The Compassionate Friends
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Grief support after the death of a child.
The mission of The Compassionate Friends is to assist families toward the positive resolution of grief 
following the death of a child of any age and to provide information to help others be supportive.

The Compassionate Friends is a national nonprofit, self-help support organization that offers friendship, 
understanding, and hope to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings. 
There is no religious affiliation and there are no membership dues or fees.

The secret of TCF's success is simple: As seasoned grievers reach out to the newly bereaved, 
energy that has been directed inward begins to flow outward and both are helped to heal. 
The vision of The Compassionate Friends is that everyone who needs us will find us and everyone who finds us will be helped.

This web site is dedicated to those who have experienced the death of a child or sibling.

If you are in that situation, we want to help.

Updated February 7, 2016
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Atlanta Area Chapter Contacts 

General Atlanta Area Info
Jayne Newton

Atlanta ...Tucker Chapter

Maureen Beamer 770-698-9828
 (Cell)  404-386-1788

Joseph Hobbs  770-883-4027

Ghakarhi Btembke  678-591-0020

Atlanta ... Tucker Siblings Group

  Rachel Woodruff 404-216-4251

Denise Hoegler 770-868-7107
(Ages 12 and up)

Atlanta Chapter Siblings Website

Mailing Address for the Atlanta/Tucker  Chapter
Atlanta TCF
808 Brentway Court
Lilburn, GA  30047

Atlanta Area Chapters

Erica Beltz  404-539-4287

Johns Creek
Don Overton 770-598-5556 
Margy Nelson 770-639-5474

Lawrenceville (Gwinnett)
June Cooper 770-757-4927


Linda Eroh

Rod Cleveland


Freddie Saye 770-957-6610

Sandy Springs 
Mary Natelli  770-751-9186

Villa Rica, GA (West Georgia)
Crystal 404-803-6569

Rome GA 
Sandra Stinson 706-235-6108

Cedartown, GA
Beth and David 770-748-5234

Athens GA 
Johnnie Sue Moore 706-342-4218

Blairsville GA 
Kathy Malone   706 835 1303
Judy Quillen 

Jasper GA
Anne Morrow 706 - 692-5656

Other Bereaved Parent Support Groups
in the Atlanta Area

Conyers Support Group for 
Grieving Parents

Michelle Scott 

404-386-1788 (cell) 
770-483-3392 (home) 

Flowery Branch BP USA 

Bill Patterson 770-402-5294 

To find a chapter in your area:

Atlanta Area Chapters
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Atlanta (Tucker)
Gwinnett (Lawrenceville)
Johns Creek

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Other Georgia Chapters

Brunswick GA  912- 280-9854 

Byron GA 478-988-9361 

Columbus GA    706-570-2537 

Mount Vernon GA 912- 583-4678

Savannah GA    912-925-9549

Tifton GA    229-387-0634 
Teresa Day

Valdosta GA    229-455-6789

Georgia Regional Coordinator
Sandra Stinson

National TCF Office
Toll Free 1-877-969-0010 

Grief Resource Sites:

Online Bereavement Resources

Kate's Club - For Bereaved Children

Help for Bereaved Children

Web Sites - After Death Communications

Sites Created by Bereaved Parents

The Lost Child

Understanding and Coping with Terminal Illiness

Bereaved Parents of USA

Other Support Groups

Memorial Sites:

Wall of Memory

2007 Memory Tree

To view slide shows of the Memory Tree, 
click on links below

2008 Memory Tree

2008 Memory Book Slide Show

2008 Memory Tree Slide Show

High Resolution - 2008 Memory Tree/Book Slide Show

2007 Decorating the tree

 2007 Festival of Trees

Memory Book - 2008

2008 Walk to Remember

2009 Walk to Remember

Halloween Memories

Thanksgiving Memories


Valentine Memories and Poems


 The Compassionate Friends is a nonprofit, self-help support organization  for families 
who have experienced the death of a child of any age from any cause. There is no religious affiliation.

Our web site  provides suggested reading , online resources and  online newsletters  to help you in your grieving process. We offer weekly meetings where you can talk to other bereaved parents and siblings. We offer an online newsletter where you can receive messages, articles and poems.  Families are also able to share their feelings online.   ...Remember You Need Not Walk  Alone.


The Compassionate Friends is pleased to announce that Scottsdale, Arizona, will be the site of the 39th TCF National Conference on July 8-10, 2016. "Hope Rises on the Wings of Love" is the theme of next year's event, which promises more of this year's great national Conference experience. The 2016 Conference will be held at the The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. We'll keep you updated with details here, on the national website as well as on our TCF/USA Facebook Page and elsewhere as they become available. Plan to come and be a part of this heartwarming experience. 

National Conference 2016 Website

The Compassionate Friends of Atlanta Facebook Group

The Compassionate Friends of Atlanta now has a Facebook Group.  We invite you to join. 

For more information, Click the following link

We also have a Sibling Facebook Group Ages 13 and up.... 

The Compassionate Friends of Atlanta Siblings Group

You will need to log into Facebook to join the group.  You will also need a Facebook account (they are free). 

