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Grave Words: Notifying Survivors about Sudden, Unexpected Deaths
by Kenneth V. Iserson M.D.

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Explains how to relate tragic news to survivors by providing true-life case studies, in-depth information, and protocols to a variety of situations. For physicians, nurses, chaplains, and police officers. Includes bereavement resources and support groups, death notification outline, and airline disaster protocols. Softcover. 

An outstanding guide for handling a devastating process, January 12, 2001 

Reviewer: Bill Allbritten (see more about me) from Murray, KY USA

I am the director of a university counseling center and have had to perform survivor/family notification several times. I welcome Dr. Iserson's book (really a manual)as there is, to my knowledge, no other comprehensive guide to handling this task. I know I had to improvise on the occasions I have been called upon to perform this function. By luck, what we did followed his guidelines; I can also say that our university staff grappled with many of the issues he discusses, albeit without his guidance. He provides detailed suggestions and checklist type guides for many types of situations. The guidance he provides serves two functions: First, to prevent terrible mistakes or oversights from occuring; second, to provide the professional with some comfort that the best response to terrible events has been made. I strongly recommend this work to individuals who, through their professional roles, may find this task thrust upon them, or to the general reader who desires some guidance against the day that the reader may be called upon to do this. His suggestions are mainstream, compassionate, and provide guidance in handling many variables in these situations.

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