The Compassionate Friends of Atlanta
8th Annual Memory Tree 

"A Time to Remember"

Our 8th Annual Memory Tree "In Memory of our Children and Siblings" for the 1st Annual Cobb’s Holiday of Trees is underway.  Our tree will be displayed at the Cobb County Civic Center, Marietta, Georgia from December 6-7, 2008. 
The tree will be decorated on Thursday, December 4th and ready for public display during a 2-day festival beginning on Saturday, December 6th.  There will be a silent auction for all trees and wreaths on display.
The theme for the Memory Tree  is “A Time to Remember”.    The tree will be decorated in greens, browns, creams, cranberry and copper.  The ornaments will represent “clocks”. 
Our children and sibling’s photos and names will be inscribed in a book next to the tree. 

(In the early planning stages, we thought about putting the children's photos on clock ornaments but decided against it. 
The photos would have been so small (1" ) that we decided they would be better displayed in a Memory Book next to the tree. 
.  We never mail anyone ornaments....they are always sold with the trees each year)

A sign will be displayed by our tree :
“A Time to Remember”
The Compassionate Friends
“In Memory of Our Children and Siblings”

We are also trying something different this year.  I have set up a group on Facebook specifically for our 2008 Memory Tree Participants.  I am hoping all our families will join and share their children and their stories.As participants join our 2008 Memory Tree, I will send you an invitation to join our Facebook group “2008 Memory Tree”.  This way we only allow our members online.  You will need a “Facebook” account but they are super easy to do.

Thank you again for your support.

Jayne Newton, Mickey Crawford and Denisia Boyd


Dear Group,

Wayne created 5 different slide shows of this year's memory tree. 
There are several ways to view them. 

(If you view the slideshows in Explorer rather than Google you will hear music)

1.  Go to the following website to view the Memory Book

2.  Go to the following website to view the Memory Tree

3.  Or You can view them online with high resolution (Wayne likes this one best).

Go to the following file and select "run"

When the menu comes up you can select from 5 slide shows. You will need to "type" the number of the show you want to watch by using your keyboard....such as number "1"

This file is 30 mb so if you have high speed internet it will take a minute to download...

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thank you to everyone participated in this year's project.

God Bless and have a gentle holiday.

