Dedicated to Our Children 
by Kaye Des'Ormeaux 

“One Less Empty Grave”
If You Could See Me Now
In the Twinkling of an Eye
Slip Away
Look Both Ways

"If Only I Could Know"
Hey That's My Mom
The Color Of This Season
Stuck Between Heaven & Hell
"Daddy Isn't God, But He's the Next Best Thing"
A Mother Never Forgets

Put Your Grief Away
Give Him A Hug From Me
A Message to Josh
A Reunion in the Hallelujah Square
In Honor Of Jessica

Our Little God's Gift
How Was It Up There in Heaven Today?
Your Legacy of Love
A Heart Big Enough For Two
Broken Pieces

Dedicated to the Families Who Survive

Dedicated to Our Children - Page Two

Angel Kisses

All of Kaye's poems are copyrighted. 
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“One Less Empty Grave”

My heart is breaking, Lord.  You know how I feel inside.
Another child has been taken; Another child has just died.
One can read it in the paper, or hear it on the news...
Another child has suffered at the hands of cruel abuse!

When will this madness end?  How much more can the children take?
When will we as human beings stand up for a child’s sake?
Oh, how sad to think of a baby left abandoned to die alone!
Or a child in any emergency room suffering from bruises & broken bones!

To think of the many parents, Lord, who've lost a child they dearly love.
Then, to think of the so-called parents who show emotion with slaps & shoves!
It’s hard to even comprehend, Lord, how this tragedy can persist.
What is that poor child thinking of as he feels the impact of a fist?

Oh, I know that You hold each child within the realms of Your affection.
Lord, You gave children to us as a gift to feel loved and not rejection!
So when I read it in the paper or hear it on the news
that another child has suffered at the hands of cruel abuse...

I just close my eyes and say a prayer; that if even one child can be saved....
It'd be a victory for the children, Lord, if there’s One Less Empty Grave!

Copyright 1998 Kaye Des’Ormeaux
Dedicated to the children!

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If You Could See Me Now

I know that you are heartbroken
and sad that I am gone.
But I am in Heaven now, Momma,
and I've never once been left alone.

Oh I wish you could see me now.
Heaven is a beautiful place to be.
Jesus is the light that shines here.
And He walks daily with me.

Oh, the skies are never gray here.
And it never ever rains.
And, although I know you still feel it...
Up here, there is no pain.

Angels are always singing for me.
Their voices are beautiful and clear.
I am in the presence of loved ones.
And Momma, I haven't seen one tear!

I know that you are hurting for me.
And I can't make your pain disappear.
But if you could see me now, you'd know
I am happy in Heaven 
and I still love you from here!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2000

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In the Twinkling of an Eye

No one feels the pain of a mother
whose felt the loss of a child.
Words can never express the agony
her heart has suffered and compiled.

And when violence is the reason 
that her child had to die...
The world she knew crashes round' her,
all in the twinkling of an eye.

It matters not what others may say...
Her heart can't release the pain.
She goes through the motions of living
while her tears just flow like rain.

Friends that once stood with her,
seemed to instantly disappear.
Her broken heart feels the loneliness
as she wonders why they aren't here.

An ache is rekindled in her heart
with every day that passes by.
She thinks of life before he left her,
all in the twinkling of an eye.

The ones who took the life of her son
will someday stand and answer why...
They chose to take her child from her,
all in the twinkling of an eye~!

Written by Kaye Des'Ormeaux
October 10, 1998 
Dedicated to Judi who violently lost her son, Shane.
Please do not remove this poem, it was written for Shane.

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Slip Away

Sometimes it is so very hard
to do things we must do.
If we keep putting it off...
It's a pain that's always anew.

I learned this the hard way.
Oh how it made me cry.
I kept putting off going to your grave.
I didn't want to say good-bye.

But today, I went with Mom & Tim
to see them put in your headstone.
Oh Linda, why did you leave me?
Why can't I say, "you're gone?"

Only God in Heaven knows how I miss you.
I think about you every single day.
I wish I could've said good-bye.
It may have helped me let you go away.

I see Momma cry so many tears.
I've cried when she cried.
But I never accepted you were gone...
It was what I denied.

But now, I can't say that anymore.
For I sat today at your graveside.
My heart opened all it's hidden places,
and released those tears I had subside.

