In Memory of Chad Gordon
5/21/72 - 9/3/96

Memories of Chad and his loyal dog Pete

"Who's Fishing" by Kevin Daniel

I found this print in a small shop in Cannon Beach, Oregon in 1998.  Memories of days when Chad was younger come rushing back. I look at every detail of this painting...the dock, the old tire, the Folger's coffee can full of worms, the tackle box, the boy with the baseball cap on backwards...the dragonfly and I want so badly to go back in re-live each and every moment.

Chad loved to fish.  He had no problem getting up before daylight to get out on the lake....but when he had a 7:30 English Class his Senior Year....well that is another story. 

I have this print hanging over my fireplace...Memories.

Chad with his prize largemouth bass.  He caught this while he was tubing.  It is a wonder the fish did not carry him and the tube all over the lake....I am sure it was a struggle...and he was so proud of was his mom.

Many hours were spent on the lake fishing in the summers at his grandparents. 
The fish stories they would tell. 

One of my favorite memories is a poem that hung above my Dad's 
kitchen table...

Early to bed,
Early to rise,
Fish like hell,
Make up lies.

Chad and his best friend, Pete.
"Yes, Pete the Dog was name after Pete the Fishing Partner"
What an honor!

A bad day fishing still beats a good day working. 

Fish come and go, but it is the memory of afternoons on the stream 
that endure.  ~ E. Donnal Thomas

Whether we visit the neighborhood pond, the bubbling brook, or the 
open seas, the message of the waters is the same.  Be prepared, be 
patient, and enjoy the moment.  Some days the fish will bite, some 
days they won't.  In the grand scheme, the size of a day's catch 
isn't very important.  But whenever we go down to the water and 
rediscover an important lesson about life....sure enough, that's a 

(these quotes are from The Fisherman's Guide to Life by Criswell 
Freeman...sent to me from Heaven by Chad)  I think Chad was sending 
me a message to share with all of you. 

Pete (the Fishing Partner) was as close as a father to Chad.  They spent many summers on the lake fishing and philosophing over "life". 

Pete was a retired chaplain from the military.  He was the one Chad and Mandy wanted to marry them.  He was the second person I called when I got the news of Chad's death.  Pete was the one who came to Atlanta to "bury Chad".  I can never repay this man and his kindness to my family.
Thank you Pete !


Texas Size Catfish - 1981 

Chad's Papa caught this 63 lb. yellow cat at Lake Stamford, Texas on a trotline and Chad was with him.  And for those folks who do not believe things grow "bigger" in Texas, this is living proof. 

~ Fisherman's Prayer ~ 

God grant that I may live to fish 
Until my dying day 
And when my final cast is made 
I then most humbly pray 
When in the Lord's safe landing net 
I'm peacefully asleep 
That in his mercy I be judged 
As good enough to keep! 

...Carol E. Fugate

The Trip Is Brief - Enjoy It

A good fishing trip, like a well-cooked meal or a well-lived life, 
always ends a little too soon.  The Roman poet Horace understood the 
temporal nature of earthly things when he wrote, "Carpe diem, quam 
minimum credula postero!" Translation:  "Seize the day, put no trust 
in the morrow!" 


Chad loved Pete and Pete loved Chad...... 

And they both loved to play baseball. 

They both loved to rough house.....

Mandy and Pete - such a ham for hugs
"Oh this feels so good...."

"Why does he always have to study? 
Doesn't he know we have better things to do?"

"Well at least I have the chair now. 
Man these girls at college are really cute...and they think I am so lovable..
it certainly is a 'Dog's Life'"

Forever Loyal and True


2008 - Go War Eagle

"I love my Uncle Chad this much."

Sidney Kaitlin born 1/9/05....Chad's neice.

Life does bring joy even in the mist of sorrow.  Sidney is such a bright light in the darkness.

Chad Michael Remshik 2/20/08 .....Chad's nephew and name sake.

Chad would have spoiled both of them rotten.  My prayers are they will know Uncle Chad and love him like we do.

Dear Jayne,

I was listening to Chad's song again and this little poem came to me.
I felt I had to write it and send it to you as soon as possible.
I know it's not as good as Kaye's beautiful poetry but the feelings 
I get from listening to Chad's song
are true from my heart.
I can see Chad as clearly as day, sitting beside his favorite fishing hole playing his song.

Angel Hugs

Chad's Song
(You Are Wonderful Tonight)

He sits down calmly on the side of her bed,
Is he real or just memories inside of her head.
His smile begins with an impish grin,
Bringing back memories of a time back then.

In a voice so masculine, angelic and pure,
He speaks of his love for his mother for sure.
As he leans forward to place a kiss upon her slumbering brow,
He tells her he loves her forever but must leave her for now.

