In Loving Memory

Stephen Bradley Turley

September 19, 1982 - July 29, 1999

Brad was a sweetheart and a hardhead.  He loved corvettes better than anything. He always said when he turned 18 (which he is now) he would have one.  His favorite color Red.
I am sure he has the best one heaven can offer. 

He loved football and was a natural. The first year he played three couches from other teams Brad played tried to get him to join their team. That was Redan High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia.    When we had a game the announcer always was saying " and Turley made that tackle." 

He loved animals so much. He always wanted to bring one home if he saw it on the street.  He tried to revive a baby bird when he was 10, that had fallen out of its nest. 

He hated school from kindergarden up. He was just one that did not like school. He quit when he turned 16. He could draw really good and was good with cutting crafts out with wood. I have two he cut out but never finished. 

He had a good heart. If he found out that a friend had been kicked out of his home, always wanted them to come home with him.  Many times on a Saturday that I did not have to work, I would go in his room to wake him and find 5 teens sleeping on the floor. 

He was always searching for a father to love him.  I saw a lot of depression in Brad because of that.  I always tried to make up for that dad, but it was not the same. 

He loved hanging out with the teens.  He told me just before he was hurt that I had the name of "Community Mom" He loved that.  He also would tell me, Mom you are older that dirt, then ask the kids he would bring in to guess my age. Of course them being nice they would say in my thirties.  He loved it, he would say "nope, she is 54".  He just thought that was grand. 

I found out after he died that he was the kind of friend you could tell all your troubles to.  You could cry on his shoulders.  I also found out that he stopped many a fight with other teens involved.  I never knew that. He also was a computer whiz. He was very smart but never gave himself credit.  He would always look down on himself. 

Then of course you know that he decided at age 14 to be a organ and tissue donor.  I remember him asking to see my DL when he was about to turn 15.  He wanted to examine them.  He saw Donor on my card and ask what that meant.  I told him what I knew about it at that time.  I did not know much, I was always a donor.  He said he would like to do it too. I never knew he signed his learners license to be a donor until he was hurt and lifelink approached me and ask if I was going along with his wishes.  What could I say? 

He was tall, dark and handsome. He had more girls calling than I had ever heard of. 

He had always wanted to be a Marine.

His favorite songs.  Freebird, The Way, Never ever, and for some reason Amazing Grace. He liked country and rap music too. 

He always like to wear his dog tags, they were around his neck when he was hurt that night. I have them with me now.

I loved him so much and still cannot believe he is dead.

~from Brad's mom, Joyce.


 The door to my heart was opened,

When God gave you to me.

You were such a little dolló

Oh that was plain to see.

For many years we had it rough

We struggled to make it and oh

How tough.

We did though son and with those

Hard times

I knew I had to make it for you were mine.

Just as times were getting better and 

We were on the down side of lifeís ladder,

The door to my heart was closed.

The Master called you home.

With that now, Iím left alone.

My hearts broken, my spirit crushed.

Life for you had been tragically silenced and


In loving memory of my son


9-19-82  --  7-29-99

 I love you Brad




I'm sad today and yes I know why.
My son was killed on the 29th of July.
It will be two years coming 2001
It's hard to go on when you are all alone.

This house was small when I first bought it,
Life threw a curve and guess who got it.

Now I'm here in this great big house,
I wish I could hear you, going in and out.
An 18 year-old kid silenced all that
I'm sure he is forgetting, but I'll never forget..

Why it happened I'll never understand.
It's all too much to comprehend.

I'll have to wait to know the real truth.
One day I will, and then I'll be with you.

In loving memory of
Stephen Bradley Turley
9-19-82  -  7-29-99
I love you Brad