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I am at a stand still on how to sign our Christmas Cards.... I really don't want to send any, but my husband thinks we should.... So I will for him.... But I don't know how to sign them.... We lost our son in April of this year, but he is still a part of our family, and I want to include him in our names... Do you have a suggestion, I just don't know how...... I thought about signing it Our Silent Angel Joey... But wasn't sure if that sounded right..... Please help....

You asked about "special" Christmas cards and I will tell you about mine.

My son Chris died on May 3, 1998. Two years ago I came accross a picture of him when he was in our church Christmas program at 2 1/2. He was wearing a halo standing in front of the church's Christmas tree. I printed these pictures and included them in our Christmas card. I just typed his name birthdate and Angel date. 

Last year I remembered just how much Chris loved and enjoyed the story of the Little Drummer Boy as a small child and in his high school years. I found cards with the drummer boy on them and included just how this was one of Chris' favorite Christmas stories and I told the recipient I wished they had people in their lives that brought them as much happiness as Chris had brought to ours in his short lifetime.(19)

When Chris was in the 3rd grade they had to write about their favorite recipe. Chris' was Gingerbread men. After he was finished writing he asked if he could make some and take them to the kids in his class. I have already found Christmas cards with Gingerbreadmen on them. I am explaining Chris' love for them and include the recipe with them. We live in a small town (2400) and being an import hasn't been easy, but the community couldn't be any closer than when a child died. We have quite a few families that have lost children. In my one small block (5 houses) including the next street over that are across our backyards (8 total) three of us  have lost children. 

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to tell about them. 

Carol Schuh Grieving Mom to Christopher M. Schuh 1-13-79----5-3-98

There are so many parents asking questions on how to sign Christmas cards. I would say that sure you should, I do .. I sign from all of us then " Angel Rose, and Angel Dru". If this is too hard for you maybe you can do what I do also... I buy these beautiful gold angel stickers, which you can get at Micheal's Craft store . And I place one of those inside. Because I have two angels when I sent out packages this year I put one on the package for each of my angels. The response was great!!! Some people do not say a thing when I sign my angel's names but everytime I put one of these gold stickers on a letter or package .Everyone asks where did you get those, or why do you put these on? This allows me to once again talk and share my angels.. Hugs Sheri Reed, Angel Rose and Dru's mommy. 

The last two Christmases I signed my Christmas cards   "In Memory Of Melanie".  This year I have a butterfly stamp that I stamped each card with in red and then with green ink I wrote "Melanie" across the butterfly and then under the butterfly I wrote "In Heaven".

I will always include Melanie in all my holiday, birthday and greeting cards, 
even if it is just a butterfly stamped upon the page with her initials, she will be included.

I am looking for an angel stamp to use for Christmas but haven't found one to my liking as of yet. 
I will keep looking.

Kathy (Melanie's Mama) 

As for signing cards.... My living child Megan and I always sign our names along with Sara's and we put a halo over her name.  On our Christmas cards this year we only signed our names but inside the card on the left, I wrote "In loving Memory of My Presious Daughter, Sara Victoria Koski"  along
with her birth and ascension dates.  The card has a little angel beside Santa... I made a graphic set from the card.

Sara's mommy, Forever...

In response to your inquiry  regarding signing your holiday greeting cards:  I've seen some parents write, "...and from Joey, our angel in heaven."  What I've found to best the best solution for me is to send the cards from my husband and myself, in memory of Tracey.  I make my own holiday cards on my computer, and next to her name, I add a photo of her smiling face.  (This year on the back of the card I wrote:  "In memory of our precious daughter, Tracey.  We remember her. . . . always."  Her picture was below this message.)

Though many of 'us' aren't comfortable sending cards since our child died, I feel it gives me an opportunity to remind people that she lived, and she continues to be a precious part of our family.

Wishing you peace,

Sally Migliaccio

I always sign my angel's name on any card I send.
I write Alyssa"in spirit".
I lost my daughter in June to Sids.



I wanted to tell others that I sign our Christmas Cards with my husband and my name and my three living children and below that I put our angel Laura Maria. 

Laura Maria's Mom Laura H
born 6~9~1980 went to heaven 12~27~1999
always will be nineteen
nineteen birthdays on earth and two in heaven
loving sister to Brandon, Justin & Lindsay
wonderful daughter to Warren and Laura C. Hayes 

My son was never able to sign anything (due to his disability) so I have
always signed cards and letters with,

"With Love,
Ramon, Julie, Angel Ray and 
(let my boys each sign their own names)

It reminds people that Little Ray is not forgotten and that we still (and
always will) think of him and include him in every family thing.

A dear friend of mine has been able to take a signature from her angel
daughter (off of something she wrote her name on when she was still here)
and made a stamp out of it to sign cards and letters. I think that is a
wonderful idea. And I think it is touching to see how creatively she is
still included....:)


I just wanted to reply to the "how to sign Christmas
cards" issue.  A wonderful online friend showed me how
to make an angel from the letter keys and that is how
I signed my cards. I would just put my surviving
families names on there with a ~i~. I knew what it
meant and the people who were close to me knew what it
meant and the rest didn't ask but that way I still got
to add my daughter to the signing of the cards in my own way.
Miranda's mom..Dec 20, 1981- Oct 11, 1998

 In response to signing the cards issue, I always continue to sign our Evan's name by signing,  Steve, Sue, then the four childrens names and then as a closing "Our Little Evan in Heaven". It works. I use this on all cards, birthday, wedding, Christmas, whatever. We had always called "Evan, our gift from Heaven," but I'm sure your son's name or daughter's name will work just as nicely. It too, is our way of continuing his presence in our family. Much love and compassion to you. It's just 17 months for us without Evan. so far, I've been able to at least function with going through some of the motions. 

