June 23      William “Blane” Coburn, son of Josie Higdon and Jason Coburn, brother of Briton Coburn, Trey Cook and Shelby Cook, Starke, FL USA

TCF Atlanta Online Sharing

June Angel Dates


June 1      Hans Christian Thomhave, son of Karen and BJ Thomhave,
brother of Johannes, Tobias and Kalena Thomhave,
Niceville, FL, USA

June 1   Aaron Raines, son of Becky Wegman and Danny Raines,
brother of David McCauley, Julie Watson, Joshua, Danny Ray and Heather Raines,
Belington, WV  USA

June 1   Steven Smith, son of Connie Wyatt and Greg Smith,
Douglasville, GA  USA

June 1     Jessie Jones, son of Engie Tench and Bryan Jones,
brother of Chelsea Tench and Chenoa Cook,
Gainesville, GA  USA

June 1  Kathy Maynard, daughter of Sharlene E. Allen,
sister of Sharmaine Graves, Dawn, David and Joann Maynard,
Bradford, PA  USA

June 1  Danny Myles, son of Marita Myles,
brother of Earl Crawford Myles, Jr., and Marita Myles,
Spokane, WA USA

June 1   Alexa Sue Sheets, daughter of Tony and Amy Sheets,
sister of Cory Robert, Victoria Grace (deceased) and Gabrielle Kay Sheets,
South Bend, IN USA

June 1   Victoria Grace Sheets, daughter of Tony and Amy Sheets,
sister of Cory Robert, Alexa Sue (deceased) and Gabrielle Kay Sheets,
South Bend, IN USA

June 2      Ricky Peregrine, son of Marcie and Freddie Arterberry,
brother of Will and Kelsey Arterberry, 
Madill, OK, USA

June 2  Susan Eileen Lawrence, daughter of Jim and Barbara Lawrence,
sister of Jim Lawrence, Kathy Cook, Ann Runta and Carol Lambert,
Englewood, OH USA

June 2  Jessica Jean Ussery, daughter of Marie Ussery Boehm,
sister of Corey Ussery and Diana Lawson,
Pine Bluf, AR USA

June 2   Tracy Lee Hudson, daughter of Chuck and Carolyn Hudson,
sister of Bonnie Hudson,
Newport, NC  USA

June 3   Sarah McDade, daughter of Melanie Horsley and Ronnie Milligan,
sister of Jessica Kalbach,
Rossville, GA  USA

June 3   David Patrick Keel, son of Ellen and Don Keel,
brother of Bryan, Morgan and Katie Keel,
Duluth, GA  USA

June 4  Jennifer Dixon, daughter of Diana and Ron Gates,
sister of Jesse and Patrick Serna,
Show Low, AZ  USA

June 4  Amy Marie Brodbeck Tyler, daughter of Evie and Jack Brodbeck,
sister of Marc Brocbeck,
Otto, NC  USA

June 4  Roger Porter, Jr., son of Jack and Carol Murray,
brother of Jennifer Porter, Dillon, Briar and Anastasia Murray,
Tryon, OK USA

June 4  Dolton Murray, son of Jack and Carol Murray,
brother of Jennifer Porter, Dillon, Briar and Anastiasa Murray,
Tryon, OK USA

June 4  Mick Murray, son of Jack and Carol Murray,
brother of Jennifer Porter, Dillon, Briar and Anastiasa Murray,
Tryon, OK USA

June 5  Holly Ann Taylor daughter of Doug and Donna Taylor
sister of Shelly Taylor-Ford, Terrie Townsend, Fred and Sam Reed,
Douglasville, GA USA

June 5  Shannon Lloyd, daughter of Anne and Russell Lloyd,
sister of John Lloyd,
Omaha, NE  USA

June 5   Amanda Drew, daughter of Susan and Robert Drew,
sister of Bobby and Jennifer Drew,
Brockton, MA  USA

June 5  Kacy Keith, son of Chris and Craig Keith, brother of Justin Keith,
Loganville, GA USA

June 5  Ernest Moran, son of Peggy Moran,
Gainesville, GA USA

June 6      Scott Emmert, son of Shelia Emmert, 
brother of Donald Henson, Christopher Emmert and Amber Emmert, 
Sherwood, AR USA

