Ramzi and Sandra Melhem, 
Beirut, Lebanon

April 5    David Swiderski, son of Christine Stanton, 
brother of Keith Swiderski, 
Crestwood, IL  USA 

April 5    Jeffrey Brehme, son of Linda Wycka and Ernie Brehme, 
brother of Karen Nichols, 
Brandon, FL  USA 

April 5   Elizabeth Evans, daughter of Jay Evans and Lisa Luster, 
sister of Taylor Luster and Christopher Evans, 
Columbus, OH USA 

April 5   Todd Durham, son of Edith Durham Bryant and Ray Durham, 
brother of Jim and Richard (deceased) Durham, Krystal Brooke Durham Turner, 
Albany, GA  USA 

April 6      Steven Sorrow, son of Linda and James Sorrow, 
brother of Jamie Sorrow, 
Covington, GA USA

April 6   Keirlin Burton, daughter of JoEllen Ellis, 
sister of J. Cody, Staceylynn and Cameron Fox, 
Bloxom, VA  USA 

April 6   Jason Scott Griffith, son of Pamela Clovis and Vernon Griffith, 
brother of Justin, Wayne and Eugene Griffith, 
Williamstown, WV  USA 

April 6   Kyle Eastham, son of Anita Eastham, 
Douglasville, GA USA 

April 7  Dustin Lovett, son of Cheryl and Barry Lovett, 
brother of Zach and Kyle Lovett, 
Fayetteville, GA  USA 

April 7  Brenden Kyle Rainey, son of Constance Rainey, brother of Vanessa Rainey, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

April 8      Jamila Jones, daughter of Valerie and Jonathan Jones,
sister of Jelani Jones, Jabara Jones and Pedra Bailey, 
College Park, GA USA

April 8      Cindy Ross Jordan, daughter of Judy and Ronald Ross,
sister of Mark Ross, 
Atlanta, GA USA

April 8  Terry Hatten, son of Barbara Prescott and Richard Hatten, 
brother of Charlie and Mike Hatten, 
Natchitoches, LA  USA 

April 8   Keith Allen McCarthy, son of Dennis and Shirley McCarthy, 
brother of Kevin McCarthy, 
Redding, CA USA 

April 8  Joshua Lewis Darna, son of Tracy Leigh Darna, 
Bokeelia, FL  USA 

April 8   Joey Long, son of Ginger and P.J. Long, Brother of Nicolas, 
Timothy and Misty Long, 
Havana, IL USA 

April 8   Keith Allen McCarthy, son of Dennis and Shirley McCarthy, 
brother of Kevin McCarthy, 
Bakersfield, CA USA 

April 9      Justin “Derrick” Brown, son of Shirley Young Brown Riddle and Robin Anthony Riddle,
brother of Chasity Brown Keltner, 
Cookeville, TN USA

April 9   Weston Towne, son of G'ail and Rusty Towne, 
brother of Salem, Shawn and A'lyce Star Towne, 
Bismark, ND USA 

April 9    Jessica Cannoy, daughter of Missy and Eddie Walker, sister of Britney Walker, 
Ridgeway, VA  USA 

April 9   Steven Michael "Mike" Price, son of Peggy Adcox Miller, 
brother of William M."Trey" III and Penny Price Fredrick, 
Boglausa, LA  USA 

April 9   Matthew S. Kimble, son of Richard and Terry Kimble, 
brother of Drew, Felicia and Christine Kimball, 
Webster, TX  USA 

April 10      Jennifer Hixon, daughter of Patty McPherson and Clarence Hixon (deceased), 
sister of Michelle McPherson, 
Trinity, NC USA

April 10   Eric L. Tillman, Jr., son of Darlene Hamilton and Eric L. Tillman, Sr., 
brother of Casey Tillman, Leah Bonneau, Allison Hamilton, Jeff and Michael Bagwell, 

April 10       Kyle Greenfield, son of Bill and Karen Greenfield, 
brother of Kaitlyn Greenfield, 
Alpharetta, GA USA 

 April 11    Dylan Hawkins, son of Teresa Leffew and Jeff Hawkins, 
 brother of Travis Jenkins, Keisha Shell, Todd and Cayla Hawkins, 
 Chatsworth, GA  USA 

April 11 Chris Bright, son of Theresia and David Bright, 
brother of Jody, Mark and Angle Bright, 
Chatsworth, GA   USA 