As she stirs in deep sleep filled with dreams of her son,
The beating of her heart fills with the warmth of morning sun.
As she awakens still with the feel of his kiss,
Another wonderful dream she wouldn't have missed

Her eyes wonder over to the corner where it still stands,
The musical instrument once held in her child's hands.
And in her mind she hears his music of charm,
And throughout the day she's protected from harm.

Yet she knows that her son's sweet melody still touches the hearts of others,
With the hauntingly beauty of this music that touches many sisters and brothers.
With guitar resting upon his bended knee,
Still his soul shines through in the music as it's played for you and me.

So close your eyes and listen with your heart and soul,
To the tunes of Chad's song, let your heart be consoled.
And you too will be able to see the man Chad was,
And you can feel Chad's spirit as he plays for us all.

By Wanda Bryant
Copyright December 1, 2002

The power of love
lives on beyond the people
who have shared its joy.

He sits in regal splendor
His special friend has passed
Waiting for a gentle touch
They wait with patient stance

The beauty of a treasured gift
Who loves you with pure heart
A compliment to life this joy
Steadfast from the start

A testament of love received
These treasures of our life
Forever loyal brave and true
Their hearts for you ignite

Sadly he will gaze upon
The one who loved him so
This is the way of life for those
Who give us peaceful glow

They walk with us within this life
They give to us their love
With unconditional beauty
The kind the heart knows of

(Partial Poem by Francine Pucillo)

Comfort love and kindness
You'll always find in me
You and I together
We'll share life's harmony

Lean on me forever
I'll be there to the end
Totally devoted
Your very loyal friend

Warm and fuzzy feeling
Whenever you're around
Fills me with such sunshine
Each path in life is found

You'll always have a shadow
Wherever you may go
Through thick or thin in life
My friendship you will know

No matter what will happen
I'll be right here for you
Protect you in life's journey
That's what I'm meant to do

Need a friend forever
I'll always be right there
Loving you forever
Life's loyal hearts we share.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission

A Day Well Spent Together

Reflections of a Day spent together....
I can only imagine what Chad and Pete are 
thinking...the calm serene reflections

In Memory of My Son Chad

Remembering Chad's Birthday

Today is a special day for is my son's birthday.  Chad 
would have turned 37 today.  As all of you know this is a bittersweet 
day.  I want to share a few words from Chad to all of you.

Years ago I was driving home from work.  As I passed 
this "garage sale" sign I decided I wanted to go back and see if I 
could find any treasurers.  I usually don't do this, but for some 
reason the thought entered my mind and I turned around.

It was late in the day and I assumed most of the "real treasures" 
would be gone....but to my surprise I found something only I would 
consider a "true treasure"....."The Fisherman's Guide to Life" Nine 
Timeless Principles based on the Lessons of Fishing...for only a 
quarter.  I quickly purchased it and left....just knowing in my heart 
I was meant to find that book at that garage sale on that 
was a gift from Chad.  Thank you Chad.

I want to share a few words from the book....I know that is what Chad 
would want me to do today.  I know his life was "blessed" by all 
these principles and he wants me to share them with you.

Lesson 7:  Humility "You Can't Hook 'Em All"

Benjamin Disraeli correctly observed, "There is no education like 
adversity."  Had he been a fisherman, he might have added, "There is
no education like an empty catch-net."

Fishing is a humbling sport.  Even the most seasoned angler must, 
from time to time, relearn the lessons that only failure can teach.

Inevitably, we learn more about ourselves in times of trouble than we 
do in times of plenty.  And so it is with fishing.

Into each life some rain must fall, some days must be dark and dreary.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

He who is content to not-catch fish will have his time and attention 
free for the accumulation of a thousand experiences.
~Sparse grey Hackle

True humility is contentment.
~Henri Frederic Amiel

Lesson 8:  Optimism "Cast Hope upon the Waters"

Henry Ford once observed, "Whether you think you can or think you 
can't, you're right."  This warning applies to all, but anglers are 
advised to pay special attention.

Fishing is a sport built upon hope.  Each cast is made into uncertain 
waters, and the final outcome remains in doubt until the quarry is 
safely in the boat.  Some days the fish are not biting, and no angler 
on earth can make them rise to the bait  During such times, an 
optimistic spirit is more valuable than a box full of high priced 

The pessimist, focusing on his adversity and failures, soon loses 
hope and retires to the shore.  He curses his bad luck, packs up his 
tackle box, and returns home empty-handed  But the optimistic angler, 
believing in the inevitability of his success, keeps casting. 
Eventually the tides turn, and the fish begin to bite. 

In fishing, as in life, the size of the catch depends upon the size 
of one's hopes.  On ponds, streams, rivers, lakes and oceans, the 
self-fulfilling prophesy is alive and well.  And so are the fish. 