Jayne Newton, Wayne Newton, Mickey Crawford and Denisia Boyd

PS...I have also uploaded the individual pages of the Memory Book to

If you want to order prints for yourself log onto snapfish


Password  loved

Updated November 19, 2008

Online Photos of our Children

A Time to Remember ..... Our Precious Child and Siblings

Kenneth "Shane" Allen
10/25/77 - 5/30/04
Oxford, GA

Jon Michael Altier
11/25/68 - 5/4/02
Williamsburg, VA

Steven Amato
12/20/73 - 8/7/93
Wantagh, NY

Aaron Andrejco
4/9/81 - 3/12/06
Roswell, GA

Samantha "Lynn" Armstrong
2/19/82 - 1/26/04
Temple, GA

James R. Avery III
7/15/83 - 9/22/97
Sugar Hill, GA

Thomas Ward Baron
8/26/81 - 7/13/07
Alpharetta, GA

Nathan Cozby Barrett
1/4/84 - 2/25/01
Young Harris, GA

Ronnie Batchelor Jr.
10/30/77 - 8/14/80
Snellville, GA

Nikki Bedingfield
4/22/88 - 6/4/08
Smyrna, GA

Adam Belcher
12/01/98 - 10/13/01
Marietta, GA

Jennifer Lynne Bleisch
9/18/82 - 01/19/05
Cumming, GA

Marjorie Mae Bowen
4/13/66 - 8/19/01
Shortsville, NY

Christopher Boyd 
1/29/74 - 7/23/96 
Winder, GA 

Kevin L. Brady
8/24/65 - 11/18/93
Lawrenceville, GA

Frankie Brohm
11/03/81 - 8/29/04
Marietta, GA

Kara Leigh Broughton 
5/30/75 - 5/8/95 
Sun City, AZ

Cain Brown
11/01/81 - 6/27/01
Griffin, GA

Lori K Brown
09/13/82 - 11/03/03
Powder Springs, GA

Dr. Thomas Brown IV
4/8/61 - 7/27/99
Stone Mountain, GA

Jessica Lyn Bryl
1/19/77 - 4/3/00
Hilton Head, SC

David William Burns
9/11/72 - 7/02/04
Crawfordville, FL

Cory Alexander Bute
4/2/82 - 6/20/03
Suwanee, GA

Chad Campbell
2/20/69 - 8/19/08
Acworth, GA

Rachel Anna Campbell
2/13/86 - 11/14/04
New Castle, PA

Joey Capron
5/26/63 - 3/17/84
Atlanta, GA

Connor Glenn Caracappa
8/22/92 - 3/24/03
Atlanta, GA

Donald Wesley Carithers
 6/10/78 -8/8/98
Ellenwood, GA

Anna Elizabeth Chambers
8/29/88 - 7/9/00
Marietta, GA

Jason Daniel Cirafisi
12/3/79 - 7/13/03
Collegeville, PA

Aaron Jamal Cleveland
2/22/93 - 8/07/08
Marietta, GA

John Coggins III
3/8/88 - 10/24/05
Roswell, GA 

Michael Columbus, Jr.
2/14/67 - 11/28/85
Eugene, OR

Lauren Careen Cooper
6/18/84 - 8/19/06
Woodstock, GA

Alex Costley
6/02/95 - 8/27/06
Kite, GA

Robin Ann Craney
3/29/84 - 6/8/01
Aurora, CO

Joshua Jennings Crawford
2/15/05 - 12/27/07
Kennesaw, GA

Quinntin Albert James Crosswell
11/10/03 - 9/22/04
Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand

Matthew (Matt) Thomas Crowell
7/27/82 - 5/24/99
Lilburn, GA

Robbert "Robbie" Page Culbertson, Jr.
12/27/06 - 01/07/08
Marietta, GA

Scott Robert Cummins
7/26/71 - 1/31/97
Douglasville, GA

Clarissa Cunningham
12/8/76 - 8/20/02
Tucker, GA

Jason Curnutt
11/26/74 - 4/11/99
San Antonio, TX

Jessica Erin Davidson
10/23/95 - 3/13/04
Temple, GA

Marci Bee Dayton
3/5/91 - 5/08/05
Hurlock, MD

Timmy de St. Aubin
3/4/93 - 7/3/93
Marietta, GA

Garrett Jonah DeMarce
9/07/07 - 9/19/07
Smyrna, GA

Brian Patrick Devine
6/26/82 - 8/21/05
Lawrenceville, GA

AJ DeVol
4/25/86 - 1/28/02
Jenison, MI

Nicholas "Nicky" Docu
6/25/93 - 10/21/03
Bronx, NY

Jessica Dodge
9/25/87 - 1/14/04
Lilburn, GA

Joseph Edward Doyle
12/28/76 - 6/6/03
Dunwoody, GA

Jacob Drollinger
12/28/80 - 6/29/02
Kennesaw, GA

Preston Drummond
8/4/03 - 5/23/05
Temple, GA

Geoffrey P. Edwards
5/6/84 - 5/22/02
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Christopher Faller
5/7/90 - 3/24/98
Pittsburg, PA

