Reflections of Ashley

March 31, 1998 

Dear Ashley,

It has been 17 months since you have died. That day and week to follow is sketched on my memory forevermore. The horror in mama’s voice when she called me at work and told me there had been an accident. I raced home and called the local hospitals to find where you were, all along praying for you to "hold on." Then the cold voice of death from Lee, "Lisa, Ashley’s dead." Silence…Our lives changed forever…I see horror on the faces of mom and dad. I see a blur of people and food and questions and never-ending nights. I see you laying so hurt in that casket. I tried to do everything you would have wanted. I remember following you to the cemetery and passing all of the little food places where had just been in the last month. Through the intersections where I had carried you from a baby until teenage years. I never thought we would be following behind you to a cemetery. I remember turning back for the last time and glancing at the casket for the last time before leaving the cemetery. How could I leave? I remember the long, lonely nights to follow. I thought I heard you calling me in my sleep to come to the cemetery. Nightmares…but most of all, I remember your sweet, smiling face and all of the dreams we had. I found some letters that you had written me. So cheerful and full of life. You have been gone for 17 months and I feel like the rest of your family is dying also. Slowly, of broken hearts and dreams.

I miss my only sister so very much. I will love her always.

Lisa Anne Sockwell, in memory of Ashley Marie –1/31/78 – 10/22/96

TCF Atlanta Newsletter ... May-June 98

A Tribute to Our Daughter Ashley,

You have been gone from us almost now a year. 

How lonely our lives have been, we've shed so many tears. 

You brought us joy and pleasure, you had so much to give, 

We can't help but question why didn't you get to live. 

We love you so very much, we miss you so, our dear. 

We are longing for the day when again we hold you near.

Ashley, your life was so brief but our love for you is so great.

You will live in our hearts forever.

We miss you more than words can say.

-Mom & Dad 


Death can hide, but not divide 

She is but on Christ's other side 

She's with Christ and Christ's with me 

United still in Christ are we. 


This was submitted in loving memory of my beautiful daughter, Ashley Marie Sockwell 
born January 31, 1978, and died October 22, 1996 in an auto accident

Tuesday to Friday

On Tuesday I never told you 
I got your letter in the mail
On Tuesday I never told you 
All the news I had to tell

On Tuesday I never asked you
Were there more gifts to buy
On Tuesday I never asked you
I only wondered why

On Tuesday I never asked you 
What time you would be home
Because on Tuesday it all ended 
And you were suddenly gone

On Wednesday I can't remember
How many came and went
I sat with solemn graveness
Knowing good times were spent 

On Wednesday I never smiled 
But I picked your clothes to wear 
I picked your prettiest ones 
And folded them with care

On Wednesday I stood with family 
To pick your casket with care 
I stood with so much pain 
Not wanting to see you there 

On Tuesday my heart broke 
When I saw you lying there
How could this have happened
It was all so unfair

Now Friday was the hardest 
Knowing the time was near
What really was happening 
Will never be that clear

How we got through it I wonder 
When we left you there 
The heaviness inside us 
Was too much to bear 

I always feel sad and lonely 
Many tears run down my face 
You filled our lives with laughter 
And no one can take your place 

How do you say good-bye
To someone like you
With you he took our joy
And all our happiness too

Every day is Tuesday to Friday 
With it all still so real 
But no one really knows 
How we really feel

I think the hardest of all 
To know you'll never be here
But we'll never say good-bye 
To our sister so dear

-by Lisa Anne Sockwell 

in memory of her only sister, 

Ashley Marie. 

In Loving Memory

to Ashley Marie

They handed you to me
When you were three days old
The sister I always wanted
But just eighteen years untold

I watched you laugh and cry
And outgrow those little frills
Now I stand here so quietly
And see you so very still

Senior pictures you’ll never see
A proud gown you would never wear
You looked so much life me
It’s too much to bear 

One day to be my bridesmaid
And hold my children to be born
Never thinking for a minute
From our lives you would be torn

Never again to have a sister
With our future so bright
It all ended so quickly
On that dark Tuesday night

Today they handed me your flag
Your service told of eighteen years
To the cemetery we followed behind you
Along came many tears

But the Bible gave a promise
With salvation as the way
Those who sleep in Jesus
Will return with HIM one day

-Lisa Anne Sockwell

"To My Only Sister – I Miss You"

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