June 6   Joseph Edward Doyle, son of Pat and Bill Doyle,
brother of Jim and John Michael Doyle,
Dunwoody, GA  USA

June 6   Anne Fenn Porter, daughter of Debby and Michael Fenn,
sister of Barbara Fenn and Kourtney Norton,
Des Arc, AR  USA

June 6   Gary Lowder, Jr., son of Debbie Dewitt and William Gary Lowder, Sr.,
Florence, SC  USA

June 6  Krissy Frank, daughter of Becky Frank,
East Bethel, MN USA

June 6  Clifford Dale Pingleton, son of John and Carrie Hastings,
Lathrop, MO USA

June 7      Nathaniel Barnett, son of Teresa & William Barnett Jr., 
brother of William Barnett, 3rd, Jonathan Barnett and Alicia Hubbard, 
Batesville, AR USA

June 7  Jeff Martin, son of Janice Hadaway, brother of Jody Martin,
Valley, AL  USA

June 7   Summer Holyfield, daughter of Dina Holyfield, sister of Shon Holyfield,
Roswell, GA  USA

June 7  Chad Steven Martin, son of Joanie Martin,
brother of Danna Marie Crap'o,
Smyma, GA USA

June 7  Mary Katherine Nelson, daughter of Rosemary Nelson,
sister of Roger Nelson,
Seattle, WA  USA

June 8     Billy Foulke, son of Holly and Bill Foulke,
brother of Alexis Foulke,
Snellville, GA USA

June 8      Grace Nicole Miceli, daughter of Diane Mendolia-Miceli,
sister of Diana M. Miceli,
Glen Oaks, NY USA

June 8  William Harrison Smith, son of Bunnie and John Ohman,
brother of Adam Ohman,
Marietta, GA  USA

June 8   John David Thrune, son of Vicki and David Thrune,
brother of Lisa Walters,
Winona, MN  USA

June 8   Daven Edward Guettler, son of Jean Guettler and Mark Luchtefeld,
brother of Jon-Patrick Bennett and Matthew Luchtefeld,
Edwardsville, IL  USA

June 8   Robert Justin Ross, son of Vickie and Rob Ross,
brother of Austin Allen Ross,
Charleston, MS USA

June 8   Bradley Thornton, son of Kris and Ernie Thornton,
brother of Gregory Thornton,
Martinez, GA  USA

June 8    Morgan Keith Farris, son of Sandra and Larry Farris,
Austell, GA  USA

June 8    Carrie Fullerton, daughter of Carol and Ron Fullerton, sister of Jennifer Fullerton,
Littleton, CO  USA

June 8   Katie Cleveland, daughter of Sherry and David Cleveland,
sister of Meghan Cleveland,
Alma, GA  USA

June 8    Robin Ann Craney, daughter of Cindy and Tony Cinocco, sister of Christopher Craney,
Aurora, CO  USA

June 8   J. P. Capps, son of Linda Capps, brother of Cindy Capps Lynch,
Waco, TX USA

June 8   Daniel Rawski, son of Lone Rawski, brother of Leslie Smith and Ryan Satterfield,
Pensacola, FL  USA

June 9   Michael Greaves, son of Tammy and Robert Greaves,
brother of Tyler Greaves,
Centreville, MD. USA

June 9  Zachary Wright, son of Joanna and Peter Wright, brother of Stefanie Krukowski,
Griffith, IN  USA

June 9  Tony Martin, son of Janice Hadaway, brother of Jody Martin,
Valley, AL  USA

June 9   Shaun Edward Lupson-Holden, son of Gina Marie Lupson-Holden Young (deceased),
brother of Joseph Lee Lupson-Young (deceased),
Silver Springs, MD  USA

June 9   Joshua Lee Lupson-Young, son of Gina Marie Lupson-Holden Young (deceased),
brother of Shaun Edward Lupson-Holden (deceased),
Silver Springs, MD  USA

June 9   Gina Marie Lupson-Holden Young, daughter of Pat and Warren Lupson,
sister of Brian Lupson,
Silver Spring, MD  USA

June 9  Michele Reno, daughter of Charles and Janice Reno, sister of Julie Reno,
Powder Springs, GA USA