What I found was that I can't remember any of last Christmas at all. I'm constantly asking, did we do that or what did we do? It's difficult, but we just sort of manage to get through the first and now we are facing that 2nd one...  Most sincerely.  Sue 

I sign my son's Ryan's name to some cards. 
I can't bear to leave his name off of them either. I put a halo over his name.
~Karen, Ryan's Mom 2-17-83 -6-17-99 

What I do when I send my cards is I have an angel shaped hole punch, I sign mine, my husband
           and daughters names and then by them, I punch out an angel. Sometimes I write Shane's name in
           small letters around it. ~ Judi 

I just have to say after reading the responses and ideas about Christmas cards I actually was excited to do mine this year.  I went out and bought an angel stamp and also typed up some labels on my computer which read: 

December 9, 2001 is National Children's Memorial Day. Please light a candle at 7:00 p.m. in memory of our Kelsey, and stuck them inside EVERY Christmas card this year.  I felt soooo good and felt like I was including her in some way this year and by stamping an angel by our names made me feel like I was recognizing her as a part of our family that I could feel so good and proud  of.  Thanks to everyone who gave out these ideas as it helped me so much this  year as I am missing such a big piece of the linků.Tina, Kelsey's Mommy Forever 

           I would like to share what I did in regard to Christmas cards the first year Daniel was not with
           us.  I had a friend take a picture of all of us at Thanksgiving.  Since our family is spread out
           around the country I was able to have the imprinted cards read 'Peace - from the Brocato and
           Morrison family of New Hampshire'.  The picture included my Dad, Mom, one Brother, two of
           my Sons, their combined (at that time) five children, Me and an enlarged picture on the wall of
           my son Daniel who now abides in heaven.  My Dad was seated under the picture of Daniel, my
           Dad passed away 4 1/2 months later.  It is a picture we all now have copies of and treasure.  I
           couldn't leave Daniel out so that is how I handled it. 
~Sally Brocato-Mom of  Daniel - forever 19 

           I was faced with whether to write my son Brett's name to cards or not also.  To not sign his
           name would mean we don't acknowledge he is with us but to  sign his name, well maybe some
           people would think I had finally gone off the  deep end. (I thought I had!) 

           What I did was buy a heart shaped stamp and some red ink. Now whenever I send a card, a
           package or whatever, I always stamp it and in the center of the heart write Brett's name. 

           I will never forget Brett and I want all to remember him also. Hope this helps somewhat. 

~Teri Stamos 

When we take our annual Holiday family picture to send with our Christmas cards, 
I plan to hold an 8x10 framed picture of Zachary. 
He is still part of my family, and I want other people to remember that.

In Memory of my Son, Zachary Thomas Schwabe
June 24, 1999 - August 30, 1999 
Tricia Schwabe, Zachary's mommy
Waynetown, Indiana

This is a sample of an insert Jennifer Greer (Share Atlanta)
includes in her Christmas Cards...
She mails the cards out December everyone has an opportunity to hear 
about the World Wide Candle Lighting and share if they care to.

Jennifer said the response from everyone was very good.

These were produced on Jennifer's home computer...
she printed 6 to a page and then cut them and inserted them
in her Christmas Cards.

~Thanks Jennifer for sharing this with us.

Please join us in remembering 
Jesse, Jamie, and Jacob Greer
by lighting a candle
On Sunday, December 9, 2007
From 7-8pm in your time zone

Jennifer, Braxton, 
Braxton, and Cullen Greer

Tenth Annual
Candle Lighting

Candles will be lighted at 7 PM
in every time zone
in memory of all children 
who have died, 
producing a wave of light
that will encircle the earth.

As candles burn down 
in one time zone, 
it becomes 7 PM in another, 
creating a virtual 
24-hour memorial.

In Memory of
Jesse, Jamie, and Jacob Greer
Roswell, Ga

The cards below were designed by Connie Tuggle.
Connie and Johnny Tuggle's son Bo was killed 10/22/92 in an auto accident.
Johnny says the first Christmas was a blur, but as the second Christmas approached Connie
wanted to do something to include Bo. All Christmases before Bo's accident,
Connie would send Christmas Cards with both boys pictures - Bo and Nevada.
After the accident this is what Connie did to include Bo with Nevada:

The Peace Symbol is "Grateful Dead" 
The Peace Symbol is also on Bo's Marker
(Bo loved the Grateful Dead)

Look closely...the hand drawn picture in the top right reads:

Eat At Bo's Elmstreet (Bo drew this picture)

There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go, no one may follow,
That path is for your steps alone.
Ripple in still water.
When there is no pebble tossed,
Nor wind to blow.
You who choose to lead must follow,
But if you fall, you fall alone.
If you should stand, 
then who's to guide you.
If I knew the way, I would take you home.

Johnny, Connie and Nevada
In memory of Bo
Christmas 1994

(the verse is from Grateful Dead - "Ripple" - Bo's favorite group)

These little guys are "Bo's fingerprints"

The picture was drawn by Bo...and Connie 
had Nevada's picture inserted into the picture.

In Memory of Bo
April 12, 1975 - October 22, 1992
Snellville, GA

If you have something that you do during the Holidays that helps you,
we would love for you to share it with us. Please email

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