Now, I write this to you.
To let you know it's okay.
As I sat at your graveside,
I let you slip away.

Love to Linda,
Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2000

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Look Both Ways

When I was just a small child,
I heard my Momma say,
before you cross the street, my love,
be sure You look both ways.

Well, I treasured those words she said.
I buried them deep within my soul.
I thought about the dangers in life.
Momma's words made me whole.

When I was about to encounter fear,
Momma's words came to mind.
I knew if I heeded Momma's advice,
No dangerous perils would I find.

When I had children of my own,
I warned them of the dangers too.
I told them to always look both ways,
So no harm would come to you.

Oh Momma, I carried your words with me.
I taught them to be strong.
I warned them to look both ways.
So where did I go wrong?

My child was taken from me, Momma.
Oh can't you see my pain today?
When I brought this child into this world,
did I fail to LOOK BOTH WAYS?

I don't understand how it all happened.
He had so much love to share.
He wasn't one to face danger head on.
He wasn't one to take a dare.

Yet, he was taken from me.
Leaving me with an everlasting scar.
Now, my son forever looks both ways...
While he protects us from afar!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2000
Dedicated to Jayne
In memory of her son, Chad 

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"If Only I Could Know"

If only I could know
You're safe & don't need me.
If only I could feel
You're where you want to be.

If Only I could say
I love you just once more
If only I could look
into Heaven's Open door.

Though I'll never be whole again.
I might one day learn to live.
If you could give me a sign....
I may once again forgive.

But, what do I do with life?
I can't put on a pretense.
I was lost the day you went away....
I've been lost ever since.

So if only I could know
that you're safe & don't need me.
I may feel a sense of peace.
And somehow find serenity.

Written by:
Kaye Des'Ormeaux
February 25, 2000
Dedicated to Peggy
"In Memory of Shelley"
All Rights Reserved

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Hey That's My Mom

Hey that's my Mom.
I'm so proud to say.
She is really something huh?
Look at her today.

She sparkles with love
that was meant for me.
But she gives it to others...
Her heart is as big as it can be.

Hey, that's my Mom right there.
The one with the big smile.
She wears it although she hurts.
She helps others day be worthwhile.

I wish I could hold her.
Like I did when I was there.
But, if you'd take her hand for me...
And tell her that I care.

Tell her that I'm proud of her.
I shout from the Heavens above...
Hey that's my Mom...
Shower her with your love.

Love to Jayne,
Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2000

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The Color Of This Season

Today, I took the time to look
at all the colors in the trees.
I watched as their colors changed,
With each breath of November breeze.

It hurt me to see this season...
The reds, greens, yellows & gold...
For in the empty space within my heart
there's a memory too painful to unfold.

Last year, you were here with me.
We shared laughter tears & fun.
You watched as my child walked the aisle
when she & her love became one.

I will treasure those memories forever.
I will hold them dear to my heart.
And as this season rolls around again,
I can't let those memories depart.

The colors of the season can be seen.
And what a beauty they are to behold.
But the wings you wear on this very day....
Are the wings of an angel in gold.

Though the colors of this season are many,
The main one I see is blue.
It remains a stain within my heart,
As long as I am here ... without you.

~Kaye Des'Ormeaux~

Dedicated to the Memory of Linda A Dalgleish
August 14, 1999

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Stuck Between Heaven & Hell

I feel that I'm stuck, Oh Lord,
between Heaven & hell.
A memory too terrible to share...
Will my heart ever prevail?

I had a little girl one day,
but the next day she was gone.
Her dad thought it would be best...
If I was left alone.

He didn’t think about his child.
He was the cruelest man I’d ever met.
We had children together to love & cherish.
But he shot our daughter without regret.

Oh, I hurt so much because of this.
I feel that I'm stuck between Heaven & Hell.
I cant get my baby's picture from my heart...
I have tears that leave a painful trail.

Then, he tried to kill my son too.
This man who claims to be their dad.
To think that someone could do this to a child,
Was he angry or had he just gone mad?

I cant seem to leave the place...
It’s killing the soul I have inside of me.
Stuck between Heaven & Hell, Oh Lord.
It’s not a fun place to be.