Beth Ferriter
12/9/90 - 9/30/97
Penfield, NY

Jennifer Jean "JJ" Florence
4/10/83 - 10/3/07
Douglasville, GA

Randall Scott Forrester
12/8/63 - 12/13/07
Canton, GA

Anke Marjon Furber
4/15/84 - 9/25/05
Marietta, GA

Toby Michael Gizzonio
12/9/73 - 8/22/99
Greensboro, NC

Chad Gordon
5/21/72 - 9/3/96
Lilburn, GA

Shawn Marie Gordon
5/25/69 - 4/04/03
Lakewood, CO

Michelle Marie Greever
8/24/84 - 11/5/93
Colbert, WA

Jennifer Gryzinski
4/7/85 - 8/21/03
Lilburn, GA

David Haizlip
9/21/75 - 3/26/00
Griffin, GA

Thomas Wesley Hardin
11/21/78 - 9/26/05
Acworth, GA

Shari Norton Harlen
7/6/64 - 7/6/05
Flora, IL

William Q. "Billy"  Hawley 
3/15/83 - 9/27/04 
Norcross, GA 

Machera Renee Henderson
3/24/81 - 9/2/00
Alto, GA

Micki Henderson
4/25/71 - 12/23/00
Tyrone, GA

Cloey Herring
11/3/69 - 6/4/07
Marietta, GA

Kay Cee Herring
7/07/76 - 12/01/99
Buford, GA

Brian Hoefler
9/8/84 - 5/8/06
Acworth, GA

David Hoegler
12/18/80 - 12/16/03
Anderson, SC

Drew Holder
3/11/68 - 2/01/99
Powder Springs, GA

Martin Oldrich Holubar
1/31/86 - 7/21/05
Canton, GA

Josh Hughes
4/30/82 - 11/07/03
Sykesville, MD

Ashley Lauren Hull
3/30/84 - 10/27/02
Lawrenceville, GA

Carissa Hunsaker
10/19/94 - 10/20/95
Bryant, AR

Brent Edward Jacobs
8/4/87 - 10/24/08
Douglasville, GA

Kanda Michelle Jacobs 
5/24/73 - 4/13/04
Flora, IL 

Mathew Jameson
8/19/88 - 3/25/05
Ontario, Canada

Trent William Johnson
1/30/01 – 8/5/02
Alpharetta, GA

Luke Edward Jordan
8/11/99 - 1/04/05
Powder Springs, GA

Justin Leon Kavaryants
1/14/04 - 8/7/06
Douglasville, GA

David Patrick Keel
5/16/03 - 6/03/03
Johns Creek, GA

Brooke Leah Knapp
1/10/05 - 11/9/06
Villa Rica, GA

Matthew Kusila
8/25/89 - 9/11/90
Wantagh, NY

Janet Ford Lambert
8/14/55 - 11/27/96
Irving, TX

Daniel Langley
8/3/79 - 3/21/02
Bear, DE

Karla Leija
6/26/84 - 9/20/05
San Antonio, TX

Kellie Louise Larivee
3/10/86 - 1/08/00
East Hartford, CT

Cathleen Lavelle
11/7/69 - 9/2/07
Marietta, GA

Joey Lee Long
11/29/83 - 4/8/01
Havana, IL

Felipe Mansur Machado
6/5/85 - 8/18/06
Atlanta, GA

Jason Maham
4/28/75 - 8/17/04
Sugar Hill, GA

Chris Mainhart
3/30/79 - 8/24/03
Sarver, PA

Robert Malkin
11/5/76 - 5/4/98
Clermont, FL

Mandi Lynn Mast
6/29/80 - 8/15/00
Newborn, GA

Kathy J. Maynard
1/13/73 - 6/1/99
Gifford, PA

Jason McCoy
12/21/73 - 1/31/02
Mooresville, NC

Autumn "Nikki" Mendoza
10/31/84 - 8/4/03
Batesville, AR

Lisa Mewbourne
9/23/65 - 4/23/91
Atlanta, GA

Kimberly Ann Moore
12/07/78 - 11/14/97
Lubbock, TX

Ted G. Moore
7/3/48 - 5/2/08
Tuckasegee, NC

Norma Ann Mucha
4/11/63 - 12/25/06
Covington, GA

Samantha Mucha
3/17/90 - 12/25/06
Lawrenceville, GA

Megan Murphy
8/28/79 - 4/27/01
Murfreesboro, TN

Jill Michiko Nakawatase
9/29/79 - 3/8/04
Lodi, CA

Valerie Longo-Nevel
4/02/71 - 1/11/05
Port St. Lucie, FL

Paula Joanne Normore
9/10/86 - 1/19/01
L'Anse Au Loup NL Canada

Christi Michelle Nowak
2/5/85 - 10/5/05
Woodstock, GA

Clayton Olvey
11/30/70 - 1/12/98
Cumming, GA

Ricky Otter 
7/15/84 - 11/14/03
Woodville, ON Canada 

Vicki Oxford
6/17/71 - 10/25/03
Marietta, GA

Brian Parker
4/12/73 - 3/22/01
Forest City, PA

Timothy Parker