June 10      Randy Lee Stahl II, son of Jeanette Burton and Randy Stahl, 
brother of Elisha Stahl, Brandi Branham, Keysha Stahl, Makayla and McKenzie Burton, 
Albert Lea / Williar MN USA

June 10   Eugene Conner, son of Billy Conner, brother of Connie Conner,
Union Mills, NC  USA

June 10  Ashley Martin, daughter of Dee and Larry Martin, sister of Trey and Christopher Martin,
Lima, OH  USA

June 10   Trey Dion Swan, son of Sherry-Lynn and Brian Hyland Swan,
brother of Shaun and Stefon Shawn and Sharai Parris,

June 10   Lauren Stein, daughter of Cathie and Gregg Stein,
sister of Erin and Hailey Stein,
Collegeville, PA  USA

June 11      Ivey Faith Mitchell, daughter of Rebecca and Darryl Mitchell,
sister of Melanie, Grace and Sarah Mitchell,
Decatur, AL, USA

June 11  Hattie Ann Lear, daughter of Jill and Christopher Lear,
sister of Alby and Sadie Marie Lear,
Armada, MI USA

June 11   Keith Perry, son of Oveta and Charles Perry,
brother of Mia Barber,
Atlanta, GA  USA

June 11  Timothy Lane Murphy, son of Lynette and Craig Murphy,
brother of Shelbie Murphy,
Madill, OK USA

June 11  Shelby Howard, daughter of Linda and Dwayne Howard,
sister of James and Whitney Howard,
Texarkana, TX  USA

June 11  Marc Adams, son of Kathryn and Ronnie Adams,
brother of Ross and Chuck Adams,
Decatur, GA  USA

June 11   Mark Reed, son of Lynda and Joel Reed, brother of Kelli Stickrath,
Largo, FL  USA

June 12      Darren Rambonga, son of Darla and Paul Rambonga, 
brother of Manuel Rambonga, Dale Rambonga (deceased), Lisa Rambonga and Paula Rambonga,
Visalia, CA USA

June 12      Franky Arriaga, son of Virginia Valenzuela, 
brother of Benji, Ruben, Anna and Rebecca Arriaga, 
Safford, AZ USA

June 12      Gabriel Zion McFadden, son of Cletrius Sade Scott and Gabriel McFadden Jr.,
Columbia, SC USA

June 12      Mikelle Brie Mills, daughter of Pat Randolph-Boone,
sister of Willie Randolph III, Anthony Brown Jr., Michael Mills, Jr.,
Jeanette Boone, Tyeace Brown, Dorothy and Diana Mills,
American Canyon CA, USA

June 12       Samantha Nicole Lee, daughter of Tammy and Jason Lee,
sister of Justin and Brittney Lee,
Cartersville, GA  USA

June 12   Tony Ray Smiley, son of Sue and tony Smiley,
brother of Michael and Jackie Smiley,
Grant Park, IL  USA

June 12   Kimberly Andrews, daughter of Barbara and Jay Andrews,
sister of Joshua and Tyler Andrews,
Marietta, GA  USA

June 12   Billie-Jo Williams, daughter of JoAnne Williams,
sister of Robert Williams and Laura Graziano,
Brockton, MA  USA

June 12      Brett Stamos, son of Teri Stamos, brother of Blake Stamos,
Bend, OR  USA

June 13      Matthew Donald Seavers, son of Shannon and Richard Seavers, 
brother of Marie Seavers, 
Alpharetta, GA USA

June 13   Michael Eugene Luning, son of Tara Bartlett and Michael Luning,
brother of Viktor Michael (deceased), Nicholi Lee-Michael (deceased) and Michaela Luning,
Yerington, NV  USA

June 13  Bryan Godfrey, son of Mickey and Carl Godfrey, Jr.,
West Columbia, SC  USA

June 13   Jessica Faith Hanna, daughter of Toni and Jeff Hanna,
Benton, AR USA

June 13  Nicole Ratigan, daughter of Patricia Goyette, sister of Mark Goyette,
Waterford, NY  USA