Kaye Des’Ormeaux
Copyright 2000
Dedicated to Susan 
In Memory of her daughter

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Part One

Introducing Jon & Skeeter

Here is a story that needs telling...
Listen closely so you'll understand why.
It's about a little boy and his dog
and the answer to where we go when we die.

There was a little boy named Jonathan.
He filled his parents lives with pride.
OH he loved his dog named Skeeter...
And worried where he'd go when he died.

Well, the answers didn't come easy.
Answers that didn't make it really clear.
When he died, he'd go to be with Jesus...
And he wanted his doggie to be near.

He talked to the preacher at church.
He talked to his friends too.
But no one could answer his question.
Jon wasn't sure what he would do.

He loved Skeeter with all of his heart...
Would the answer give him relief?
He knew that dogs didn't have souls...
Oh but what was he to believe?

He asked his Dad where Skeeter would go.
Would he go to Heaven too?
His dad looked at him with loving eyes...
And said, "I'm sure that he'll be with you."

Jon walked away wearing a smile.
Oh his little heart no longer felt despair.
For he was now sure that Skeeter's destiny
would be with the angels in the air....

Eternal Bond of Love
Part 2

The Fire

It was on February 24, 1999.
A fire broken out upstairs.
Our boys were sleeping on the third floor.
Skeeter was also with them up there.

As the fire raged through the house 
it began to scar our life forevermore.
One of our sons found himself free.
But the other was behind the door.

Oh it hurts so badly to tell this story.
It bears a pain deep inside my soul.
One son was freed from the flames.
One was lost in a fire out of control.

Skeeter was also upstairs with Jon.
For he slept underneath his bed.
The words the firemen told us later,
"We found that Skeeter is dead."

The fire ripped through our hearts & lives.
We live a nightmare that won't end.
Losing our precious son was a tragedy
that we could never comprehend.

We thank God for the son we have.
Oh but we grieve for the one lost.
A fire came into our lives one night...
IT left a damage beyond any cost.

We ache to have Jon with us today.
But he is in Heaven with Jesus forevermore.
And, we now know that Jon got his answer...
 Skeeter was with him when he crossed Heaven's shore!

Yes, Jon's answer came to him that night.
As he & Skeeter went to the Heavens above.
And it is the story of a boy and his dog...
Who shared an eternal bond of love.


Copyright 2000
Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Dedicated to & Written for
Jonathan Michael Dukes AKA JonJon
March 7, 1988 - February 24, 1999
June 12, 1997 - February 24, 1999

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"Daddy Isn't God, But He's the Next Best Thing"
(dedicated to Milo & the memory of Daniel)

I can't help but smile when I think
of a young child's love for his Dad.
Their hearts tell them that he's perfect!
And their love for him will never be a fad.

A child's love for daddy shines like gold.
IT makes the heart of every bird sing.
I knew this was true when I heard a child say,
"Daddy Isn't God, but he's the next best thing."

Nothing can compare to that special love
a daddy gives his precious little child.
He is the strong one in the life that lives.
His tamed heart will never be wild.

And Daddy's love is the precious gift
It's the greatest gift one could bring.
And the words a child say gives a heart a lift!
"Daddy isn't God, but he's the next best thing."

As this child grows into adulthood,
his daddy's love never falters or fails.
And although many men touch their lives...
A daddy's love shall always prevail.

For they speak the words of wisdom they learn.
For it's wise words that Daddy would say.
Treat others as you would want to be treated...
Never let hatred or greed stand in your way.

OH but if a child's life is taken from us.
And the words they say are few.
He'll meet his Heavenly Father and say,
"My daddy on earth told me about you!"

For every dad who has lost his child
will stand together and attest.
The void left inside their heart aches
but the words they heard fill it best.

As a Daddy grows old without his child,
he still hears the words that child would sing.
Oh, those special voices that don't ever go away...
"Daddy isn't God, but he's the next best thing."

Oh yeah, a friend told me about his son.
And the conversation that they once had.
His son thought that he was God.
What a blessing this child was to his dad.

This child was sure that his dad was God.
And he wouldn't believe any other thing.
He was sure that if his dad wasn't God...
He was surely the next best thing.

Those words he said just days before his death.
Oh they still have a familiar ring.
If Daddy isn't God...
He's surely the next best thing!

