The Atlanta Chapter Walks - 2017
In Memory of our Children and Siblings

 The Atlanta Chapter
18th Annual Walk to Remember at the National Conference in Orlando, FL
July 30, 2017

We are doing something different this year.  After 10 years of carrying the banner, our group decided to have t-shirts printed with all the
childrens/siblings names.  The t-shirts will be worn at the walk in Orlando by our local chapter members who attend. 
You can include your child/sibling's name on the t-shirt and purchase your own t-shirt for $30.00. 

If you want to have your child/sibling listed on the t-shirt, 
 you can download one of the following forms: 

Atlanta Walks 2017 (doc.file)

Atlanta Walks 2017 (pdf.file)

Or to register online go to the following website 

Atlanta Walks 2017 Online Registration

Your participation in this program will help raise funds for the support of our local Atlanta bereaved families. 

(Deadline June 26th)

"Our Children and Siblings Remembered" - Orlando, FL

2017  Annual "Walk to Remember"

Walking to Remember.......

Desha Beamer

Kathleen Beamer

Derek Brown

DeVonne Tore' Bryant

Michael Btembke

Jazmin Burgess

Chelsea Coleman

Jessica Dodge

Christopher Faller

Micki Henderson

David Hoegler

Brittany Hopkins

Ian Lewis Horton

Solomon Rashad Jackson

Benjamin Lara

Christopher Lynch

Jason Maham

Michael W. Mann

Aubrey Corinne Morgan

Ryan Morton

Clayton Olvey

Charles Pilgreen

Edward C. Tatum II

Imani Thompson Twine

Aaron Renaldo Wilkins


15th Walk to Remember, Chicago, IL 2014

Shirts worn by Trish Maham....In Memory of her son,  Jason Maham
Candace and Clint Walker ....In Memory of their son, Clinton Ron Walker
Norma Johnson....In Memory of her grandson, Clinton Ron Walker

Boston, MA  July 7th - 2013

Banner Carried by Trish Maham and Joy Hagens

Walk to Remember 2012 - Costa Mesa, CA  - July 22, 2012

Banner Carried by 

Joy Hagens, Trish Maham, Karen Wilshe and Ken Wilshe (taking the photo)

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota - 2011 Walk to Remember

Banner Carried by

Trish Maham - In Memory of Jason Maham
Maureen Beamer - In Memory of Desha and Kathleen Beamer
Candace Walker - In Memory of Clinton Ron Walker

Walk to Remember "Atlanta Walks" banner

We want our Children and Siblings to be "remembered"  in Costa Mesa, California  this summer.

Arlington, VA  2010 Walk to Remember Banner Carried by

David and Kristy Turner - In Memory of Michelle Stanton Turner 
Candace Walker - In Memory of Clinton Ron Walker 
Kelly Jameson - In Memory of Mathew Jameson 

Ingrid Otter - In Memory of Ricky Otter

Portland, OR  2009 - Walk to Remember.... banner being carried by 
Ghakarhi Btembke....In Memory of his son Michael Btembke 
Ingrid Otter....In Memory of her son Ricky Otter 
Kelly Jameson...In Memory of her son Mathew Jameson 



Nashville, TN - 2008 Walk to Remember 

from left to right 
Mary Wellman ..... In Memory of Charlie Wellman
Dan and Tamie Dodge....In Memory of Jessica Dodge 
Ingrid Otter....In Memory of Ricky Otter 
Trish Maham.....In Memory of Jason Maham 
Mitch and Barb Carmody.....In Memory of Kelly Carmody 
Katie and Cindy Durham.....In Memory of Tony Durham 

To view the video from the 2008 Walk to Remember


Oklahoma City - 2007 Walk to Remember 

Joseph Hobbs ..... In Memory of Christopher Hobbs 
and Trish Maham.....In Memory of Jason Maham


Dearborn, MI - 2006 Walk to Remember 

Connie DeVol...In Memory of Allen "A.J." Marshall  DeVol 
and Betty Bryl...In Memory of Jessica Bryl

Hollywood, CA - 2004 Walk to Remember

Susan Carithers and Brooke Carithers... In Memory of Wesley Carithers
 Jayne Newton.... In Memory of Chad Gordon
and Mitch Carmody.... In Memory of Kelly James Carmody

Atlanta, GA  2003 Walk to Remember

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this a reality.

Our Children Will Not Be Forgotten.........

Those Who Walk

by Karen L. Brookbank

To those who walk for us
And carry the banner of names
Taking our loved ones to Hollywood
For their few moments of fame
To those who walk for us
God bless you for your strength
Carry our loved ones gently
We're with you for the length 

To those who walk for us
Our hearts say many a thank you
For the journey that you take
It is a very special thing you do

To those who walk for us
God bless and keep you safe
As each angel watches over you
Thank you for keeping the faith 

© Karen L. Brookbank
July 23, 2004 

If you have questions, e-mail Maureen Beamer

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