June 13   Zachary Bell, son of Jenny and Chris Bell,
brother of Kayla Boesche and Alyssa Bell,
Columbus, IN  USA

June 13      Jess, son of Jackie, CA  USA

June 13    Devon Lawrence Garcia, son of Amy Barron,
Ralls, TX USA

June 13      Marshall Terron Lockman, son of Wendy Lockman,
brother of Jason and Ronelle Lockman,
Marietta, GA USA

June 13      William J. Ward, son of William A. and Frances C. Ward,
brother of Carole Ward,
Vermilion, OH USA

June 13      Boyd Bryant, son of Barbara Harper and Raymond Bryant,
brother of Kim Rowe, Tammy Elliott and Valinda Leoney,
Warm Springs, GA USA

June 13      Carlene Porter, daughter of Jenny Walker,
sister of Debbie Evans, Phillippa Perrot, Charles Porter, Jayne and Jeff Derry,
Olathe, KS USA

June 13      Kylee Clayton, daughter of Heather and Kwanza Clayton,
sister of Thomas and Julia Clayton,
Broad Brook, CT USA

June 14      Stephen Motley, son of Mary Motley,
brother of Allston and Myles McLaughlin,
Anniston, AL USA

June 14  Erin Scott Anderson, son of Rhoda and Tom Anderson,
Pikeville, KY USA

June 14  Caitlyn White, daughter of Christianne and Douglas White, sister of Tyler Kolb,
Brick NJ  USA

June 14      Jonathan Dwayne Pace, son of Sonya and Mike Pace,

June 14      Christopher Perigo, son of Valene Valich, brother of Joel and Aaron Perigo,
Oak Harbor, WA USA

June 15  Darrell Taylor, son of JoAnn and Glenn Taylor,
brother of Stewert, Phillip and Melody (deceased) Taylor,
Mountain Home, AR  USA

June 15   Daniel Abercrombie, son of Linda and Jerry Abercrombie,
brother of Jeremy (deceased), Gina (deceased) and Angela Abercrombie,
Southwest City, MO  USA

June 15        Scott Wooley, son of Maureen and Wes Wooley, brother of Brad Wooley,
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

June 15      Samantha Thompson-Darby, daughter of Paige Darby,
sister of Jared R. and Joshua H. Darby,
Sugar Hill, GA USA

June 15      Jennifer Breaux, daughter of Ron and Chrissy Breaux,
Lake Charles, LA USA

June 16      Shaun Anthony Ortiz, son of Helen Ortiz, 
brother of Shayne and Mark Ortiz, 
San Jose, CA USA

June 16      Emily Elizabeth Bowling, daughter of Jennifer Domrose-Bowling and Roy M. Bowling, 
sister of Michael and Kristina Bowling, 
Goose Creek, SC USA

June 16        Matthew Hinson, son of Jackie and Mark Hinson,
brother of Michael Hinson,
Sugar Hill, GA  USA

June 16   Dustin Inman, son of Kathy and Billy Inman,
Woodstock, GA  USA

June 16    Lizbeth Pena, daughter of Maria Luisa Cerna and Luis A. Pena,
sister of Alberto Josue Pena,
Lima, Peru

June 16       Derek Hays, son of Karyn Herrin and Jim Hays,
brother of Samantha Herrin,
Signal Mountain, TN  USA

June 16    Matthew Friedman, son of Carol and Curtis Friedman,
brother of Christopher Friedman and Dustin Roalson (deceased),
Thompson, Falls, MT  USA

June 16   Ethan Hunter Mefford, son of Kendale and Melissa Mefford,
brother of Rebecca and Allison Hayden,
Portsmouth, OH  USA

June 16      Alyssa Marie Monahan, daughter of Lindsey Monahan,
sister of Tommy Monahan,
Merrimack, NH USA

June 17      Micholas R. Nelson, son of Kathryn and Mark Nelson,
brother of Tricia Nelson,
Brighton, MI USA

June 17      Ryan Koerner, son of Karen and Kip Koerner,
brother of Brooke and Ally Koerner,
Meadville, PA  USA

June 17      Sherri Lynn Poe, daughter of Joeann Poe,
sister of Kyle (deceased), John (deceased) and Chris Poe,