~ Author ~
Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2000
July 10, 2000
Dedicated to Milo  Tsukroff

the Memory of Daniel

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A Mother Never Forgets

There are days in each of our lives
that we shall never forget.
There are those who touched us
the moment our hearts met.

But, today is a special day for me.
Although no one seems to know.
You see, I gave birth to my first born son
just a short seventeen years ago.

Oh yes, Lucas ... my first born child
whose life was only 27 days long.
I shall never forget those days with him
in my arms where he belonged.

A precious time for me to remember.
To cherish each precious memory.
Although others have forgotten this day,
it shall always be special to me.

 I thought I had to let go of him;
Oh, but I was ever so wrong.
The closure that I searched to find,
was in my heart all along.

Sixteen years later, when I lost Kasi,
I thought my world would end.
Losing two children in one lifetime
is too painful to comprehend.

My two children went to the Heavens,
and left me here all alone.
I am left with a Nitch made of Granite.
The name Cunningham is on the stone.

So, I sit here and think on my memories
while others have forgotten this day.
I do understand they don't feel as I do ...
But, it doesn't make my pain go away!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Dedicated to Michelle
In Memory of Lucas & Kasi
February 7, 2001

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Put Your Grief Away

How many people have come up to you
and said to put your grief away?
Is that something they think I can do?
Where must I put it, I pray?

I held my child close to my heart;
Even when he became a man.
I knew that although he was grown,
I was still his greatest fan.

And, I treasured each passing day
that I had him in my life.
Not one moment did I take for granted
the love from him, his children & his wife.

Today, he would have been a year older.
Oh that tears my heart in two.
I miss his laughter & his cheerfulness.
What am I supposed to do?

When people tell me to put my grief away.
I just want to stand up and shout.
Oh how can you pretend to know this grief?
You can't know what my pain is about!

Oh I pray that you never have to know
all the grief that I feel this day.
And that you never know how it feels,
 Or hear someone say ... Put Your Grief Away.

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001
Dedicated to Sylvia
in Memory of Phil

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Give Him A Hug From Me

To my friends and family,
I take this time to say.
I'm thankful for your kindness;
For the friendship you sent my way.

My dear husband went to Heaven.
Now he is with our son.
I am sure that they are talking about
all the things that they've done.

I'm sure that they sat & chatted
of all the things they'd been through.
But now, I must say to myself,
what am I supposed to do?

What am I going to do without you?
My heart is torn in two.
I do know that when he got to heaven,
He delivered my hug to you. 

Now, both of you are in the Heavens.
Where one day I will also be.
 I can close my eyes in peace tonight,
knowing he gave you a hug from me.

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001
Dedicated to Darlene
In Memory of Eric & Robert

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A Message to Josh

As I sit here with your picture in hand
I wonder just what am I supposed to do?
All my friends have their kind advice.
But they haven't walked a mile in my shoes.

I know they mean well when they say
in time this pain will go away.
Go away? How can they say that to me?
I am living a nightmare every single day.

I just want you to come back to me,
and this emptiness to be full once more.
I want to see your face in each sunset.
And hear your whispers along the sea shore.

I don't understand why I had to learn
what it means to be heart broken.
I have lived a year without you here ...
Thinking of the words unspoken.

Yes, It’s been such a long & dreadful year.
Oh, how did I ever manage thus far?
Because I know God took you to Heaven,
each night I look for your shining star.

As I close this message to you, my son,
I ask of you these two request ...
Help me to live through another year;
And please put my heartache to rest.

Kaye Des’Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 
Kaye Des’Ormeaux
Dedicated to Tracy in Memory of Josh
written 3/24/01

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A Reunion in the Hallelujah Square

Today as any other day, is so lonely for me.
I just don't have the words to express.
I feel my heart break each time I long to hold you.
Oh how will I ever put this agony to rest?

When you lose someone that you love dearly,
you learn of pain that won't go away.
You friends try to comfort you with words.
Oh, but there just aren't any words to say.

A day doesn't pass that I don't long for you.
I wonder if you can hear my heart break?
Although I know you're with my Lord & Savior,
I don't know how much more I can take.

I long to just feel your spirit walk with me.
Or is that an impossible dream?
God promises to carry us when we're down.
But He carries me all the time it seems.

Oh, Lord, you know I lost my precious son
all in the blink of an eye.
Oh then Lord, you needed another saint ...
So my Cassie met you in the Sky.