April 11   Anna Katherine Grudziecke, daughter of Rhonda and Robert Grudziecke, 
sister of Will and John Grudiecke, 
Waller, TX  USA 

April 11 David Braziel, son of Sandy and Keith Goodwin, 
brother of Kelly Braziel, 
Smyrna, GA and Tonbridge, Kent UK 

April 11  Charles Smith, son of Sally and Larry Smith, 
McKee, KY  USA 

April 11  Bo Briscoe, son of Randi and Tom Briscoe, brother of Harley Briscoe, 
Denver, CO  USA 

April 11       Jason Curnutt, son of Mike and Joy Curnutt, 
San Antonio, TX USA 

April 11       Victoria King, daughter of Kami Clark, sister of Jacob Clark, 
Tarrytown, GA USA 

April 12      Adam Powalski, son of Rosemarie and Gregory Powalski, 
brother of Gregg Powalski, Brian Powalski and Carli Hall,
Hilton Head, SC USA

April 12   Michelle Bozer, daughter of Kathy and James Bozer, sister of Robert Bozer, 
Union City, TN  USA 

April 12       Marc Daniel Lockman, son of MaryAnne Lockman, brother of Dana Lockman, 
Marietta, GA USA 

April 12       Brian LaForce, son of Raquel LaForce, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

April 12       Brianna Short, daughter of Carol Short, sister of Jordan and Carter Short, 
Sayre, PA  USA 

April 13      Phillip Silverman, son of Bonnie and Alan Silverman, 
brother of Laura Silverman, 
Marietta, GA USA

April 13      Kanda Michelle Jacobs, daughter of Dianna and Jack Jacobs, sister of Jerrin Jacobs, 
Flora, IL USA

April 13      Akira Kathryn Wallace, daughter of Sherri and Bruce Wallace, 
sister of Nathan Liss, Jayden-Kai Wallace, Stephanie Liss, Bethany Liss, Victoria Liss and Riley Wallace,
Rome, GA USA

April 13       Matthew Taylor, son of Elaine and Jim Taylor, 
brother of Jim Taylor, 
Stone Mountain, GA  USA

April 13   Michelle Christine Knopka Mazzagatti, daughter of Connie and Mike Knopka, 
sister of Debbie Oler, Denise Hart, Barbara Ramirez, Michael and Mark Knopka, 
Sicklerville, NJ USA 

April 13  Amy Rose Fithen, daughter of Shirley J. and Charles R. Fithen, Jr., 
sister of Charles A. Fithen, 
Moundsville, WV  USA 

April 13  Tim Kincaid, son of Phyllis Pritchett and Robert Kincaid, 
Dalton, GA USA 

April 13   Felipe A. Pagan, son of Ileana and Angel Pagan, Sr., 
brother of Angel Pagan, 
Clinton Twp. MI USA 

April 13       Stephen Beam, son of Marcia Carter, 
brother of Stephanie Beam Young, 
Canton, GA USA 

April 14      Malachi Jones-Graham, son of Kendria Jones and Stephen Graham, 
brother of Jordan Jenkins, 
Savannah, GA USA

April 14      Franklin Brandon Miller, son of Barbara and Steve Garrett, 
brother of Kiley Garrett,
Lawrenceville, GA USA

April 14       Jennifer Altman, daughter of Lori Combs, 
sister of Jerry and Matthew Combs, 
Blackshear, GA  USA

April 14       Martina Therese Thomas, daughter of Jo and Randall Thomas,
sister of James, Olivia Anne and Philippa Thomas, 
Gillingham, Kent, UK 

April 14       Hayley Shelton, daughter of Holly and Brian Shelton, 
Waycross, GA  USA 

April 14  Freddie Allen, Jr., son of Sandy and Freddie Allen, Sr., 
Chatsworth, GA  USA 

April 14        John Z. Powery, son of Ella Powery, 
brother of Faith Powery, Ruth McBride and Esther Ebanks, 
Grand Cayman, BWI, Cayman Islands 

April 14   Thomas Edward O'Neill, Jr., son of Janna Sybil Proux, 
brother of Amanda O'Neill and Jennie McDonald, 
Grantville, GA  USA 

April 14   Johnny Brown, son of Bonnie and Ed Brown, 
brother of Shayne Brown and Jessica Brown Tatum, 
Troy, AL  USA