4/5/75 - 3/22/01
Forest City, PA 

Trena Joe Patterson
1/24/56 - 12/01/98
Douglasville, GA

Jefferey Armstrong Patterson
6/28/80 - 4/26/01
Marietta, GA

Ariana Payne
10/18/02 - 2/18/06
Eatontown, NJ

Tyler Payne
11/15/01 - 2006
Eatontown, NJ

Christopher Pereida
8/31/80 - 8/31/00
Lubbock, TX

Maggie Perkins
3/31/64 - 1/23/97
Doraville, GA

Charles Pilgreen
1/28/61 - 3/19/94
Birmingham, AL

Derrick Plankenhorn
11/7/84 - 2/19/03
Brooklet, GA

Alex "Brett" Powell
1/14/83 - 7/28/06
Douglasville, GA

Jeffrey Lee Powell
8/06/84 - 4/27/02
Douglasville, GA

Joshua E. Ramsey
3/2/78 - 7/26/07
Winder, GA

Dylan Kane Rhodes
7/26/05 - 9/15/05
Hampton, GA

Wesley Roberts
10/23/84 - 3/24/02
Pendergrass, GA

Ryan Douglas Romanoski
11/1/71 - 4/5/03
Anaheim Hills, CA

Cheryl Joy Rojek
2/24/80 - 7/27/05
Roswell, GA

Stephen L. Roux
8/11/70 - 9/12/95
Apalachicola, FL

Ashley Sabbatino
5/24/90 - 7/20/07
Acworth, GA

Charisma T. I. Sanders
4/07/86 - 4/29/06
Tucker, GA

Sarah Elizabeth Schildroth
9/24/03 - 11/28/03
Douglasville, GA

Brian C. Schuster
5/07/78 - 2/14/98
Jefferson, GA

Matthew Donald Seavers
1/1/99 - 6/13/08
Alpharetta, GA

Clayton Barrett Shadinger
2/8/79 - 1/2/97
Lilburn, GA

Allen Palmer Shugart
3/04/02 - 7/23/05
Suwanee, GA

Christopher Lee Simpson
8/22/78 - 5/9/95
Norcross, GA

Marina "Lelu" Slama
9/30/98 - 8/04/02
Powder Springs, GA

Tony Ray Smiley
5/17/86 - 6/12/02
Grant Park, IL

J. Daniel Smith
11/06/81 - 8/26/91
Tucker, GA

Tammy Renee Smith
3/29/81 - 1/30/03
Belmont, NY

Shawna Stevens
2/6/82 - 11/8/99
Petal, MS

Steven Smith
10/13/81 - 6/01/04
Douglasville, GA

Nathanael Tate
2/24/04 - 6/02/06
Lawrenceville, GA

Christopher Neil Thomas
9/12/89 - 11/19/05
Okolona, MS

Amber Leigh Thompson
5/16/81 - 12/14/01
Douglasville, GA

Melanie Brooke Thompson
5/11/79 - 2/15/99
Tuckasegee, NC

Evan Throckmorton
2/7/83 - 4/21/04
Douglasville, GA

Michelle Stanton Turner
7/25/03 - 12/19/05
San Antonio, TX

Amy Uhland
10/10/74 - 8/25/97
Lawrenceville, GA

Corey G. Vaughan
7/3/80 - 2/26/02
Jacksonville, AR

Joshua D. Waggoner
5/25/90 - 3/26/08
Hoschton, GA

Clinton Ron Walker
1/31/91 - 02/07/08
Stockbridge, GA

Adam Walden Ward
7/3/72 - 4/4/02
Conyers, GA

Amanda Warnock
11/13/87 - 5/6/01
Winder, GA

Matthew Weeks
6/4/99 - 7/7/01
Tunnel Hill, GA

Teresa Wesley
4/25/68 - 10/02/93
Economy, IN

Kristina "Nina" Westmoreland
9/24/79 - 5/11/95
Cottage Grove, MN

Aaron Geddings Williams
8/3/98 - 12/16/00
Summerville, SC

Philip Brett Williams
8/23/84 - 11/30/97
Rome, GA

Jason Wilshe
5/6/91 - 1/25/03
San Diego, CA

Randy Wright
7/9/65 - 7/31/78
Clarkdale, GA

"Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love,
time is eternity."

Henry Van Dyke

 Happy glowing faces, upon this Christmas Tree
  Each marked in time, for our eternity.
  Time moves on but can not erase
  The love we have for each Child's face.

Written by Sheila Simmons
In Memory of her son Steven Simmons
3/24/70 - 10/19/99

Never take someone for granted.
Hold every person close to your heart
because you might wake up one day
and realize that you've lost a diamond
while you were too busy collecting stones....