This path I travel is so hard to comprehend.
The pathway of life and death.
But I know that I'll understand one day
when I've drawn my final breath.

Not one single day of my life passes by
that I don't find myself in tears.
My son & my granddaughter together;
Sending comfort to ease my fears.

Oh but soon there will be that great day.
The Eastern skies will open wide.
The Saints in Heaven seen with Jesus
A day that we will all be sanctified.

Oh yes and when those skies open
for all the world to plainly see.
I know that my David & my Cassie
will be smiling as they come after me.

Now, until that great day draws nigh,
I'll be watching for you up there.
Oh we'll have that Glorious Reunion, 
as we meet in the Hallelujah Square!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Dedicated to Joyce
In Memory of David & Cassandra
March 23, 2001

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In Honor Of Jessica

We gather together today as a family & friends.
It's been a year since you went away.
We just can't explain the pain of losing you;
Actions of another took you a year ago today.

Have you seen us during this past year
cry ourselves to sleep missing you?
It seems so unfair that you had to leave us.
You had so many things to say & do.

We know we must go on living our lives,
but a part of us died that day too.
We long to hear that wonderful giggle.
Or hear you say, Hey, I love you.

During this past year, we so often hear
that in time, our heart will heal.
Oh, Jessica, there's no amount of time
to erase the terrible loss we feel.

We know that you're in Heaven with Jesus.
And knowing this is everything.
And, no matter how much we love & miss you,
It must be wonderful being with Jesus the King.

It does seem as though this past year flew by.
But then again, time has no end.
You were such an awesome gift from God.
And a great child, sister & friend.

So, Jessica, today we gather in memory of you.
Oh can you see the balloons we've released?
As you watch us today from Heaven's open door,
can you see our bouquet of peace?

You know that we love you so, Jessica.
Oh, It's just something we'll always do.
Oh yes, at the end of each day ...
We will forever say goodnight to you.

Yes, we've gathered today as family & friends.
It's been a year since you went away!
We come to honor & cherish the memory of you.
And will do so forever and a day!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved
Dedicated to Dan, Betty & Sarah
In Memory of Jessica Lyn Bryl
January 19, 1977 -- April 3, 2000
Oh there's just one more thing, Jessica.
 I send to you this plea.
A little girl here named Samantha
is about to cross over Jordan's sea ...
When you meet her, please greet her ...
And give her a big hug for me!

With Love,
Ms. Kaye

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Our Little God's Gift

There's a little boy with a touch of golden hair
who has been in Heaven for two years today.
You gave us this little boy to cherish, Lord;
Then without warning ... you took him away.

We know it's not for us to pick and choose
who lives and who does not live.
Lord, this little Gift that you gave us ...
He was the best gift that you could ever give.

Now you have the Angels to watch over him.
And it's a task they do with pride.
But, if we could have had him just one more day ...
Instead, we stand alone on the wayside.

We just didn't have enough time with him, Lord.
And it still seems so cruel & unfair.
One day, we held Our Little God's Gift close ...
Then the next day, death was everywhere.

We know, Lord, that you had your reasons.
And we know that we shouldn't ask why.
But, he was with us for just a little while, Lord.
Then he went to meet you in the sky!

And it left an ache inside of us, Lord.
We know understand how we feel.
Our arms are empty & we long to hold him.
 After two years, that pain is just as real.

We know that he was in fact that little "God's Gift."
Yeah, a "God's Gift" you gave his dad & me.
 Two years, Lord, or two thousand years without him ...
Our Little God's Gift, he's going to always be!

Yes, there's a little angel with a touch of golden hair
who went to Heaven two years ago today.
We know, Lord, if comfort ever finds it way to our heart,
it must first come through Heaven's doorway!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Dedicated to Sonya & Mike
IN Memory Of Jonathan Pace 
May 1994 --- June 1999

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How Was It Up There in Heaven Today?

How was it up there in Heaven today?
What did you get to do?
Did you walk on the streets of gold
as Jesus walked along side of you?

Did you get to sing with the Angels today
or just sit on the sidelines and listen?
Did you put a smile on the Father's face
when He saw your eyes glisten?

Did you sit on the river banks of Jordan
and hear the stories Noah had to tell?
Oh it must have been something to hear
how the animals got along so well.

