The Atlanta Chapter Walks - 2008
In Memory of our Children and Siblings

 The Atlanta Chapter 
9th Annual Walk to Remember at the National Conference in Nashville, TN - Sunday, July 20, 2008

At the Sheraton Music City Hotel,
777 McGavock Pike, Nashville, TN 27214 

The Walk to Remember begins at 8:00 a.m. EST

Join TCF Members
As We Walk to Remember Our Children


Walk to Remember "Atlanta Walks" banner

The theme of the conference in 2008  is "Volunteers for Healing...Friends for the Future".

We want our Children and Siblings to be "remembered"  in Nashville this summer.

Kenneth ''Shane'' Allen

Jon Michael Altier

Sarah Anderson

Julie Studzinski Anglavar 

James Avery

Alexis Marie Batastini

Brandon L. Battle

Vernon Philipe' Battle

Robert Adam Belcher

Larry "Bubba" Benis

Michael Ghakarhi-Aleemh Btembke

Cain Brown

Derek L. Brown

Lori K Brown

Dr. Thomas Brown IV 

J. R. Bryan 

Jessica Lyn Bryl

Cory Alexander Bute

Joey Capron

Henry Robinson Cart

Julian Oliver Carter

Jason Daniel Cirafisi

Michael Coon

Robin Ann Craney

Jason Curnutt

Jessica Erin Davidson

Marci Dayton

A.J. DeVol

Christopher Dimmick

Matthew A. Dobbs

Jessica Dodge

Joseph "Joey" Edward Doyle

Alan Dressler

Davey Allison Dunavant

James Anthony Durham

Matthew Dwyer

Geoffrey P. Edwards

Shane Ellis

Christopher Faller

Kristin J. Gillis

Toby Michael Gizzonio

Chad Gordon

Shawn Marie Gordon

Steven Mark Grimm

Jenny Gryzinski

Bonnie C. Haddock

David A. Haizlip

Shari Norton Harlan

Shelley Elizabeth Harmon

Billy Hawley

Sarah Ann Henschel

Micki Henderson

Kay Cee Herring

Matthew Christopher Hinson

Christopher Joseph Hobbs

David Michael Hoegler

Tom Holmes

Joshua Samuel Hughes

Carissa Ellen Hunsaker

Kristopher Hundt

Dorothy Jacobs

Kanda Jacobs

Ronnie Jacobs

Corey James

Michelle James

Mathew Jameson

Vanishia Shantee' Jinks

Malachi Jones-Graham

Arthur Jordan

Hannah Grace Keeton

Craig Kelly 

Jeff Kelly

Karla Leija

Joey Lee Long

Jason Maham

Robert Malkin

Candi Gaye Marshall

Mathew "Matt" Scott Marshall

Mandi Lynn Mast

Kimberlee McGrew

Norma Mucha

Mike Mucha

Samantha Mucha

Ricky Otter

Brian Parker

Timothy Parker

Robert Parsons

Jefferey A. Patterson

Derrick Plankenhorn

Georgia Wimberly Pierce

Tiffany Hicks Pope

Steven Michael "Mike" Price

William M. "Trey" Price III

Brenden Kyle Rainey

Angela D. Ricci

Ryan Douglas Romanoski

Stephen Louis Roux

William James Sansalone

Melvin Shannon

Phillip Michael Silverman

Christopher Lee Simpson

J. Daniel Smith

Paul Smith

Tammy Renee Smith

Jaime Arin Stefanko

Lynna Greenway-Terry

Amber Leigh Thompson

Evan Throckmorton

Michelle Stanton Turner

Amy Elizabeth Uhland

David Joseph Underwood

Stacey Marie Vindigni

Clinton Walker

Kalie Sierra Watkins

Charlie Wellman

Jacob E. Whitehead

Chip Whitley

Jason Wilshe

Terrell Wilson

Lauren Woodbury

Aaron Michael Woodruff

Randy Wright

Your participation in this program will help raise funds for use in the support of thousands of bereaved families across the United States and its territories.

"Our Children and Siblings Remembered - Nashville, TN  2008
Annual Walk to Remember"


Oklahoma City - 2007 Walk to Remember

Joseph Hobbs ..... In Memory of Christopher Hobbs
and Trish Maham.....In Memory of Jason Maham


Dearborn, MI - 2006 Walk to Remember

Connie DeVol...In Memory of Allen "A.J." Marshall  DeVol
and Betty Bryl...In Memory of Jessica Bryl

Hollywood, CA - 2004 Walk to Remember

Susan Carithers and Brooke Carithers... In Memory of Wesley Carithers
 Jayne Newton.... In Memory of Chad Gordon
and Mitch Carmody.... In Memory of Kelly James Carmody

Atlanta, GA  2003 Walk to Remember

Thank you to Everyone who participated and made this a reality.

Our Children Will Not Be Forgotten.........

Those Who Walk

by Karen L. Brookbank

To those who walk for us
And carry the banner of names
Taking our loved ones to Hollywood
For their few moments of fame 
To those who walk for us
God bless you for your strength
Carry our loved ones gently
We're with you for the length 

To those who walk for us
Our hearts say many a thank you
For the journey that you take
It is a very special thing you do 

To those who walk for us
God bless and keep you safe
As each angel watches over you
Thank you for keeping the faith 

© Karen L. Brookbank
July 23, 2004 

If you have questions, you can email Jayne Newton or call 770-923-5356
or email Cindy Durham 770-938-6511

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