~shared by Linda Allen
In Memory of her son Kenneth "Shane Allen
10/25/77 - 5/30/04


A time to remember will always be there,

In our minds and our hearts our children’s memories are clear.

Our worlds stopped when our children died.

Time stood still! We were in shock, we denied, we cried.

How could we continue on through this grief and this pain?

This had to be some horrible trick or game!

We have tried to live on, then we are told to forget!

But how can we? We are not through grieving yet.

“Time heals all wounds,” we have heard it said,

But our hearts are bleeding --- our children are dead! 

A time is set aside in our nation to remember

Great heroes and events.

Sometimes we remember in honor and celebration -

Sometimes, in reverence and lament.

Likewise, a time to remember our children will always be there,

In our minds and our hearts our children’s memories are near!

By Faye McCord, in loving memory of my son, Lane McCord (1/26/65-9/13/98)



I thought that time was healing
All the hurt you left behind
That empty spaces could be filled
My arms, my heart, my mind

And though my body looks the same
As it did when you were here
The emptiness grows inside me
More with each passing year

I thought that time was healing
All the heartbreak and the pain
That as the tears were fading
Soon I wouldn’t feel the same

And though I can be smiling
And you think that I’ll survive
The pain is in my blood now
I have nowhere else to hide

I thought that time was healing
All the loss a mother feels
That now you live within my heart
I had you near me still

But I need so much to touch you
To hold you close once more
And those memories I’m told are mine
Can never be as before

I thought that time was healing
All the while the mask was being worn
That underneath a new me 
Was waiting to be born

But now I find I am the mask
It helps to keep me safe
And though my heart is breaking
You won’t see it on my face

I thought that time was healing
All those tears my eyes have seen
That aching arms that miss you
Could be satisfied with dreams

But here I am, in pain again
And healing stands alone
And a mother weeps, the world can see
For a child who can't come home

In Memory of AJ DeVol
4/25/86 - 1/28/02
submitted by his mother, Connie DeVol

A Time to Remember

Tick tock, tick tock,
The hands keep turning on the clock.
It's been six years,
And we've shed many tears,
Since she left.

Some times were good,
Some times were bad,
Some times were sad,
While she was here.

But now that she's gone,
Out of respect for her,
We want to remember
The good times mostly,
While acknowledging that most lives,
Have some down turns.

It seems so long,
Since she's been gone,
But remembering her,
Will take much longer......,
The rest of our lives!

Written by David Haddock
In memory of Bonnie Catherine Haddock (02/06/1985-08/13/2002)


“A Time to Remember”

A time to remember we do it everyday
A time to remember since you went away

A time to remember five years have gone by
A time to remember we still are asking why

A time to remember you were only 18 years old
A time to remember so much life left untold

A time to remember our middle son and brother
A time to remember you above all others

A time to remember we miss you so very much
A time to remember all lives you have touched

A time to remember you’re one of heaven’s shinning stars
A time to remember as we look at you from afar

A time to remember all our love to you we send
A time to remember till the day we see you again

Derrick Floyd Plankenhorn
11/7/84 – 2/19/03

To you Derrick from mama….
Billie Plankenhorn



It's that TIME again, 
to remember when. 

The year 1973 and freezing cold 
when you were only 7 months old. 

It's that TIME again, 
to remember when. 

Your favorite Christmas, 9 years old, 
brand new bikes, if only I had known. 

It's that TIME again, 
to remember when. 

Christmas now 35 years later, 
and my pain sometimes is greater. 

It's that TIME again, 
to remember when. 

This, the fifth December since you left, 
and somehow, we still do our best. 

It's that TIME again,
to remember when.

Our fun loving shopping trips, 
never a Christmas, did we skip. 

It's that TIME again, 
to remember when. 

How terribly sad I am without you, 
not only at Christmas, the whole year through. 

It's that TIME again, 
to remember when. 

My family so very wonderfully complete, 
last Christmas of 2003, never to repeat. 

It's that TIME again, 
to remember when. 

The True Reason For The Season!!! 


""Christmas 2008"" 

In Memory of my daughter, 
Kanda Michelle Jacobs 
5/24/73 - 4/13/04 

written by Mom, Dianna Jacobs, Flora, IL

2007 Memory Tree

2007 Memory Book

Decorating the tree - 2007

 2007 Festival of Trees

Permission granted to The Compassionate Friends of Atlanta to use Tineke's graphics.