April 14    Jack Lovett, son of Richard Battjes and Mari Lovett, 
brother of Ruestasia Walker and Kiya Lovett, 
Big Rapids, MI  USA 

April 14       William Smutny, son of Nancy and Dan Smutny, 
Onalaska, WI USA 

April 15      Lauren Marie James, daughter of Rose DePino and Stephen Kozlowski,
sister of Steve Kozlowski and Amy Kelly, 
Downers Grove, IL  USA

April 15    Misty Conn, daughter of Libby and Randy Morris, 
sister of Jimmy R. and Kathy Adams, Nikki and Christy Morris, 
Carrollton, GA  USA 

April 15  Cheyanne Richert, daughter of Nancy and Gary Richert, 
Blueridge, GA  USA 


April 16       Marion Mountjoy, daughter of Marilyn and Fred Mountjoy, 
Raritan, NJ  USA 

April 16  John Sistrunk, son of Sarah and Lewis Sistrunk, 
brother of Robert and Annie Sistrunk, 
Powder Springs, GA  USA 

April 17       Hannah Isabella Snyder, daughter of Laura and Roger Snyder, 
sister of Corey and Tsz-yan Snyder, 
Alexander, NC  USA 

April 17 Amber Lockley, daughter of Tammy and Jimmy Lockley,
sister of Alecia Lockley,
Brundridge, AL USA 

April 17  Amber Lockley, daughter of Tammy and Jimmy Lockley, 
sister of Alecia Lockley, 
Brundridge, AL  USA 

April 17  F. Alan Reynolds, son of Shirley Hillier, brother of Linda Grubb, 
Peoria, IL  USA 

April 17  Rachel Irene Mann, daughter of Kathy Mann, sister of Sarah Mann, 
Rochester, MN USA 

April 18       Jay Dean Christiansen, son of Myrna Christiansen, 
Hutchinson, KS  USA 

April 18       Joseph McCollum Hendrix, son of Jan and Troy Hendrix, 
brother of Chris Hendrix and Shelley Reynolds, 
Maryville, TN  USA 

April 18        Jeffrey Edward Cabena, son of Deborah Cabena and Richard Toth, 
brother of Breann Toth, Christopher and Cory Cabena, 
Marietta, GA  USA

April 18   Maxim Zelinsky, son of Alla and Igor Slukvina, 
brother of Anna and Igor Slukvina, Jr., 
Madison, WI USA 

April 18  Steven Hicks, son of Jan and Mack Hicks, 
brother of Robe Hicks and Shelly Hicks Ramey, 
Cabot, AR  USA 

April 18   Jakob Neson Andriacchi, son of Jennifer Andriacchi, 
Marquette, MI  USA 

April 18   Ricky Lone, son of Ellen and Ricky Lone, 
brother of Shawn Daughterty, Steven Parker,  Caroline (deceased), Trent and Autumn Lone, 
New Albany, IN USA 

April 18   Caroline Lone, daughter of Ellen and Ricky Lone, 
sister of Shawn Daughterty, Steven Parker, Ricky (deceased), Trent and Autumn Lone, 
New Albany, IN  USA

April 18  Diana Joelle Kissman, daughter of Thor and Michelle Kissman, 
sister of Thor Kessler and Gunnar Kissman, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

April 18       Joshua Spivey, son of Jennifer Spivey, 
brother of Jacob and Jamie Spivey, 
Troy, AL USA 

April 19       Noah Joseph Allison, son of Becky and Harold Allison, 
brother of Zachary and Sarah Elizabeth Allison, 
Beaver Falls, PA  USA

April 19        Ashley Egan, daughter of Kim and Michael Egan, 
sister of Patrick, Michael and Christopher Egan, 
Hibbing, MN  USA 

April 19       Michael McLaughlin, son of Tam and Michael McLaughlin, 
brother of Sharon M. Wright, 
Vero Beach, FL  USA 

April 19       Heather Williamson, daughter of Linda Morton, sister of Michael Morton, 
Clarksburg, WV  USA 

April 19  Kendul Walker, son of Marcia and Kenard Walker, British Virgin Islands 

April 19  Rosemary Esther Woodin, daughther of Pamela Chevalier, 
sister of Matt Shoemaker, Rachel Savenkoff, Rhonda Bondi, Darcy Mealoy and Nicholas Ashmun, 
Chevoygan, MI  USA 