June 18      Phillip W. Cunnagin Jr., son of Leonara and Phillip W. Connagin,
brother of Mary Maguire and Kat Albritton,
Palm Harbor, FL, USA

June 18   Meshael Al Ali, daughter of Gail Richardson,
London, England

June 18   Coby Van Coulter, son of Vickie Hodder, brother of Lori Cromwell,
Janesville, WI  USA

June 18    Tyler Wayne Tilley, son of Johnny and April Tilley,
brother of Trenton Wayne and Trace Lee Tilley,
Winston-Salem, NC  USA

June 18      Krystan Bazzett, daughter of Terri Snyder,
sister of Tara, Angela, and Megan Bazzett,
Grayling, MI USA

June 18      Jason Gibson, son of Tricia Garrett,
Stone Mountain, GA USA

June 18      Ethan Hunter Mefford, son of Kendale and Missy Mefford,
brother of Rebecca and Allison Hayden,
Portsmouth, OH USA

June 19   Rebecca Lynn Steinbach, daughter of Dawn Steinbach, sister of Frances Steinbach,
Tucker, GA  USA

June 19      Raymond Buczek, son of Carole Ward and Berlyn Buczek,
brother of Steven Buczek,
Vermilion, OH USA

June 20      Alicia Merriweather, daughter of Rhonda and Darrell Walker,
Stone Mountain, GA USA

June 20      Brian McWright, son of Coretta and Stevie McWright,
brother of Steven, Casey and Shantell McWright,
Lancaster, CA USA

June 20  Brodie McKee, son of Debbie and Brian McKee,
brother of Sam and Jessie McKee,
Long Branch, NJ  USA

June 20   Dustin Roalson, son of Carol and Rick Roalson,
brother of Matthew Friedman (deceased) and Trisha Roalson,
Sedro-Woolley, WA  USA

June 20    Cory Bute, son of Betty and Victor Bute, Jr.,
brother of Connor, Kaitlin and Victor Bute, III,
Suwanee, GA  USA

June 20      Johnnie Donnet, son of Teri Goucher,
brother of Linda and Jermery Daniels, Wendy Finley, Robin Norris and Donna Pope,
Vinton, OH USA

June 21      Joshua Donaldson, son of Faye Donaldson, 
brother of Eric Donaldson, Matthew Donaldson and Brandy Donaldson Bone,

June 21      Glenn Padgett “Junior”, son of Jean and Glenn Padgett, Sr., 
brother of Joella Newsome, 
Valley, AL, USA

June 21   Ella Frederick, daughter of Heather and Michael Frederick,
sister of Ian, Evelyn, Loren and Faith Frederick,
Conyers, GA  USA

June 21   David Henshaw, son of Rhonda Henshaw,
Maumelle, AR  USA

June 21 Kyle Waites, son of Judy Waites,
Edmonton, AB  Canada

June 21       Abbigail Reilly Dennis, daughter of Casey and Scott Dennis,
sister of Seth Allen Elrod,
Bowling Green, KY  USA

June 21      Robert W. Burns, son of Elma Burns-Semko, brother of Deborah Lang,
Marietta, GA USA

June 21      Gary D. Fitts, son of Sue and Bennie Fitts, brother of Keith Fitts,
Dublin, GA USA

June 21      Matthew Corley, son of Shawn and Beverly Corley,
brother of Rachel and Phillip Land and Lauren Corley,
Kennesaw, GA USA

June 22      Damien Nikolas Pool, son of AmyMarie and Ryan Wayne Pool,
brother of Mackenzi Kayla Pool,
Lansing, IL USA

June 22    Matthew Lee Smith, son of Gail L. and Rodney Smith, Sr.,
brother of Rodney Smith, Jr.,
Carrollton, GA  USA

June 22   Sarah Elizabeth Corbitt, daughter of Constance and Holland Corbitt,
sister of Whitney and Morgan Corbitt,
Loganville, GA  USA

June 22    Aaron Woodruff, son of Susan Matney and Michael Woodruff,
brother of Rachel Woodruff, Jessica and Jasmin Matney,
Fort Collins, CO  USA

June 22      Amy Nycole Darland, daughter of Malisa Pitts and Jeff Darland,
sister of Windi Moore and Terra Pitts,
Grain Valley, MO USA