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts;
therefore guard accordingly.
~Marcus Aurelius

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.  ~Proverbs 13:12

Optimisim is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be 
done without hope and confidence. 
~Helen Keller

All human wisdom is summed up in these three words; wait and hope.
~Alexandre Dumas

Lesson 9:  Gratitude "Every Day Spent Fishing Is a Day To Give Thanks"

Every day spent fishing should be a day of thanksgiving.  Fishermen 
are surrounded by the beauty of nature, they experience the thrill of 
the catch, and they enjoy the companionship of fellow anglers.  Even 
when the catch-net is empty, fishing is its own reward.

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we only know what 
to do with it.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

A trauma and change rock your soul, as you struggle to get that job 
or get through college, no matter where you are, you can always go 
fishing for something.
~Mark Strand

I don't want to sit at the head table anymore.
I want to go fishing.
~George Bush

Even the thousandth trip to the same old familiar fished-out stream 
begins with renewed hope, with unfailing faith.
~Zane Grey

Find the journey's end in every step. 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Begin at once to live and count each day as a separate life.

It is not the fish we catch that counts, for they can be had for mere 
silver.  It is the break of the waves, the joyous rush of the brook, 
and the contemplation of the eternal rush of the stream.
~Herbert Hoover

Thank you Chad for continuing to guide me and remind me 
the "importance of life" and the "importance of my friends and 
family".  Thank you for being the best son any mom could have ever 
asked for....I love you.  Mom

In Memory of My Son Chad
5/21/72 - 9/3/96

Love Mom

Thank all of you for allowing me to share my son and my memories.


Here Comes The Dawn

Another Mother's Day without me, I know that you were sad,
Having lost your baby boy, how can anyone be glad?

Then comes my birthday, just a short time after,
A day that our family had, to celebrate with laughter!

These days are remembered fondly, by three women in my life,
You my darling mother, a dear sister, and a forever loving wife!

Thank God I can be many places, all through a busy day,
For I try to visit all of you, in a very special way!

My thoughts are with you always, although it's just not the same,
To think of how I'd like to be there, when you call my name.

Following the Braves is easier, with truly the best view,
But nothing compares to the times, I sat watching them with you.

I miss that furry friend of mine and all the fun we had,
I try to make him happy, but sometimes he looks so sad.

Another night has passed and here comes the dawn I see,
A day filled with good wishes and with love sent by me.

~written In Memory of Chad Gordon

     - Dan Bryl, Lawrenceville, Ga (Jessica and Sarah's Dad)

From One Broken Heart to Another

I wrote to you almost two years ago.
Just to sign up for this TCF site.
I've read the many stories you've sent to me ...
And felt comfort in what you write.

You see, I knew that you would understand,
how it feels to lose your precious son.
And tonight there is such an emptiness in me.
In two weeks, my son would be twenty-one.

You see other people's life just go on.
All the while your life stands still.
There is an empty hole in my very soul.
I know that you know how I feel.

It seems that my son has been forgotten.
And that makes me feel so sad.
For his life was beautiful & meaningful.
Losing him still hurts me so bad.

People I work with talk of their families.
And I know they don't understand.
I walk daily in this life without the joy
of my dear son holding my hand.

I still have two younger children with me.
Oh, I wrap them daily in my embrace.
But no matter how much love I have for them ...
They can never take my other son's place.

I guess being a single Mom makes it worse.
I am not quite sure how to behave.
I do know that no one could ease the pain
of visiting my dear son's grave.

There are still so many questions
that I need the answers to.
I don't know that I'll ever accept this ...
Or the pain that I've lived through.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart
for listening to me cry to you tonight.
All comfort I've received in the past 2 years ...
Has come from you and this TCF Site.

So as I am about to face the 2nd anniversary,
I ask that you please remember me.
And to those of you who believe in prayer ...
Ask Him to send me peace & serenity.

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Dedicated to Tony's Mom In the Memory of Tony
To Jayne Newton in Memory of Chad.

Look Both Ways

When I was just a small child,
I heard my Momma say,
before you cross the street, my love,
be sure You look both ways.

Well, I treasured those words she said.
I buried them deep within my soul.
I thought about the dangers in life.
Momma's words made me whole.

When I was about to encounter fear,
Momma's words came to mind.
I knew if I heeded Momma's advice,
No dangerous perils would I find.

When I had children of my own,
I warned them of the dangers too.
I told them to always look both ways,
So no harm would come to you.

Oh Momma, I carried your words with me.
I taught them to be strong.
I warned them to look both ways.
So where did I go wrong?

My child was taken from me, Momma.
Oh can't you see my pain today?
When I brought this child into this world,
did I fail to LOOK BOTH WAYS?

I don't understand how it all happened.
He had so much love to share.
He wasn't one to face danger head on.
He wasn't one to take a dare.

Yet, he was taken from me.
Leaving me with an everlasting scar.
Now, my son forever looks both ways...
While he protects us from afar!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2000
Dedicated to Jayne
In memory of her son, Chad

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In Memory of My Son, Chad Gordon

Jayne Newton