April 19    Nicholas Bryant, son of Jana LaCouris,
brother of Kally Gagnon, Kim Stansel, Angela Filippone and Suzy Shelton, 
Holiday, FL  USA 

April 19    Michael Lindsey, son of Mary Jane Lindsey, 
Gray, GA  USA 

April 20      Lane Cole Langdon, son of Hilda and Kevin Langdon, 
brother of Brandon Soliz and Ricky Dean Rushing, 
Lubbock, TX  USA

April 20        Cindy Brannan Derenthal, daughter of Cathy Brannan Morris and Bobby Brannan (deceased), 
sister of Crissy Brannan Powell and Cathleen Brannan Hatch, 
Riverdale, GA  USA 

April 20       Amy Hodges, daughter of Kathy and Randall Hodges, sister of Dane Hodges, 
Meadville, MS  USA 

April 20  Kelsie Marie Fathke, daughter of Memarie and Varinder Dhillon, 
sister of Ryan John Dhillon, 
Tacoma, WA  USA 

April 20   Joshua Wallis Horizon, son of Laume and Jeff Zekas, 
brother of William Zekas, Noel Horizon, Sam and Joe Dawson, 
Susanville, CA  USA 

April 20    Kevin J. Connelly, son of Pat McDougle,
brother of Kurt Alan Miller (deceased), Debi Floyd and Dawn Ball, 
Bealeton, VA USA 

April 20       Kimberly Jo Gerz, daughter of Mary Lou and Charles Gerz, 
sister of Christopher Gerz, 
Bokeelia, FL  USA 

April 21      Evan Charles Throckmorton, son of Jane and Don Throckmorton, 
brother of Mike McTaggart, Aaron Throckmorton and Caitlin Throckmorton, 
Douglasville, GA USA

April 21       Reese Olivia Montgomery, daughter of Sundae and Wade Montgomery,
sister of Rhyan, Aryn and Alyx Montgomery, 
Grand Junction, CO  USA 

April 21        Todd Pennington, son of Ellouise and John Pennington, Sr., 
brother of John Pennington, Jr., 
Troy, AL  USA 

April 21      Jan Sebastian Narvaez, son of Solangel and Edwin Narvaez,
brother of Edwin Angel and Jay Deangelo Narvaez, 
Naranjito, Puerto Rico

April 21  Breck Whitman, son of Kathy Knudsen and Michael Whitman, 
Lyme, NH  USA 

April 21   John Tyler, son of Diane Tyler Wilkes, brother of Robert Horn, 
Annapolis, MD  USA 

April 21       Phillip Eugene Walsh, son of Ruth Paschal and Barry Walsh, 
brother of Laura and Daniel Walsh, 
Atlanta, GA USA 

April 21       Quiellin Eugene Horton, son of Katherine Horton, 
College Park, GA USA 

April 22       Jerima Roper, daughter of Alison and Simon Roper, 
sister of Kieran and Haydn Roper, 
West Drayton, United Kingdom 

April 22       Lauren Oliver Palmer, daughter of Debbie and Wes Palmer, 
sister of Alex Palmer and Lisa Shepard, 
Sarasota, FL  USA 

April 22      Adam David Robertson, son of Genelle Chupp and David Robertson, 
brother of Nicholas Scott Robertson, 
Weston, NSW, Australia 

April 22   Eddie Hughes, son of Robin and Eddie Hughes, Sr., 
brother of Christopher and Casey Hughes, 
Augusta, GA  USA 

April 22       Nina Mariam Al-Misnad, daughter of Evelyn M. Al-Misnad, 
sister of Kalifa Al-Misnad, 
Denver, CO  USA 

April 23      Malcolm Wade Phillips, son of Sue Phillips,
Canton, GA, USA

April 23      Taylor McDade, son of Sarah McDade, 
brother of  Christian & Zachery McDade,
Rossville, GA USA

April 23      Bryant Caldwell, son of Carmen Caldwell, 
brother of Aidan and Britney Caldwell, 
Roanoke, VA  USA 

April 23       Michael Kirby, son of Diane and Tim Kirby, brother of Kellie Kirby,
Vonore, TN  USA 

April 23   Ariana Michelle Etheredge, daughter of Corina and Robert Etheredge,
Houston, TX  USA 