June 23      William “Blane” Coburn, son of Josie Higdon and Jason Coburn, 
brother of Briton Coburn, Trey Cook and Shelby Cook, 
Starke, FL USA

June 23      Mitchell Ian Frost, son of Linda Turner, brother of James and Chelsea Frost, 
Parkes, NSW Australia

June 23      Amy Marie Brodbeck Tyler, daughter of Evie and Jack Brodbeck,
sister of Marc Brodbeck,
Otto, NC  USA

June 23    Jordan Christopher Lee Booher, son of Stacy and Jay Booher,
brother of Ashley and Tara Booher,
Chickamauga, GA  USA

June 23   Melody Taylor, daughter of JoAnn and Glenn Taylor,
sister of Stewert, Phillip and Darrell (deceased) Taylor,
Mountain Home, AR  USA

June 23      Evan Summers, son of Ellen Summers, Seattle, WA USA

June 23      Darren Kirkland, son of Donna Stephens,
brother of Deborah Kirkland, Holly and Heather Stephens,
Douglas, TX  USA

June 23      Jason Phillip Howard, son of Bill and Marguerite Howard,
brother of Michelle and Amanda Howard,
Cypress, TX USA

June 24     Ryan Alward-Miler, son of Maureen Trulock,
Snellville, GA

June 24       Dylan Pascoe, son of Heather Doughty,
brother of Brett Klofenstine and Noah Doughty,
Raleigh, NC  USA

June 24   Ronia Leigh Dowdell, daughter of Linda and George Dowdell,
sister of Ronada Dowdell,
Hudson, KY  USA

June 25      Blake Day, son of Teresa and Randy Day, brother of Shannon Day,
Tifton, GA  USA

June 25   Gregory Lee Richardson, son of Sandra and Harry Richardson,
brother of Marcie Harrison,
Madill, OK  USA

June 25  Justin McCoy, son of Missy and Mark McCoy, brother of Ben McCoy,
Jasper, AL  USA

June 25   Mandy Baker, daughter of Leonard and Karen Baker,
sister of Leonard Baker, Chad Cyphert and Holly Rockburn,
Mercer, PA USA

June 25   AC Lawrence, son of Peggy Dellinger,
Columbia, MO  USA

June 25      Taylor Myers duCasse, son of Robbie Bowman,
brother of Brooke, Emily, Logan and Angel Christopher duCasse,
Snellville, GA USA

June 25      Christopher duCasse, son of Robbie Bowman,
brother of Brooke, Emily, Logan and Angel Taylor duCasse,
Snellville, GA  USA

June 26      Alexandra Landon, daughter of Chastity Streets and Alan E. Landon,
sister of MaKayla Butler Landon,
Private, IN  USA

June 26      Brian Coletti, son of Virginia and Donald Coletti,
brother of Neil, Bob and Suzanne Coletti,
Sunnyvale, CA  USA

June 26      Diego Ceballos-Kleckner, son of Kelly Kleckner and Francisco Ceballos,
brother of Carina Ceballos-Kleckner,
Council Bluffs, IA  USA

June 26      Michael Fronek, son of Brenda and Fred Bronek,
brother of Elisabeth Bronek,
Joliet, IL  USA

June 26     Steven Curtis, son of Janet and Don Curtis,
Tucker, GA  USA

June 26   Arron Bradley Kay, son of Nicola Melling and Brendan Kay, brother of Ryan Kay,
Manchester, UK

June 26   Michael Peterson, son of Suzette Massard,
brother of Rojean Pierce and Christopher Mays,
Redford, MI  USA

June 27      Sarah Vogel Gantt, daughter of Mary and Charles Vogel,
sister of Laural Vogel,
Omaha, NE  USA

June 27 Gavin Coleman Davis, son of Misti and Scott Davis,
brother of Zachary Scott Davis,
Ringgold, VA  USA

June 27  Laurel Marie Reamer, daughter of Angie and Larry Reamer,
sister of Danielle and Haley Reamer,
Spiceland, IN  USA

June 27    Allan Hobbs, son of Phyl Sowerby and Anthony Hobbs (deceased),
brother of Murray and Charlie Hobbs,
New Zealand

