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The Christmas Box 
by Richard Paul Evans

So begins The Christmas Box, the touching story of a widow and the young family who moves in with her. Together they discover the first gift of Christmas and learn what Christmas is really all about. The Christmas Box is a Christmas story unlike any other. 

Synopsis A Christmas classic for our times--the heartwarming story of the depth of a parent's love and the true meaning of Christmas--The Christmas Box is now available in a beautifully illustrated hardcover edition. Size A. Radio drive-time tour. 

Angel Kisses
by Sandra Kuck (Illustrator)

The Beauty of Sandra Kuck, April 18, 2000 Reviewer: 
Patricia Mueller from Missouri, USA 

I think this is truly wonderful, but I love everything Sandra Kuck does, she has so much beauty to share with the world and I have met her several times and she is as beautiful in person as the beauty she creates. I think I found her work at the time in my life I needed to stop and smell the roses and I continue to enjoy everything she is connected to.

Holiday Hope : 
Remembering Loved Ones During Special Times of the Year 
by The Editors of Fairview Press (Editor)

Book Description Over a dozen experts-therapists, clergy, counselors-have written short essays filled with practical tips and proven techniques for handling grief. 

Synopsis "Holiday Hope" is a compilation of advice, stories, poems, activities, and even music for coping with grief during the holidays and other special times of the year, including anniversaries and birthdays. Over a dozen experts--therapists, clergy, counselors--have written short essays filled with practical tips and proven techniques for handling personal loss. 

How Will I Get Through the Holidays?: 
12 Ideas for Those Whose Loved One Has Died
by James E. Miller

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