April 23    Jason Isaac Linkins, son of Diana Jill Brendle, 
Gettysburg, PA  USA 

April 23       Lisa Elaine Mewbourne, daughter of Faye Mewbourne Martin,
Atlanta, GA USA 

April 24      Adam Dean Kepner, son of Mary Ann and Dennis Dean Kepner,
brother of Lisa A. Crumpton,
Kennesaw, GA USA

April 24      Caleb Locke, son of Elizabeth and Cary Locke, 
Duluth, GA, USA

April 24      Xavier Khamani Ray, son of Stephanie Ray, 
brother of Elijah Sheppard (deceased), Gino Hall, Cashden Sanders, Ryan, Caleb, Amaris and Amari Clements, 
Snellville, GA  USA

April 24      Jimmy Morell, son of Sue and Jim Morell, Bad Axe, MI  USA 

April 24    Sara Bradshaw, daughter of Michael and Penni Bradshaw, 
sister of Christopher Bradshaw, 
Winston Salem, NC  USA 

April 24       Joely Ann Castang, daughter of Jean-Baptiste and Kim Castang, 
sister of Katiana and Maris Castang, 
Newnan, GA USA 

April 25    Dylan Thomas Mellinger-Kirk, son of Mary Margaret Mellinger and Robert T. Kirk, 
brother of Paul Mellinger, Jason and Matthew Kirk, 
Lake Havasu City, AZ  USA 

April 25       Nicole Marie Peterson, daughter of Karen Peterson, 
Grand Blanc, MI USA 

April 26  Jesse Gochez, son of Susan Morley, brother of Will Gochez, 
Forest Lake, MN  USA

April 26       Nancy Bates Dietz, daughter of Norma Grove, 
sister of Maribeth, Steve, Theresa and Barbara Grove, 
Tucson, AZ USA 

April 26       Paul Farrugia, son of Niurka Maria Farrugia, 
brother of Frank and Richard E. Farrugia, 
Seaford, NY USA 

April 26       Jefferey Armstrong Patterson, son of Ann Armstrong Patterson and David Evan Patterson, 
brother of Christopher Evan and Michael Jonathan Patterson, 
Marietta, GA USA 

April 27      Charlie Wellman, son of Mary and Peter Wellman, 
brother of Pam Wellman, 
Stone Mountain, GA  USA 

April 27  Angel Scholl, daughter of Amy Scholl and Juan Launto, 
sister of Ryan Riley, 
Merriam, KS USA 

April 27  Jeffrey Powell, son of Karen and Don Powell, 
brother of Jason Powell, 
Douglasville, GA  USA 

April 27   Rebecca Walus, daughter of Janina and Leszek Walus, 
sister of Matthew and Katie Walus, 

April 27  Jeremy Gillen, son of Connie Harper and Hunter Gillen, 
brother of Lindsay Harper, 
Woodstock, GA  USA 

April 28      Sara L. Foulk, daughter of Kathy Matkin and Richard A. Foulk Jr.,
sister of Richard A. Foulk III and Christopher J. Foulk, 
Winchester, KS, USA

April 28  Jimmy Smith, son of Cathy and Jerry Smith, brother of Jerry Smith, Jr., 
Bronx, NY  USA 

April 28       Benjamin Stricklin, son of Cindy Stricklin, brother of Joshua Stricklin, 
North Little Rock, AR USA 

April 29      Tarren Jean Horne, daughter of Robin Horne and Darren Boudreaux,
sister of Blakeleigh Boudreaux, 
Buford, GA  USA

April 29      Alexa Lyn Young, daughter of Kammi Young, 
sister of Malachy Donovan Zinn and Brian Michael Parise (deceased), 
Kenosha, WI  USA 

April 29       Ryan Montgomery Campbell, son of Mary Ann MacCombie, 
brother of Brooke Meredith Campbell, 
Atlanta, GA  USA 

April 29       Justin Brown, son of Candice and Art Brown, 
Johns Island, SC  USA

April 29  Chris Knight, son of Nancy and Keith T. Knight, 
Spring Valley, OH USA 

April 29  Brandon Whitfield, son of Susan and Wayne Harden, 
brother of Matt Harden, Cody and Ashley Whitfield,
Vidalia, GA  USA 

April 29    Emily Pestana-Mason, daughter of Bobette Pestana, 
sister of Naomi and Dan Pestana and Joanne Barbham, 
Tampa, FL  USA 