Did you go talk to the King David?
And ask him about that giant?
Did you sit with Moses and hear how
the Children of Israel were defiant?

Did you sit with the Mother of Jesus?
Did she kiss your precious cheek? 
Did she wrap her arms around you 
and your name ... softly speak?

Did you play in the Garden of Eden
while the Angels watched over you?
Or did you spend the day sending love
as only you can do?

Did you walk with St. Peter today
and stand close at this feet?
And be the one to welcome the saints
and smile at those you'd greet?

How was it up there in Heaven today?
I can imagine what beauty you see.
But all the while, you are missed down here.
And ... Sammy, you always will be.

And, although you're with the Father in Heaven;
Your daddy misses your blue eyes.
And at night when the world is sleeping,
Oh he lays awake and cries.

Now, you just had your 5th birthday.
I guess you already knew this.
Was there a great celebration in Heaven?
Did you get Mamma's birthday kiss?

I will ask this one last question,
to the little saint with golden hair.
When it's my turn to spend a day in Heaven,
will you be the one to meet me there?

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
February 27, 2001
All rights reserved.
Dedicated to John & Angie
In Memory of Sammy

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Your Legacy of Love

Hello again to you, my special angel.
Can you hear me from there?
As I sit with your memory in my heart,
I still feel your love everywhere.

I look at the pictures that captured
precious moments of your life.
You always wore that radiant smile
even through your struggles & strife.

Oh, I smell the aroma of your love.
It lingers with me even still.
 I never dreamed this could be me.
Facing a nightmare oh so real.

Some of your friends call me each day
just to remind me that they care.
For your legacy is one to be cherished ...
And your love is felt everywhere!

Oh, you thought you would be forgotten.
That was your expressed fear.
But how could we ever forget such a life
that touched so many down here?

You traveled down a lonely path in life.
And left your footprints in the sand.
Only those who have traveled that path,
could walk next to you & understand.

Now as I think of the lives you touched,
I see the footprints you left behind,
I assure you that you'll never be forgotten ...
Your legacy of love is one of a kind.

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Dedicated to 
The Legacy of Kristi Lyn Haley

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A Heart Big Enough For Two

As I sit in this chair, I think of you.
Oh, I cannot help but smile.
Holding on to the precious memories
that make living still worthwhile.

I also think of those terrible days;
Days passed without a trace of peace.
I then stretched my arms to the Heavens
knowing Justin was within reach.

I held onto each & every memory of him.
Oh to feel that powerful heart beat.
There's no other sound more precious.
And no other sound more sweet.

But then, within a split second in time.
Oh, Lord, I lost my dear precious son.
He somehow knew when his life ended ... 
That you were in need of one!

You lay somewhere in a hospital bed
fighting for your heart to beat.
Meanwhile, there through the Heavens
You & Justin were allowed to meet.

He knew that his task on earth had ended.
That he was heaven bound.
He knew that you were in need of a heart.
And one had yet to be found.

"My heart was strong & powerful."
Says this wise young lad.
"I can reach through Heaven's floor
and give her the heart I had."

That is what happened that day.
Justin's choice let you live.
I'm blessed to have you in my life.
Oh, how Justin continues to live.

So, when you feel a bit lonely,
remember this I say to you...
That heart that beats inside your chest ...
Well, it's a heart big enough for two!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001
Dedicated to Libbie
In Memory of her son,
 Justin Harrison.
(and to the one who received Justin's Heart)

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Broken Pieces

Your heart is broken into pieces!
Oh will it ever be repaired?
Will someone ever find the cure 
For the loneliness you have shared?

Oh, I see a mother without her baby.
 A brother without his friend.
And broken pieces of their hearts 
Scattered to the farthest wind.

When accidents happen in life....
And there is no reason why.
A family may lose a dear loved one.
All in the twinkling of an eye.

Their heart aches & breaks into pieces.
Causing a pain that won't go away.
Their cries in the darkness of every night
Are heard when light brings the day.

If you could find these broken pieces.
Put them back where they belong.
Your pain may be replaced with serenity.
And your tears replaced with a song.

If you could take a peek into Heaven,
and see your angel shining there.
You may feel relief from your grief.....
And your heart's broken pieces repaired. 

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 1999

Dedicated to Peggy Martin & Shane
In Memory of 

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