Book Reviews and Recommendations
 by TCF Members

"Beyond Tears - Living after Losing a Child"

Written by Carol Barkin, Audrey Cohen, Lorenza Colletti, Barbara Eisenberg, Barbara J. Goldstein, Madelaine Perri Kasden, Phyllis Levine, Ariella Long and Rita Volpe, in collaboration with Ellen Mitchell

Don't Let Death Ruin Your Life
by Jill Brooke
(Reviewed by Meg Avery)

First You Die: Learn to Live After the Death of Your Child
by Marie Levine

Getting Beyond Tragedy
by James Phillips Noble

Good Grief: Healing Through the Shadow of Loss
by Deborah Morris Coryell
(Reviewed by Meg Avery)

Grave Words: Notifying Survivors about Sudden, Unexpected Deaths
by Kenneth V. Iserson M.D.
(For Professionals)

Grief Stalks the 6 O'clock News
by Barbara Olive
(Reviewed by Sally Hickey)

Help Your Marriage Survive the Death of a Child
by Paul C. Rosenblatt, Ph. D.

Letters to My Son: A Journey Through Grief
by Mitch Carmody

Remembering: The Death of A Child
by Robert R. Thompson, M.D.
(Reviewed by Loya Coffin)

Sacred Wound : Healing from the Death of a Child
by Lois Gold

The Bereaved Parent
by Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
(Reviewed by Anita Becker)

Touching the Edge:
A Mother's Spiritual Path from Loss to Life
by Margaret Wurtele (Author)

When There Are No Words
by Charlie Walton

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