June 27   Cain Brown, son of Bonnie and Steve Brown, brother of Ben Brown,
Griffin, GA  USA

June 27      Thomas Bryan Hostetler, son of Joyce and Bryan Hostetler,
brother of Brandy, Cassandra and Elizabeth Hostetler,
Helena, MT  USA

June 28      Logan Diane Planty, daughter of Wendy and Peter Planty, 
sister of Connor Planty, 
Canyon Lake, TX USA

June 28       Katie Burkhart, daughter of Andrea and William Burkhart,
sister of Jennifer Cunningham and Sharon Wheeler,
Fort Wayne, IN  USA

June 28      Sydney Reagan Hess, son of Carey and David Hess,
brother of Dylan Austin and summer Rose Hess,
Hereford, AZ USA

June 28    James Parfitt, son of Barbara & Robert Parfitt,
Essex, England

June 28       Reuben-Xavier Alicea, son of Georgina Perez and Ruben Alicea,
brother of Gina and Marian Alicea,
San Juan, PR  USA

June 28   Barbara Jean Mixon, daughter of Mifi and Louis Mixon,
Lawrenceville, GA  USA

June 28      Shaun Michael Cowan, son of Vicki L. Cowan,
Rockhill Furnace, PA  USA

June 28      Benjamin Bangert, son of Pam and Bobby Sloan,
brother of Tiffany, Michael and Trey Sloan,
Oklahoma City, OK  USA

June 28      Davey Allison Dunavant, son of Anita Dunavant Harris and Darren Dunavant,
brother of Stephen Dunavant, Justin and Stormi Harris,
Lexington, KY  USA

June 29      Michael Gary Bournazian, son of Linda L. and Steve A. Bournazian, 
brother of Steven, Kevin, David, Lynn and Beth Bournazian, 
Bellingham, MA USA

June 29      Buffie Sammons, daughter of Sharon Pogash and Jeff Talbett,
sister of Ryan Nixon and Erica Pogash,
Thornville, OH  USA

June 29       Lauren Diane Mills, daughter of Tammy Allen-Schenke and Bruce Schenke,
sister of David and Nichole Mills,
Kennesaw, GA  USA

June 29       Kristi Ziegler, daughter of Suzanne and William Ziegler,
sister of William Evan and Janie Ziegler,
Marietta, GA  USA

June 29   Jacob Drollinger, son of John and Virginia Drollinger,
brother of John Matthew Drollinger,
Kennesaw, GA  USA

June 29   Joshua Powell, son of Mark Powell and Angle Wilkerson,
brother of Allen and Michelle Wilkerson, Tony, Sammy and Miriam Powell,
Danville, VA USA

June 29      Johnny Roy Corbitt, son of Wanda and Mark Corbitt,
brother of Missy Delp, Ashley, Harley, Danny and Cody Corbitt,
Lake Worth,  FL  USA

June 29      Javus Crane, son of Chris and Jackie Crane,
Salisbury, NC  USA

June 30      Justin Woodly, son of Ann and Donnell Woodly, 
brother of Richard and Deva Woodly,
Acworth, GA USA

June 30       Joey Perea, son of Sharion and Ray Perea,
brother of Ray, Ivan, Erica Perea, Robert and Maggie Vega, Heather Abernathy and melissa Mahan,
Fort Smith, AR  USA

June 30      Thomas Glenn, son of Felicia Dorsett,
brother of Elizabeth Wall, Lisa Dorsett, Michael and B.J. Glenn,
Madison, NC  USA

June 30    Nicholas Donley, son of Gary and Lisa Donley,
brother of Emily Donley,
Acworth, GA USA

June 30      Steven D. Brown, son of Ora and Darrell Brown

June 30      Roberta Jo Brookbank, daughter of Karen I. Brookbank,
Sun Prairie, WI  USA

June 30      Robert Andrew Schmeelk, son of Sally Inez Schmeelk,
Lawrenceville, GA USA

June 30      Melvin Shannon, son of Lillian Smith, brother of Juanita White,
Decatur, GA  USA

June 30      Ryan Evans, son of Pat Evans,
St. Simons Island, GA  USA



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