In Loving Memory of

Chad Gordon

5-21-72 - 9-3-96

Chad and his dog Pete - 1993

Chad was always studying - and well - Pete always wanted to play ball or just fun in the sun.

To Chad from Lisa - I love you very much:

Chad loved life - he loved his dog Pete - he loved the Atlanta Braves - he loved to bass fish - he loved his friends and family. I am very proud of my big brother. We spent two years living together when we were both in college at Auburn University. Chad graduated June 1995 in Chemical Engineering - married Mandy in April 1996 - and died suddenly and unexpectantly from heart failure September 3, 1996. He was 24 when he died. The poem he gave me Christmas 1995 was one of the ways he tried to be a good role model for me - when he wasn't telling me what to do or teasing me. He was the greatest brother and I miss him terribly. Love Ya, Lisa

Special Memories

Chad and Lisa - 1975

Chad started playing soccer when he was 4

Chad and Lisa 1977

Chad at soccer tournament - 1979

A Dallas Cowboy Fan - 1980

Texas Size Catfish - 1981

Chad's Papa caught this 63 lb. yellow cat at Lake Stamford, Texas on a trotline

and Chad was with him.


~ Fisherman's Prayer ~

God grant that I may live to fish
Until my dying day
And when my final cast is made
I then most humbly pray
When in the Lord's safe landing net
I'm peacefully asleep
That in his mercy I be judged
As good enough to keep!

...Carol E. Fugate


Chad spent many summers fishing with his best friend, Pete Knight, at a small lake near Abilene Texas
where his grandparents lived. 1987

His prize Large Mouth Bass caught while tubing - 7 lbs. 8 oz. - 1987

Is this a Moose? 1986

Chad graduated with Honors from Parkview High School in June 1990.

Chad and Pete - 1992

Chad loved the Atlanta Braves and was one of the few people that went to the games before they started winning.

He loved baseball and played baseball from the time he was 6 years old. He was a great pitcher.

Second year of College at Auburn

Chad taught himself to play the guitar during his college days. Pete enjoyed listening.

Summer of 1993 - Chad did a summer internship at Bell Labs in Murray Hill , NJ.

He visited New York City. We were very proud of him.

Chad and Lisa at their step-brother's wedding in 1993.

Chad loved his dog Pete.

Pete needed a bath. 1994

Chad and Mandy - 1995

Graduation - June 1995

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Auburn Unversity

Chad and Mandy's Wedding - April 1996

They went to St. Lucia on their honeymoon.

Chad and Lisa - April 1996

Mandy and Lisa - at the Wedding. Everything was so wonderful. They truly loved each other very much.

Mom, Chad & Lisa

This was a Very Special Day April 27, 1996. Chad & Mandy's Wedding. It is still so hard to believe that a little more than four months and Chad would be gone ...and all our lives scattered...never to return to the way we were.

Chad still fishing - June 1996

Adam Driver - Chad's best friend. He was new at fishing. June 1996.

September 3, 1996 - all of our lives were shattered forever.

Pete does not understand ?

Mandy and Pete a year later. Mandy moved to Dothan, Alabama where she is close to her family.

Lisa and Kasey. This picture was made the morning Chad died. We had gone to get the picture made when the hospital from Scotsboro, Alabama called. We had no idea what was ahead of us that day. Never take anything for granted. The last words Chad and I said to one another were "I Love You".

Chad, Lisa & Kasey

This scrimshaw was a gift - Christmas 98

I love you Chad with all my Heart. Love Mom

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Look Both Ways

When I was just a small child,
I heard my Momma say,
before you cross the street, my love,
be sure You look both ways.

Well, I treasured those words she said.
I buried them deep within my soul.
I thought about the dangers in life.
Momma's words made me whole.

When I was about to encounter fear,
Momma's words came to mind.
I knew if I heeded Momma's advice,
No dangerous perils would I find.

When I had children of my own,
I warned them of the dangers too.
I told them to always look both ways,
So no harm would come to you.

Oh Momma, I carried your words with me.
I taught them to be strong.
I warned them to look both ways.
So where did I go wrong?

My child was taken from me, Momma.
Oh can't you see my pain today?
When I brought this child into this world,
did I fail to LOOK BOTH WAYS?

I don't understand how it all happened.
He had so much love to share.
He wasn't one to face danger head on.
He wasn't one to take a dare.

Yet, he was taken from me.
Leaving me with an everlasting scar.
Now, my son forever looks both ways...
While he protects us from afar!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2000
Dedicated to Jayne
In memory of her son, Chad.

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