Our hope is that you will be able to connect to someone to help you in your grief journey. 

Remember "We Need Not Walk Alone".

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Resources for the Newly Bereaved
(Please feel free to print and distribute to those in need)

TCF Atlanta Area Information Brochure

Newsletter for the Newly Bereaved
(With information about our local chapters)

Special Newsletter for Suicide by Kitty Reeves

Suicide Newsletter


Wall of Memory
Please Visit Our Wall of Memory

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Picture Buttons and Key Chains
Safe Passage : 
Words to Help the Grieving Hold Fast and Let Go 
by Molly Fumia

Words of comfort for those who have suffered a loss move the reader through the raw emotions of grief--denial, anger, confusion, guilt, and loneliness--to 
 acceptance and transformation. 


Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God's Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You

All of us long to know what life after death will be like. Bestselling author John Burke is no exception. In Imagine Heaven, Burke compares over 100 gripping stories of near-death experiences (NDEs) to what Scripture says about our biggest questions of Heaven: Will I be myself? Will I see friends and loved ones? What will Heaven look like? What is God like? What will we do forever? What about children and pets?

For decades, Burke has been studying accounts of survivors brought back from near death who lived to tell of both heavenly and hellish experiences. While not every detail of individual NDEs correlate with Scripture, Burke shows how the common experiences shared by thousands of survivors--including doctors, college professors, bank presidents, people of all ages and cultures, and even blind people--point to the exhilarating picture of Heaven promised in the Bible.

This thrilling journey into the afterlife will make you feel like you've been there. It will forever change the way you view the life to come and the way you live your life today. You'll discover Heaven is even more amazing than you've ever imagined.

Getting Out of Bed in the Morning: Reflections of Comfort in Heartache by Alice Wisler

In 1997 ALICE J. WISLER'S four-year-old son, Daniel, died after eight months of vigorous cancer treatments. In his memory, Alice founded Daniel's House Publications, a grief organization, to help other parents cope with death. Through this organization, she created Writing the Heartache Workshops geared to help others discover the benefits of writing from losses. She travels the country speaking and teaching at grief conferences and seminars. She lives in Durham, North Carolina, with her husband and children. 

Getting Out of Bed in the Morning motivates readers who are facing grief and loss to get out of bed and face a life which, although diminished by unfathomable sadness, still holds purpose and beauty. 
Written in devotional format, Getting Out of Bed in the Morning is a companion for those going through sorrow associated with loss--whether brought to the journey through the death of a loved one, failing health, job loss, broken relationships, or weakened family ties. Losses are real and raw; they often make people want to give up, quit trying. Yet, as readers discover how their circumstances can be used to lift hands to God, and in time reach others, they will see how God can use them to be people of encouragement and find beauty once again in a life worth living. 

These forty devotionals address the painful hardships realistically, as well as the doubt, worry, and fear that come with them. The pages are packed with tips on how readers should take care of themselves and draw near to God so that healing is possible. Each devotional includes reflection, prayer, and suggestions for those who want to integrate walks into their daily routine.

Book Review

"Two Sons Twice Born by Hilda Moore"

Healing After Loss : Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief  by Martha Whitmore Hickman 

 For those recovering from the death of a loved one, here is a collection of daily affirmations and meditations to ease the grieving process 
and pave the way for healing to begin.

My Beautiful Broken Shell 
by Carol Hamblet Adams 
The Tincture of Time
Restoration After The Death of a Child

by Marie Levine

Book Reviews  by TCF Members

The Compassionate Friends of Atlanta web site has provided online links from this page to to enable you to use their extensive search engine to locate books. If you go to through any of our links or book recommendations, we will receive a small commission from any purchase you make which will go to support our organization.

We are also developing "recommended reading sections" which will feature books that others have found helpful. Please visit these sections often to see our new recommendations and links. Click on the book title or cover to link to additional information.


The Story of How Compassionate Friends Began

Our Credo...

We need not walk alone. We are The Compassionate Friends. 

We reach out to each other with love, with understanding and with hope. 
Our children have died at all ages and from many different causes, 
but our love for our children unites us. 
Your pain becomes my pain just as your hope becomes my hope. 
We come together from all walks of life, from many different circumstances. 
We are a unique family because we represent many races and creeds. 
We are young, and we are old. 
Some of us are far along in our grief, but others still feel a grief so fresh 
and so intensely painful that we feel helpless and see no hope. 
Some of us have found our faith to be a source of strength; 
some of us are struggling to find answers. 
Some of us are angry, filled with guilt or in deep depression; 
others radiate an inner peace. 
But whatever pain we bring to this gathering of The Compassionate Friends, 
it is pain we will share just as we share with each other our love for our children. 
 We are all seeking and struggling to build a future for ourselves, 
but we are committed to building that future together 
as we reach out to each other in love and 
share the pain as well as the joy, share the anger as well as the peace, 
share the faith as well as the doubts and help each other to grieve as well as to grow. 

We need not walk alone. We Are The Compassionate Friends 


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