April 29   Sheena Gootee, daughter of Tina Melton, 
sister of Shane Gootee,
Ponca City, OK  USA 

April 30      Myles Bullock, son of Nita and Michael Bullock, 
brother of Beth Barrington,
Acworth, GA USA

April 30      Patrick Chris Haney, son of Mary C. Haney and Robert Hannah,
brother of Paula Lee May, 
Paintsville, KY  USA 

April 30    Natalie Corinne Covey, daughter of Bella Kennedy, 
sister of Logan, Andrew and Leslie Covey, 
Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada 

April 30      Robbie Benedict, son of Tammy and L. John Benedict Jr.,
brother of Julian John Charles Benedict McClellan, 
Hartselle & Birmingham, AL USA

April 30  Jack Johnston, son of Kate Johnston, 
DeWitt, LA  USA 

April 30       Travis Lee Disspain, son of Sandra Disspain, 
Riceville, TN USA 


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Like a Fluttering Butterfly

A Butterfly is a messenger, sent from above, 
To share Heaven's beauty, and show God's love.

It represents how delicate, our lives can be,
One moment you are here, then an Angel you'll see.

God sends His best, to give us the news,
Our time is up, but He did not choose.

Like the Butterfly, we are born, and set free,
To share God's gift, in the great human sea.

We grow with guidance, from our parent's care,
Each new step forward, gives them a scare!

Sometimes we age, for decades we're here,
Some of us don't make it, to the very first year.

But in our time on Earth, we leave our own mark, 
If you mention our name, it kindles a spark.

Our image and smiles, appear as a thought,
Our memories and deeds, and the battles we fought.

Tears come forth, of both great sadness and much joy,
As we remember the precious girl, or the darling boy.

When you see a Butterfly, take a moment to gaze,
At the beauty before you, it will truly amaze!

And remember how delicate, a life can be,
Don't waste a moment, is my heartfelt plea.

For our loved ones can leave us, at any time,
Like a fluttering Butterfly, on a Heavenly climb!

       -Created in Memory of Jessica Lyn Bryl
January 19, 1977 - April 3, 2000
                          Dan Bryl - January 2002

Two, Not One

My dear friends
My grieving has no end
I know my tears give you fear
I'm sorry I'm this way

My darling son
That I adore
Took here on earth
His final breath

From this day on
Here in my home
One will be missing
One will be gone

Remember back, when we all laugh?

Now all I want
Is if you can
Share with me
My past, my memories
Of Him!!!!

That's all I ask
That's all I got

For I will never
Forget once!!!!
That I had two
Not One

Two darling sons
Two handsome ones

Now that one's gone
One that for ever
Will be loved
One that no longer
Will come home

I need your strength
I need your prayers
I need you friend
To help me share
That I had Two, Not one

Luis & Ileana Villahermosa
In Loving Memory 
Felipe A Pagan 
Nov 20, 1973 - April 13, 1999

Our Little Angel 

Two years ago you left us behind, 
Two years of agony and tears. 
Days of dark and lonely times 
As moments turn into years. 

Would you have had golden locks of curls, 
Dainty hands and feet to dance in whirls? 
Sweet soft lips to press a kiss
Upon my cheek in inocent bliss?

Would you have played with dolls and teddybears, 
Or would you have climbed trees without fears? 
Would your small cheeks been clean and sweet, 
Or would they be streaked sweat and tears? 

Would you be learning to ride a bike, 
Camping out or taking a hike?
Or singing songs of praise on Sunday morn, 
With hearts full of love, not ripped and torn? 

Would Mommy shed tears of joy, 
Watching you learn and play with your toys?
Would Grammy's heart flutter with love, 
As you reach out your arms for great big hugs? 

Such things as these for granted we take, 
Never knowing when it will be to late. 
With heavy hearts and tear stained face, 
An angel flies away in satin and lace. 

We are left behind to carry on 
With enough tears to fill a pond. 
Dreaming of things that could have been, 
And holding hope of re-uniting with our kin. 

Sweet little angel, heart so pure, 
Your family misses you, that's for sure. 
Spread your precious tiny wings, 
And ease our hearts of hurtfull things. 

Dedicated to: 
Victoria Stephanie King
April 17, 1998 ~ April 11, 1999 

Poem by: 
Wanda Bryant, Grammy to Victoria
Copyright.. March 29, 2001 

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