Billy Hawley

Memories and Reflections

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January 18, 2005

Today is the beginning of the 4th season of American Idol that you and I enjoyed watching. This evening I will miss having you home watching this show with me. I will miss hearing your comments and hear your laughter and chuckles whenever we see a brave contestant belting out a song out of tune or when a contestant dressed up as if for a costume parade. Just being able to share the comments and to vote the singer to the next round. Watching this show will never be the same again. I miss you Billy! yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. Love, Mom.
   Carol Hawley (Norcross, GA )

   January 14, 2005
On Jan 4th 2005, was the 100th day since you took your eternal sleep. You looked so peaceful. Each time I looked at pictures of you it is hard to believe you are truly gone. Some of your close friends came over and ate dinner. Fixed your favorite dishes. They also got to view the memory album. When the evening draws to a close, we were sad to see everyone leave and can only wish you were with us the entire time spiritually. We think of you everyday, and as your mom every minute. Wondering where you are? Is there really a heaven? If only we know for sure then we all won't have to worry for it means we will meet again. Missing hearing your voice, your bear hugs, your daily phone calls, asking about whats for supper? missing your big smile. Missing you always yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever more. Love you Billy always. Mom.
   LeeLean Quah (Norcross, GA )

   January 7, 2005
Bill's dream car is a Ferrari F50. Because of the price tag, he opt for a 93 Honda civic hatch back. He loved his car which he has his friend Mike installed gadgets to have his little blue car looked "cool" and custom exhaust systems to increase the horsepower and performance. Bill also loved his german shepherd dog called Lucky. He also love to eat and one of the ways he eats his ice cream is to mix lots of chocolate syrup with vanilla ice cream. Then he will mix them together until the ice cream looks like chocolate mud. By the time he is done eating the poor spoon has taken a beating. His poor mother usually have to bend the handles of the spoon back. But the best thing about Bill is his smile. When Bill smiles, his eyes smile too. I am thankful to have known him and he is missed very much by his Mom and Dad, his brother Alan and his dog Lucky, all his friends here and abroad.
I-lin Quah (Norcross, GA )

   January 6, 2005
Lonestar where are you tonight?
This feeling I am trying to fight
It's dark and I think that I would
give anything
For you to shine down on me
How far you are I just don't know
The distance I'm willing to go
I pick up a stone that I cast to the sky
Hoping to find some kind of sign
Carol Hawley (Norcross, GA )

   October 27, 2004
We met the Hawley family when we moved to Nairobi in l996. Our children attended the International School of Kenya together and we were neighbors for awhile. We remember Billy as a bright and fun-loving boy who loved his family and was so loved in return. We send prayers of support and encouragement for Carol and Bill and Allan during this difficult time.
Corinne and Brian D'Silva (Reston, VA )

   October 4, 2004
The spirit of Billy Hawley leaves us with a sense of joy, artistry, inquisitiveness, mischievousness, humor, and, sadly, loss and grief. Now he finds out about the great mystery a bit sooner than the rest of us; too soon for the rest of us. I hope that fond memories and reminiscences assuage the grief of parents Bill and Carol, brother Alan, and companion Lucky.
Ned Walker (East Lansing, MI )

   October 3, 2004
I never met Billy, but my sister Faith (Hawley) thought very highly of him. Your family is in my prayers. God bless you!! Fondly, Joy Briliant
Joy Briliant (Northfield, NJ )

   October 3, 2004
I have many fond memories of Billy as a toddler from my days as a graduate student. Visiting the Hawley household was always a chance to escape from the pressures at work. My condolences go out to Bill, Carol and Alan.
Sally Paulson (Blacksburg, VA )

   October 3, 2004
The first time I met Billy, he was a toddler sitting so contently in his mother's lap. He was sweet, gentle and always greeted me with a big smile. Billy, his brother Alan and I had some fun times together during those early years in South Bend, IN. Through out the years, I followed Billy's progress traversing childhood, teenage years and adulthood through his parents' descriptions and was struck by how much he was loved and loving in return. He will be missed.
Heidi Wang (Hamden, CT )

   October 1, 2004
I worked with Bill at Barnes and Noble and looked forward to seeing his smiling face every day. He always had a kind word to say to everyone he crossed paths with. I will miss him so much and I treasure the time that we spent together. My deepest sympathies to his family.
Marisa de la Garza (Duluth, GA )

   October 1, 2004
My heart grieves for you with the untimely passing of your beloved son, Billy.
Eileen Howell (Gainesville, GA )

   October 1, 2004
I only new Bill from my short five weeks in the Hope Homes house on Church St. The community did meet once a week on Mondays in the Oakdale home Bill lived in.

I know the roomates of the house a little bit better than Bill and know from their words how special Bill was to them. Hopefully his memory will be a good part of them forever once the initial grieving has passed.

My deepest sympathy is with his blood family during these trying times. I know Bill will be missed but hopefully will live on favorably in our memories.
Gerry Hartmann (Smyrna, GA )